The Ten Finalists for the Great Seatmate Contest Round 2 are …

by on November 19, 2011 · 124 comments

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Bad Teacher


Ethan the Magician

The “Other” Brian

Points Dad

Jasmine from New York

PHD in Fun

The ‘Stache

The Points Rapper

Tricia – All Party

A big thank you to everyone who submitted a video! My team and I had a great time watching all the entries. Please cast your vote by 11:59pm (EST) on November 20th – I will be selecting my Seatmate from the top 3 when the poll closes. The grand prize winner will be announced in a post at 8:30am ET on Monday, November 21st. Best of luck to all the finalists!

My Seatmate will receive charter and access to all OneWorld Mega Do events and hotel accommodations during the Mega Do as outlined in this post on the contest.

Who should be TPG's seatmate at the Oneworld Mega Do?

  • Ethan the Magician (20%, 431 Votes)
  • Points Rapper (17%, 364 Votes)
  • Bad Teacher (16%, 348 Votes)
  • The "Other" Brian (16%, 342 Votes)
  • All Party (12%, 256 Votes)
  • The 'Stache (10%, 217 Votes)
  • PHD in Fun (4%, 79 Votes)
  • Jasmine from NY (3%, 59 Votes)
  • Points Dad (2%, 43 Votes)
  • HighFlyer2 (0%, 7 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,147

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  • Brent

    Wow some well done videos! I liked the bad teacher, pimping out his kids in class to get him a free trip! haha

  • MiffSC_traveler

    Pick the teacher!!! All teachers deserve a break like that! :)

  • IPBrian

    Some very good submissions guys! Vote for “The Other Brian!” :-)

  • Benny Hsu

    I liked the Stache and Ethan the magician. Had me laughing. Great job everyone!

  • Gpapadop

    My short term career as a video director is clearly over when I can’t crack the Top 10, deservedly so! It was fun bribing my kids to help their dad get another fix for his crack habit and going through the motions I learned a lot! No more videos for me, there are so many more talented people out there! I am going to watch the videos later today and vote for my favorite. Good luck to everyone and thanks Brian for the opportunity!

  • Ethan Jones

    Thanks Benny! Agreed, great videos all around!

  • Alex

    Points rapper was hilarious, but ethan the magician had me crackin up! Nice tablecloth trick! lol keep up the good work guys!

  • JosephMay

    Really Tough Competition. Congrats to all the entrants… All really well done!

  • Jimgotkp

    There were too many good submissions. I agree that the Ethan the Magician one was hilarious. I thought “The Other Brian” was good too!

  • sil

    I think Ethan magician should hide the other 9 contenders in a large bag and all can go. I love all the videos.

  • IPBrian

    Thanks Jim…I had quite a bit of fun making it!

  • Theother teacher

    YES!!1 the TEACHER!!!!

  • Guest

    Vote for my teacher!!!!!!!!

  • Points Daddy

    My wife is a teache if that counts!

  • Points Daddy


  • Chris B.

    So how many references are there in your vid? I don’t see any AA shopping mall ‘hockey pucks’ lol!

  • IPBrian

    By my count there are 23 (though there maybe more)…and you have to look pretty carefully. I intentionally obscured them in shallow depth of field (a few maybe too much) so people would have to know what they were looking at rather than reading the screen by zooming in! :-) Any you might look again for the hockey puck! LOL!

  • sgsgirl

    Pick the teacher! He seems like an awesome guy and is willing to do a lot for his students!

  • KJ_44

    I had this teacher in high school and he is by far one of the most awesome people ever. Definitely pick him…

  • Guest

    This teacher is my high school teacher and he deserves this sooooo much more than everyone else! Vote for him…

  • Glueglue8

    Tricia party animal is hottt. maybe you can join the mile high club?

  • Mike

    It’s though to decide between the teacher and the PHD in fun. hmm…

  • Ethan Jones

    I can certainly do my best!

  • Ethan Jones

    Thanks Alex! A magician never reveals his secrets.

  • Ethan Jones

    I wish I had this teacher in high school.

  • Daniel

    Does anyone think “the Stache” looks like Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter movies?

  • IMissHayes

    Seriously though, he was my teacher in high school and not only are his stories suspenseful and intriguing, but he’s an incredible story teller! He works hard for his students and totally deserves this! Please vote for him :)

  • IMissHayes

    haha you would have loved him

  • Alxumdililah

    The rapper is rockin and totally deserves to win for his effort.

