Amazing Deal Alert: $4 Towncar Rides from LaGuardia to Manhattan with Jetsetter (And More Cities!)

by on January 13, 2012 · 68 comments

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As a New Yorker, I’m used to shelling out major cash when flying into LaGuardia, because there are no real good public transit options to Manhattan and Brooklyn. On a good day with no traffic, you are looking at around $25 for a cab to central Manhattan, with bad days more than double that. Black car service, which is convenient because you can avoid the long taxi-lines, is usually $50 and up.

However, Ben just wrote about an awesome the popular online flash sale site Jetsetter, which is owned by Gilt Groupe. If you follow the instructions below, you can get $25 in credit when you sign up for Jetsetter as a new member, which can be applied to already reduced price airport pickups in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Las Vegas. For example, LaGuardia to Manhattan comes to $4 total including tax after you use your $25 in sign-up credit!

FYI Gilt recently offered a recent United deal, (by the way, my miles just posted) however, these aren’t stackable to my knowledge because the United deal requires signing up via their link, which does not give you $25 in credit.

Simple Instructions:

1) Sign-up via a referral link. This one is mine, but feel free to use any others in the comments section of this post (feel free to post yours once you sign up).

2) After you enter your email address in, it will prompt you to enter in the email address of friends and then teach you about Jetsetter. Close those windows (wait until after to invite your friends, because this deal may not last).

3) Click the sign-up button in the top right. This is important! All it will ask is that you create a password- no other information is needed and it only takes a 10 seconds.

Click the Sign-Up link

4) Once you are all signed up, the $25 should appear in your account instantly. If not, sign out and then back in.

5) Once the $25 is there, click on the GroundLink Car Service sale and go through with your purchase. As you’ll see below, mine came to only $4 for LaGuardia to Manhattan, which is an amazing deal. Or you can get their mobile credit of $75 for only $35, which comes to $10 after your credit!

$4 for Towncar service LGA to Manhattan- score!

$75 in credits for $35, which comes to $10 after you use your credit!

Within a minute I had an email with a voucher number and the following details:

Certificate Details
Jetsetter Order #: 12345
Name: Brian Kelly
Property Information: GroundLink Car Service
134 West 37th Street
Major Cities, United States
Certificate Description: LGA Transfer Voucher – This voucher is good for a one-way airport transfer to/from Manhattan (LGA); includes tax and gratuity.
Certificate Code: XXXXXXXX
Certificate Policies: This voucher is good for a one-way airport transfer to/from Manhattan (LGA); includes tax and gratuity.
After receiving an initial confirmation e-mail from Jetsetter, followed by another email with your Jetsetter Certificate code, you will receive a third e-mail from Jetsetter Reservations with your unique GroundLink code. This is what you’ll use to book on GroundLink.
Other cities and airports are available, though LaGuardia seems to be the cheapest after the $25 discount.
Once you have your order, feel free to invite all of your friends and family. Not only will they get $25 each, but you will too if they make a purchase! (As will I if you use my link).

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  • Brendan

    “there are no real good public transit options to Manhattan and Brooklyn.” Quite wrong. The M60 is an incredibly easy transfer to East Harlem and barely takes any longer than a taxi or limo. To reach southern Manhattan during rush hours, the M60 to the 125th/Lex 4/5 train will beat your car any day.

  • Sky King

    So here’s my link:

    So for every $4 I “invest” with Jetsetter I get $25 towards fancy hotels. I’ll let everyone’s gears turn for a little bit.

    Park Hyatt in Paris sells for $625. You can have it for $100…if you make 25 transactions. There are limits. You’ll have to figure them out.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve taken the M60 and its good for some people, but if you are trying to get to downtown its a pain. Plus its often crowded, so with luggage it can be a real pain.

    In general I was making the point that there are no easy, quick mass transit options to central Manhattan, like most world airports have, which you have to agree with. (Plus my comment about Brooklyn still stands)

  • Anonymous

    I think you raise a good point- if you abuse this promotion, your account will surely be shut down

  • Tim

    I wonder if this might be dead? I just followed these instructions twice, including logging out and back in, and there is no credit on my account. Bummer.

