Reminder: 100% Delta Transfer Bonus Ends Tomorrow

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Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow, Friday December 16, 2011 will be the last day to take advantage of the amazing Delta 100% transfer miles promotion. Link to promo. Link to my original post on the deal.

A couple things from my experience:
1) The miles transfer instantly
2) The bonus miles post instantly
3) These fees do not trigger the American Express Platinum Card $200 airline rebate. So if you are looking to use those $200 by December 31, this won’t work.
4) While Delta miles can be hard to use, buying them at 1.1 cents a piece is a bargain – especially if you value international business class travel. However, some TPG readers have reported getting 3 points per dollar when using the Amex Premier Rewards Gold card that gives 3x points on all “airfare”.
5) You can transfer 150,000 and receive up to 300,000 miles a year. That does not include bonus miles, so with this promo you could receive up to 600,000 miles.

Feel free to ask any questions. While they run promotions a lot, you never know when it’ll be the last time. If buying a round trip business class ticket to Europe for $1,100 seems like a good deal, or going to Europe and Mauritius for $1,300 or Asia for $1,300- then you should get in on this deal. It will take some time to figure out how to best redeem Delta miles, but once you unlock the secret you’ll wish you would have purchased as many of these miles as possible for 1.1 cents a piece!

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  • xajn

    Can you include a link to the place where one could do this transfer? Is this a transfer from AMEX Membership Rewards or from where??
    It’s not clear from reading your post.

  • Cj

    Same Question as XAJN. If you were planning a trip to Italy first or business class this summer, would you transfer the miles from amex now or wait and use another airline. I ask this because you mention the challenge in booking delta miles

  • Marv

    So here’s what I ended up completing a few days ago: In 11 transactions between 3 family skymiles accounts, starting out with a 60,000 mile transfer, I accumulated 450,000 miles in bonus’. When you add in the skymiles points I get for the charges on my DELTA AMEX card, my cost is 1.045 cents per mile. I just snagged two award tickets for 25,000 miles each (my cost $261.25) that have economy fare at $1029 each and one award ticket for 32,5000 miles (my cost $339.63) that has a fare of $565. This is a value of 3.18 cents per mile redeemed, pretty good. So basically I saved $1761 on those 3 tickets alone. This also allows me to leave my 110,000 BUSINESS PLATINUM AMEX membership reward points in AMEX until a really good transfer bonus comes along, hopefully one with MQM’s! We live in a remote town, in a remote state and frequently travel through MSP to another remote town to visit kids. The fare for this route is always really high because of lack of competition. My wife and I are self-employed and have flexible schedules, so I hope we can get a lot of last minute 25,000 mile awards and parlay our purchased 1 cent miles into 3 cents redemptions – saving 1/3 on our airfares! The ONLY downside I see to this is the 450,000 miles do not count towards lifetime million miler, oh, and it took several hours of spread sheet work to figure out the least expensive way to accomplish these transfers and end up with the majority of the bonus points in my Gold Medallion account.

  • Bill

    @xajn and Cj – this is not the AMEX to Delta transfer promotion. This is where you can transfer your Delta miles to someone else with 100% bonus for the 1.1 cents/mile. So I can transfer 30,000 of my miles to my wife for $330. Delta then matches that, so she gets 60,000 miles in her account. You can transfer up to 4 different accounts and go back and forth with the transfers to minimize the cost.

    Go back to Brian’s post on December 3rd for more details.

  • Anonymous

    Included links to the deal and my past analysis of the promotion. This is not an Amex transfer- its intra-Delta

  • Anonymous

    This isn’t an Amex transfer bonus- its for transferring in between Delta accounts. If I wanted to go to Italy I’d check award availability on Alitalia from NY/Miami/Los Angeles (and I think maybe there do Rome) or Air France/KLM on expertflyer

  • Bill

    Brian – do you know if you use the Premier Rewards Gold card from AMEX for the transfer fees, do you get triple points for airline purchases?

  • Marv

    I personally have had great luck in booking Delta award trips in two ways. First, you can book trips 11 months out. So, 11 months to the date of my return segment I get on the computer at midnight and find my award and book it. Second way, wait for a last minute award – just keep checking the award daily a couple months out and always check “my dates are flexible” – you just have to be flexible with this method.

  • Anonymous

    Well done!

  • Anonymous

    Especially since as a Gold Medallion you are eligible for upgrades on award tickets

  • xajn

    Thanks guys.