  • vote4haydro

    Hayes is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. He definitely deserves a trip like this.

  • Twosawn1

    How can I not vote for my first born son? He is a chip of the old block!

  • Guest123901213042

    Vote for my teacher, he’s awesome and really wants this.

  • Person

    Can we still vote?

  • worldtraveller2

    I’m with you on this one George! There is no way I could compete with these type of submitted videos, we need to leave that to the professionals!

  • Rasadoorian

    Bad Teacher

  • claire

    ethan the magician was definitely the best!

  • Jagadish


  • Cms0417

    Vote for The Stache

  • Samay Time

    nice video

  • Kusum

    vote for The Stache

  • ROKI

    The ‘Stache VIDEO GOOD

  • Guest

    I have him and he is awesome, everyone vote for him!

  • ln98

    Vote for The Stache

  • Guest

    Vote for bad teacher! I had him as a teacher in high school and he is one of the best teachers i have ever had. He really deserves this!

  • Aaronslennon


  • bilal

    the stache is the best

  • Guest225

    Vote for Hayes! He is the best teacher I have ever had and he is also an amazing xc coach and he really deserves this trip

  • Suralal S

    vote for stache

  • Ajeesh

    Vote for The Stache

  • Ajeesh

    Vote for The ‘Stache

  • Lintophilip

    Vote for The Stache

  • Swathysolar

    voted for “the stache”

  • YourSillyStudent

    Hayes, you are an amazing teacher and I have learned more about not only history, but about life in general. You deserve this because of all you give back.

  • ROKI


  • Varada4success

    Vote for Stache

  • Prabhu_atp02

    Vote for The Stache

  • padmajayalakshmi

    She gives more valuable stuff it is important speech who need more and more practice

  • Veronì

    Voted. The ‘Stache

  • Jamie

    Agreed – clearly put a lot of thought into it. Go rapper!

  • Ajith

    vote for this video.

  • Cpkokku


  • Soumen_83


  • ln98

    The “Stache

  • Wabsabi23

    I vote Tricia, she seems normal, sophisticated, and fun…just like the points guy!

  • guest

    Pick “bad teacher” i have him in high school. He is awesome and is really excited about the possibility of winning this contest.

  • Barbara Cowan

    Bad Teacher

  • Area Man

    As friend of Ethan, I can honestly say he would provide excellent companionship on this journey. He is a gentleman in the most classic of ways. His video is hilarious.

  • BadTeacher

    Thanks, Ethan. Best of luck, however this turns out.

  • Paul Lewis

    Bad teacher! Won’t somebody think about the children?

  • HayesOrBroke

    Bad teacher for sure, I had him in high school and his class was always filled with great stories and experiences to back up the concepts and coursework.

  • Federico

    I Voted for Bad teacher, my wife couldn’t vote… (same ip)

  • bryan

    Ethan the Magician because he is considerate

  • Lucas Goodbody

    Draco? Haha. Never gotten that before, Daniel.

  • King_of_d_ring

    the stache

  • Cajbrooks

    I vote for Ethan the magician…love him!

  • Guest

    I vote for the teacher

  • Cally

    Ethan the Magician

  • truth

    Ethan is actually magical. And a wonderful friend to have

  • Vsivakumar47

    very nice

  • hannah


  • Woahlaughattack

    Ethan is one of the most interesting people I know. He is the face of fun! I mean, How can you not love that hair?

  • guest

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for ‘Bad Teacher”, he really needs this! And totally deserves it as well :)

  • Wyeaw

    Ethan is an entrepreneur, if you like this blog Ethan is the only one out of these candidates who would truly be able to give you something as informative as this blog down the road.

  • vote for the teacher!!!

    vote for the teacher!!!!!

  • yeahh hayes!

    VOTE FOR HAYES!!!! he is the best teachers ive ever had. Hes a lot of fun and keeps things from being boring. He really deserves this and i’m sure he is a fabulous seat mate.

  • students of hayes

    Vote for hayes, alias “bad teacher”, he is such an amazing teacher and imparts a love of history in us (his students). It would mean so much for all of us if he got it, he deserves a good vacation :)

  • Guest

    Vote for Hayes! He’s a great teacher and an even better coach!

