Video Blog Post: What Credit Cards Are in My Wallet (And Reader Contest!)

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Recently I blogged about how I’ve gotten 553,500 points and miles from only 7 credit card applications. However, I don’t use most of those cards on a daily basis – I usually keep them until their fees are due and then I usually apply for a new card and shift their credit lines to that or ask for bonuses to keep me as a cardholder (for more info about when to cancel a credit card, check out this post).

Which cards do you use the most? Share in the comments section and I’ll be drawing 5 random winners who will win 5,000 Chase or Amex points each – your choice! Comment by 11:59pm Eastern time on Monday November 7, 2011. The winners will be announced in the comments section and when you register your comment you need to use your email address so I can contact you directly regarding fulfillment. Do not type your email address in the comment text.

For those who can’t view the video:

When it comes to daily usage, I use two cards:

1) Chase Sapphire Preferred is my #1 card. I get two points per dollar on all dining and travel (which includes Airlines, Auto/truck/RV rental, Limos and taxis, Lodging, Travel agencies, Railways, Tolls and bridges, Parking (lots, meters, garages), Bus and Time shares). I also do most of my online shopping through the Ultimate Rewards shopping portal since they have lucrative offers, like an upcoming special of 20 points per dollar spent on Groupon on November 14, 2011. The card does not have foreign transaction fees and being a Visa Signature (or World Mastercard) it’s accepted a ton of places. See my full review of the card here.

2) American Express Premier Rewards Gold is a close second. I use this for all airfare because I get 3 points per dollar, as well as gas and groceries, which earn 2 points per dollar spent. You also get a 15,000 point bonus when you spend $30,000 within a calendar year. Full card review here.

3) I carry the Amex Platinum because I get a ton of benefits as a cardholder, such as lounge access to Delta, American and US Airways lounges (plus free Priority Pass), a $200 a year rebate of airline fees/purchases and a bunch more. The $450 annual fee has paid for itself many times over this year alone.

Runners Up:

1) I often get asked why I don’t use the Capital One Venture card, which offers two points per dollar on every single purchase. The fact of the matter is, that card is amazing if you want to redeem for domestic and coach travel since each point has a maximum value of 1 cent towards the purchase of airfare. For me, I like redeeming for first/business class international trips, so I like the flexibility of being able to transfer points into frequent flyer programs and book low-level awards. Capital One points are not transferable, so I generally don’t value them as much. For example, to book a $5,000 business class award to Europe, you’d need 500,000 Capital One points, vs. as low as 50,000 Amex points to book an Air France promo award. Plus, the current sign-up bonus for the Venture card is only 10,000 points, so considering they had it up to 100,000 earlier this year and 25,000 until recently, I’d recommend waiting until they increase it.

2) Another industry favorite is the Starwood American Express, which is indeed a fantastic card since Starpoints can be used to redeem for Starwood hotels, but they can also be transferred to 30+ airlines – most at 25% bonuses. I may start rotating this card for some of my domestic non-category spend, but I currently have a lot of Starpoints so I’m focusing on building up my Amex/Chase accounts to take advantage of future transfer bonuses/promotions. One of the biggest downsides is that Starpoints can take weeks to transfer to airline frequent flyer programs, which pales in comparison to the instant transfers of Chase/Amex points to most of their partners.

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  • Andrew

    I’ve stuck with Starwood on a daily basis, because I value their Cash + Points program so highly. I’ve taken a few big trips in Europe and Asia recently, and Cash + Points has allowed me to stay in hotels that are normally way out of my price range. If Amex made the transfer rate between Membership Rewards Points and Starwood better, then I’d probably make a switch.

  • Anonymous

    Yea I love Cash & Points. I guess if I had less hotel points, I’d consider using the SPG card as part of my workhorse cards.

  • Fjr44

    I use the sapphire preferred in conjunction with my chase freedom card depending on my purchases so I can best use the 2x points for sapphire and 5x points on freedom. I also take advantage of the bonus points that are linked to my chase checking account with my freedom card. I use my premier gold amex card for airfare, gas and groceries to take advantage of their 3x and 2x points. I also use my venture card since I signed up for the 100k match miles program a few months ago on any large purchases that are out of the points realm for my freedom and sapphire card so I can receive 2x points(180,000 and counting). So I usually carry 4 cards(as well as my amex corporate) and use them accordingly.

  • Sergey Cherman

    I’m currently using the Chase Freedom most followed by the Chase BA Card. In general I’ll be signing up for the Chase Sapphire Preferred soon and hope to transfer my points from Freedom to Ultimate Rewards and then throw them towards travel when I need it.

    I’ll be trying to follow your advice and use the Freedom in conjunction with the Sapphire card to maximize my points.

    Thanks for the info as always!

  • Dave Op

    Like many people here and like TPG, I use the Chase Sapphire Preferred and the Amex Gold Premier as my primary cards. I do have a bunch of others, which I used every now and then.

  • MJLouise

    I’m getting my spend up on Citi AA biz card, to meet the 4K spend for 75K points.
    I still use the Sapphire Preferred for double eating out spend, and the AmEx PRG for double point gas and groceries. I’m thinking of applying for the Chase Ink Classic biz card to get double point gas on it.

  • Anonymous

    I actually use the same cards:
    1) Chase Sapphire preferred for all my day to day purchases EXCEPT for gas and groceries
    2) AMEX Gold Premier Rewards card for my gas, groceries, and travel
    3) Amex Plat card for those special cases when I need something that the card supplies over other cards

    I have (but rarely use) the Continental Chase card, Delta Plat Amex, and a Capital One. The only reason the Continental card is always on me is for the times I go to Sam’s Club – they only accept Mastercard and those other cards are not. I keep that card, in spite of the annual fee, so I can take advantage of the redemption offers and free luggage that are only available to card holders.

  • Chirag Gupta

    I am currently using the Chase Preferred (awesome card) and I’ve paired it up with Chase freedom to maximize my UR points (Thanks TPG).
    I am planning to get an AMEX card (most prob AMEX Premier Gold for 3x points on airfare) , but just holding back to see if they will have larger signup bonus offer!

  • Don Davidson

    My top 3 cards now are:
    - Chase Sapphire Preferred
    - Amex Platinum
    - Starwood Amex

  • SaraA

    I rotate between my Chase Freedom, Chase Sapphire and Amex Gold Premier card depending on what I’m purchasing! I’m a big fan of Ultimate Rewards points! Chase has really stepped up it’s game!

  • Austin

    I use my Amex platinum, SPG amex and my JP Morgan select card with ultimate rewards. It’s great because it has the chip in it so it works more readily in Europe.

  • Jason

    I use mostly the Chase Freedom and Chase Sapphire. Along with the Hilton Amex

  • Heidi

    I use the Amex premier gold card as my number one card. I get 3x airfare, 2x gas and groceries and 1x everything else plus they always have 3x online with certain retailers through the insite tool plus they are offering up to 6x points with certain retailers for xmass shopping this month! I also use my Starwood Amex for Starwood stays :)

  • Dalem

    I’ve got a pile of cards. After meeting min spend on any one, my top two go to cards are:
    1) AMEX SPG
    2) Chase Sapphire

  • Rob Hensley

    I carry the Chase Sapphire, Hilton Surpass Amex and the Amex Platinum.

  • Michael

    I use Chase Freedom,American Express Hilton and Amex Gold Premier depending on cash back %/

  • Iris97

    Amex Gold for gas and grocery
    Chase Ink Classic for office supplies, also to pay for internet, landline and cell phone (5x points!)
    Marriott premier when staying at a Marriott hotel
    Chase Sapphire for dining, travel related and everything else.

  • Anonymous

    My top 3 cards are:
    Chase CO MC
    SPG AmEx (both personal & biz)
    AmEx Biz Plat

  • Joseph May

    1) AMEX gold (original) for business – also have used it to buy with points 55″ Samsung LED TV, Dyson VAC, IPODs, etc… (only through Amex retailers on 40% discount specials…)
    2) Amex Delta Plat. – personal travel.
    3) Chase Freedom (Was a Chase MGM card)
    4) Citi AA business card. distant 4th.

    And I still use a chase Debit card often (earns nothing)

  • Eddy

    Chase Sapphire Preferred has become the go to card for all spending, though we do have other cards that are in the wallet but don’t get used very often (e.g. United Mileage Plus Visa, Citi AAdvantage MasterCard, Costco Am Ex).

  • Robyn

    I’m just getting into earning points with a purpose (instead of just getting the obvious/easy points on the cards I’ve had ) so I am now working on my first offer on the AA Citi Visa. I have much, much to learn and posts like these are very helpful. Thanks!

  • Chris

    I love my Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, especially because it doesn’t have a foreign transaction fee and the excellent customer service (it does still exist) I’ve gotten when I’ve called.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve just started this whole process, but signed up for plat and sapphire preferred. I signed up for plat using the 50k link you can find on google, but they said on the phone it was only a 25k bonus offer, and now it says i have 75k MR pending in my account, so we shall see. I just got the sapphire preferred, but am already looking at trying to flip gift cards to get a lot of points and meet the minimum spend. As far as spending, I’m a little torn, because i think if i do my yearly spend on platinum long enough i have an outside shot at getting a centurion offer in a few years, which i’d really value for the airline statuses, but the UR points seem like a better deal to me at this point. I just started renting my old apartment out, so I’m on the lookout for business cards with lucrative offers. In fact, my dad just got a targeted 100k offer to upgrade his Business Gold to Business Platinum. Anyway, as of now:

    1. Sapphire (visa)
    2. Platinum (amex)
    3. Old US Air Premier World (master card)

  • Rachel

    I just got the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card and love it. I also have enjoyed several years with my Starwood AmEx. Rounding it out with a US Airways Master Card and a Discover cash back card.

  • rambi b

    Like you, the 3 cards in my wallet are Chase Sapphire Preferred, Amex PRG and Amex Plat. These 3 combined take care of all my travel and purchasing needs!

  • DRSP

    I use the Chase Freedom in bonus categories and for small purchases (since I get 10 points per transaction being a checking customer). I use the Sapphire preferred for travel and dining. Finally, I use the American Express blue cash preferred for groceries, as 6 percent back is great, even if it is not in the form of points.

  • Angel Miras

    My personal favorite is the Amex Premier Rewards Gold but I’m slowly switching to the Chase Shappire (love the transfer partners, no fees and more!). I also carry the Amex Platinum (lounge access, FHR plus the other perks) and the Chase BA card (with the upcoming devaluation I might cancel it).

  • Dhammer53

    SPG AMEX. I’m sentimental, and love spg points.
    My current go to card this week is the Chase CO card.

  • Andrew

    Chase Sapphire Preferred and Amex SPG, depending on the category

  • Angelinaaucello

    Great post Brian! So happy I met you in chicago. Ive been learning so much by following your blog. At the moment I’ve been using my british airways chase and aa citibank. When would be a good time to open a chase sapphire? I’ve been waiting for the right offer.

    Angelina Aucello

  • Erik

    I use the Chase Continental MC and Amex Premier Rewards Gold. Can’t wait to try for the Chase Sapphire Card once I hit my Gold spending requirement!

  • Anonymous

    Learning from you, I now have AMEX Platinum, AMEX Business Gold, AMEX SPG Business, Chase Sapphire, Miles & More Mastercard (I’m a long-time Lufthansa frequent traveller having just moved back to the US, but looking for a way to quickly qualify for status on United/Continental. Tried calling them for status matching, but no luck >> ANY SUGGESTIONS?), HHonors Citi Visa (got this over a year ago for bonus points, may keep it to retain silver status on HHonors and use for balance transfers at 0%). My spouse and I have created a little “go to” cheat cheat for all of our daily spending. Have you developed such a table?

  • Anonymous

    1. Chase Sapphire (just got it a month ago)
    2. AA Visa
    3. United Visa
    4. BA Visa — but will be cancelled this month as the annual fee just posted.

    also recently cancelled my SPG Amex… just didn’t use it enough to justify the annual fee.

  • Jonyanks1

    Cool contest – here’s where I put my spending.

    All meals –> Citi MTVu and Citi Forward cards, which earn 5x points on meals. I have both as they have zero annual fees but a max earning of 75K points per year per card, and I can / do earn more than that annually

    All SPG hotels –> SPG Amex for the 2x points there. I spend ~50k annually on that card, so it’s a nice extra 100K SPG points a year

    Flights and many business expenses –> Amex corporate card, as unfortunately I have to by corporate travel policy and get 1 lousy point per dollar.

    I also have the two Citi AA cards which I got, hit threshold spends, and then buried in a desk drawer until the annual fees come due…

  • Akpars

    I carry the Chase Freedom, and the Amex SPG.

  • JA

    Amex Business Gold for airfare (3x)
    Chase Sapphire Preferred for travel other than airfare & dining & foreign spend
    Amex Starwood Preferred Guest for everything else

  • Peter Amling

    Cards in my wallet/pocket:
    1. Chase Sapphire Preferred
    2. Amex Business PRG
    3. Citi AA cards for minimum spend
    4. Other cards to meet minimum spend

  • Max

    1) Citi Forward – 5x restaurants, book stores – I find this is the most underutilized card among consumers
    2) SPG Amex – everyday use, hotels
    3) Premier Gold Amex – airfare
    4) Platinum Amex – random benefits

    Don’t have Chase Sapphire

  • Paris

    I also use my Chase Sapphire card as the primary one, with AMEX Premier Rewards card as secondary. I now have about three weeks left to meet minimum spend on the Sapphire card, and am using it with the US Airways Grand Slam purchases. On my two Citi cards, I met minimum spend on the Visa Signature and got 75k AAdvantage miles, but have about dedided there’s no way to get to 4k spend on the AMEX card, so will have to pass on this one, most likely.

  • Benthelefty

    1. Chase Sapphire
    2. Citi Forward
    3. Whatever spend limit I have to reach!

  • Matt

    I most frequently use the Chase Sapphire Preferred card, mostly because I’m trying to rack up Hyatt points for the Park Hyatt Paris Vendome. Runner-up is my Amex Platinum, most useful for lounge access and car rentals.

  • Danny

    I suspect we are not far off in our credit card usage. I primarily use my Citi Forward for dining, Chase Sapphire for places where AmEx isn’t accepted and SPG everywhere else.

  • Rebecca Dufault

    1. US Airways Visa, which I’ve had since 1987 (my freshman year in college)
    2. Chase Sapphire Preferred (which is becoming closer to my top pick)
    3. Whatever card I need to reach a spend limit on!

  • Rebecca Dufault

    1. US Airways Visa, which I’ve had since 1987 (my freshman year in college)
    2. Chase Sapphire Preferred (which is becoming closer to my top pick)
    3. Whatever card I need to reach a spend limit on!

  • Felipe

    I primarily use my Starwood American Express. However, since moving to a small town in Illinois from Los Angeles I realized that many of the small business merchants don’t accept Amex. So lately I’ve been using the Citibank AA Visa to meet the spend requirement for the 75,000 bonus.

  • Felipe

    I primarily use my Starwood American Express. However, since moving to a small town in Illinois from Los Angeles I realized that many of the small business merchants don’t accept Amex. So lately I’ve been using the Citibank AA Visa to meet the spend requirement for the 75,000 bonus.

  • thatchris

    1. Chase Sapphire – Restaurants, parking, everyday purchases
    2. Amex HHonors – Convenience stores, groceries
    3. Amex Costco – Gas, Costco
    4. Amex Premier Rewards Gold – Airfare

  • thatchris

    1. Chase Sapphire – Restaurants, parking, everyday purchases
    2. Amex HHonors – Convenience stores, groceries
    3. Amex Costco – Gas, Costco
    4. Amex Premier Rewards Gold – Airfare

  • Promark333

    Your posts recently all focus on the same topic- credit cards. Can you please focus on more on actual non-credit card bonuses? This information is getting very repetitive for frequent readers.

  • Promark333

    Your posts recently all focus on the same topic- credit cards. Can you please focus on more on actual non-credit card bonuses? This information is getting very repetitive for frequent readers.