    Sadly, my company is closing down the Membership Rewards program link with my corporate card, and I need to choose the smartest place to dump 28,000 points TODAY! Thinking BA or just a Marriott gift card. Anyone got some pointers for me? I know you will…

  • Anonymous

    Theres a 30% bonus with BA

    The new Avios program is great for short/medium hall travel and theres are hardly any fees when you redeem on North America/South America flights on American and Lan

  • Anonymous

    I doubt it- it was classified on my Platinum card as DELTA AIRLINES- BUY MILES.. I think it needs to be coded as airfare to get the 3x points so I’d say no

  • The Travel Abstract

    Off-topic but…Just looked at the new Jetblue member to member transfers and they cost 1.25 cpm.

    What do you make of that price point for Jetblue points?

  • Anonymous

    Thats an absolutely horrible deal. They are only worth about a cent each when redeeming to pay 1.25 cents to give them to someone else would be like throwing money out the window.

  • JohnnieD

    FYI you get the 3X bonus when you pay the transfer fees on your gold Amex….

  • xajn

    Ok you’ve talked me into it. That’s where they’re going. Thanks.

  • Guest

    Heard that Air Seychelles killed route between Paris. Is this true? Any workaround

  • Rudy

    Brian – as someone who only flies Economy, is the 1.1 cents/mile a good deal as opposed to paying cash? Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Depends what routes you fly and whether you build in stopovers, which can greatly increase the value of the award. For mid level coach redemptions at 40,000 miles roundtrip- would you pay $440 for the flight? Also remember you dont earn MQMs on award redemptions.

    Now if you use 80,000 miles and fly to Kenya with a stopover in Europe.. that very well be worth way more than $880. All depends- the value can be there with coach redemptions, but its harder to justify than business class which is often 4x+ more expensive than coach.

  • Anonymous

    Good to know!

  • Anonymous

    It is true.. Kenyan used to fly there, but I don’t believe anymore. I don’t see any other workaround other than trying to go to Mauritius, Madagascar or Reunion instead

  • Stevesumn99

    Is there a reason why you are promoting a 25K offer for the American Express Platinum card when there is a 50K offer for the same card that is widely known. I would hope that you would promote the best deals, but sadly I guess this is not the case

  • Anonymous

    That deal is targeted (and for first time amex cardholders) and seeing how tough Amex is these days with bonus codes, I don’t think its going to work out as people planned. The 25k offer is for everyone- including current cardholders which is a much wider population of people. I did highlight that deal in this post and gave my warning with it:

  • Bill

    I actually had a trip planned for next spring that got killed. Talked to Delta yesterday and Kenya Airways does still fly to Seychelles, but to get there from Paris, you would need to connect thru Amsterdam and Nairobi.

  • Bill

    FYI – should have been more clear. You’d need to fly KLM to get from Paris to Amsterdam and then Kenya from there.

  • Panda

    Will the transfer purchase count for 2x Chase Sapphire Preferred points?

  • syg

    “That does not include bonus miles, so with this promo you could receive up to 600,000 miles”
    Is that what you know from experience or educated guess?

  • calbear77

    About how often do they run these promotions at Delta? I just signed up for the 45K mile card and if they run one of these promos every 3 months or so, I can buy all my miles then. If it’s less often than that, is it worth the extra $150 or so to bootstrap from the 6K miles I have in my account up to the max? (it’d require an extra 4 back n’ forfs at $30 a pop in order to get an account with 30K miles).

  • calbear77

    Anyone else getting the message that they are not eligible? I thought this was open to everyone?

  • Keith

    Brian- I currently have 3 different Delta Sky Miles accounts with “A”-1k, “B”-2.5k, and “C”-16k, respectively. Does it make a difference which account I transfer AMEX MR points into? I would liek to transfer 50k AMEX MR points in order to take advantage of the 30% rebate, although I’m hesitiant becasue Im unsure if Delta limits the # of tranfers from one SkyMiles account to another. Basically, can I tranfer 30,000 skymiles twice from the same account or must it be different accounts? Same goes for the skymiles account receiving the transfer?

  • Benthelefty

    45k card? Is that the standard gold or reserve or what?

  • KamanCali

    Hey Brian- no doubt you try to keep up to date- but what about substituting for the Mercedes Benz 50,0000 AMEX Platinum? That sounds like the best “public” deal now. Also, do you think this signup bonus would work if you already had a normal platinum card? Seems like a nice churn possibility…

  • calbear77

    TPG linked to it in a post this week, actually.

    Here’s the link:

  • Hoops

    Question for TPG: Last month Delta ran a similar offer were if you transferred miles the bonus miles would go to person initiating the transfer instead of the person who received the miles. I’ve done a bit of thinking on this and it appears to me this is a better promotion (assuming you are trying to create points for a single person) if you don’t want to go thru the hoops of opening up dummy accounts/merging as the bonus points always move with the transferred miles so no points ever get split up from each other. Thoughts on this??