  • Sky King

    Try closing out your browser and doing it again. Sometimes the credit doesn’t show but when you go to check out it applies the $25.

  • AwardTravelConsulting
  • Aaron

    I used SkyKing’s referral, here is mine:

  • Ralph L

    Just confirmed it still works. I did have to sign out and back in to see the credit.

    I would appreciate it if anyone used my link…I used TPG’s link!

  • Rowergirl7531

    I tried logging off and back in a few times, but to no avail — no credit came up. But I bought it at $39 anyway through your link. (Hopefully at least one of us will get the $25!). It says that I’ll receive 3 emails before I get the code to make a reservation — hope that happens quickly as I’m flying in tomorrow afternoon!

  • nycjm

    Got the deal! Going to Vegas for SB w/e, so this is perfect. Thanks!

  • Mark

    There’s a pretty good bus service from LGA to the city for 10 bucks.

  • Ed

    I used Ralph L’s Link, here’s mine!

  • Anonymous

    I used Ed’s link, here’s mine!

  • Anonymous

    The first time I flew out of LGA, I took the M60 from near Columbia … almost missed my flight. Never again.

  • Kevin F

    This is great!

    Please use this link then pay it forward:

  • Rachel

    Thanks and here’s my link:

  • Dave

    Just used Brians link, if someone wants to to help me out and use mine I’d definitely appreciate it!

  • Rowergirl7531

    Does anyone know how long it takes for Jetsetter to send out the 3rd email (the one with the actual code to use)? I received the first 2 emails right away, but am still waiting for the 3rd — and Groundlink said it can take 72 hours (not helpful for me as my flight arrives tomorrow).

  • NYCDave

    Added bonus: when you register your groundlink app (great app!) or online, enter referral code “REBF30″ and get an additional $30 credit in your groundlink account.

    As a thank you, mind using my link :)

    Much appreciated and happy weekend.

  • AK47

    Thanks! I used the last person’s link, would appreciate if someone clicked through mine!

  • David

    Worked great for me! I’d appreciate it if you’d use my link too :)

  • Ro

    Thanks, just used the last person’s link and here’s mine, just in case ;)
    thanks TPG for the tip!

  • Bsteponate


  • Tim

    That did the trick. It still never showed on the website, but it showed up automatically when I checked out.

  • Donna

    has anyone noticed an expiration date?

  • Hank

    According to Ben the expiration is July 31, 2012. Used the last link, please keep the trend going!

  • eddie
  • mark

    Agree with TPG. I take the subways and busses to LGA all the time. With luggage, they can be a complete pain. This is a great deal.

  • mark
  • AAJunkie

    Thanks TPG! This will be great for my LAS trip next week.
    Here’s my link if anyone wants to pay-it-forward.

  • Randy

    Here is another referral link. Thanks so much for helping me out!

  • Rob S.

    Read the fine print! The one-way airport vouchers include tax and tip BUT NOT TOLLS!

    Also, when you get the $75 credit “mobile voucher” – you now have to go off the prices on – which do not include tax, tip, tolls, or a $3 processing fee.

    Then, even when you use the App and it gives you a total – that total still DOES NOT INCLUDE TOLLS.

    Finally, and this is the biggest problem with this right now – I called JetSetter and they say the $75 mobile voucher can be used on multiple rides. Then I called GroundLink and they say it can only be used on one ride. So they obviously have some confusion here.

    When you buy the $75 mobile voucher for groundlink credit – it makes it seem like you get $75 credit on your groundlink account. But in order to use the credit, you have to enter a promo code when booking a car. Will the promo code remember how much “credit” you have left? Nobody could answer this question and I am supposed to get a call back. Very frustrating.

  • AK47

    why did it charge my card?

  • Laura

    Used Randy’s link, here is mine:

  • Stephanie

    Thanks as always TPG! My referral link is:

  • Zak

    Thank you. Let’s keep this going. My referral link is:

  • Tao

    I signed up with TPG’s link, but couldn’t see the $25 credit even after logging out and back in again.

