Amazing Deal Alert: 75,000 Points for Amex Business Gold Rewards- TODAY ONLY

by on November 3, 2011 · 59 comments

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Update: There is no current sign up bonus for the American Express Business Gold Rewards Card.

Amex is offering 75,000 points, which is a 50% increase over the normal 50,000 offer, if you apply for their new Business Gold Rewards card today (November 3, 2011). This is a 50% increase from the standard 50,000 point offer, which I thought was a great deal when the card was launched in August.

Note: this offer requires $10,000 in spend within 5 months to get the bonus, so make sure you can complete this before applying. Also, be prepared to show proof of business if asked, although Amex is generally much more lenient than Citi when it comes to asking for documentation.

While many people have been burned by Amex over bump bonuses, I think this one should be fine since it seems like a public offer. This is not one of my links so I can’t vouch 100%. See the T&C below for more information:

2 To be eligible to receive the bonus points, you must (1) apply for the new Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN using Bonus ID 7616 prior to termination of this offer, but in no event later than November 3rd, 2011, and (2) charge $10,000 of eligible purchases on the Business Gold Rewards Card in the first 150 days of Card membership. The bonus points will be credited to your Membership Rewards® account 6-8 weeks after you have met the purchase requirement. Offer limited to 75,000 bonus points per Card account. Existing American Express OPEN Gold Card members are not eligible for this offer. This is a limited time offer, which may be terminated by American Express at any time. Offer may not be combined with any other promotional offers. Membership Rewards program terms and conditions apply.

Hat tip Lucky!

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  • miffed amex user

    are they actually going to honor the points this time? i didnt get the 75k bonus on gold even though they noted the code last time; kind of bummed only got 25k which isn’t bad but not as good as was hoped for. i don’t trust amex as much anymore.

  • Rcworl

    thanks TPG, approved for the card in less than 30 seconds

  • Anonymous

    Are these MR points the same as the points on the personal Platinum card? Can the MR accounts be merged?

  • Myhotrs

    Does anyone have two Amex Business cards for the same business? I already have the SPG business version and dont want to waste a pull.

  • Anonymous

    Yes- they are the same. All of your MR accounts will be pooled into one main account

  • Anonymous

    Nice- for others out there- do you have your own business or did you apply as sole proprietor?

  • Anonymous

    This seems like a public offer, so I wouldn’t worry about it. That being said, this is not one of my links so I cannot vouch for it.

  • DIzzygoat

    Any ideas on how to spend 10k? Any ebay/craigslist ideas?

  • Anonymous

    Applied with my small business’s Federal ID. Showed “Approved” on the “Verify your additions” page, then “Pending” on the “Thank you” page. Has anyone received a confirmation e-mail?

  • Anonymous

    The main Open cards page shows the 50K bonus. I PDFed the 75K page just in case.

  • Everett

    Is it best to sign up for this card online or by phone? I applied for the Blue Cash Preferred a 5 weeks ago and was denied, so I’m a bit worried, does American Express have a good reconsideration department?

  • Anonymous

    I have an old OPEN card (not gold) for one my businesses (that I actually do not use anymore) and just opened this one for the same business. Instant approval, so it wasn’t a problem for me.

  • StrategicVacation

    I just called Membership Rewards to add this code to my Amex Biz Gold which I opened a month ago on the 50K MR bonus offer. The representative asked me to put my request in a secure message on the Amex website, saying that they had a problem with someone hacking their system and putting bonus codes on Facebook, and now people are applying for bonuses that they were not offered. I noted this was a public offer, not targeted. She was noncomittal but said the way to go was a secure message. Also, very long hold times today, she said it the volume of calls is crazy today and she did not know why.

  • nsk

    I got a “don’t call us we’ll call you” response to my online app.

    I have 3 Amex cards – gold delta skymiles as primary, blue cash as primary, and plat as add’l. All have balances paid in full every month. I also got the 50k bonus point gold biz card targeted e-mail last week. Finally, I have a legitimate business that’s been running for 5+ years. I’m not sure why I wasn’t immediately approved for this card. Hopefully it’ll come through.