  • Glen

    In my wallet everyday:
    1. Cap 1 Venture card (getting me to Iceland next week for $0); thanks US Mint!
    2. AMEX PR Gold
    3. Chase Sapphire Preferred

    When I’m traveling, though, I usually take the Chase Sapphire and AMEX Platinum along.

  • Glen

    In my wallet everyday:
    1. Cap 1 Venture card (getting me to Iceland next week for $0); thanks US Mint!
    2. AMEX PR Gold
    3. Chase Sapphire Preferred

    When I’m traveling, though, I usually take the Chase Sapphire and AMEX Platinum along.

  • Anonymous

    1. Frontier Airlines Mastercard. I’m from a rural area and they’re the only company that’s even remotely close. Any other airline is a few hours away (as opposed to 45 minutes for frontier). Plus they fly everywhere I fly regularly.

  • Wesley Ross

    I live and die by my Amex PR Gold card. For overseas travel I keep my Capital One card handy as there are no foreign transaction fees. Domestically, I have a Discover Cash Back Bonus card which has a wonderfully low APR when I carry a balance.

  • Anonymous

    1. Chase Sapphire Preferred – Restaurants, Taxis, Buying Through Chase Ultimate Rewards
    2. Chase Freedom – Transfer 5% spend bonus to Chase Sapphire for Travel
    3. Visa – Purchases from Amazon
    4. Starwood Amex – Lodging at Starwood Hotels (Gold Member 5pts/$)
    5. Citi AAdvantage – Just used to pay my rent for the 150,000 and will soon be cancelling them

  • 4johnmoore

    Chase Sapphire Preferred followed by AMEX Cash Everyday

  • Cory

    I use the Chase Sapphire Preferred as my primary card. I had the delta gold amex, but recently I upgraded to the Platinum for the extra MQM that I thought I might need. I also have the Chase BA Visa and my oldest card, a Citi card that earns thank you points. I have had that one for quite a while.

  • Rajnish Sinha

    I use Amex Premier reward Airfare , gas and groceries and Amex SPG for everything else.

  • zasm

    1. AmEx PRG for airfare and groceries.
    2. Whichever card I am currently making minimum spend on (now, none).
    3. SPG AmEx for all other spend.

  • Shruti Seshadri

    I use Amex Premier Reward card for everything.

  • Samir

    I have 2 AAdvantage cards to get the 75K / card and the AMEX PR Gold card. I’m in the same boat as you with the AAdvantage card (don’t have any use for it besides the sign on points). looks like you recommend the chase sapphire preferred card? is there a current deal going on with that card now?

  • Anonymous

    1) Chase Sapphire Preferred
    2) Chase Freedom (for 5% bonuses and then transfer the points to Sapphire so I can transfer the points or use the travel)
    3) Whatever card I’m trying to meet a spending limit on

  • Avi

    AMEX PR Gold for all my business travel, AMEX Surpass for personal
    Others in my wallet:
    1. Charles Schwab Visa for 2% cashback
    2. Marriott visa

  • Steve

    Sapphire, Amex Gold and whatever cards I am working on my required spend for. Plus any with promos- such as I am currently getting 2x on my CO MC for retail/entertain/dining, which is great as see if I can hit the $25k hurdle.

  • Max

    You can use CifiForward for Amazon purchases to get 5x ThankYou points, which are then convertible to gift cards or travel credit.

  • Rob

    I keep the following cards, I earn double or more points on everything I normally pay for:

    1. AmEx PR Gold: 3x Air, 2x Gas and Groceries
    2. AmEx Zync: 2x Walmart, Ikea (Eco Pack $0), 2x Restaurants (Dine Pack $25), 2x Cable, Wireless, etc (Connect Pack $20) – They all convert to regular MR points because of the Gold card
    3. Capital One Venture: 2x “Miles” wherever AmEx isn’t taken. Used rarely, but pays for hotel stays via Rewards.

    I cover everything else, as well as online specials (3x, 5x, 10x) with the PR Gold to get the $30K annual spend’s $15K bonus.

  • OG

    Chase Presidential Plus- but am looking for a better card once the FEQMs are no longer flex!

  • Dan

    Right now:
    Citi AAdvantage – Amex
    my back up card is Chase Sapphire

  • Sfobuddy

    So I if purchase $200 in Delta gift certificates I will get that money back from Amex Plat? It appears that I will but I thought I would confirm.

  • Kevin

    This year I have also got 7 cards with 520,000 miles/points.

    1. The card I use the most is the United Mileage Plus Select Card. I haven’t ever seen it talked about on here before it stopped being offered because of the Explorer card. The Select card gets 3 points on United/Continental travel, 2 POINTS PER DOLLAR on GAS, DINING, GROCERY, and HOME IMPROVEMENT, and then 1 point on everything else. It also comes with 5000 bonus points on anniversary. This is a fantastic card for those purchases if you fly United/Continental or simply using the points on Star Alliance rewards.

    2. My second card is the Continental Presidential Plus Card. $395 annual fee so its a little lower than the AMEX platinum and a good alternative if you don’t get approved for the Platinum. Comes with United and US Airways lounge access and star alliance lounges internationally. 2 checked bags free, priority check it, security line, boarding and baggage handling. EQM. Hyatt platinum, and 2 car upgrade on AVIS rentals. it also has no foreign transaction fees and upgrades on reward flights if you already have elite status. 1 point per dollar.

    3. Virgin Atlantic Black card. 1.5 points per dollar. 7500 bonus miles after $15,000 spent annually, an extra 7500 miles after $25000 spent. Can earn elite tiers.

    4. Priority Club. No foreign transaction fees. 2 points per dollar on gas/groceries/dining.

    5. Marriott Premier Rewards. no foreign transaction fees. 2 points per dollar on dining/travel

    6. British Airways. no foreign transaction fees. 1.25 point per dollar.

    7. US Airways. two 99$ companion tickets. first class check in. zone 2 boarding. GRAND SLAM HIT. combine with US Airways debit card for Bank Of America account holders for an extra Grand Slam hit.

    8. had the Continental OnePass Plus, canceled and upgraded to the Presidential plus after the huge sign up bonus on the OnePass plus.

  • Lana

    I use the Amex SPG card on a daily basis for most purchases. They had an awesome 30k sign up bonus and I get points for every dollar spent. Then, SPG gives a 5000 bonus for transferring 20k points into an airline.

    I also use my Amex gold for all travel purchases and big item purchases for the Amex 90 purchase guarantee.

    Those are my two favorite cards.

  • Pete

    I use the Chase Sapphire Preferred for most of my daily purchases and keep the Amex Plat to use through the shopping portal and for its other benefits.

  • Eric

    I use the Chase Sapphire and Starwood AMEX as my daily cards and the United Mileage Plus as my joint card

  • Bill

    I’m with you right now. Chase Sapphire Preferred for dining and travel and AMEX PRG for gas and groceries. Was just approved for the Citi Thank You Premier so will be meeting minimum spend on that as well.

  • Vinofreak

    Priority to what spending threshold I’m working on followed by Chase Sapphire Preferred, AMEX Gold, and Delta Amex Platnium for MQRs

  • Steelsnow

    Sapphire Pref and Costco Amex are my current ‘regulars’…


    I use Starwood #1, Chase Saphire#2, simply love the hotels and payback spent 10 days in Thailand in fabulous places for free so I’ve just had great experiences with SPG.

  • Espan

    Chase Sapphire Preferred for most purchases and overseas spends
    Citi AAadvantage for AA tix and use on their shopping portal
    Chase Marriott Preferred for all Marriott spend and some foreign spend

    have an old BofA card I’ve had for 30+ years and never use, but keep on the docket to for it’s historic value to credit score

    looking to add to the stable w/ some AMEX product and any fabulous bonus offer in the semi-near term future

  • Pearl

    Just applied for the Sapphire card. Have just finished achieving minimum spends for the AA Visa and Amex. Also have the Hilton Amex – no annual fees

  • Hao_n_tran

    Chase Sapphire. Unfortunately, I don’t travel enough (air or by road) to use the AMEX card

  • Rob

    Lately I’ve been using my Chase card more than anything else, partly because restaurants (2x) and amazon (3x) are two of my largest spending categories, and party because of a promotion this winter for an extra 3,000 points for $1,500 spend. You can use 25k points for a US round trip of up to $400 (and you still earn the frequent flier miles on the trip), which works out to a pretty good value for me.

  • Andy G

    The two cards I use the most right now are the Chase Sapphire Preferred and the SPG Amex. I like the double points you can earn with the CSP on food and travel as well how easy it is to transfer those points over to airline miles. I use SPG for all my reoccuring subscriptions (Netflix, Cable etc) because I plan on keeping that card for the foreseeable future and I don’t have to keep switching my subscription payment methods.

  • Gpapadop

    Of course meeting min spend on new cards is a priority.

    Hilton AMEX: gas, groceries, drugstores, cell phone & cable bills (6 pts per dollar)
    Sony Card: movies (3 pts per dollar) – son wants sony stuff. Please forgive me:-)

    Chase Sapphire (for dining & travel expenses for 2 pts per dollar)

    The rest goes on to the Capital One Venture cards to keep building up pts for cruise trip (2 pts per dollar for ALL purchases).

    I currently have the Southwest card & put some spend on it each month to keep on Chasebank’s good graces. (1 pt per dollar)

    I also put some minor spend on AMEX Platinum card. I have purchased the 3 additional cards & gave to top 3 clients (expensed the $175 charge) who sometimes email me from a lounge thanking me for this extra benefit, hey it’s all about service:-)

    Just applied for wifey for the USAir 40k card, got the Platinum version..oh oh, we shall see. I intend to apply for this card for me soon.

    Holding off on Chase cc apps for early 2012 to wait for the (coming??) mega United cc offer.

    Also biding my time with the AA Citi cards…

    Looking for another 100k offer in 2012 per Randy Petersen’s talk in Chicago.

    Never did Hawaian, Alaska and other small ones. Scared to go back to Barclays for US Air cc as experience was awful years ago. And why is Bank of America so freaking stingy in this market??????

    Yes, no spg amex here. Got 4 total last yr for mega bonuses, burned most already and still have some leftover. Never really felt the love staying in spg hotels as Gold compared to Hilton Gold which has added some fantastic travel memories for my family over the years. But with new devalu in the horizon…I don’t know.

    Nice to see you again in Chicago!

  • Slimerstuff

    1. chase sapphire preferred
    2. chase freedom
    3. united visa

  • Zach

    1) Amex Platinum for Lounge Access and MR
    2) Citi AAdvantage Visa –> Business Card Next
    3) Waiting of Chase Sapphire Preferred to arrive
    4) Debating SPG Amex or another Hotel brand but not sure.

  • Anonymous

    Amex Gold for 2x on gas and grocery.
    Capital One for 2x on everything else and where Amex is not accepted.

  • Jimgotkp

    Like you TPG, my #1 card is the Chase Sapphire Preferred. Big fan of the UR program ever since they brought UA aboard with CO’s departure.

  • NS

    At the moment my Citi AA Visa, but only because I am trying to his my $1500 spend for my 75K bonus. Otherwise my Capital One Venture Card is number one.

  • Karo

    Citi American Mastercard for everyday purchases, Platinum AmEx for some big-ticket items and travel.

  • Redriver16

    RRight now, I use my Chase Sapphire Prefered for all of my purchases. I can’t wait to add the Freedom card for the quarterly bonuses.

  • Anonymous

    1. Amex Green
    2. Amex Premier
    3. Delta Gold Amex
    4. Hilton Plat Amex
    5. Marriott Visa
    6. Citi Visa
    7. Continental Visa

    Have done 335k in ccredit card churn past 10 months

  • meow

    (1) Chase Freedom – 5x on certain categories
    (2) Chase Sapphire
    (3) Amex Gold

  • D

    At the moment my Citi AA MC, because I’m getting 1.5 miles per $. Love my SPG Amex, and I have had it now for almost 12 years.

  • Greg

    I mostly used CIBC Aerogold Visa for Aeroplan miles and RBC Platinium Avion for AA points with AMEX Business Gold for business purchases. Going to apply for the AMEX Gold Rewards Card soon for the grocery and travel purchases bonus (along with the sign-up bonus of course). Unfortunately, since I live in Canada, we don’t have most any of the large bonuses that you all get South of the border.

  • Mike

    I use Chase Sapphire Preferred for pretty much everything except the categories that the Freedom is utilizing, so I can transfer the points from card to card. As a backup I use the Amex Zync, but rarely. I used to be an Amex Gold user non-stop but switched to Chase for the bonuses.

  • Farscapeone

    1) Chase Sapphire Preferred for Travel and Dining
    2) Amex Platinum for Lounge Access and MR and $200 airline credit
    3) Amex Costco for Costco and Gas Purchases
    4) Amex Starwoods for Cash & Points Promotions
    5) Amex Hilton Surpass for Utilities
    6) Approved for and awaiting Amex Business Gold Rewards Card for 50K MR

  • CupcakeCity

    I use my AMEX platinum the most. I have the PRG card, and use that for groceries and gas only. Using the platinum card gives me peace of mind for my purchases — if something happens, I know I’m covered!

    Since applying, I’ve left a designer purse in a taxi and gotten my entire purchase of said bag refunded with the Purchase Protection Plan. I’ve also had BOSE headphones (purchased with the platinum card on eBay) break and gotten my purchase refunded with the extended warranty plan. Those two things alone were the cost of the card’s annual fee! I will keep using the platinum card and feel safe no matter what comes my way :)

  • Ray

    1) Chase Freedom for 5% rolling bonus
    2) Sapphire for Travel & Dining
    3) Starwood for everything else
    4) PRG Amex in my safe until closer to annual fee then I’ll cancel it

  • akace

    do they allow transfer from freedom to SP? I was told yes by the freedom ppl and no by the SP ppl (because SP pts translate to 1.25 so they are not equal was the reason i was given). also, would the the transfer be counted in the annual 7% bonus for SP pts?

  • Aurelien Windenberger

    I use the Sapphire Preferred for all my dining and travel, and at the moment the Citi Forward card for a lot of my other spend because they have bonuses on entertainment and other categories.

  • Andrew B

    2% Fidelity Amex is my fallback. Right now I am using my SPG Amex to top off for some awards.

  • Logan

    I use Chase Sapphire Preferred for all overseas spending, travel, and hotels. My Freedom comes into play when I’m working on their categories and then I use my SPG AMEX for any non-category spends.

  • Stevec

    for me i am always working towars the intial spend to get bonuses , so it is any card that i need the bonus

  • John3

    Currently, SPG is my primary card when not meeting a spend. However, I applied for the Sapphire Preferred card, so that will be my new go to.

  • Brian

    Looks like many use the Freedom and Sapphire combo. I’m in the same boat. I use the Sapphire for all purchases and the Freedom for 5X quarterlies. I have an Amazon card also, but that gets no use outside of

  • Arthur

    Sadly, I have been declined the Chase Sapphire Preferred card which probably would have been #1
    1) I use the Platinum Amex for any travel (except airfare) and anything I might need the buyer protections like price match, extended warranty etc.
    2) I use the Gold PRG Amex for airfare of 3x points and gas and groceries at 2x

  • Andrew

    I’ve been using Starwood for most expenses, but have been meaning to switch to the Chase Sapphire Card for months now. Postponed mainly due to other card applications with spending requirements and needing to wait a couple months between Chase applications (Application most likely in the next few days most likely for both my wife and I). Will use your link most likely if i remember :)

  • Grounded

    Front of the wallet: Chase Freedom and Discover … for the quarterly 5% bonuses.

    Back of the wallet: Chase Sapphire and Fidelity Investment Rewards Amex … Sapphire awards are 2% in certain categories, the Fidelity card gives 2% cash back on all purchases.

    This site seems to be a fan of points/miles only, but for those of us who prefer cash back the Fidelity Investment Rewards is the only credit card I have found that gives 2% cash with no annual fee and very few strings attached.

