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Delta recently launched two targeted promotions:

1) A 100% rebate when you transfer miles. I’ve been told this offer is only eligible to people who received an email directly from Delta. The bonus miles get deposited into the account of the person who initiates the transaction. So if I were to transfer 60,000 miles to my Dad for $630, he’d get those 60,000 plus I’d get 60,000 back. Essentially, it allows you to buy miles for as low as 1.1 cents a piece. As I wrote about yesterday, my favorite Delta award is flying to Europe and Africa for 120,000 SkyMiles in business class. Through this promotion, those 120,000 points would cost $1,260!

¹Eligibility: This offer is open only to the recipients of original email. Offer is not transferable and cannot be combined with any o10ther offers. Transaction must be completed between November 14, 2011 and November 30, 2011 to receive the 100% mileage bonus. The 100% mileage bonus offer expires at 11:59pm CST on November 30, 2011. The 100% mileage bonus will be awarded to the transfer donor’s account and will post to the account within 24 hours after the completed transaction. The donor’s mileage bonus will equal 100% of his or her mileage transfer. Offer does not apply to miles purchased under the SkyMiles Buy Miles or Gift Miles programs.

Transfer Miles may only be donated and received by SkyMiles accounts that have been established for at least 10 days and have earned at least one automatically posted mile since enrolling in the Delta SkyMiles program. Each member is limited to transferring no more than 150,000 miles from his or her account and no recipient may receive more than 300,000 transferred miles from any other SkyMiles program account or combination of accounts in any calendar year. Any miles beyond this limit will not be transferred from member’s account or posted to any recipient’s account.

Limit per transaction: Up to four recipients- each can receive up to 30,000 miles.

2) A 100% buy miles promotion for Delta American Express cardholders. Delta sells miles at 3.5 cents a piece, so this bonus brings that down to 1.75 cents a piece. Not a great deal and certainly less lucrative than #1.

Eligibility: This offer is open only to basic Delta SkyMiles Credit Cardmembers from American Express. Additional Cardmembers are not eligible. Basic Cardmember must log on to the Buy Miles landing page on and purchase miles in order to receive the 100% mileage bonus. Offer is not transferable and cannot be combined with any other offers. Buy Miles purchase must  be made with a Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express between November 1, 2011 and December 31, 2011 to earn the 100% mileage bonus. The 100% bonus mile offer expires at 11:59 CST on December 31, 2011. Offer does not apply to miles transferred under the SkyMiles Transfer Miles program. Bonus miles for Buy Miles transactions will be awarded to the purchaser’s SkyMiles account. The 100% mileage bonus will post to the account within 24 hours of purchase.

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  • Anonymous

    Does anybody know if you can use the $200 airline fee/rebate to cover the cost of transferring Delta miles?

  • Clay

    I tried on the last one and was denied. I spoke to an agent..

  • Billy Mumphrey

    I’m not sure about this, but I think your math might be wrong. I believe it would cost $660 (not $630) to transfer 60,000 miles to your dad, since you’d have to do it in 2 transactions. If you click through the links above to the transfer page the maximum number of miles you can transfer in one transaction to one person seems to be 30,000. It might be possible to transfer 60,000 in one transaction to two different people, however, but that has significantly less value.

  • Lhbain1

    Good luck on getting that Delta business class award to Europe for 120,000 Skymiles. Those awards are gone forever.

  • Skaltman

    I received the transfer miles with 100% bonus offer. Do you think this is a great deal or just an ok promotion. Have they had better promotions in the past with transfering miles. My wife also received the promotion and I was thinking of both of us transfering miles into each others account. Currently we have no overseas trips planned. What do you think. By the way I love your site.

  • EricLipkind

    So, if you combine promotions and transfer 100,000 membership rewards to Delta, it will cost 70,000 membership rewards due to the 30% rebate. Under the next promotion, you can transfer those 100,000 miles and get the 100,000 mileage bonus. All this for just 70,000 membership rewards? So, you will end up with 200,000 Delta miles in exchange for 70,000 membership rewards + $1100. Am I interpreting correctly?

  • TD

    Isnt your math incorrect, wouldnt 120,000 miles via the transfer bonus equal $1320 and not the $1260 you quote? If you have a way of getting the 120,000 for the $1260, please explain.

  • Sunny

    TPG – You may be completely right but I think redeeming a short stack of miles makes more sense that unloading several hundred thousand miles that people may have accumulated – I (with my limited knowledge) feel they possiblly cannot devalue the award so much that people stop accumulating their loyalty – The one partner award might go away but I still feel they’ll give people something in return – just my gut ….

  • Ericlipkind

    Also, my targeted bonus was on purchasing miles with a 100% bonus rather than transferring miles. So basically 1.75 cents per mile.

