60,000 Mile Offer for United Explorer Card

by on January 7, 2012 · 73 comments

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Update: The current offer for the United Explorer card is 30,000 miles with $1,000 spend within 3 months or 50,000 miles with $2,000 spend in 3 months when you sign up in a Chase branch.

Numerous TPG readers have emailed me over the last couple months with their emailed offers of 60,000 miles for the United Explorer card. The offer, which gives 50,000 miles after first use and 10,000 after you spend $25,000 within a calendar year, is a pretty good deal, but unfortunately it’s targeted to select United MileagePlus elite members so I haven’t written about it. I even wrote in my future credit card strategy post that I look forward to applying for this offer once it’s made public.

However, it was reported on Flyertalk that if your United account has a positive balance and if you click this link, you can get the 60,000 offer to populate. I decided to try it out, so I transferred 2,000 miles from my Continental account to my United using this site (FYI weirdly I got an error when trying to transfer using this method,  but when I logged into my United account the Continental transfer had indeed gone through. Not sure what the issue is, but beware). You can also transfer Ultimate Rewards points to your United account since United is a new transfer partner. If you don’t have a United MileagePlus account, you can get one here.

As with all things miles and points, your experience may vary and this method may actually work. Everything is a risk, so just make sure you evaluate whether it makes sense. For me, it’s just not worth the risk, especially since there are so many other juicy Chase offers right now (50,000 points for Southwest (Update: This offer is no longer available. View the current offer for the Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card here), 2 Free Hyatt Nights, 40,000 for Sapphire Preferred, 50,000 for Ink Bold) that I don’t mind holding off until this offer is a sure deal.


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  • Rebecca

    I was targeted for this offer via an email and I only have 750 miles in my account (that’s 750 lifetime UA miles too). I just applied and got a decision pending screen. I’ve got the BA Chase and Chase Sapphire Preferred so hopefully I’m approved! Thanks TPG!

  • Anonymous

    I am not an elite (far from it) and they e-mailed me the offer on Jan 3rd. I have to apply by January 31st, if I want the card.

  • Sfujj

    Hello, I do not have an elite status either with COntinental or United. However, I got the offer of 60,000 miles and I applied earlier this week and was approved.

  • Kevin

    do you think chase will offer a bonus of more than 50k like they did last year with their 100k offer on the sapphire preferred? that is why i have been holding out on getting that card.

  • oldmanpeabody

    Hey TPG: I don’t have any United status but applied and got instant approval for the 60k (really 50k, I won’t spend $25k on it in a year) promotion. If you’re worried about it being an error with Chase IT, I’d recommend starting instead with the plain old page. When I did that I saw the 40,000 mile offer as a banner in the middle right of the page. Once I log in, that same ad changes to 60,000 mile offer. For further confirmation, I logged in again this morning and when I clicked that same banner I get a link that says “Your application is currently being processed.” I think it’s the real deal

  • Rebecca

    How long did it take to get approved? Was it instant? I got a decision pending response and I’m worried that because I have a $10K credit line on the BA card and a $1oK credit line on the Sapphire Preferred that I won’t get approved. Both have $0 balances. My credit score is 801.

  • Chirag

    It is the exact same case with me! I hope they honor it!

  • Chirag

    Hey TPG, do you know whether the UA explorer card gets you priority boarding on CO flights as well?

  • calbear77

    If not, call the reconsideration line. A lot of people on this site are practically on a first name basis with them. Just transfer some of your limit from the old card to the new and you’re golden. I have done it twice in two months to get the 2 50K SWA cards.

  • Dan

    I have the same concerns as you. I’ll hold off ’til I know 100% that I’m eligible.

  • tassojunior

    The 60K offer shows on my UA MP account homepage and I’m not elite.

  • tomdc

    Has anyone determined yet whether past UA cc holders can get this bonus? I opened mine about 14 months ago and closed it about 3 months ago.