  • Rcworl

    Amex Platinum – My company pays the fee for this card because of the insurance and club access (perks)
    Delta Reserve – My personal airmiles card, i like it for the MQM’s for spend, keeps elite status
    Chase Marriott – most of the places I travel for work have Marriott branded properties close by
    Amex Premier Gold for Business – Just recently got this card for a small side business

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t done it yet (returned something on my card, waiting for points to adjust after the next statement) but they should, there is an option in the UR area that lets you combine points. When I put in the two cards it shows it as available to combine. As for the 7% I don’t know. I would assume not since it’s probably 7% of all the points accrued from your card, not in your account, but you never know.

  • Sara

    Amex Blue Cash everyday for 3% on groceries, Chase Sapphire Preferred for most everything else.

  • Evan

    I mainly use my Chase Sapphire Preferred card in tandom with my Chase Freedom card. I am new to both cards thanks to TPG and so far loving them both.

  • Sean Kalim

    Everyday purchases: SPG Amex, Amex PRG
    Using a lot lately for spending requirements: Hilton HHonors, Citi AA Personal Visa
    In wallet for no apparent reason: Chase Priority Visa, Chase Hyatt Visa

  • Cathy

    American Express Premier Rewards for 3x airfare and 2x gas and groceries.

    Marriott Rewards Premiere Visa for 5x Marriott stays (and 2x dining until Chase Sapphire came along) I’m a Marriott Platinum Elite and stay in Marriotts almost exclusively for business travel

    Chase Sapphire for 2x travel (including LIRR, dining, car rentals) I’ll get 50K points when I reach my minimum spend

    SPG Amex for 1x everything else (I’ll get the 30K bonus after I finish my minimum spend) I’m intrigued by the Cash and Points and hope to redeem some during our family’s trip to Australia next summer in places where there are no Marriotts

    Citi AdvantageVisa Signature which I don’t use anymore but for whom I still have a soft spot because my husband and I got 225K American miles to sign up which helped get us 4 first/business class seats on Qantas from JFK-SYD

  • JoK

    I just started this “collection” process. Like you, I use Chase Sapphire for the majority of my daily purchase. I shall be applying SW to bank some points for domestic travel

  • Susan

    I use a variety of cards for specific purposes:
    1. AMEX Premier Gold for the majority of travel expenses and large purchases
    2. Starwood AMEX for daily expenses (have weaned myself off debit cards)
    3. I use my Chase Priority Club Visa for all IHG stays (5 points per dollar and a free night a year)
    4. And finally, I use my BOA US Airways as often as I can to keep that airline balance bumped up and active – and it’s easy to pay. :)

  • Alex

    AMEX Blue Cash Preferred – Groceries
    Chase Freedom – 5% rolling categories
    Chase Sapphire Preferred – Everything else

    Would like to work in SPG for purchases at Costco and maybe some daily spend.

  • Katie S

    I use the Amex PRG first, then Amex SPG, and currently have the American Advantage Visa as my back up while the miles count towards lifetime status.

  • janp

    Chase Sapphire for travel related expenses and at places that do not take American Express ; Starwood for everything else.

  • Makame

    Chase Sapphire for all of my foreign spend, food, travel
    Delta Platinum Amex for airline tickets- free companion ticket (both wife and I are medallions so that usually means first class too), MQMs and cheap lounge access when needed

  • Scott Bernard

    Chase Sapphire for travel/dining/Ultimate Rewards bonuses and 1:1 w/ Hyatt points; Amex Platinum for rental cars, purchases requiring insurance in case it breaks, MR shopping mall, and the travel benefits; SPG Amex for everything else.

  • Laura

    costco for gas (4X cash back)
    PRG for travel (3X)
    SPG (new card to build up hotel points)

  • Mark K

    1. Delta Platinum AMEX for skymiles, and bonuses on purchasing flights.
    2. AMEX Platinum for Membership reward points. And best for international travel.
    3. Just got Hilton AMEX for bonus point offer.

  • Daniel Carr

    Travelocity AmEx legacy (2x points on everything) – For everything

    Took advantage of a bunch of deals but don’t use those cards after meeting the spend requirement

  • BostonBen

    For the past few months, I’ve put most of my spending on my fashionable new Chase Sapphire Preferred. For a few years prior to that, I put almost all spending an my Delta AMEX Platinum. The bonus MQMs from spending have helped me gain and maintain various levels of Delta medallion status a number of times.

  • Anonymous

    Chase Sapphire and AMEX PRG, depending on category. I don’t yet have a SPG, but will probably get one next summer if they run the a higher bonus again.

  • Kevin F

    I use the following:
    AmEx PRG (just got the 75k bonus!)
    Discover (I’m averaging almost 7% cash back this year with it’s shopping portals and bonuses)
    AmEx SPG(mostly for hotels)

    Thanks for the blog and the offers!

  • Kevin F

    I use the following:
    AmEx PRG (just got the 75k bonus!)
    Discover (I’m averaging almost 7% cash back this year with it’s shopping portals and bonuses)
    AmEx SPG(mostly for hotels)

    Thanks for the blog and the offers!

  • Kevin F

    I use the following:
    AmEx PRG (just got the 75k bonus!)
    Discover (I’m averaging almost 7% cash back this year with it’s shopping portals and bonuses)
    AmEx SPG(mostly for hotels)

    Thanks for the blog and the offers!

  • Frugaltravellawyer

    1- Chase Sapphire Preferred for travel and dinning
    2-AA VISA retention bonus spend $500 each month for a 500 mile bonus
    3-US Airways MasterCard- Nov, Dec, & Jan 15,000 bonus miles for $1,250 spend each month (targeted)
    4-Starwood AMEX

  • Frugaltravellawyer

    1- Chase Sapphire Preferred for travel and dinning
    2-AA VISA retention bonus spend $500 each month for a 500 mile bonus
    3-US Airways MasterCard- Nov, Dec, & Jan 15,000 bonus miles for $1,250 spend each month (targeted)
    4-Starwood AMEX

  • Frugaltravellawyer

    1- Chase Sapphire Preferred for travel and dinning
    2-AA VISA retention bonus spend $500 each month for a 500 mile bonus
    3-US Airways MasterCard- Nov, Dec, & Jan 15,000 bonus miles for $1,250 spend each month (targeted)
    4-Starwood AMEX

  • Jen T

    It depends. Right now I’m trying to spend $2500 on my Chase Hyatt; they offered me 2500 additional points if I spend $2500 by 12/31/2011 (received in the mail) and I’m low on hotel points so. . .

  • Felicia

    Might need some advice on CC spending…

    1. I have Delta Reserve since just started traveling internationally for business & only booking M class seats. I like/need lounge access for connections & the $30k/$60k spend for more MQMs is intriguing… wondering if I’ll need them once I’m Diamond at some point next year.

    2. Marriott because I’m mostly in Marriott hotels, but now may switch to some Hitlon hotels as well… Still like the no forex fees.

    3. Chase freedom & SPG amex hanging around… never use after I got the first two cards.

    Is it worth it to move on to Chase Preferred or a different amex? I dine out, but big spend is flights on delta & hotels at least 50% marriott…

    #needcounseling :)

  • Kevin

    Like TPG, my #1 card is the Chase Sapphire Preferred.

    I just applied and was approved for the Amex Business Gold for the 75k MR points bonus so once that arrives in the mail (hopefully today) that will become my new #1 card so I can meet the $10k spend.

    Beyond that I always have my Amex Platinum in the wallet for all of the benefits it provides.

    Recently I have been putting an old Southwest Chase card to some use so I can finish up with earning the 7 points I have left to earn 1 more free flight under Southwest’s old FF program. Once I have done that it will be time to put it back in the drawer and either us as leverage when the next great Chase offer comes out or close it if it gets to be renew fee time.

  • Tim

    I use my CITI Mastercard right now to get as close to Million Miler status.

    I then have my Chase Freedom (waiting to get Sapphire Preferred) and AMEX Platinum.

  • Jedi Jood

    1) Chase Sapphire – Primary go to card, I need to top out my children’s accounts on Continental/United
    2) AMEX Starwoods – If its not travel/dining purchases I put it on this card. I just love the 5,000 bonus if I want to transfer to airline miles and the great redemptions on Starwood hotels. I always do a pre Christmas hotel in the city with the kids for only 12k at the Le Parc Merdien per night.
    3) Chase Southwest Preferred – Going for gold and almost there 110k for the Companian Pass. I just have it in my wallet when it use to be my go to card before Shappire bumped it. Now I use it whenever it is not travel/dining purchases and they do not accept AMEX

  • Wayne

    I use my Travelocity AMEX card the most as it is the grandfathered one and gets 4% on everything. Then I use the Capital One Venture card (2% on everything ) and the Chase preferred (2% ) for dining

  • Michael

    I use the Hilton AMEX to maintain Diamond status.

  • bluto

    1. Travelocity Amex – basically 4% cash back
    2. Continental Mastercard – 2x on spend over $500 for promo period
    3. SPG Business Amex
    4. Chase Sapphire

  • Peter Bennett

    Just got approved for Chase Sapphire Preferred, so most spending will go there. I stay loyal to Marriott whenever possible, so my MR Premier card gets the majority of my hotel stays. Before the Sapphire Preferred, I used a BOA US Airways debit card.

  • Ken

    SPG is my go-to card, with AMEX MR for gas and airfare, but I just got the Chase Sapphire so that may change.

  • Beefy

    I’m using my AA Citi AMEX the most right now. Trying to get as many miles in as possible while they still count for lifetime status.

  • Corinne L.

    Yes! I totally agree with the Chase Sapphire Preferred. It is my #1 card that I have in my wallet. Since getting in on the great 50,000 point bonus at the end of September I have already received my bonus points, and then some, for a total of almost 60,000 points. Do you hear that noise…oh wait…it’s just free travel calling my name! Great post Brian!

  • Tanu

    I generally use SPG Amex for most purchases, along with Chase Sapphire Preferred for travel and for purchases where Amex isn’t accepted. However, at the moment I’m concentrating more on the Citi AA Visa & Amex cards in order to hit the spend requirement on both for the 150K miles.

  • Texasex95

    Love! Love! Love! the United Mileage Plus Select Visa card. 2x miles on everyday spending, 3x miles on and purchases. Plus, a huge benefit is Elite Qualifying Miles on purchases made on Another great benefit is the option to pay for flights with miles earned on the credit card. This way, you can pay for a flight with miles and still earn EQMs on that flight. Awesome benefit! I’m actually flying to Rome for free in December this way and because of this trip I’ll re-qualify for 1K status on United.

    I use the AMEX SPG card as a second card. Mainly use it when I stay at a Starwood property to get all of the bonus miles.

  • John

    I also use Sapphire most with Amex Gold second…I value the Hyatt transfer

  • AbeK

    Chase Saphire – made primary card
    Chase onepass plus
    Chase freedom
    Starwood preferred guest
    Amex Business Gold
    Amex premier rewards Gold
    Amex Blue
    Citi Aadvantage
    Bank of America World card – Old card never really use it

  • edog

    Chase Sapphire like the annual 7% bonus

  • Charlotte

    In the past, I have had Starwood AE and whatever Visa/MC needed charges for points. However, I have shifted over to Chase Sapphire Preferred for my main card with AE Gold (for gas ans groceries) and AE Starwood for other things.

  • Andy

    1. Amex Premier Rewards Gold – the 3x points on all airfare makes it a must for all the frequent travelers.

    2. Amex Business Gold Rewards – just got approved for this a couple days ago for the 75k bonus, still trying to figure out how to hit the spending requirement. In any case it looks like I’ll be concentrating fire on this a lot for the upcoming months. 3x on flights too!

    3. Chase Freedom – one of my older cards. The 5% cashback for everything was great while it lasted. Still using it for the rotating categories today.

  • Gt5309a

    Chase sapphire is the primary. I use chase freedom based on their quarterly 5% bonus categories.

  • Anonymous

    1. Amex Platinum MR, 2. Chase Marriott Visa, 3. Consumers Credit Union Debit Card (12/month to get 4% interest).

  • Scott

    Right now I’m working on completing my spend on SPG Amex. After that I’ll probably use Sapphire Preferred for most dining/travel purchases. My Hilton Amex has some nice 6x categories so it’ll get some use and SPG will be in the mix too.

  • Matthew

    I use my Amex PRG card, carry the plat, and SPG. I’m heavily lacking in the non-amex department, because chase doesn’t think me worthy of their sapphire preferred, but soon and very soon….I will have that card!

  • Cindy

    Amex PRG the most, and Hilton Amex for gas/ cell phone/ Internet (6 points per dollar)

  • Elijah Nouvelage

    Right now I use my Premier Rewards Gold card and SPG cards the most. The PRG because of the category bonuses, and the SPG because I was meeting its minimum spend for the extra bonus points. (Although I’ll continue to use it anyway for non-category spending anyway).

  • Jetstream

    1) Amex Platinum 2) Amex Platinum AF/KLM FB (European) and 3) Amex Delta Gold. While maybe beyond the scope of this blog, there’s also the €/$ factor in earning miles and buying tickets. Sometimes that can mean 30-40% more miles earned (or less needed, or both..) to for the same ticket.

  • Neil DiBiase

    I also alternate between my Amex Plat and my Chase Sapphire – usually using my Chase card for all travel expenses and purchases made overseas (Visa being more widely accepted) and the Amex for all expensive purchases in the US.

  • Anonymous

    I use my Chase Sapphire Preferred for restaurants, travel, and shopping via the Ultimate Rewards Shopping portal and my SPG Amex for everything else!

  • austin

    I use my Chase Sapphire for dining and travel and places where amex is not accepted. I use my SPG Card for most everything else.

  • Tina

    Discover – 1% cash back with frequent 5% bonuses.
    Chase PCR VISA – 1 – 5 points per dollar spent, depending on purchase type.
    AmEx Platinum – I use it for purchases like my glasses because of the coverage, and airline purchases that will be automatically refunded. I carry it for lounge access.

  • Jonathan

    Chase sapphire and chase freedom based on their bonus categories.

  • Rob

    Just got the Chase Sapphire Preferred and am using that right now to meet the spending requirement and after that I will continue to use it over the Amex PRG for my main card, except in gas/groceries and flights spending.

  • Ryan

    AMEX Platinum All the way!

  • T.G.

    I’ve found myself using my Chase Sapphire Preferred card more and more lately. Lots of good benefits.

  • Anonymous

    I use my AMEX Premier Rewards Gold card for all airline purchases and most larger purchases. So far this year I have received over 150k AMEX points from various bonuses.
    I use the Chase Freedom card for just about everything else. As a Chase checking customer I get 10 points per purchase no matter the price. When transferred to Chase Ultimate rewards with the Chase Sapphire Preferred I essentially get 10 miles per purchase plus 1 point per dollar. So a $2 cup of coffee becomes 12 miles.

  • arjun

    1.) Chase Sapphire Preffered
    2.) Southwest Premiere

  • Nick M.

    I looove my Chase Sapphire Preferred card, I always get the “oohh wow, nice card, howd you get it?” I use that for everything. I pay my rent through WillamPaid, which is the only way I could ever reach the spending minimum for the bonuses. I only wish Costco would start taking Visa/MC, though I do have a Gold Delta and Hilton HHonors amex. Great video and excellent blog.

  • Chris B.

    Currently the SPG Personal and Biz (gotta love those minimum spends) but when they’re done it’s back to AMEX Plat :)

  • calbear77

    Chase Sapphire Preferred, and my favorite part about the card is that every store employee that handles it makes a comment about what a big shot I appear to be. :)

    If I can get something online tax free, I like to go the the Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall and look up point bonuses for various sites. Groupon at 13 pts/$ is my current favorite. On about $3500 spend so far (in order to earn my 50K bonus), I’ve racked up over 10K points. Have to buy a new refrigerator soon, too, and is 11 pts/$, so that’ll be another 5K pts.

    I missed the BA 100K bonus, and I’m hoping they do another one of those in 2012, even if BA is nerfing their program.

    Just signed up for the 75K Amex Business MRG card, so I’ll be using that one for the next several months to hit the 10K, so I’ll be using that for gas and groceries when it comes.