  • Usha raj


  • sg

    The votes are so close, everyone should vote for ‘Bad Teacher” aka Hayes!

  • Jimmy8golfing


    -Bad Teacher deserves to win this competition more than anyone else. Not only is he a wonderful and engaging history teacher teaching at one of the most highly rated schools in the nation, he really could enjoy this trip. There is simply no teacher better than the Bad Teacher, Josh Hayes!!! EVERYONE VOTE FOR JOSH HAYES (BAD TEACHER). HE DESERVES TO WIN!

  • Jimrungolf

    Go Bad Teacher! Wohooo!

  • Jimmy Psomas

    Bad Teacher is amazing, I love him and hope he wins! EVERYONE VOTE FOR HIM! I GO TO HIS SCHOOL AND HE IS BY FAR MY FAVORITE TEACHER!!!!!!


    Hayes (BAD TEACHER) is such a wonderful teacher. A vacation like this is just what he deserves for being such a great history teacher.

  • Guest

    BAD TEACHER!!! That man deserves it.

  • go bad teacher

    GO BAD TEACHER!!!!!!!!!!

  • Truth

    Ethan Jones is a wonderful friend to have. Don’t miss this opportunity, good sir Points Guy.

  • guest

    Bad teacher, creative idea using the students!

  • students of the world

    teacher please!!! :)


    he sure is a great teacher!!!

  • Federico

    For the comments, I see Bad Teacher as a winner but I can see few clones with the same message…


    Vote for the bad teacher! He’s the one of the best teachers I’ve ever had.

  • bad teacher!

    HAYES FTW!!!

  • Visit:

    GO BAD TEACHER! He is such a great teacher and he deserves this vacation more than anyone! Everyone, “Bad teacher is a great teacher”.


    Go BAD TEACHER!!!!

  • bad teacher

    Go Bad Teacher! You are the best history teacher ever!!!! GO BAD TEACHER!!!!! GO BAD TEACHER!!!!! GO BAD TEACHER!!!!!!!!!

  • SGS

    go BAD TEACHER!!!!!



  • bobby 702

    Go BAD TEACHER!!!!!!

  • Rasadoorian

    Bas Teacher should be Good Winner!

  • Yeah 1X

    Bad Teacher is my favorite teacher and deserves to win this. A trip like this means: fun for my favorite teacher, an incredible experience for him, and most of all, LESS HOMEWORK!! GO BAD TEACHER!!

  • Motel6

    go BAD TEACHER! You are such an epic and engaging teacher!

  • sgs

    ahhhh 1 vote determining “Bad Teacher”…anyone who comes onto this site please vote for him! He is an amazing teacher and would be an amazing seat mate

  • Becky

    Vote for Bad Teacher!

  • hayesisdabombdotcom


  • Mr900973

    Rock on!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks to all who voted! It’s now closed.. there are four finalists since we had a tie for 3: Ethan, Points Rapper, Bad Teacher and The Other Brian.

    Stay tuned!

  • BadTeacher

    Wow. That was an exciting finish. Thanks everyone for all your support. I want to wish the others luck. I’m sure we’ll all be breathlessly awaiting TPG’s announcement tomorrow morning.

  • Ethan Jones

    Well everyone – it’s been a pleasure. Thanks for the votes and comments, and best of luck to Points Rapper and Bad Teacher!

  • Ethan Jones

    A tie! Incredible.

  • Anonymous

    For some reason the poll did not close correctly, but I captured the results as of 1159 and it was a tie for 3rd, so I’ll officially be considering:
    Ethan the Magician (20%, 427 Votes)
    Points Rapper (17%, 363 Votes)
    Bad Teacher (16%, 342 Votes)
    The “Other” Brian (16%, 342 Votes)

  • Benny Hsu

    Sure man! Your sense of humor was awesome. Loved the video. Hope you win.

  • Guest

    “Bad Teacher” for the W-I-N!

  • Theresebrgss

    Bad teacher is THE BEST and he really deserves to go. PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE.

  • gooooooooo hayes

    The Points Guy and Team- “Bad Teacher” Josh Hayes deserves to win by far and away! He is a fantastic, engaging, funny teacher who has been all around the world and has some great stories. He would be the best seat mate out of all these finalists and is dying to win this competition!

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