  • Roger

    I don’t think they’re targeting elites. I’m Premier Executive on United and have plenty of miles in my account, but I don’t get the 60,000-point offer on either or by clicking on the link in the post.

  • Sil

    I have tried everything 3 x or more….logged in, logged out, delete cookies, delete history in fact, transfer miles from Continental to United, and just now transferred miles from Chase Ultimate Rewards to United. I am still seeing the banner as 40k miles. I have 2 choices when I log on- My Reservations and My Mileage Plus. When I click on the link for the 60k miles, it takes me to the page where I need to apply but not what the banner I am supposed to see for the 60k link. When I sometimes click on the “learn more” below the picture of the United Explorer card (no mention of any miles), it takes me to the to apply for either the United Explorer, Visa Signature etc.

    So I wonder if only certain people are targeted still. I have no miles towards elite status at all.

  • Josee Mayette

  • Sahais

    Hi, I am not an elite but did see the 60K offer once I logged on. Next page also confirmed that it was a 60K offer. Got the screenshots, but looks like if you see the 60K offer once you are logged in you should be good to go as the offer switches to 40K if you are not logged in.

  • StM


    Do you happen to know what Chase’s policy is regarding multiple individual/biz apps? I know some people have said that 2 individual cards within 60 days is a nono. What about if I was interested in an Ink Bold and one of the 50/60k cards listed here? Last app to chase was July 11 and I have 2 Freedoms and a Sapphire preferred atm.

  • Blippery88

    Previous and existing United Airlines cardmembers/accounts are not eligible for this bonus offer. United MileagePlus Explorer cardmembers will only receive one 50,000 bonus miles award if they apply for both the United Explorer Card and the Continental OnePass Plus Card after 7/19/2011.

  • MJLouise

    Brian when I went to the advertisement was for 40K. After I logged on (with only 5 miles) the ad changed to 60K (50K on first spend). I’m not going for it right now because I’m maxed out on Chase, but thought I’d let you know some of us lowlies are getting the offer without using that special link.

  • Brendon McCarthy

    Anyone find a similar offer for the Explorer Business card? I’ve been wanting to sign up for that one as I already have the United Explorer personal. When I am logged in, I obviously do not see the listed offer since I already have the personal card.

  • David

    I wish!

  • Guest

    I got the banner too, but the site isn’t loading. Is anyone else having problems getting a link to the application?

  • Guest

    I’m referring to “”. The internal united link works, but only gives me 40000

  • Syed

    Chase rep called me 2 days after applying for the cards and once he confirmed my information (SSN, Mortage info, salary etc) approved me on the phone.

  • MSPpete

    Logged into Have 97 miles in my account. Received the 60k offer. Completed the application and was instantly approved!

  • Annie

    Mine says You’re in with 40k. :(

  • Annie

    …when I logged in, with zero miles. And I’ve had that account for 10 years.

  • Anonymous

    Right- once you have more than 0 miles it will show 60k

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  • Travelguy28

    Quite a different tone from TPG highlighting the ambiguity and viability of the offer vs. a few months back with the “shoot first and ask questions later” approach to Amex Pat. It’s unfortunate that a lot of people who followed the advice of this board ended up with expensive cards (Plat) they didn’t need, and less points than they had anticipated.

  • Anonymous

    The Platinum bump bonuses were actually happening and many people (including myself) got in. I’ve had tons of TPG readers, who were initially denied, end up getting the points out of persistence. Good deals don’t always come on silver platters… same with this one. The reason why I’m more hesitant is because not a single person has reported getting the 60k bonus after the “transfer a single mile” trick.

  • Travelguy28

    Fair enough.. Just to add another data point..

    I have 0 United miles but I am elite. On I see the 40k offer on the first page but after signing in I am presented with the 60k offer. Once proceeding to the app, no mention of any bonus (neither 40k nor 60k. I am considering, but will definitely call first and try to document as much as possible (i.e. have Chase reps document) the offer.