  • AwardTravelConsulting

    I used to stick to the Starwood card, but have since diversified enough that I use my Amex Premier Gold Rewards Card for travel and the rest goes on whatever card I need to get the spend up on to hit a threshold. Currently trying to hit $30k for the year on my BA card to get the 2 for 1 voucher, not to mention 1.25 miles/$ on everything but BA travel (which is 2.5 miles/$).

  • JT Gonzales

    I just picked up the Premier Marriott Visa, the 15 elite nights is an unbeatable benefit if you are like me where you travel enough to come close to a status bump but usually don’t do it. This year I’m at 34 nights so far the and the 15 extra nights will get me gold status. Plus you get 5xMarriott points for spending at the hotel. If I would have had the card all year I would have 150K Marriott points instead of 35K. If you stay at Marriott’s the card is a no-brainer in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    I first use both my DL Plat and my DL Reserve to get MQM/miles bonuses. Once I have met those thresholds (like this late in the year), I put those cards away, and I use my Chase Sapp Preferred because I have vendors that don’t take Am Ex. Then I also use the Am Ex PRG for personal spending, and the SPG Biz for Biz spending.

  • SecretWallaby

    I just got the sapphire preferred. Before that Chase freedom was my go to card because of the bonuses for having a checking account and 5%. I will use the preferred for the >1% purchases and transfer my freedom points. At some point I will also get the SPG and perhaps Venture when their sign up bonuses are better. What travel we currently do is mostly domestic (2 small children), so I think this combination makes a lot 0f sense.

  • Will

    I have been using my AAdvantage cards to finish my required spend now I will shift to Sapphire Preferred to finish that spend.

  • Mike

    1 Chase Sapphire
    2 Starwood Amex
    3 Costco Amex

  • JT Gonzales

    1. AMEX Biz Plat is my go to card.
    2. I use the Marriott Premier Visa for all my Marriott charges. The 5xpoints on hotel stays cannot be beat nor can the 15 nights that count towards your next status level. Those nights are going to take me from silver to gold.
    3. I have the Citi AA Premiere that I got solely for the 50K bonus miles and to get the status bump from American which is where i do most of my flying. I only fly about 15K miles a year so it’s never enough to get any sort of status, so I’m going to see how I like the card but have a feeling I will get rid of it next year.

  • Nguyen

    a) Chase Sapphire Preferred
    b) Starwood Amex
    c) PRG Amex

  • AJ

    I use my cap1 venture the most, and use my amex plat for travel bookings/FHR… no chase cards yet, but i’m probably gonna app for the CO PP card sometime in the near future

  • MV

    I most frequently use the Chase Sapphire preferred and AMEX American Express Premier Rewards Gold . Though I will be using my Citi thank you card this holiday for the 10% points on clothing, electronics, and toy stores.

  • Daniel

    I am fairly new to credit cards. My oldest account is a 10 month old Bank of America secured Visa. I have tried applying for the credit cards with big signup bonuses, but I get denied every time because of my lack of credit history, despite the fact that my payments have always been on time.

    So, the card I use the most is my BofA secured. I hope this qualifies :)

  • Derf

    I use my Visa the most. Accepted everywhere and I love the 3 points for Amazon and 2 for many other categories. The value of awards can place a point at as much as $0.016 to $0.02.

  • Anonymous

    My two favorite cards are the AMEX Premier Rewards Card and the SPG AMEX Card. Gas and Food I use the Premier Rewards card and everything else goes on SPG. Delta is the main airline of choice where I live so AMEX points are most valuable for my use and to transfer points to DELTA frequent flier account when needed. I am hoping to apply for the Chase Sapphire card soon since it clearly has some great benefits as well. The pointsguy offers very valuable information and read the new articles on the website every day.

  • Dragon2000

    I use my Amex PRG card for all my purchases. For merchants that doesn’t accept amex, I use my Chase Sapphire.

  • Raymond

    I use:
    Chase Freedom
    Continental MC
    Citi AA cards for the bonus, Amex and Visa…
    And soon both Southwests from Chase!

  • Mike

    1) Amex Plat
    2) Local Credit Union Visa debit/credit card–reimbursed ATM fees and 5% interest on my account balance

  • Niks

    1. Chase Sapphire
    2. Amex Platinum
    3. Any card where I have to do minimum spend.

  • gold

    if not meeting spend then chase pres for flex elite and amex for double on gas groceries

  • Tom Simunek

    I use my Starwood Amex everywhere the card is accepted. I’m thinking of checking out some of the other cards listed above though. I’m hoping a card comes out soon with ~100K bonus to use on my honeymoon next summer.

  • deltanycgold

    I used my Delta Platinum Amex for everything. When Amex is not accepted, I use my chase Freedom visa card.

  • Rebecca

    Using my spg for the min spend…but I’ll be switching to my chase saphire preferred after!

  • Jordan

    Amex Platinum – Same perks Brian mentioned in his vid.
    Platinum Delta Amex – Keep mainly as my DL upgrade tiebreaker. Also 10K MQM for $25K spend helps

  • Rocky Horan

    I use my Amex Premier Gold: Why? 75,000 MR bonus for spending $1500 in the first 3 months, My fees were waved for the 1st year, I buy airfare through Amex Travel and I get DOUBLE MR points on purchases that I’m already getting double MR points on! And Finally, AMEX has the BEST Customer Service and BEST extended warrenty programs! I dropped my cellphone in water and killed it 8 weeks after buying it, and wa-la, $250 statement credit instantly thanks to their insurance program that is standard on ALL purchases!

  • Kyle

    I use the Continental MC, simply to build my mileage base with them!

  • Shaun

    I use Chase Sapphire for dining, travel and foreign transactions.
    Amex Premier Gold for Gas and Groceries and Amex HHonors for Drug store purchase and cell phone/cable bill.
    Amex SPG for everything else!

  • Anonymous

    I almost exclusively use my Chase Sapphire Preferred card. I got it in June so I’ll most likely sign up for the Chase Freedom card in the next 1-2 months or so.

  • Bohemiana

    Unfortunately, I started reading this blog too late to take advantage of most of the big bonus sign-up programs. I carry the Starwood Preferred Guest Amex (have had this a long time and gotten tons of points), the Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa (thank you TPG) and CitiBusiness AAdvantage Visa (thank you TGP). Hubby has the Cap One Venture (thank you TPG).

    We put everything on the cards and pay in full every month. We’ve logged a bunch of miles and already gotten 2 free airline tickets since about July, and a couple of free nights at the Belagio in Las Vegas. We have enough for several more air tickets but are waiting to decide where/when to go.

  • Anonymous

    It definitely qualifies! You gotta start somewhere. Keep paying those bills on time and before you know it you will be eligible for all the good cards and big bonuses!

  • Sjhass

    I use the Chase Southwest Rewards card almost exclusively for all purchases!

  • Simon

    AMEX Premier Gold – airfares, gas, groceries
    Chase Sapphire Preferred – restaurants + online shopping
    AMEX SPG – everything else

    Note: Any card where I have to do minimum spend is 1st choice, until spend reached. Then I revert to above.

  • Malora

    The Chase Southwest card is the one I use the most. I got a 50K signup bonus and was able to spend another 60K to get to 110K. This gave me a free companion pass valid for the rest of this year and the whole of next year. So now, I can buy tickets for myself using my miles, and my husband flies with me for free. The best deal ever!! We’re exploring many cities that we’ve been thinking about visiting previously, but would have cost us a lot of money.

  • Chemist661

    #1. Starwood AMEX
    #2. Sapphire Preferred

    There are our “go to” cards when we are not meeting signup bonuses on other cards.

  • Catherine Morrison

    Starwood Amex & Citi Executive (we were lured in by the desire for lifetime status)

  • Heather ✈

    We have several different credit cards. After spending the qualifying amount to get the bonuses, we have been using these cards the most: Chase Sapphire Preferred; Starwood AMEX; and Hilton AMEX or Hilton VISA. I’m waiting on another big SPG bonus deal like my husband received earlier this year (30K). Let us know when you hear anything! Thanks! :-)

  • AT

    I use Sapphire Preferred and Amex Plat most.

  • Brian Lois

    I started caring about which credit cards to use after finding TPG this year. Now I use AMEX Gold for travel and groceries, AMEX Costco card for food and gas at Costco, AMEX Platinum for everything else, and Citi AA Visa for all those darn places that don’t accept AMEX. Thank you TPG for all of the credit card tips and point offers this year!

  • Bud Hennekes

    Three cards I use most:

    American Express Gold Rewards
    Starwood Preffered
    And my basic citi card.

    I’ve been using my Starwood preferred simply because I’m hoping to reach the 4,500 spend in three months. I use the Gold Rewards for Airfare and my citi card when the place doesn’t take American Express.

  • RM4PointRewards

    I use my PRG Gold for Gas and Groceries and flights and my SPG Amex for large item purchases. For charges that I cannot charge on Amex, I use my BoA Cash Rewards Visa card.

    These are my three primary cards and I typically follow this pattern. I am hopeful to upgrade my PRG Gold to a Platinum in about a years time!


  • RDimperio

    My go to card is Chase Saphire, for the moment.

  • Hmaia

    1) Chase Sapphire Preferred
    2) Amex Premier Rewards Gold
    3) Amex SPG for Business

  • James B. Wilcox

    Currently using two cards to top up awards before some upcoming travel:
    * Hilton AmEx for grocery/drug stores, gas stations, cell phone bills, and Hilton stays (all at 6pts/$1)
    * British Airways Visa Sig. for everything else and where AmEx is not accepted (1.25 pts/$1 — I received the 100k pt sign-up bonus earlier this year and have a specific points goal in sight)

  • Steve

    Chase Sapphire Preferred for nearly all my spend. The PRG has great category bonuses but I’ve had to put it away because with Continental gone, BA going, and all the other changes, I don’t know what I’d use MR points for…

  • mowaca

    Chase Freedom, a distant second American Express Platinum and third American Airlines AAdvantage American Express (working on the $4k spend).

  • Amanda

    I love the Amex gold. 6x points if I book a flight through their travel site! I wish I could combine the platinum and gold benefits into one card.

  • Kazkittin

    Am definitely on board the Chase Sapphire/Amex PRG for their bonus categories of dining and travel which, like you, is the majority of. Starwood for other spending as the value of cash + points redemptions saves me a lot of money I’d otherwise be spending.

  • Biggles209

    I tend to use the card that matches with the product – Hyatt Visa for Hyatt, United Visa for United. I’m currently working on the Continental MC to get up to $25k by year end.

  • Peter M

    Quite honestly, it depends on what bonuses are being offered by the various cards that I have. However, the most use goes to the Chase Sapphire and the SPG Amex with occasional use to the Amex Premier Gold.

  • Anonymous

    SPG Amex for most spending to capitalize on cash and points when not meeting minimum spends on new cards.
    Amex Gold for groceries and flights.
    Chase Saphire for dining, taxis, and any non-US spend.
    Capital One just to carry around because it has a picture of me and my pet monkey visiting the Buenos Aires zoo on it, and it functions as a pseudo ID because many people think my NY drivers license looks fake. I obviously don’t use this for spending any longer.
    Citi ThankYou Premier, a card that will move to a drawer or floor once minimum spend is met.
    US Airways Premier, will cohabitate with the Citi TY and Citi AA cardc once I go buy a bottle of wine or a pack of gum or something.

  • Susan

    We used to use primarily our Amex Starwood and our GM Card that we are still grandfathered in for 5% back that can be used towards an auto purchase. Now that I have gotten more into the miles/points game we are currently using the ones we need to payoff the spend on. These include the PRG biz and personal along with a Sapphire card and US Airways (just got a targeted bonue offer on that). I just got my new Amex Plat as well.

    As Brian has pointed out the flexibility of both the Amex Rewards and Ultimate Rewards programs is a definite plus over the single airline programs. I am currently planning our first trip to Europe in Feb. It’s already ticketed with US Air off-peak miles and I am now working on the hotel stays! These two point programs dramatically increase my options for hotel stays. (And unless I am missing something, I think the fact that Amex Rewards transfer to HHonors at 1,000 Amex points to 1,500 HHonors points is pretty sweet.)

    I get a lot of Brian’s blog as well as the other travel blogs I follow. Thanks so much for all the great info. you put out there! Keep it comin’.

  • Erik Heinz

    Chase Sapphire for travel & dining. Amex Premier Rewards Gold for airfare only. That or SPG Amex for Costco. Capital One Venture for most anything else not matching those categories unless I’m trying to meet threshold spending ($40K on my Hhonors Amex, $25K on my US Airways card, etc).

  • toomanybooks

    It changes all the time.

    When shooting for a WN Companion Pass, IMO the best deal around for those who can use it, the WN Visa Signature card. But I have that locked up until 12/31/12. So now it’s the Preferred Sapphire for the double-points categories, and the SPG Amex for most everything else.

    Exceptions are: Hilton Surpass for Hilton spend and some of the 6-point categories, Amex Blue Preferred for supermarkets (6% cashback), Diners for car rental (best insurance I have been told), Costco Amex OPEN Business card for gasoline (4% cashback) and until recently 3% cashback for restaurants plus discounts with FedEx, Marriott, Hyatt, OfficeMax, etc. Wife uses some proprietary cards like Talbot’s or Gap when they give good rewards (often 10% or one-day 20% off coupons for entire purchase with certain accrued targets).

    All that goes out the window of course when doing minimum spend for a new card.

  • Jenny

    Here’s what I use my cards for:
    Chase Sapphire Preferred – Travel, Dining, Ultimate Rewards Mall purchases (especially Groupon!)
    Amex Premier Rewards Gold – Gas, groceries, and 15 small transactions a month for 10K pts a month
    Amex Starwood Preferred Guest – Everything else

    My favorite card is the Chase Sapphire Preferred because of their great transfer partners and the 7% annual points bonus!

  • Goosh

    Amex PRG for airline tickets, gas, and groceries. Chase Sapphire Pref for everything else.

  • Barb

    I use Hilton Amex for grocery,gas, and many gift cards to target,petsmart, cheesecake factory for 6 points. And Capital One for all other spending

  • Mel

    Chase Sapphire for most spend especially dining. SPG Amex for places that don’t take visa like Costco.

  • Deanterhune

    Chase Sapphire. Easy to transfer to other programs.

  • Jennifer Berthiaume

    I completely agree that Capital One Venture Rewards is only a handy card if you would like to save up some points for a domestic coach ticket and, in the process, earn miles with a particular airline. It’s a good card to hold onto if you want some extra points for a mileage run that you might need later in the year.

    One thing to note is that not all cards carry the same rate of points to miles transfer for each airline. For example, Chase Sapphire will transfer points on a 1:1 to Star Alliance and SPG, while SPG will transfer points on a 2:1 with Delta. Make sure you know how many miles you will get for each point before you transfer to an airline. For example, if you really want to rack up Delta points, the Chase Sapphire Preferred card would not be the best card for you as they are not partnered. Better to go with the SPG Amex Card. Or if, like me, you want to try and diversify your points across multiple airline carriers, it might be prudent to get both.

  • Chris_D

    I think I probably use my Redneck Bank card the most…enough transactions and I earn almost 3% in that account! Maybe this doesn’t count for this post, though…ummm…My Southwest card usually. Chris D.

  • Kate Everett

    I use Am Ex PRG for everyday expenses, Business Gold for biz expenses (thinking about upgrading to Plat), and AA Citi for places that don’t accept Am Ex.

  • Lisha

    Chase Sapphire Preferred and AMEX Gold

  • Carolyn

    I use my Sapphire card the most, and I always carry the AmEx Gold to use for gas (which is often).

  • Lord Charles

    Chase Sapphire, easy to manage all the points and move to where I want them.

  • Ri Zheng

    Chase Sapphire

  • Traveltony

    1) Chase Sapphire Preferred – for almost all spend to get airlines miles
    2) Chase Freedom – for the 5% bonus, convert to ultimate rewards points
    3) HHonors amex – for the gas, phone & internet bills to cover the hotel side

  • Jennifer Frost

    I have been on a Delta Miles kick lately and currently have three go-to cards. 1) Delta SunTrust Debit Card which gets me Delta Points for all Debit Card purchases when I don’t use my PIN #. 2) Platinum Delta Skymiles card- AMEX for larger personal purchases. 3) Corporate Green AMEX for all my work purchases.