  • MHessler

    When you use the link in the article, the AMEX website lists right there the today’s exclusive web offer of 75,000 points. When you apply, I’d print out a copy of that web page in case the points don’t come through.

  • Uraan

    I just applied and was approved! Brian – Thanks for the tip.

  • Jon

    Is this Amex Business Gold Rewards card worth the $175 annual fee? (i.e. what benefits do you get that could help offset the fee?)

  • Yi

    Thanks, TPG. Just applied and got approved. I don’t have a regular business (firm, etc. ), so leave the Federal ID blank as a sole…. Since there was small fonts next to the federal ID like It’s OK to leave it blank if you are sole**…. I usually sell something on ebay, amazon. So I think I do.

    Just put my own name in the field of “business name”

  • Eric

    I just opened up yahoo to check my email and this offer is in a full page ad on the yahoo website so there is zero chance this offer is targeted. It does, however, say that it is today only.

  • Everett

    It’s waived the first year.

  • mike a.

    Give me your card number and I’ll happily spend 10k on your behalf.

  • anniepercy

    I applied via the link and was approved, but didn’t see anywhere to type in the bonus code of 7616. I assume the link itself adds the bonus? I called Amex but no one seems to know anything about this web offer. Have had lots of frustration over the Amex Premier Gold card and today’s interactions brought flashbacks…


    Again, we north of the border can only watch all this crazy promotions hoping that one day it will actually appear up here. Tough luck!. One can only hope for a measly 25k MR for the Amex Business Gold for $5000 spent in 3 months with $180 first year waived.

  • Kevin

    Yes the bonus should be included with the link you applied with. You can confirm when them when the card comes in the mail. Can’t hurt to take a screen shot of the link with the 75k offer just in case they give you a hard time down the road.

    I’ve done that with both the 50k Plat car offer and the recent 30k SPG offer but those points all posted properly without me having to contact Amex.

  • Nathan

    Thanks TPG. Just applied, no business but was approved instantly. Any idea if this would affect a future personal platinum card sign-up bonus? Want the travel perks of the plat. but couldn’t pass up this bonus. Thanks. I have a sickness!

  • anniepercy

    Thanks, Kevin!

  • Kevin

    Just applied and approved, score!

    Now I just hope I can meet the spend requirement but I think I can handle it.

    I have some flights to book as well, looks like I’ll be waiting a few days to get that 3x bonus on airfare.

    For the record I applied as a sole proprietorship. Left the Fed Tax ID field blank and used my name for the Legal Business Name.

  • Anonymous

    Buy grocery store gift cards over $100, sell them to neighbors for $1 less…?

  • Kevin

    It should not affect you getting a sign up bonus for the personal platinum card, or even a business platinum card.

    Many people have gotten bonuses from personal gold, platinum, and business gold cards this year over on FlyerTalk.

  • Tilley

    How can I boost my spending to meet the 10K spend requirement for this card? Normally my spend rate will only get me to about 8K within in 5 months? Is there a way for me to buy something that I can convert back to CASH for myself with low risk? Your suggestions or a link to a resource with tips would be appreciated! Thanks guys!

  • Jon

    Sorry. I should clarify. Is the card worth the $175 annual fee after the first year?

  • Pointasaurus

    No they won’t. I have a Business and a Personal Gold that have separate reward accounts. You can supposedly move the points from one to the other I have heard. However, from time to time AMEX allows bonus transfers to some of their partners. For example they had a first time transfer up to 150,000 points to Delta Skymiles with a 50% bonus. Having points in two accounts would, I think, allow you to take advantage of more than just the 150,000 in that you could possibly transfer up to this amount from both of your MR accounts. I would be interesed if anyone could confirm this.

  • jon

    Applied this morning and got the “need more information” screen, but no phone number to call to provide it. About 3 hours later, just received the approval email from AMEX New Accounts.

    Thanks for the heads up on this very short-term offer!

  • DavidAL

    If I have the Personal PRG card, can I get this and the bonus? It just says “Existing American Express OPEN Gold Card members are not eligible for this offer.”

  • Gan

    Thanks, I followed your steps and got approved immediately.