  • Anonymous

    100k europe trips are easy to book since all partners price out at that level. It’s adding delta segments that throws things off but low level awards are bookable- you just need to know how to find them

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s a great deal if you know how to then redeem those miles for premium awards

  • Anonymous

    120k sent to 4 people as 30,000 each woud cost 1200 plus 30 transaction. You’d then get those 120k back but would have 30k split up in 4 accounts. If you have family members with balances this may not be a bad thing- plus you can keep transferring back and forth

  • Anonymous

    Getting the 100k transfer bonus requires some logistics because you can only transfer 30k per person for each $30 transfer fee, up to 4 diff people on the same transfer

  • Sfobuddy

    I want that transfer email, not the ‘buy miles’ email I received the other day. I wonder how people were selected?

  • Anne

    I love your site TPG, but reading and connecting the comments is a mental puzzle in itself. You can’t read from the top down because the responses aren’t in the correct order. But if you start from the bottom the same problem ensues.
    Is there some reason the newest comments can’t be UNDER the older ones?

  • PJ

    praying praying to get the email and say bye bye to memebership rewards points

  • drstils

    At the top right of the comments you can click “sort by” and put oldest first.

  • drstils

    At the top right of the comments you can click “sort by” and put oldest first.

  • PJ

    oops, seocnd thought: it does not gain much if I transfer points out into Delta ( unless with Bonus) if I only need delta to fly coast to coast which usually takes much more pver rivals and lousy connections versus almost always availble CO flights with 25K round trip out of Platinum CO ONEPASS

  • calbear77

    To my untrained eye, it appears Amex Delta credit card holders were targeted. If so, I hadn’t really considered getting that card, but perhaps the real hidden benefit would be to buy miles under this promotion. The 30K mile bonus didn’t really pique my interest until now.

    Can someone more learned than I give a more definitive answer?

  • Adam

    I got the transfer offer and I don’t have any Delta credit cards. I did the AMEX -> Delta transfer over the summer that netted Silver status with 25k MQMs and have since flown to Europe on AF business class for work. Not sure if any of that triggered the offer, but I thought I’d share the experience.

    I just used 100k points to book my fiance a complex business class trip on AF and KLM to Europe and she had only great experiences.

    With this offer I’m thinking of planning our honeymoon using the bonus to net us a trip to Europe and Seychelles!

  • mike a.

    I got a different offer yesterday. Buy miles and they will throw in a 100% bonus. Kinda wish I had the transfer offer :P

  • Jenny

    Only if his dad has two accounts, then you can transfer him twice with only 1 transaction fee charged

  • TD

    Okay, but having all four targeted, or all four dummy accounts targeted would be very unlikely. Better to say a “potential of…. if you can link four accounts”, otherwise its misleading. You only mention your Dad as an example.

  • PJ

    do you happen to know the tax and fees business class to Paris ? say onAir France or Delta?

  • calbear77

    I’d love to be able to get in on this one. Has anyone tried calling Delta to see if they could be added to the list, or what the criteria was so that they could work to meet it next time?

  • PJ

    gift certificate if under the 200 ( not is i was told) can NOT pay for non revenue items ie taxes fees on awad tickets can not be paid by gift certificates

  • Ri Zheng


  • Anonymous

    How do I get on the targeted promotion list. I have been a SkyMiles member since, forever, and have never received a promotion offer.

  • Anne

    Oh my goodness, thanks so much. Don’t know how I missed that, buy I’ve fixed it now.

  • Mlehms

    i got the offer, i have 150,000 miles and want to do the cheapest transfer to one account possible what will that cost i am confused

  • Travel Ind123

    If am understanding promotion correctly, we can buy 100% bonus miles at 1.7c (prom 2) and transfer miles to another accont for 100% back.
    if i buy 50000 miles at 3.4 c, will get 1o00,000 miles in account (prom 2), transfer 100,000 miles to family and get back 100,000 miles? so $1700 will net 200,000 miles?

  • Anonymous

    It would cost an additional $1200ish to transfer 100k miles so more like 2900 for 200k

  • puteshesvenik

    i just transferred 150K miles (5 times at 30K per time for $330 per transaction = $1650) to a friend. it can be done to one person in a series of transactions

  • Jenny Wang

    You forgot the transaction fee, it should be $1800

  • Jim

    That $330 includes the transaction fee ($300 to transfer/create 30k miles plus $30 transfer fee). So the $1650 number to “create” 150k miles is correct. I’m about to do the same thing myself with my fiance. $1650 business class flight to Australia sounds well worth it….if I can find availablity. Or a $1320 business class to Africa/Asia is good too. We got our honeymoon tickets on Air France Business for 4 days in Paris and 7 days in South Africa (flying AF’s A380) for 140k each. That seemed like a steal!

  • Pankaj Kumar

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