  • Susan

    I hope someone at Amex is reading this post … Chase Sapphire is coming on strong!
    I personally used SPG Amex for everything except bonus categories for Chase Sapphire, but I may reverse them because of the slow transfers

  • ty

    At the moment I am still trying to meet my spending requirements on the two Citi AA cards that I applied to courtesy of your insight. Once I met the spending on those cards, Chase Sapphire will be my go to card as I like the flexibility of those points.

  • Liberatr

    I use my Chase Sapphire Preferred as my daily spend. A lot of my spend is on travel and dining so getting 2x the points is awesome. I also use the Jet Blue Amex Card for one specific reason. I know its not a popular card but it offers a benefit I haven’t found on other cards – 2x points on sporting events. I am a Jets season ticket holder so I put every season’s invoice on there. Its a quick way to get a lot of True Blue Points which I like to use for domestic travel.

  • BBL

    SPG Amex is my current go-to card. Chase Sapphire is next in line.

  • xlax

    Chase Sapphire Preferred – Dining and foreign
    Amex Premier Rewards Gold – Gas, groceries, airlines
    Amex Starwood Preferred Guest – Everything else
    Diners – car rentals

  • CU

    SPG Starwood American Express for everyday spend b/c of the fast point accrual & transfer ability to different airlines with bonus. Sapphire Preferred Visa for all non-Marriott hotel and all dining (2x points) for Ultimate Rewards accrual. I just got the Marriott Premier Rewards solely for use at Marriott (where I stay a lot) b/c of 5x point accrual when you use the card at Marriott. I use American Express Gold Premiere for airfare (3 x points) and gas and groceries (2 x points). Finally, I use American Express Platinum for the benefits — room upgrades, late checkout, rental car b/c of excellent insurance, airline club, $200 baggage fee coverage, etc.

  • Get Gowing

    I use my Amex Delta Reserve card (will be dropping it after December, only after I hit my annual spend threshold for the MQM bonuses), then my Amex Platinum card, then I default to my Discover card for the cash back if Amex isn’t taken. There is still a small void in my wallet for Visa/MC, which I will fill soon with the Sapphire Preferred in my next application round.

  • Michael H.

    I use my freedom/sapphire preferred the most followed by premier gold and then whatever card I am needing to fulfill for bonuses which currently is hawaiian airlines card.

  • Myb821

    I use my spg and my Sapphire preferred find they give me the best value

  • Swordfish

    I mainly use my Chase Sapphire Preferred but I just got the Starwood Amex and I’m pumped!

  • PJ

    DONT DO THAT AMEX TO HHONORS 1000 to 1500 ; I hve 40000 +Hhonors points dont know what to do with it lol

  • JBS

    I mostly use Chase Sapphire Preferred – I like the flexibility of the points program and the card is really cool looking…

  • Alex R

    I try to focus spending on my AmEx Premier Rewards for the bonuses and transferability, and for non-AmEx establishments I use my British Airways Visa (I live in Phoenix and my family is England, and guess which airline has the only direct flight from PHX? The BA fees suck but I don’t have much choice if I want to fly direct).

  • wakaru

    Chase Sapphire and AMEX BIZ SPG. Sapphire because of the flexbility and AMEX because of open business rebate at Hertz. You get up to 10% rebate for Hertz rentals which I use alot for work.

  • cinnamonsugar

    I definitely use my AMEX platinum the most. But I always carry my Citi AA Visa with me too, since so many places don’t take Amex!

  • Edwin

    Currently, American Express Gold. Looking to move up to Premier Rewards Gold sometime soon!

  • Ted

    Like you, I use Chase Sapphire Preferred for Dining and Travel, AMEX PRG for Airfares, Gas, and Groceries, then I use Citi Forward for Amazon purchases, and my Delta AMEX for everything else to get the MQM boost!

  • Anonymous

    Starwood for the points (my favorite card for points) and Capital One when traveling abroad because no foreign transaction fees

  • bmp

    Amex Blue Cash is primary, new secondary is Chase United Airlines

  • PJ

    Chase Freedom: 5% rabate items plus stocking up grocery gas cards when getting 5%; i do have checking account 10/10 bonus
    Sapphire Preferred: dining or travel when Freedom card is NOT getting 5 % and to channel Ultimate rewards points to Continental ONEpass account with Platinum member priviledge
    Amex Premier Gold Rewards: to get 2% on gas at station with CASH/CREDIT same price..if 3% difference I pay cash and for airline tickets when Chase Freedom is not getting 5 %
    A singon bonus card: all 1 % rebate low octane stuff go there as top priority
    of course Amex Platinum which came to me with 100K signon bonus before my plane ride and for loss warranty issues on major purchases.
    when I have no signon bonus to fill amex SPG comes in to take all 1 % rebate stuff if no go with amex then i pull out Freedom/Sapphire

  • John

    Chase sapphire and AMEX PRG!

  • antk8

    Capital One Venture is my primary, Chase Sapphire Preferred for dining and travel.

  • E Siegel

    I use the starwood card as my daily card and number 1 goto

  • Napolehon

    I use Citi Forward for Dining and Amazon purchases for 5% back.
    AMEX PRG for Groceries and gas @ 2% and travel @3%
    the rest goes unto Chase Sapphire Preferred.
    Also AMEX platinum card for big purchases just for the customer service if I have any issues with the purchase + 1 year extra warranty.

  • Benny Hsu

    My main card is the Chase Sapphire Preferred. Plus its such a great looking card. Not flimsy like most!

  • Federico

    1. Amex Gold Premier
    2. Citi Advantage Visa/Amex
    3. BA Visa

  • Bradley B.

    SPG Amex
    Amex Premier Gold
    and soon, Sapphire Visa
    Other cards are use-specific.

  • dwh

    I use a Starwood AMEX and a Chase Rewards Plus card that gives me 5% all the time on all food store, convenience store, drug store and gas purchases.

  • Amanda P.

    Currently a Chase Freedom, but soon I’ll have a Chase Sapphire Preferred:-)

  • Bexho2000

    I like using CapitalOne for daily purchases (2x) but use AmEx Gold for travel needs. Happy so far but applied for Chase sapphire (based on the very positive reviews) last week thru your link here and waiting to hear if confirmed.

  • Trignuyen82

    Currently my spending is ranked according to the dollar requirements in obtaining the bonus miles. Thanks to the TPG, I’m about to reap 400k miles this year. Much thanks! 150 AA, 50 Chase, 100 BA, 100 Venture points, not a bad haul for one year!

    Love the Chase Sapphire though. Its 2x dining/travel + ultimate mall rewards are incredible. Everything I purchase from electronics to food to aspirin is at MINIMUM is 2x points (which can be used at 3x points on Continental). That means its basically 5% off on everything.

    I can actually see myself paying for the card through annual fees, incredible concept… right?

  • HeatherC

    1)Aadvantage Amex, meeting my minimum spend for 75,000 miles x 2
    2)PRG Gold for 2x gas and groceries–when I’m done with the above
    3)SPG Amex–need 900 points to top it off to 50,000 points
    4)Chase Sapphire Preferred for anywhere that won’t take Amex

    It’s hard to prioritize when there are so many great programs!

  • Anonymous

    Currently my spending is ranked according to the dollar requirements in obtaining the bonus miles. Thanks to the TPG, I’m about to reap 400k miles this year. Much thanks! 150 AA, 50 Chase, 100 BA, 100 Venture points, not a bad haul for one year!

    Love the Chase Sapphire though. Its 2x dining/travel + ultimate mall rewards are incredible. Everything I purchase from electronics to food to aspirin is at MINIMUM is 2x points (which can be used at 3x points on Continental). That means its basically 5% off on everything.

    I can actually see myself paying for the card through annual fees, incredible concept… right?

  • Nick

    I currently have :
    - the BA Chase, but only because of the 100,000 point bonus. I’m an international coach traveler (Europe), and BA fees make for bad deals.
    - The SPG starwood AmEx. I love getting category 2 and 3 hotels for free, or the cash+points deals on 4′s. But I haven’t transferred any points yet to airlines, seems like the wait would make that a pain. I also love how AmEx extended my credit history by 11 years (I only got my social security number in 2009!!) because my wife and I now share an account.

    I’m applying for the Chase Sapphire preferred soon I think. The fact that it is double points on dining and a Visa (I dread the “we don’t accept AmEx” responses I get a lot) makes me think it is a great deal.

  • Felipe Yang

    #1 is Chase Sapphire Preferred then #2 is the Continental Presidential Plus to help maintain status on CO/UA.

  • Justin Kwok

    I use my SPG amex for all spending except for entertainment and restaurants, which I use my Citi Forward to get 5 point per dollar.

  • Chananya

    I more less agree with you. Although I disagree with the fact that you put aside the Starwood, Starwood should be the best card for all expenses that are not in the Dining / groceries / hotel / travel, and they are more valuable for most people than 2 cents per dollar spent, so it beets any other card.

  • KEK

    I currently use the Chase Freedom and take advantage of the bonuses associated with having a checking account. I will apply for a Sapphire Preferred soon so I can transfer my points to the various partnets

  • Armylock

    I use the AMEX Blue Cashback Preferred for 6% refund on groceries and I split the rest of my spending between my Amex PRG and Sapphire Preferred.

  • Seventoo

    I use the chase sapphire preferred card the most. for my situation, its the best all around card.

  • Bdog57

    I am currently using my amex premier rewards card most frequently. The bonus points for airfare gas and groceries has me hooked.

  • tommyx

    chase sapphire preferred and amex gold business…

  • Carla

    Since I’m a loyal TPG reader, I use my Chase Sapphire for dining and taxis and Amex PRGold for airfare and all other non-category spending.

  • Alex

    i use chase sapphire preferred almost exclusively

  • PJLaz

    Much of my interest in points and different credit card options is relatively new, essentially the last three months. I’ve been getting a lot of great offers recently and will consider new cards in 2012. Right now, I mostly use my SPG Amex because of the ability to transfer points to many airlines. I also tend to stay at Starwood properties on vacation and the occasional business trip.

    My wife and I both took advantage of the 50k mile offer from Southwest Visa Signature a few months ago. That has become our secondary card unless we are purchasing domestic airfare (maybe four or five roundtrip flights a year).

    Finally, we have my CapitalOne card that I opened over four years ago when I graduated from college. I exclusively use this card overseas because of no foreign transaction fees. I have a small recurring expense ($50/month) that automatically charges to this card to keep the account open, and thus enhance my credit score.

  • s

    I use the Chase Saphire except for Gas and Groceries when I use my AMEX. I also use the AMEX for the various credit bonus’.

  • Carwag25

    1. Chase Sapphire – for travel & dining (2pts/$)
    2. SPG Amex – all other spend
    3. Hilton Surpass – for groceries, gas, cell, internet, cable, & drugstores (6pts/$)
    4. Other misc cards which have minimum spend requirements for bonuses

  • mangoMan

    SPG Amex gets the lions share of our spending, even though we have Amex Plat, Chase Sapphire and others. It’s mostly because we focus on AA miles and the SPG Amex offers the most value there.

  • Longmanzz

    I use Fidelity American express cards most because they award you 2% flat on all purchases and no annual fee. In place where I cannot use AMEX, I use chase sapphire preferred card.

  • Moe Safer

    AMEX Gold Rewards!

  • Jon

    I’ve been using my Citi AAdvantage Visa, due to promos that Citi Customer Service has been able to add to my card. The promos give me 2.5 miles/dollar up to $750/month, and 1.5 miles/dollar after that on all purchases.

  • jon S

    Mostly SPG Amex since starwood points are super valuable. Also have the Amex Plat for benefits and some spend

  • mikes

    For the last year or so, it’s been:
    (1) spend requirements
    (2) category spending

    If I/we get to the point where we’re not primarily meeting spend requirements, any non-category spending will probably go back on the Cap1. It is simpler for my wife to deal with, and we always have occasion to pay for a few days of rental car or Priceline hotel periodically. (I currently use an AU card on my wife’s account and will cancel my Cap1 when the fee comes due.) Though we will throw any major travel expenses on my wife’s Sapphire to get the 2.5% return and maintain a good relationship with Chase.

    And, of course, with 2 toddlers we damn near melt the Kohl’s card when one of us gets the 30% off coupon. :)

  • Bob Kenney

    Amex Gold Delta Skymiles,Korean Airlines SkyPass Visa,& Asiana Airlines Platinum Visa

  • Nirav

    I use the following cards -
    Discover More & Chase Freedom – for their 5% rotating cashback categories
    Amazon Chase – For Amazon purchases
    Citi Forward – Dining, Movies, books
    Amex Gold Premier – Airfare, Costco
    Continental OnePass Mastercard – for most everything else

  • Judy

    1. I use my American Express Gold Rewards Plus for almost everything. Maybe I should upgrade to Premier Rewards Gold.
    2. Delta Amex Gold for some purchases, plus it gets me free baggage on Delta.
    3. Capital One Platinum for overseas purchases. (Thinking about getting the new Venture card.)
    4. Occasionally use Chase, Bank of America, Citibank, Discover!

  • Umut

    I use American Express Premier Rewards Gold the most, absolutely perfect credit card

  • ShadowTraveler

    1. Chase Sapphire – Travel, dining — 2x points
    2. United Mileage Plus – Groceries, Gas, Home Improvement — 2x points. Also 5K miles yearly bonus.
    3. Amex SPG – Everything else — 1.25 X points

  • Mighty Mouse

    Amex Platinum for flexible transfer programs and no foreign fees. BofA Aeroplan Mastercard for primary USA back up and Capital One VISA for foreign back up.

  • Aakash

    Chase Preferred for everything…Just opened a Chase banking account because of the $150 bonus so will apply for the Freedom card. It gives 10% bonus and extra points per transaction so better than Preferred on most things except for dining and travel. Also can transfer to Ultimate Rewards so win win…

  • Rich A

    Unfortunately I do not have any cards that accumulate Chase or Amex points. Only collect FF miles on my cards ————

  • Anonymous

    I usually use my Chase Sapphire Preferred the most, too, especially for travel like trains and taxis and dining > $10. I love the look of it and come next summer, I’m considering keeping it and paying the annual fee.

    I just got the Chase Freedom so I use that as an addendum to the Sapphire; I’ve used that for dining this quarter since I get 5x points/$ up to $1500. After $1500 is reached, I’ll only use it for its other quarterly bonuses and dining under $10 since I get more pts than the Sapphire Preferred because of the 10 pts/transaction bonus.

    I don’t have my own AMEX, but I have a family member with a Open Business AMEX Gold that I use for airfare and gas. We only got the AMEX since it was 75K for $5000 spend earlier this year through a targeted promo, and quickly transferred those to UA/CO before 9/30.

    I’ve thought about the AMEX Platinum but have decided against it for the moment because I get lounge access through other less expensive means (now that I get international lounge access through elite status) and I’m waiting/hoping/praying for a more awesome signup bonus.

    So … yeah, you can see where I get most of my credit card inspiration from.

  • Anonymous

    My primary card is a Fidelity Cash Back Rewards card which gives me a flat 2% cash back for everything I spend. I used to use a Costco AMEX at restaurants and gas stations (it gave 3% back there) but now they just changed the program and it only gives 2% back at restaurants so no real advantage. I charge all of my Marriott stays on a Marriott Rewards card to get 5 points per dollar charged back.

  • oneeyejack

    I use my chase sapphire the most. Depending on what category I’m charging it on, I also use the Amex PRG and Starwood too.

  • Angela

    Chase Sapphire Preferred is my go-to card!

  • James H

    I use the AMEX Platinum for most day to day spend. I use the applicable hotel card Hilton, SPG, Priority Club or Marriott depending on where I am staying.