  • tassojunior

    Applied and called to have my Southwest card closed and CL put on this. Going on faith I’ll get the bonus as I got a UA card 15 months ago and closed it 5 months ago.

  • Dave Op

    Is there an expiration date to this offer?

    Just canceled the CO credit card late Dec 2010. The CO credit card was applied for back in Apr/May 2010. So, I figured, it is might not be a good idea to apply for the UA Explorer Card if I just canceled the CO card. What do you think?

  • Billy Mumphrey

    I applied for the card and was instantly approved on Friday. Today I got an e-mail letting me know the card was mailed and it confirmed the 50,000 miles upon first purchase.

  • oldmanpeabody

    One more data point – just got my confirmation email that the card has been sent. In it they specifically say: Remember, you will receive 50,000 bonus miles after the first use of your Card.

    So it looks legit!

  • Anonymous

    I just got an e-mail saying I was approved and would receive my card in 5-7 days. It specifically says I’ll get 50,000 miles on first purchase. I have no status with any airline. In fact, I only have 95 miles I transferred into a brand new United account that didn’t exist until just before I applied.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  • Gpb59

    Is there a # to call to apply so you can be sure you’ll get the 50K?

  • K. wagner

    I was promised, as a Premier Executive member, 50,000 miles with first use, and they only gave me 25,000 miles. I’ve been writing and calling them for months and they have not responded and they don’t even want to see the email in which I was promised this. Neither Chase or United will respond. This is a scam!

    This is the email I received………………

    ” As an elite member, you’ll earn 50,000 bonus miles after your first use of the Card.1,2 Then, spend $25,000 or more in a calendar year and earn an additional 10,000 bonus miles.3 That’s up to 60,000 bonus miles!

    You’ll also earn miles faster with two miles for each $1 spent on United® and Continental® ticket purchases and one mile for each $1 spent on everything else.3

    Plus, enjoy two passes to the exclusive United ClubSM every year – just for being a cardmember.4

    Enjoy these great benefits and more.

    + 50,000 bonus miles after your first use of the Card2
    + 10,000 bonus miles when you spend $25,000 on your card in a calendar year3
    + Two United Club passes each year4
    + Two miles for each $1 spent on United and Continental ticket purchases3
    + One mile for each $1 spent on everything else3
    + No annual fee for the first year – a $95 value*

  • Travel007

    I signed up my wife for a new MP account mid last week. Transferred 100 miles from her One Pass. Next time she logged in she had the 60k offer. Applied and instantly approved.

  • tlouise

    My daughter got this not me but she’s only 12! Can I apply for a card for her? didn’t see anything about being over 18 but I think that is the standard.

  • Darius

    There is a phone number, but you have to apply on-line and they will not confirm whether you will get the 50K. Also, you have to be logged into the United site with your mileage plus number to have the 60K offer appear. And, when you do, it will fill in your name, address, and mileage plus number automatically.

  • May

    I applied with the link clearly says 60k miles, but when I received the email confirmation and the letter later, it was only for 25k miles. I called to dispute this and they asked me to fax to their marketing department. Not sure what good it’d do, b/c the fax number they provided me 888-643-9628 didn’t even pick up when I tried to fax my screenshot and the letter explaining the discrepancy.

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  • Ten60

    I did as you said and transferred 1000 miles and had no trouble getting the explorer card with the 50000 mile bonus. Got my card today. I will now have 100000 points as I got the continental card before the cutoff and the 50000 bonus. Thanks again Points Guy.

  • Qazw

    I got a targeted 60,000 invite for the Continental version of the card, and I’m nowhere near elite status – my mileage account with Continental is brand new and I’ve only taken one domestic trip since I opened. However they’re targeting people, it isn’t just on elite status.

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  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t appear to be valid anymore — the link above takes you to a 40k offer not the 60k offer :(

  • Jimgotkp

    Still works for me.

