JetBlue Launches Transfer Miles Program and Why It’s a Bad Deal

by on December 16, 2011 · 3 comments

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JetBlue just launched a member-to-member point transfer program, which means you can pay a fee to transfer points from one TrueBlue account to another. In general, buying and transferring miles doesn’t make much sense, but can in certain situations (like Delta’s current 100% transfer bonus) it can.  However, JetBlue has a fixed value loyalty program, which means you will only get a certain amount of value for each point, so there is much less flexibility and room to maximize their points.

With their new transfer program, a TrueBlue member can either give or receive transfers in increments of 1,000 points and up to 30,000 points at a time. Points cost $12.50 per 1000-point transfer increment, so that breaks down into 1.25 cents apiece.

Though that’s still cheaper than just buying miles, which are priced at about 3 cents each (and not much less even with the current 35% bonus promotion on purchasing points that the airline is offering until 12/31/2011), this is still a bad deal because TrueBlue points can only be redeemed for about 1.4 cents each in value. So essentially you are taking a point that is worth 1.4 cents and paying 1.25 cents to give it to someone else, thus destroying 89% of the value in the process. Great for JetBlue, bad for you.

The only time this might make sense is to top up an account, though I’d recommend trying to earn points via partners like American Express Membership Rewards before you purchased or transferred points.

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  • atxtravel

    I’ve been avoiding JetBlue once I discovered their terrible mileage expiration rules. Now I have one more great reason to keep flying Southwest, since Chase points can be transferred to them.

    JetBlue just doesn’t get it. I wrote them an email saying they lost my business because of their expiration rules, and judging from the forums I was not alone in doing that. All they did was send me a canned response.

  • Dickster

    My wife and I have the Jetblue card. Because I am paying an annual fee, I will cancel right before the year is up.

  • Mhammermgh

    Jet blue has no clue who their 3rd party vendor is. The sales rep had no way of contacting the company to help fix a transaction error. How can a large company like Jet blue be so clueless??

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