  • Bryan

    Amex Gold PR – Everyday card
    Amex Blue – Financed charges
    Capital One Platinum (cash rewards) – for everywhere that doesnt take amex

  • Bryan

    Amex Gold PR – Everyday card
    Amex Blue – Financed charges
    Capital One Platinum (cash rewards) – for everywhere that doesnt take amex

  • Kushaljn

    I use cards depending on where I am shopping.

    Travel/Dining: I use my Chase Sapphire preferred
    Gas/Drugstore: I use my Citi ThankYou Premier card.
    Open Savings(OfficeMax/Hyatt/Fedex): I use the AX Gold Business card
    Everything else: I use SPG.
    5% categories: I use Discover.

  • Kushaljn

    I use cards depending on where I am shopping.

    Travel/Dining: I use my Chase Sapphire preferred
    Gas/Drugstore: I use my Citi ThankYou Premier card.
    Open Savings(OfficeMax/Hyatt/Fedex): I use the AX Gold Business card
    Everything else: I use SPG.
    5% categories: I use Discover.

  • AlmaGitana

    I’m finishing off spend reqs on my Citi cards, but otherwise use Sapphire for travel/dining and British Airways card for everything else, since I get 1.25/dollar there. Waiting for a good promotion to sign up for Premier Rewards!

  • thrive

    Citi AA Amex to meet the 4k spend and polish off the 150k AA miles. But my Amex Platinum arrived today, so that will be the card going forward.

  • Dan

    I started with the Emigrant Direct card that paid 1.4% cash back. Unfortunately, they canceled the program a few months ago and now I have a Barclays card that pays 1% cash back. I thought that cash back made the most sense since they can’t (or seems unlikely at least) downgrade the accumulated balance like they could with airline miles.

    And since I’ve discovered this website I’ve come around to the idea of airline miles and will likely open up a Chase Sapphire card and/or a Delta Gold/Platinum card.

  • Sasha

    I use my AmEx platinum the most. I’ll use my US Bank Travel Card sometimes when AmEx isnt accepted

  • ali

    I use chase sapphire for everyday purchases. I use chase freedom if i know for sure I will be spending on the 5x points category.

  • Matt Steele

    I use Chase Sapphire Preferred, the only downside being I always get comments/attention with the metal card.

  • Huey

    I use the SPG Amex.

  • BryceB

    I use primarily my AMEX Platinum because of all of the great benefits.
    I am considering getting the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, since I don’t really have a solid back-up at this point, other than my BofA Debit and Edward Jones MC (lame, I know)

  • Dallas

    Amex Plat and Citi Forward … odd combo, I know!

  • Pavel Sorokin

    I’ve been using my Chase Mileage Plus card a lot. But I just got a Sapphire Preferred, so I’m going to switch to it. I also use a Charles Schwab Investor Checking debit card, which is great for getting cash anywhere: they refund all the ATM fees.

  • LisaA

    Just got a Chase Sapphire thanks to your recommendation and am now making that my #1 card. That will be replacing the Continental OnePass Plus card I got last spring (w/ 50K bonus) to prepare for the fact that CO. was pulling away from Membership Rewards. I use Amex Green as if it were a debit card – -for small cash-type purchases like groceries — so I am sure not to accumulate any interest on those kinds of charges. Unfortunately the Amex Blue which I so loved for many years has now been retired to the sock drawer…
    I also have an old Citi AA card which I will occasionally use to keep my stash of American miles from expiring.

  • Tproczha

    Sapphire and Starwood AE are my primiary cards. Thanks.

  • BP

    I primarily use the Starwood Amex and the Citi AAdvantage cards.

  • Tom

    Amex SPG Business is my go to card. SPG points are worth 3 cents towards hotel stays and 1.25 miles toward airline rewards. In addition, the OPEN network gives you cash rebates on 800 Flowers, Fedex, Marriott, etc. I apply for many other cards for the sign up bonus, but I always come back to this one.

  • Michael (oldfox)

    1) Starwood Preferred Amex—–old faithful

    2) Chase Continental—– was great from IAH

  • Frank

    My Amex SPG is usually my ‘go-to’ card.
    Lately though it’s been my Citi AA as I’m trying to rack up miles on it before the Dec. 1 deadline for Lifetime status.

  • Chris

    Chase Sapphire Preferred… primarily because of the no foreign transaction fees and double points on travel expenses. I just wish they showed the recent transactions in the actual foreign currency amount when looking online instead of waiting for the statement to come out.

  • Michael

    I’ve recently switched over to SPG Amex as my primary card!

  • Chasethepoints

    I uses Chase Sapphire preferred and Chase Freedom, whose points can be transferred to Chase Sapphire easily.

  • mike a.

    Well one of them isn’t a credit card, but I’ll post it up anyways:

    1. Amex Platinum (love the benefits);
    2. Chase BA visa;
    3. Charles Schwab visa checking (for those no foreign fee ATM withdrawals)

  • akhan

    amex prg, chase sapphire, chase freedom. delta amex doesnt get used much.

  • One-track mind

    For years, my Citi AAdvantage cards were my primary cards, but lately I’ve been hopping from one minimum spend to the next. I feel like I’ve messed up if I’ve met all minimum spends and don’t have a new one to work on. I just completed meeting my wife’s new Citi AAmex card’s $4000 minimum, and I’m watching the mailbox like an eagle waiting for our new Chase Sapphire Preferred cards to arrive. Till then — no charging!

  • Michael

    SPG Amex for me!

  • Mike

    I use Chase Sapphire Preferred. Has a good Ultimates Rewards portal to shop through.

  • Loweeeel

    AMEX Preferred Cash (groceries and gas)
    Starwood (work travel and transferrability)
    CitiForward (Amazon and Restaurants)
    Chase Sapphire Preferred (general)

  • Maury

    Chase Saphire
    Amex SPG
    Amex PRG
    Amex Plat
    Citibank AA Visa

  • Tt

    actually, i carry exact same cards here: gold, platinum, and sapphire… the gold/plat has replaced my old amex stalwart the SPG (which i still have.. just dont use). next year either the gold or plat has to go because they are redundant

  • Tt

    do you mind sharing the approx value of the purse, and the whole process of getting the refund? did you call in and talk to someone? did you have to submit a police report? [i know the gold doesnt cover loss... plat covers lost but i think there was a clause against NEGLIGENT loss... etc...]

    yes the plat purchase protection is great – used it for many returns, damaged items, warranty protection, etc, but just had my first LOSS of a very expense coat…

  • ASen

    Amex Premier Rewards Gold
    Chase Freedom+Sapphire

  • NBikar

    Starwood Amex
    Capital One Venture

  • Jubin25

    1) Chase Sapphire Preferred – for gas & shopping
    2) Amex Premier Rewards – for 3X airlines and business expenses
    3) Citi AA – for dinning

  • Anonymous

    I personally use the Amex Plat all the time. Just the benefit of the $200 airline credit is huge to me. Thanks for all the great work you are doing–I check this site every morning and night for updates–i love the little tid-bits you throw out there. Thanks so much

  • Faye

    I do not do a ton of travel.
    #1 – Discover 5% quarterly category bonuses on Discover (worth 25% more on gift cards), #2 – Chase Freedom 5% quarterly category bonuses, #3 Fidelity AmEx gives 2% on everything. All of which is overridden by whatever spend requirement I have to meet on a new card for a sign-on bonus.

  • Aakash

    comments are a downside? I love it when I get the double-look….

  • Aakash

    I sell a lot of people who are using Chase Preferred or Amex…the question is, how many of you are going to keep the card once the $95 renewal comes up?

  • PJ

    a bit inconvenience not to see the posting in foregin currencies. i normally keep the receipts to get a good kick of excellent forex rates from Chase.. no zipping at all always spot on thanks chase

  • Tricia

    Right now I am using my new Citi/AA executive Visa in order to bank as many points possible in order to get me to lifetime platinum with American airlines. Once I get there, my go to cards will be Chase sapphire Preferred for dining and SPG Amex for all other purposes. I also rely on my Amex platinum for rental cars and or expensive electronic purchases because of their additional warranty.

  • Pumped_rider

    I use amex plat the most. Fee is balanced by good benefits that i use during travel. Points are very flexible.

  • Mattolo

    Currently finishing up the spend on the Citi AA Amex for 75k miles and then using the Chase BA card the rest of the year to try to spend 30k to get the 2for1 voucher. Also using the Amex SPG business card for my small business expenses.

  • Lauren

    Citi AA card – trying to get as many miles to count towards million miler status before dec!

  • Peter Morris

    United MP Select Visa for groceries and UA/CO purchases.
    Freedom for 5% bonus categories.
    Sapphire Preferred for everything else.
    Amex MR Gold mostly stays in the sock drawer.

  • Sandeep Babu

    Chase Sapphire preferred for almost all purchase, priority club visa for Gas and groceries.
    Amex Platinum if there are any significant benefits (bonus/insurance coverage etc)

  • Trevor

    My Amex SPG is my main card now but only because I haven’t received the Chase Sapphire Preferred yet. Awesome contest and informative blog. Going to Japan for US$77 in February thanks to your advice.

  • Julianne

    Hilton Surpass Amex for 6x gas, groceries, drugstores. Premier Gold Amex for 3x airfare. Chase Sapphire for other travel, restaurants and where Amex isn’t accepted. SPG Amex for everything else. (Unless of course, I am meeting a minimum spend requirement for a new card.)

  • Bob

    I use my Chase Priority Club Visa the most. No foreign trans fees, and I like PC hotels’ cash+points redemption option. It also has one of the lowest annual fees ($49 I think) but comes with a free night cert, covering the fee.

  • puck

    I use Chase Sapphire Preferred + SPG Amex for the versatilty of mile transfers.
    Also use whatever card is offering bonus miles at any given time.

  • Christine

    Chase Sapphire Preferred
    SPG Amex

  • Nadine

    I use my Hilton Preferred AmEx for gas and groceries my Citi AA for every day spend and my Chase BA card when I travel outside of the U.S.

  • Anonymous

    Just got the chase Sapphire so that’s my go to right now to get to the bonus spend requirement! My go to card has been Amex PRG (which I got in August), but now that I see the different benefits I’m going to have to re-evaluate what I use regularly once I get to the spend requirements. The main question is: Will I be able to meet the $30K annual spend for PRG while still using the Chase Sapphire for dining and non-airline travel? Looks like it’s time to breakout my excel skills!

  • Anonymous

    oh I forgot I also use Amex Platinum for business and perks… I wish I had known about the equinox bennies before I got my membership!

  • obnoxoid

    The AMEX Platinum is actually really helpful because it allows me to advance up to 60k points. I never have to worry about topping up my accounts for award bookings!

  • Rubaflo

    Chase Sapphire – great benefits and customer service. Also, always gets a look or comment as it is very unique.

  • April D. Thompson

    My go to card now is my Starwood American Express. I keep my AMEX Platinum for the perks as you do and have a few others for the application bonuses. Looking to add the Chase Sapphire Preferred to the list next.

  • Anonymous

    I use the Chase Sapphire Preferred card almost ALL the time. The reasons for this are twofold: 1. I live abroad and with no transaction fees, it is one of the few options I have. 2. It is an awesome looking card, and I must say I feel pretty good about myself everytime a cashier gives me that quizzical, “you don’t seem important, but this card makes you seem important” look.

    A far second is the Amex PRG card. I’m considering upgrading to the Platinum due to the lack of Forex fees, but haven’t found it necessary yet since I use the Chase Sapphire all the time anyway.

  • Zeebs

    I use my citi card for AA points. The reason I like AA is because they have low redemption levels for off-season travel to Europe and Mexico.

  • Matt

    SPG Amex and Amex Platinum mainly. Occassionally Chase Sapphire Visa.

  • Todd

    I love the Chase Sapphire too, however I also use the Pentagon Federal Premium Travel Rewards American Express card. It’s one of the few cards with both no annual fee and no foreign transaction fees!

  • Terry

    Hilton AmEx for gas and groceries
    Chase Sapphire Preferred for most other things
    Citi forward for some dining and videos on Amazon – 5 pts per dollar and 100 pts a month for paying for your purchases

  • Matt

    I find that TPG is pretty diverse in his posts and has fantastic details and step-by-step compared to other travel bloggers.

    I can think of the AA deqm posts and the united match and the trip reports on first class or business class trips and the discussion on expert flyer as all recent examples of diverse posts.

  • NewbieTraveler

    Chase Freedom WAS my number 1 card now it’s the Chase Sapphire Preferred! I just love pulling it of my wallet =)

  • noel

    I am currently working down a minimum spend on an AA visa that I use almost all of the time. I use my Amex Gold on travel items and electronics.

  • Lyssa

    Lately I’ve been using the CO Mastercard a lot. I got the 50,000 bonus, but I want to earn enough points to get two international award tickets. However, I’m interested in the Sapphire since it seems I can get 2x per dollar and transfer to United/CO.

    Please enter me in the contest! Thanks!

  • Paul

    Amex PRG for gas + groceries
    SPG Amex for most other things
    Chase Sapphire Preferred for travel + places where Amex is not accepted

  • MariaM.

    1. Right Now, the Chase Freedom for almost everything. It has a great promotion and with the 3 month rotation it’s pretty good. And the Ultimate Rewards website is pretty amazing as well and has a lot of the stores I buy from so I have been doing a lot of online shopping lately :-) I do not have a Sapphire Preferred but the hubby does, so I just transfer the points to his account.

    2. OnePass which up until now was my #1 since I almost always fly Continental being that I live near one of their hubs. Used it a lot for online shopping through their shopping mall and racked up a lot of points before.

    3. Sapphire ( I am an authorized user but this is the #1 for my husband) and use for any travel bookings and when traveling abroad. Let’s not forget how amazing it looks!!

  • Mark M

    I use the Hilton Amex for gas, grocery, wireless, cable & internet (6 point per $ categories). Lately I’ve pretty much been going from one new card to another until I reach the required spending for signup bonuses, but other the Chase Mileage Plus Select card.

  • Crismanila

    Thanks to your blog TPG…I’ve been recently approved for a Chase Sapphire preferred & SPG Amex… I’ve been using both for the spend requirements. Before obtaining these cards, I was using my CO MasterCard one plus & capital one venture cards. I shop via ultimate Rewards now too! Very grateful to your blog!

  • Anonymous

    I use USBank Visa because it gives 2x points on certain categories and you can redeem 20K points for up to a $400 airline ticket on any airline (and these tickets earn miles.) I also like AMEX Premier Gold.

  • Emailbrianjohns

    omg that’s a lot of comments! I use whatever card I’m churning – I’m always working toward a new sign-up bonus between me and my wife. (SPG/Gold/Platinum/Thank You/UR/United/Cont./Delta/AA, etc…)

  • Nick

    I use my Chase Sapphire exclusively — I love the flexibility of the points!

  • TJ

    Chase Sapphire (travel and dining are a huge part of my spend, just like you!)

  • btyl

    Recently got the SPG Amex, using that exclusively at the moment.

  • Nick

    Chase Freedom
    Citi AA Visa


  • Nick

    My Chase freedom. I’m still new, but I’ve been using this card for years because it has no annual fee.

  • JL100

    1)Chase Sapphire Preferred for 2x points on travel and dining and Ultimate Rewards shopping specials and bonuses,
    2)Amex Platinum for lounge access, great for various bonuses such as Fidelity deposits and Delta transfer specials
    3)BP Visa for 5% back on gas year round
    I don’t have the Amex Premier Rewards Gold card yet because I have so many points now I won’t be buying many airline tickets in the next couple of years to get the 3-4x, and I already get 5x on gas and 2x on travel with the other cards. Spending on two Citi Thank you cards now for sign up bonuses!

  • Aaron R

    Primary spending card:
    Amex Blue Cash – I love flights but simply don’t fly enough to make points my “currency of choice”. Cash back for me is more flexible, plus most of my spending weekly is groceries. 5% cashback makes this obvious. Perks like purchase protection help too.