  • Anonymous

    Used the last link. Here is mine:

    Great deal!

  • BothofUs2

    Thanks for the heads up on this, I used TPG’s link, would appreciate if someone would use mine!

  • Anonymous

    Signed up. Here is my link if you’d like to use:

    Awesome savings.

  • TAO

    It worked. Thanks TPG. Here’s my link, it’ll be much appreciated if someone could sign up using my link:

  • Chase

    Excellent! I used TAO’s link below. Let’s keep the love going, friends. My link is below:

  • Chase

    Rob, please update us when you hear back from them about this. Interested to hear what you discover.

  • Mattolo

    Just used “Chase”s please use my link thanks :)

  • PJ

    i received 3@$18.04 Settlement Claim Payment from Foregn Currency Litigation Settlement Fund.. Do I, my daughter and my daughter all go ahead and cash these checks ? :)

  • MN1971

    It is SOLD OUT!!!!!

  • CMH

    The Groundlink service does seem to have disappeared, but I’m sure the credits will still be useful, and we’ll each end up with a few more if we keep the trend going…

  • spermwhale

    I had a similar problem, but I think that the 48 hour (or 72 hour) wait is for a code to use if you are making a reservation using a mobile app. I called the resrvations number (1-877-277-7260) and the lady said that we can make the reservations by giving them the voucher code, flight info, location, etc.

    Now mind you we haven’t actually made the reservation yet (I am doing this for my daughter and I am still trying to track her down) but this does make sense. Nothing to lose anyway. Just call the above number (it was in their faqs) and see if you can book it.

    Good luck!


  • Livesimple

    I’m taking my yearly vacation in March and could use the referral credit!

  • Cindy

    If anyone is still thinking of signing up, here’s my link:

  • Allie

    I have never found the M60 to be easy or timely. I stand at 125th and Lex and wait, sometimes up to 45 minutes, for one to come while several other nonM60 buses pass – and then it is incredibly crowded upon arrival. Cheap, yes; pleasant and timely, no. At least they added the luggage racks a few years back.

  • Nick Handy

    Someone use my link if you don’t mind. Its not dead, just not on the main home page. Click view all and goe to the botton of the flash sales

  • David

    YIKES!! I can already see the huge Flyertalk thread blow up now….

  • Billy

    I just called them and they said it takes 48 hours from your purchase to get the third email with the coupon code. Still waiting on mine after 24 hours.

  • chode

    Am using this for my trip to NYC in June. Click away, and much appreciated! :)

  • TAO

    Thanks Chase.

  • TAO

    Has anyone who bought the mobile voucher received the third email? I’m still waiting….

  • Jon

    All options sold out!

  • Dave

    I did this on Friday as my wife was in New York for the weekend. On Monday morning (Monday afternoon flight) she had still not received the third email. She called and was told they couldn’t do anything without the authorization number, and even if she had it they had sold so many they wouldn’t be able to do anything that day anyway. She received the third email at 6pm yesterday, after she as home from the trip. We don’t travel to NY that much so don’t know if we’ll ever be able to use it. Pretty much a rip off, even if only $4.

  • Tsamano22

    anyone who wants to put a smile of my face please do feel free to USE MY LINK :)

    best wishes!

  • Xbrantarx

    No third email, today both vouchers purchased are “cancelled”. Lets see how long it takes for them to refund the purchase!

  • Kit O’Connor

    I also had both mine cancelled. Oh well…

  • Ralph L

    Same here, mine were cancelled even though they were brand new accounts with different credit cards used to pay for them.

  • sbjnyc

    LGA – downtown can be problematic (subway/bus transfer) but public transportation to to JFK or EWR is pretty easy. Still a $4 limo is a sweet deal. Reminds me of the cheapo stretches I used to get at IND. :)

  • Ed

    Me too.

  • Ben

    Examining the flash sales list shows that the Groundlink offer…is gone?

    Nevertheless, my link is

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