  • Anonymous

    When I had to call the reconsideration line to move some credit around because I had “too much credit” thanks in-part to TPG ;) they said to just save screenshots and links. When I get the card (maybe this week) I will make my case when I call to activate the card. I hear that is what others have done so it shouldn’t be a big deal…I hope

  • Patermeus1

    Received the 60,000 bonus miles flyer today, 2/7/12 but also cannot bring up the site. Called united, customer service, was transferred four other times to different departments and NO One could help. Close to two hours on the phone to no avail. It just won’t work. Can any one help also????????

  • Guest

    worked for me. 50K bonus and approval Feb 2012

  • DaveG

    this worked for me. i already have a chase united card but i wanted a new one and the bonus miles, but only the 60k. i cleared my cache and history from my browser. logged into my united account, with miles in it. then, in a new tab, went to at first it just redirected to some site where i could buy things as it recognized that im a card holder. i closed the tab and tried AGAIN, and voila! just keep trying, it will eventually open with the 60k mileage bonus. good luck friends.

  • chickendinner

    I’ve been a longtime mileage plus member (though not elite), but never had the associated mileage plus credit card. The 60,000 mile (50,000 + 10,000) advert was displayed in my mileage plus homepage and I clicked through to sign up for the card. I was approved instantly and I just received my card in the mail today. When I called in to activate the card the representative informed me that my signup bonus would in fact be the 50,000 miles, just as advertised, which would post to the account 4-6 weeks after my first purchase with the new credit card. She supplied me with this information, I did not even ask about it.

    So far so good with this offer! I’ll try and remember to follow up when the miles get added to my account.

  • RIck

    I opened the united mileage plus card in 2010 and got 50000 points and I opened continental one pass credit card last year and also got 50000 points. Today I checked the mail and they gave me an invitation mail for the explorer card saying I will get another 50,000 points if that I open that too. I have already closed my united mileage plus last year and now my continental card has been converted to the explorer card, would I still be eligible for the 50,000 points from the mail offer? I called the credit card offer phone number and the lady said I may or may not get the points. Anyone have an idea? Thanks

  • mm1127

    Did the same thing, and I was instantly approved. They just confirmed on the phone to night when I called to activate the card that I would receive 50k for my first purchase.

  • anonymous

    Just received in the mail, “Earn 50% more miles”. 1.5 on regular purchases, 3 on United. Feb 29 – April 29. I wish it would have started a month earlier, but should be good for at least an additional 10k miles for more.

  • chickendinner

    Well, the 50,000 posted to my account today or within the last couple days. I am not sure when exactly my original comment was from but it has been about 4-6 weeks I guess, so the deal worked out as promised. Cool!

  • John

    When I login to my Continental account, I get an offer for 65,000 MILES, but when I click on it it only says 40,000 on the next page. If I print out the info, will they honor it?

  • Prayhumbly

    I also get a 65k offer, 50000, then 5k with additional cardholder, and 10k after $25k.

  • Nelson Lopez

    I keep getting the 40k offer despite being logged in and having 50k miles already in my account. Is everyone still using the same link?

  • dallasflyer

    I just went to (I am United Premier 1K) and got an offer for 65,000 miles. 50K upon issuance, 5K for signing up add’l user (wife), and 10K for spending $25,000 within 12 months. No annual fee ($95).

  • PJ

    same offer extended to June 30 2012

  • PJ

    not scam; we got 5 @50 plus a few 5Ks for adding AU

  • Cheng1016g

    You need give people teh phone number to call since your ad was not designed well.

  • Cheng1016g

    Be careful! Maybe, this Ad only want your personal information. I never experienced an AD like this with no detail information and even no phone number to contact.

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  • kabuliwala


    I have an existing Chase Continental onepass plus card from last year.
    Today I got an offer in the mail for a new 65000 (first use 50k, authorized user 5k, annual spend bonus 10k) Chase mileageplus explorer card.
    should i go ahead an apply? how’s the chance of approval and bonus miles approval?
    i also have a chase southwest premier card.

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  • Rhutchin02

    I just received a card and have only been offered 30000 miles

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