    Primary non-Amex spending card
    Capital One Venture – My go-to Visa if a retailer doesn’t take Amex. 2% cashback equivalent (points are redeemable for Amazon gift certs which is like cash to me). Plus ability to redeem points for travel purchases after the fact is great if you travel and don’t stay in a chain hotel – I used Venture points to pay for a small hotel in Turkey that was definitely not Starwood or Hilton, plus several small “travel” purchases (train tickets, foreign metro fare).

    For booking airfare:
    Amex PRG – 3x points plus transfer ability is valuable to me.

    Also have: Amex Platinum, Amex Delta Gold, Chase Southwest, Chase Continental, Chase British Airways, and Citi American Airlines.

    Planning to get: Chase Sapphire: 2x for dining!

  • LIz

    I started with Citi AA Visa card (did not get in the on bonus bonanza, unfortunately) but since it has foreign transaction fees, wasn’t making sense.

    I primarily use Chase Sapphire Preferred for our business expenses all the time since I travel a lot outside the US and the points add up very rapidly with 2x travel.

    For US/domestic spend, I use the SPG Amex now and got in on the 30K bonus.

    Evaluating what other cards may be worth it right now like Amex Platinum.

  • Julius

    I am currently using SPG AMEX, then if the establishment doesnt accept AMEX, then I use either the Citi/Visa Signature card or the Chase British Airways Visa

  • Jae Jun

    only recently found the site and Im using a chase freedom. Waiting for the sapphire to arrive.

  • Michele

    Sapphire Preferred all the way baby!

  • Marc

    Definitely use the Starwood AMEX most. I find that the points on average are worth at a minimum 3-4 cents a piece and sometime over 10 cents ea. at some the the higher end Starwood properties. I also like the Sapphire card for its double point categories…. that and it looks cool. I like the flexibility and portability of the points too. Lastly, I still carry the Continental MC…. I’ve had it forever and I’m hoping I’ll get some sort of bonus when it gets changed to a United card.

  • Anonymous

    Amex Premier Gold is my number one choice for groceries, gas(2x points), airfare (5x points via amex travel site).

  • Bitachu

    Lately i’ve been using my Capitol one Venture one card(if only as a no annual fee card that earns more then 1 point/%) and my Amex prg. It all depends on what the purchases and how it will benefit. Since i’m new to the cards deal i’m trying to make sure I build more credit average age.

  • Lindsay

    Sapphire, SPG AMEX and Travelocity AMEX

  • Lantean

    I use:
    AmEx MR Gold for groceries and travel
    Chase Freedom for purchases under $1
    Chase Continental OnePass Plus for everything else.

  • Jon

    Premier Gold AMEX is great for airfare and gas/groceries. Citi AA cards for the last push to MM status.

  • H Peter Kang

    SPG all the way!

  • H Peter Kang

    SPG all the way!

  • Anonymous

    I love maximizing my credit card spends. I fly Delta frequently and value my platinum status as I easily get upgraded at least ten times each year, basically every domestic coach flight I take. To that end, I charge like mad on my Delta Reserve and Delta Reserve Business cards. I hit the $60K spending target on each of my two Delta cards, banking a whopping 60,000 MQM total, and that’s before stepping a foot on an actual plane. Granted, I have lots of business expenses, but even if I didn’t, the personal Reserve card alone would guarantee silver status for life.
    These cards rock, and if you plan ahead and carefully, flying business class on Skyteam long haul, for free, is amazing!

  • Acker

    I’m usually doing a spend on some new card to reach the reward goal. Other than that, it Sapphire, Amex Gold, and SPG Amex. Once Jan rolls around I’ll put a bunch of big spends on HH Amex to reach $40k=Diamond. Do people really buy that much stuff online? What does everyone do with all the crap they seem to buy? I don’t get it. I like a bargain as much as the next person but buying sub-$10 stuff online is not my idea of time well spent.

    I manage to hit the purchase goals without a lot of shopping – I put all business charges on cards.

  • Sterling

    I use my Amex Platinum and Amex Green the most. I just applied for the Chase Ink card so will start using that significantly as well. Realizing that I should look into converting my Green card to Premier Rewards Gold to get the double points.

  • DFWOneWorld

    SPG Amex for everything possible. Chase Sapphire for travel, restaurants and vendors who don’t accept Amex. Carry the Amex Plat for lounge access and other benefits but don’t use it too often.

  • Soundy

    I like the AMEX HHonors card- spending 40K/year gives you Diamond status and usually 200K of redeemable points.

  • Cheryl

    Before I realized how great my new Amex MR was, I used my SPG as much as possible. Now I use my AmEx MR Gold for groceries and travel and gas. Besides those, I am usually trying to meet spend requirements!

  • Veronica

    Chase sapphire preferred. Not sure yet if I’ll go thru chase to buy a ticket and get the pqms or send them over to united for an award ticket. Decisions…

  • thehappytraveler

    For those with kids (or little brothers in my case), the upromise card of Bank of America is running a pretty good deal til the end of December giving back 5% on gas, grocery stores, drug stores, and restaurants. That will be my go to on a daily basis until the end of the year.

  • Rob and covers most home related shopping, except perishables. Clothes, shoes and gifts just don’t go to a store anymore. Most places ship for free after a certain amount. My rule is, i don’t buy anything I wouldnt normally buy. Doing the math, I’m saving lots of money in my budget and earning 5x to 10x points!!!

  • Joe

    I use the chase freedom card to max out on the 5% bonus on dining for this quarter.

  • Anonymous

    Domestically: Delta branded Amex Platinum for everything. Until I hit $50,000 spending in one year, then my SPG Amex is used for the rest of the year. The sole exception is for rental cars, where I use a Diners Club card.

    The reason is Diners provides you with primary rental car insurance coverage. Most other cards only give you secondary coverage. The difference is if you use a secondary insurance coverage type credit card and damage the car, your insurance company has to pay for the damage less the deductible. Your credit card company pays your deductible. Woohoo!! (Yawn)

    With the Diners Club card, and other primary insurance coverage credit/charge cards, you can bring the rental car back rolled into a ball and your car insurance company does not even know about it.

    Internationally: Capitol One card except for rental cars where I use Diners.

  • Maureen

    I like the Good Ole’ SPG Amex card. Best on transfers to many airline partners.

  • jackie

    I like chase freedom card for the corresponding categories, then chase sapphire for dining, etc, PRG for the airline tickets.

    Thanks for the post!

  • Mark

    I primarily use my Delta Platinum AMEX for the $25K spend MQM bonus.

    I use my HHonors AMEX for gas, groceries, cable bill, pharmacies and of course at Hilton properties.

    Chase Hyatt Visa is at Hyatt properties and when traveling abroad (no forex fees).

    I also have a AMEX Blue card that I use to rack up Express Rewards points that I will eventually convert into REAL AMEX points when I upgrade my card. The Insite toolbar really has some nice bonuses right now (Budget, Hilton, Starwood).

    The dust collector in my wallet it my Citi HHonors Visa. I use it once a money to buy a Slurpy.

  • Stephan

    These days, I use my Chase Sapphire Preferred for most spending.

  • Jovelky

    Using citi amex and visa for AA miles

  • Albert

    Sapphire Preferred for travel and purchases in foreign locations, Citi Forward for dining and Amazon purchases, and Amex SPG for everthing else! I was also using Amex Gold PR on gas and groceries until I closed the account.

  • Ryan_braun

    Chase Sapphire Preferred and Amex Platinum

    Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Citi AAdvantage – Great signup bonus… Had issue the when I first got the card that everytime I would try to use it would get declined. They eneded up giving me an additional 25,000 points for the inconvience.. 10,000 points right away, then 1000 points each month for 15 months as long as I had 15 transactions per month. So got the 75,000 intial sign up + this 25,000. Nice Deal !
    The other card I carry is the Chase Priority Club Rewards Visa. Recently received a promotion, 80,000 points and no annual fee.

  • Anonymous

    My favorite cards are: Citi Forward (~5% back on Amazon/Resteraunts), FIA Fidelity 2% cash back card, Chase Freedom / Discover More for the rotating 5% categories.

  • KP

    I use the AMEX Premier Rewards Gold because I can spend $30k a year on it which gives me 15k bonus points. I end up switching cards after the $30k spend. Also, I’m always buying airfare tickets so 3x reward points for that! My backup card when I’m in Europe is AMEX Platinum when it is accepted. If not, my go to card is the Chase Sapphire.

  • JW

    Sapphire Preferred Card for dining and random travel, AMEX Gold Rewards for gas & groceries and air fare, AMEX Platinum for the benies specifically FHR, US Airways MC & BA Visa for signup bonuses and companion passes.

  • raycifer

    I love my Amex Platinum card! This baby makes me feel like I’m earning those extra perks and love the transfer flexibility with Membership Rewards.

    Second, my Amex Business Gold… those multiple MRs for different spends gets me giddy each ending statement period. Great card!

    Last but not least, would be my Amex Delta Platinum as I’ve earned over 180k Delta Skymiles in 2 months and love adding to my miles every month without paying the conversion fee.

  • ike

    Currently using Cap1 Venture primarily.

  • Jessica

    HHonors Amex for the first $40k to get diamond status and boatload of points
    Citi Premier for thank you rewards – when i can’t use amex and it is great for redeeming on domestic flights
    Just got the Amex Plat this year and loving it. Yeah for club access!

    Also have Delta Amex and Southwest Visa that I’ll probably cancel soon.

  • Jessica

    HHonors Amex for the first $40k to get diamond status and boatload of points
    Citi Premier for thank you rewards – when i can’t use amex and it is great for redeeming on domestic flights
    Just got the Amex Plat this year and loving it. Yeah for club access!

    Also have Delta Amex and Southwest Visa that I’ll probably cancel soon.

  • Vik

    Like a lot of people here, my go to cards are Chase Sapphire and Amex PRG, with the Amex Platinum held in reserve. I also have the BA card but with little chance of hitting the $30k spend for companion ticket, not much point taking it out. Thanks TPG, if it hadn’t of been for you and the Frugal Travel Guy, I probably would have only picked up 10k MR points instead of the 325k points I picked up with the various cards you suggested.

  • Crash

    SPG Amex and AMEX gold card

  • BOShappyflyer

    I carry 3 cards. Chase Sapphire for everything that could be 2 miles (gas). AA because I love AA miles even though it’s only 1 mile/$1 spend. I carry my Hilton Amex for Amex needs (i.e. Costco)

  • AlanW

    Ha! Let’s see what cards are in my wallet:
    1. Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa (Travel , dining)
    2. Blue Cash Preferred by AMEX ( 6% on grocery, gas, department stores, restaurants, starbucks, etc)
    3. Citi Dividend MS (5% rotation program, Mastercard OO)
    4. Fidelity AMEX 2% (everything else)

  • Chris S.

    Which cards do I have?

    -Chase Sapphire Preferred
    -Amex SPG
    -BA Visa (Before I got the Sapphire, this was my go-to for non-Amex purchases)
    -Hyatt Visa ($75 per year keeps me Hyatt Plat and the free night per year)
    -Citi AA Visa (canceling soon)

  • L.Yang

    Nice post. It seems Chase really did a great job to attract people to give their business to chase. Here are my cards:
    1. Chase Sapphire Preferred
    2. Chase Freedom
    3. AMEX Premier Gold
    4*. When I am travelling, I usually add my AMEX SPG card/Chase Priority Club







  • Phil

    My go-to card is the Amex SPG. I’m saving points for a Europe trip. Next is the Cap. 1 Preferred Venture.

    Keep up the good work on your Blog.

  • Anonymous

    As of right now, I use:
    1) For gas and restaurants, UA Mileage Plus Select
    2) For Starwood stays, SPG Amex
    3) For all other, Amex Platinum

    Hope to get the Sapphire Preferred and the Amex PRG in the near future.

  • Dan

    I use primarily the Delta Platinum AMEX for the MQM bonus and the Marriott Visa.

  • Lisa

    I use my Chase Hyatt card the most. I am going to do some switching around after reading all of your posts!

  • M A H

    Chase Sapphire Preferred is a good card but IMO the SPG AMEX is a tad better because it is relatively easy to get 3 to 4 cents of value per SPG point versus 1 to 2 cents of value for a UR point.

  • Brian

    Until I became a new AmEx Platinum, Starwood AmEx, Delta AmEx, and Continental MasterCard cardholder this year, I mostly used my United Visa. They don’t issue my United Visa anymore. It has a $140 or $160 annual fee (which is refunded on the next statement if you maintain 1K status), 5K EQM after $30K annual spend, 1EQM/$ spent on (up to 5K EQM per year), 2 miles/$ on restaurants and travel, 2 miles/$ on UA charges, free membership to the RewardsNetwork dining program, and some other odds and ends through which I would rack up anywhere from 200K to 300K miles a year from the card spending alone. Now that I’ve completed my spend requirements on the new cards, I’ve returned to the United Visa. I’ll probably keep the AmEx Platinum though, just for the Delta lounges, since I still do fly Delta quite often (though I’m about 20K short of requalifying for Diamond).

  • Melvin Caldwell Jr.

    I have carried the AA MasterCard for my business for years, but recently applied for the AMEX AA card (my twenty-smething sons have now obtained Saphire Preferred and AA cards because of the bonuses offered recently by the issuers). But my two favorite for personal use have been the SPG Amex and the US Airways MasterCard. We all know the benefits of the SPG Amex but the US Airways card has been great. On every renewal I have obtained 10,000 EQMs because we meet the minimal spending and I have used the companion certificate to take two of my sons for $99 each to Vegas each year! Since US Airways is the only public airline into our Maryland Eastern Shore airport, it has been the card best suited to our family. Thanks for all of the useful information that you post. Keep on flying!

  • Mike

    Chase freedom, which then I transfer to Sapphire Ultimate rewards. Freedom offers 5x bonus on quarter rotation.

  • Ike

    At the moment, my main cards are Chase Sapphire Preferred and Ink Bold. I guess we’ll see come the new year what I continue to use. :)

  • Stanley Lu

    I use the Chase British Airways card the most. We should just pass the $30k spending mark soon so my wife and I can enjoy 2 first class tickets to to Paris next year for 150k miles. We cant wait! Thanks TPG!

  • Rob H

    Hey TPG,

    Currently use my AA Citi cards the most – want to get my lifetime mile accumulation as high as I can before the program changes next month. That said, I would love some AMEX points!!

  • Unni Nair

    I’ve been using my AMEX platinum for personal use, Starwood AMEX for business. After finding this blog a few weeks ago, just got approved for the Chase Sapphire Preferred and plan to make that my primary personal spending card.

  • Becca

    Sapphire Preferred and Starwood AmEx. Mostly SP though, because it is so sexy!

  • Sajer Guy

    Ditto on the top three mentioned in the article…Chase Sapphire Preferred, Amex Gold Premier, and Amex Platinum.

  • Joseph Bajin

    We have recently started using the Amex Gold Premier Reward card. We had the Green card for a while, but we have just started to use our credit the best way we can.

  • Anonymous

    Much like you I have these cards in my wallet (all originally acquired for significant sign-up bonuses and most likely to be dropped when renewal fees arise):

    - Chase Sapphire Preferred (50K sign-up – unfortunately missed the 100K bump – fee free for first year) for the 2x on dining which is a huge part of my spend

    - Amex PRG (75K sign-up – fee-free for first year) for the 3x / 4x on travel

    - Amex Plat (100K sign-up) for perks

    - Amex SPG (15K + 15K sign up & spend bonus)

    - But soon these will be all be preempted by my new Amex BRG (75K bonus after 10K spend / 5 months – first year fee-free)

    Also, I would like to point out that you mention Chase UR points being worth “a dollar and a quarter” per point, I’m assuming in reference to redeeming them through their travel portal, but I believe the correct amount is a cent and a quarter.

    As always, thanks for the blog and the info Brian.

  • Zhenyu Yang

    I like Chase credit card for travel and dinner cost, it is most convenient points to use and transfer

  • SBC

    I use Chase Preferred Saphire, Citi AAdvantage Visa, and Starwood American Express

  • Laurie

    So far, United Visa and SPG Amex–but now I need to figure out where we should accrue points to take a New Zealand trip for our 30th anniversary in 2013. Thanks for all the tips!