  • Robert MacGregor

    Brian you are absolutely right and thanks for looking out for everyone. I along with several others applied under the 50k link this summer, only to be rewarded 25k points. I had screenshots and faxed as well as mailed them in with a strongly-worded letter, but was still denied the points after review by a manager. The wording is indeed only for first-time AMEX cardholders (I already had a rewards gold card).

  • Bill

    @ Keith – You can transfer up to 150K miles out of an account and 300K miles into an account each year but there is a 30K limit per account per transfer (up to 4 accounts).

    You could transfer the 50K from AMEX (to qualify for the 30% rebate) into Account C, and then with this 100% Bonus deal, transfer 30K each from that account into Account A and B. Account A would end up with 61K and Account B would end up with 62.5K and Account C would end up with 6K. You could then do another transfer back out of A or B (or both) and continue until you have the desired amount of points as long as you stay within the 150K/300K limits.

  • ketelone

    Me and my wife had very few Delta miles and 0 membership rewards points. I bought around 18000 miles with 75% promo and got 30000 points. then did the 100% bonus transfer a bunch of times between us and we now are sitting on 150K for me and 120k for my wife. the cost came around 1.2c/mile . I was able to go online and find award availability on biz from US to India via AF and Delta. awesome :) it takes a while and searching segment by segment, using different hubs. but its definitely doable.

  • Anonymous

    I did get 2X points using my Sapphire Preferred card.

  • Anonymous

    They did for me…

  • jipped

    Delta Pulled this deal early! Site states “Our Transfer Miles limited-time offer expired on December 16, 2011, but don’t sweat it.”..blah blah, tried to call and was transferred to online support, they had no explanation, the guy was no help. I stated that ending a promotion on December 16 typically means it expires midnight of that day, not the beginning of that day! I will keep trying to get someone worthwhile to speak to and get the righted…please help-Rise Up!

  • hemi

    Question – How did you book a $1029 flight for 25,000 delta miles? That’s 4 cents per point which is pretty good. I was looking at some domestic flights that require 25,000 points, and their fare was around $400 giving me only 1.6 cents per point.

  • Caroline

    What idiots! This is so Delta, nobody knows what’s going on. Hope they fix it. I’ll call to complain.

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  • Marv

    I don’t know, I was shocked when I checked the fare and it was $1029 and then I was really shocked when I checked award tickets and could get it for 25,000 miles! So I immediately booked 2 before the Delta computer fixed it. Oddly the $565 fare for 32,500 miles is to the same destination, but starts from a different city in Montana. Go figure.

  • Sean

    Following the link to the promo page will result in that inaccurate error message. If you just go to the normal Transfer Miles link you will see a link to the 100% Bonus Offer.

    Rather then clicking on the “100% Bonus Offer” link just continue following the normal transfer miles process, 1) select number of miles to transfer and 2) click Transfer Miles. The second or third step of the transfer process will show number of miles to be transferred plus number of bonus miles to recipient. Go ahead and try it and before payment is required you will be able to see the bonus miles are included in the transfer before you click submit for processing. I just did this 20 minutes ago and the 100% Bonus worked as expected, but as always, take screen shots!!

  • jipped

    You’re right, it worked! Bonus miles to recipient appears in Step 3 of 4. Thanks!

  • Bobbicamp

    I’m new to this, but I called delta, and they did not know if it would work to transfer from me to my husband and then back to me. So am I to understand, from reading these posts, that the system will indeed allow transfers back/forth between the same 2 accounts? Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    The first link now goes to a “Sorry, expired” page but if you click the “Learn More” link on that page the offer still works, as of 12/16, 9 PM EST. Delta.dumb strikes again.

  • Anonymous

    Got in just under the wire. That was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be! Went from 10,000 Delta miles to 130,000 for $1350 and 15 minutes of my time. I’m really hoping to use these for a trip to Vietnam with my family in March. I’m not sure how to find Korean availability yet but I think you’ve posted about it here somewhere TPG. Thanks much for the heads-up!

    In case you were all curious, it worked up until 11:45CST (it hasn’t stopped yet, but I think their cutoff is 11:59 Central time based on their other promos).

  • Anonymous

    For korean you need to call. Don’t forget about china southern and Vietnam airlines as well!

  • siva valluru

    I missed this golden opportunity… I wish I came across this blog way earlier…

    This link is still active, although, at 50% bonus.
    Do you all think it is worth it? can someone help me in analyzing this deal?

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