  • DavidB

    I was instantly approved as a sole proprietorship. Thanks!

  • Jeff Lester

    Was just approved…I have the SPG Business also.
    I am curious why so many people love the SPG…why would anyone carry the SPG over this one?

  • Batting .500

    My fiance and I applied for the amex gold bus a couple months back with code 6818 (IIRC) . It was 100k points after 2k spend. I was lucky to hit the spend quick and got the bonus but she took a little longer and now is battling with customer service for the bonus. She technically was not targetted but got the code added. Does anyone have any tips on how to convince Amex to honor the bonus? Would it be wrong to send a message to the BBB? I would never have taken the credit hit if the CSR would not have told me we would get the bonus.

  • Anonymous

    SPG is a crowd pleaser because they transfer to 31 airlines- many at a 1:1.25 ratio.

    This one is good for the 2x/3x but for all other spend SPG might make more sense- especially if you like AA miles since they are not a transfer partner of Amex, but are with SPG

  • Anonymous

    You should have no issues

  • lavaghan

    Take a look at the PayPal/Ebay purchase possibilities

  • Farscapeone

    Approved but needed to reference the Bonus Code to get the $75K offer.
    I manage my own LLC.

  • Watdafoc

    The true real AMAZING deal was for those of us that got offered the Business Gold Rewards 100k MR points for $1k in spend :). $10k in spend, OUCH!

  • anniepercy

    What do you mean by “referencing the Bonus Code”? Thanks.

  • toomanybooks
  • DavidAL

    Applied for me and the Mrs., both approved. Hopefully now MR will have a transfer bonus sometime in Q1 (after I meet the spending).

  • somanyquestions

    Is it true that applying for multiple credit cards on the same day is beneficial (and hence why some of the pros have “churn days”)? Just got approved for this one, and wondering if I should jump on something else as well before the clock strikes twelve… Also, anyone know if Amex will treat two credit pulls on the same day as one, as Citi did?

  • RJ

    TPG, did you apply?

  • Tilley

    Thanks for the great suggestions. I think I’ll go for the card!

  • Asdfasdfa

    that’s because canada is the land of high taxes and socialism

  • JF

    Do the BBB and JD Power. I think they value JD Power more…

    The other thing is, you may still get the bonus, despite the DA CSR telling you you won’t. Similar to what happened with those of us who did the 75k Columbia B-school promo and then got an unknown 40k points from our original offer. TPG may have better thoughts though, he’s the expert :)

  • Anonymous

    I’d hold off a bit- its still playing out. Phone reps are exasperated so don’t take anything they say for real- the actual decision making is being handled by senior management. I wouldn’t be surprised if they just bonus out everyone to make the issue go away.

    That being said, you need to let them know via secure message that you are expecting whatever promo they promised you. So do that so you get on the “list” and hopefully you will be taken care of.

    I’d give this until the new year and then get angry if you don’t see anything resolved.

  • JF

    My wife did the 75k bonus, called and got it added. Then, when the 15 transactions bonus came up, she also called to get that added. I SM’d them to get the 75k added after the requirement was met and they said that she was now enrolled in the 15 transactions program and wouldn’t honor it. I even called and they said it wasn’t on her account, though I know it was because I got confirmation twice prior to the enrolling her into the 15 transactions program. I would obviously prefer the 75k but right now they are actually giving her the 10k per month. Both would be the best case but I don’t want to be greedy :) What would you suggest me doing? I suppose they are aware of my 75k expectation because of my Secure Message. Would you send another message? Or wait it out?

  • Rcworl

    yes, i started a small rental unit business and used that tax id #, also an amex plat card holder

  • Andy

    Never knew there’s a place to check application status!

  • nsk

    Just today got approved. Tried to confirm 75k bonus eligibility with phone rep, but spoke with three who all had no idea. They said they’d “notate the file” that I’d requested the bonus. Will see what transpires.

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  • SeattleTrick

    Thanks TPG, I put in my 10k spending, was expecting to make a call to get the 75k (as opposed to the usual 50k offer). But..

    02/06/2012 Earned BGR $10k spend / 75k MR pts 75,000


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