  • Brent

    I’m using the Chase Sapphire card along with the Freedom card for the 5%.

  • Anonymous

    Chase Sapphire Preferred and Amex PRG by far the best two out there right now for daily spend

  • Menachem

    Ordered in use priority; Chase Sapphire, SPG Amex, Continental World Master Card, AA Citicard

  • Jon Burns

    Chase Saphire Preffered and the Amex Blue Cash Back

  • Anonymous

    Hey! Cool promo. I use 3 credit cards for my day-to-day spending:

    1) Chase Sapphire Preferred
    This used to be lower down on the list but the ridiculous promos at the Ultimate Rewards Mall mean I’m earning like 5-6 points per dollar spent on average. 12/$ for ICHotels and 7/$ for clothing are just two of my favorites. They’re really pulling me away from Amex. Not to mention the 2/$ on all travel purchases (although air travel is still on my PRG)

    2) Amex Preferred Rewards Gold
    I put all of my gas, groceries and airfare purchases on my PRG. I haven’t yet but I hear triple-dipping via Big Crumbs and Expedia is a great way to get cash back and 3x points. Not to mention other than the bump-the-bonus Amex customer support is awesome. I got my bump, by the way.

    3) Starwood Preferred Guest
    All other spending goes here (if it’s not in the Ultimate Rewards Mall). Plus, i’ve started paying my rent for a 2.3% fee on the SPG card via William Paid. Not only is it a great way to meet spending requirements, my redemption average for SPG points is 6-11 cents per point so the 2.3% fee is easily made up for.

    You’re the best TPG! I got all 3 of them thanks to your recommendation, through your referral links.

  • Caldwell4az

    i use the amex premier gold the most….double on gas & groc and triple on travel. thanks for the great blog!

  • Minimac

    Share my 2 cents here :)
    1. Most of the travel: Chase Sapphire Preferred
    2. Hotel: Chase Priority Club + AMEX Hilton
    3. Daliy purchase: Chase Freedom + AMEX Premier Gold

    I usually carry 3-4 cards (includeing an ATM card) in my wallet

  • randomtask123

    amex plat FTW followed by BA visa > ty premier

  • Butchie

    In Order Chase Sapphire Preferred, AmEx Platinum, Marriott Rewards Premier

  • Spencer

    Chase Sapphire Preferred
    AMEX Gold Preferred
    BA Visa until I reach the Travel Together bonus

  • Greg

    Promark- Agree…preferred the old emphasis on great award redemption values.

  • epang

    amex platinum, amex business gold amex premier rewards

  • Kfran22776

    I use my AMEX gold the most and have to admit haven’t been using it wisely. I was completely clueless in regards to points. But ever since discovering your blog, I am educating myself BIG TIME! Thank you for sharing all your skills with people like myself. I have a big goals for 2012 and that’s racking up my points to start doing some more traveling!

  • gretchen

    I use my chase sapphire preferred everywhere!

  • kurt

    I use Sapp Pref for all its bonus categories, and usually the Venture card for most everything else.

    A surprise player for me though is the Hilton Amex, for the 6 pp$ on groceries/gas and then Comcast & Verizon bills. Even discounting Hilton points by half, none of my other cards do as well in those categories.

    And then at the moment I have a surprising 5 pp$ on everything offer on an old no-fee B of A card that I recently “woke up” after years of inactivity. Since they’ll give me 2000 WorldPoints (which I think I can turn into 2000 Aeroplan miles) for $400 in spending, I plan to do that … before putting it away again.

  • Max

    AMEX Gold Premier Rewards and AMEX Platinum Delta Skymiles (for the sub-silver medallion perks), plus a SunTrust SkyMiles debit and basic Capital One card for places that don’t take AMEX.

  • Nick E

    I have been loyal to my Hilton HHonors American Express for a number of years, since it gives me 3 points per dollar plus 6 points for gas, groceries, bills, and Hilton stays. It also carries no annual fee. However, I may soon be reevaluating this strategy given the apparent devaluation of the Hilton HHonors program (specifically in terms of premium hotel/resort redemptions).

    I’ve been loving my Chase Sapphire preferred card, especially as my wife and I have been planning our trip to Australia and New Zealand (we leave Thursday!). I also jumped on the SW Visa to re-up my companion pass this year. I was planning on making that my primary card, but I now plan on cancelling it before the annual fee hits because Hilton no longer allows double-dipping with Southwest as of January 1st.

    Soooo, I guess I’m still looking for that perfect everyday use card!

  • Nathan Faber

    When we aren’t hitting minimum spends, we use Chase Sapphire Preferred for Travel and Dining and our Capital One Venture for everything else.

  • Anonymous

    If it’s just the AA miles you’re trying to collect, the Starwood Preferred Guest card earns 1 point per dollar (and 4 or 5 per dollar for hotel stays and meals at Starwood properties) and transfers to AA at a 1:1 ratio with a 25% bonus if you transfer a multiple of 20,000 (20,000SPG -> 25,000AA), and the annual fee is only $65. Depends on what other perks that AA card has I guess.

    Not to mention SPG points are stupid valuable (cash and points stay at Sheraton Gateway LAX is worth 11 cents per point)

  • Guest

    When we aren’t hitting minimum spends, we use Chase Sapphire Preferred for Travel and Dining and our Capital One Venture for everything else.

  • Anonymous

    When we aren’t hitting minimum spends, we use Chase Sapphire Preferred for Travel and Dining and our Capital One Venture for everything else.

  • MelissAA

    Chase Sapphire for travel / dining & anything purchased outside of the US. SPG for everything else!

  • Sanjay Rajpal

    I use my Chase Sapphire Preferred Card the most. Thanks for all the great posts!

  • Jim Newhouse

    Starwood AMEX is my go to card when I’m not trying to meet spend requirements.

  • worldtraveller2

    spg AMEX, CO mastercard and USA debit card

  • Morningstar

    Amex prg for everything except ba chase for overseas

  • Sanosby

    Sapphire and platinum. Amex for shopping, Sapphire for everything else

  • Navej

    1. Starwood Amex and 2. Chase Sapphire where Amex can’t be used.

  • Brennan

    I use my Capital One Venture Card and Chase Freedom with Ultimate Rewards. Keep up the good work!

  • Sat

    Cars always come and go (Citi AA, Amex Hilton, Chase Hyatt, Skymiles Platinum Amex, Amex Business Gold, Chase BA, etc) but one stays with me all the time – SPG Amex. It’s 10 years and going strong as I find the points invaluable (free stays around the world, best customer service, awesome benefits and 1:1.25 transfer ratio to many airlines). I recently became a Chase fan earning over 260K household points with Sapphire, Freedom and Bold Ink. So what’s in my wallet? You guessed it SPG Amex along with all 3 Chase cards. Time will tell but I am finding UR very appealing.

  • Steven Kekich

    I recently signed up for the Sapphire Preferred and have been using that for almost everything lately – I agree that it is a great workhorse card because of the flexibility is offers and I travel a lot for work so I have been taking advantage of the bonuses. Also, I use the Hilton Surpass AMEX because I usually stay at Hiltons for work (having logged 100 nights this year) and I really enjoy getting the 6x points at Hilton and 500 point bonus per stay for booking my stays with my AMEX card (about 50 stays = 25,000 extra points this year!)

  • Shids

    Here we go……. I use my amex business gold for business fed ex and USPS charges. chase sapphire for restaurants and travel expenses. amex gold premier for airlines,gas and groceries. Us Airways card for miscellaneous to keep my points current. amex platinum to get into lounges.capitol one for no foreign transaction fees. Starwood SPG when I feel like getting me a few more spg points.

  • Jeffrey

    I prefer the AmEx Gold Rewards card.

  • Matthew Hoyle

    I use my Delta American Express Gold Card the most

  • caoibes

    1) I primarily use my AMEX platinum, especially when traveling for lounge access and no foreign transaction fees.
    2) AMEX Premier Rewards Gold for purchasing airfare, gas, and groceries.
    3) Chase Freedom for places that don’t accept AMEX. However, I’ll soon be receiving in the mail the Chase Sapphire Preferred card and that will be my primary card.

  • Ggarc1

    Citi’s retention group has given me spend challenges for my various cards linked to AA, so right now they’re all I keep in my wallet (I have business visa, personal visa and personal mc). After 12/1, when AA’s Million Mile rules change and spend no longer will be counted, I’ll shift to AMEX Platinum.

  • Pedro

    I use both the Citi Forward card and the AMEX SPG. I eat out frequently so the 5 Thank You Points per dollar area nice bonus. SPG points are super valuable, especially when redeemed as Cash + Points, so I put all my non-dining spend on the SPG card.

  • Jared

    1. Chase Sapphire Preferred
    2. Chase Freedom
    3. Amex Platinum

  • Wx8348

    Although I have more than 10 active cards on hand. I usually carry 1~2 cards in my wallet. They are Fidelity AMEX 2% everything and Chase Freedom:)

  • lovetotravel

    I use my Amer Express Costco card to get gas since the gas is cheaper than other places (even when paying cash) and in addition I earn 4% as a business owner. I am using my Citi Thank You until I earn my minimum purchases, then it is back to Chase Sapphire.

  • Anonymous

    Capital One and Chase Sapphire Preferred

  • BothofUs2

    Currently using the Citi AA Amex card, secondary card is Hilton Surpass Amex, and SPG Amex. Also using Citi AA Mastercard for those places that dont take Amex

  • M. Abrams

    My #1 card : Capital One Venture (I am only interested in coach travel)
    Airline Tickets: Penfed American Express 5x per dollar (6 international tickets/yr) international reward 62,500 miles (2 yrs=1 int. ticket)
    Chase Sapphire= online shopping through their shopping mall= lots of miles and can use any credit card to purchase and still get the miles on chase sapphire!! This works for continental as well, but chase has much better mile per dollar.

  • travelerhub

    Chase Sapphire preferred for travel and Chase freedom for rotating 5% categories

  • Cryhilton

    I use the Chase Sapphire Preferred as well.

  • PJ

    65K CO miles take you to East Asia region!! with NO last minute booking fee no itinerary change fees Sapphire Preferred points really come in handy; I do miss the AMEX CO link up

  • PJ

    get a few nights from Hyatt card signon bonus to stay at Park Hyatt in Paris Chase is waiting for your applicationS . I got 2 nights for one application for 1 year’s annual fees plus a small purchase

  • PJ

    go after the signon bonus no jobs are too big to miss 50K plus on Sapphire Preferred and 30K on CHase freedom are too good to miss. I am advocating my college classmates (husband and wife both) all apply for Sapphire Preferred and Chase Freedom to have a free continental round trip ( 65K each r/t) back to taiwan for 40th college reunion and 2 nights free stay at Taipei Grand Hyatt ( 24K Sapphire points)

  • Anonymous

    sapphire & amex PRG are the most used daily spenders outside of specialty categories: amazon, tjx, penfed, 5% in category, etc…

  • Deb

    sapphire & amex gold.

  • Joel Giefer

    I carry my UA Mileage Plus Visa.

  • spermwhale

    I vary my cards depending on current bonuses and meeting minimum spends. But, when all things are equal, my mainstay card is the SPG Amex. It is hard to beat SPG for the comparative point value.

  • Cheaplee

    Chase SP. It is a great card with all the benefits. But because of my active churn, I am busy switching off to others, including AA Biz. I plan my applications around the issuing banks. Unfortunately, Chase has the best cards, and therefore limits the apps.

  • Jfadds

    Amex hilton surpass for the axon award access and $40,000 spend for diamond deal

  • Dfasdfasdas

    spent the whole year spending for promos.

    finishing year trying to hit $25k for wife’s plat delta 10k mqm bonus

    after that unsure

  • PJ

    thanks a good card to downgrade to when i need to pay annual fees

  • Adfasfasd

    how do you calculate value of hotel rooms?

    would you honestly pay the $400 or whatever you use to value the room cost?

    no, you probably would never pay the $400 and either choose a cheaper room or hotwire or priceline.

    so the value is less

    same with J tix

    i would never pay 1000′s for a J ticket. I might pay 500-750 more

    not ranting intentionally just making a statement that i realized recently

  • Asdfasdfa

    what did you say? i couldn’t hear you. stop whispering

  • crazyflier

    When I initially acquire a card – I tend to use it more and slowly taper off to use it with a mix of other cards.

    The ones I use everyday

    1. Chase onepass plus
    2. Chase Rapidrewards plus
    3. Amex HHonors (less frequently after getting the initial bonus)


    4. BOFA cash rewards (time to time they have great cashback % on certain items)
    5. Discover More cash (time to time they have great cashback % on certain items)

    The account I keep open as its my oldest CC and use for an occasional coffee…

    6. Capital one platinum (NO REWARDS :( )

    Any suggestions welcome!

  • Dan B

    Now using the combo of Chase Freedom and Chase Sapphire Preferred (now that the Schwab 2% card is officially dead).

  • Marywhitcomb

    We travelled through O’Hare airport yesterday and were offered a good promotion for the American express premier gold awards husband and I were both offered 25,000 MR points for onlya$500 spend in the first three months. We were also offered a choice of gifts:a pillow for airplane use or a Pilates workout kit.
    The people were in Terminal 2 near Butch o’Hare statue and airplan

  • PJ

    where were you when AMEX was giving away 75K bumped up bonus ? still a decent offer indeed lol

  • PJ

    I need to get amex hhonors to juice up the CIti hhnors 40K from Citi barely can do nothing

  • PJ

    call in to allocate credit from existing cards it might help to get new ones

  • PJ

    why pass on Freedom 30K UR sign on bonus ?

  • PJ

    i would like to know why people pass on the Chase freedom signup bonus 3oK the best ever in my memory

  • PJ

    many places DO not take AMEX tho :)

  • Grink21

    Soooooo who won?

  • PJ

    may I know what kind of time span did you get your 3 chase cards ?

  • Anonymous

    I purchased a ticket through expedia using the Amex business gold rewards card. I didn’t get 3x points. I was told by the rep that to get the 3x point i have to use the Amex membership rewards travel portal to buy ticket. Is this the way supposed to be?

  • Saydny

    Chase sapphire, Amex gold and discover cash back for some purposes.

  • Saydny

    Chase sapphire, Amex gold and discover cash back for some purposes.

  • CupcakeCity

    Hi Tt, it was a $300 bag that I left in a cab (stupid mistake, I know- I thought my husband grabbed it, he thought I grabbed it). I tried to file online, but it wasn’t working so I called the 1-800 number and spoke to a representative. I didn’t file a police report because it wasn’t technically stolen, I just lost it. (We called the cab company but they said they never could find it).

    The representative at AMEX insurance filed the claim and within two hours I had an email telling me that they reviewed my case and refunded the cost of the purchase. It may have helped that when I bought the purse, it was the only thing in my transaction. Hope that helps!

  • crazyflier

    I think the (upto) 62.5k HHonors point offer has expired. I got 50K from that.

  • Corinne L.

    Come on Brian! The suspense is killing us! Who won?

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  • PJ

    hmmm nice to see can get by with ONLY AMEX cards congratulations you are a winner

  • Anonymous

    I have an AMEX rewards plus (no longer available) and it is renewing at $150. I am thinking of applying for the AMEX platinum for $450 now (before calendar year end) and I believe there is an online app for 50,000 sign up points. With the $200 annual airline free credit and free annual companion ticket, it seems like a better way to go. Do you agree? If so, do you have link for this app (with 50,000 point signup) so you can get credit?

  • Anonymous

    Regarding the American Express Platinum, I found an offer to apply first time and get 50,000 points if you spend $1,000 in the first three months.

  • smedleyb

    Silly me. I thought this was a sight about points. And since CCs are the best way to accumulate points, it follows…

    With a little effort, TPG will teach you something new about the points game every day. If not, you’re probably ready for your own travel blog. Good luck!

  • Aluma Wallet

    When you have a good wallet your cards are always safe in it.

  • Fatima Ali9211

    im earning more thn 12$ with these elite websites you can see my payment proves and join them. and if you like them pray for my success thnx..

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