50,000 Point Southwest Card Bonus Expires Tomorrow!

by on November 10, 2011 · 31 comments

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Update: This offer is no longer available. View the current offer for the Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card here.

I just got an email that the Chase Southwest Plus card with 50,000 points for the first purchase will expire tomorrow, November 11, 2011. You have until the end of day to apply (to be safe I’d recommend before 5pm Eastern)

Application link

Original post on the deal

Also remember these points count towards Companion Pass Qualification which is an amazing benefit. Read more about that here.


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  • Matt Steele

    Sweet! Just got in on this two days ago.

  • Maury

    Brian: I am trying to decide which card to apply for. I am between the Chase Southwest and the Chase Ink Bold. Which one has more value?

  • Jon

    If I already have the Chase Southwest Premiere card that came with a 50,000 point bonus, would I still be able to get the Plus card and the new 50,000 point bonus?

    I’m deciding between the Southwest Plus card w/ 50,000 points, the Marriott Visa w/ 70,000 points, or the Sapphire Preferred w/ 50,000 points. I have several other Chase cards right now, and will only be able to pick one of the above offers.

  • calbear77

    Is this just the Plus card? What about the Premier deal and Business Plus? Will those still be active? My plan is to apply for Premier and Business Plus and I already got the Marriott 70K card, and I’ll make my first purchase for the SW cards on Jan 1 and transfer the Marriott points the same day. If all goes according to plan, I’d have a companion pass for nearly two full years.

  • Everett

    If I get this card today, but wait till after Jan 1. to make a purchase, will the points 50k points then be credited next year and count towards 50k of the companion pass for 2011? (I don’t want to start at 0 CP points when Jan. 1 starts). Or is it better just to apply today and ask them not to activate the card till Jan 1?

  • Caldwell4az

    i echo everett’s question…can we just activate after jan 1st to extend the companion pass? also what are the details on using the points for international travel on SW? i understand that this a new venture for SW but haven’t found any info on it. fam & i are going to europe in june & would love to use this….

  • PJ

    I applied a Freedom card for my daughter some how she was slow to realize she had c new credit card with decent signon bonus (20K then) she never activated it; about 6 months later i asked Chase if she the particular card still qualify for sign on bonus .. the answe is no.. so basically if they say MEET THE SPEND 500 in 3months they go with the day card was APPROVED.

    i think you meant to get 50K to help secure companion pass for 2012 if so all you have to do is activate is still and DONT DO NOTHING UNTIL 2012

    I squeaked into last Aug promotion along with Hyatt got both cards on same call into Chase it is a very nice card to have : today i booked a LAX to SJC( San Jose) sat flight with 2940 points which would cost $49

    My adivice is : GO GET IT if you get declined call in chase reconsideraton to allocate credit from BA card. In my case, I gave Southwest 5K credit i still have 15K left ..I doubt I will ever use BA for major purchase in my lefe sad to see they devalue their points faster than pesos rubble etc

  • Dave Op

    Is the Chase Southwest Premier (6000 renewal bonus but on a $99 fee) going to expire tomorrow too?

  • PJ

    HELLLO anybody got both cards ? Premier in summer and Plus card this round ?

  • PJ

    I put in Sapphire Preferred and Mariot about a week ago, Monday will be the day I call up the Reconsideration line to ask to expedize my application.. last round I got 2 cards ( Hyatt and Southwest Premier) on the same call after asking them to allocate credits out of my freedom and BA all had 20 K credit line.

    In case you spotted in the “what credit cards in your wallet..” contest: I have been carrying Sapphire Preferred.. I am ONLY an AU on the current one I truly meant everyword i said in the comment

  • PJ

    may I know how long did you wait to know the card IS approved ? thanks

  • Track1012

    I have this card, and this a great deal for those of us who fly Southwest with any regularity. There’s a lot of value to be had with these points. I squeezed three round trips with points to spare out of the 50,000.

    End of the year, I’m going to wind up 10,000-15,000 points short of a companion pass and am looking for my best option. I’ll have around 40,000 Amex points, 40,000 Hilton points, 60,000 Chase points, and 10,000 Starwood points left to play with in December. Anyone have any suggestions on my the best transfer option available to me to help me fill in the 10,000-15,000 Southwest points I’ll need for a companion pass?

  • PJ

    chase BOLD is Business card i was told ” You need to prove…..”” if you spend 100K a year yes you get 47.5K point bonus plus your 100K + 50K sign on bonus while sapphire is only 50K + 100K + max 100 K ( all 100k is dining and travel ) or 50K if only 50 % of 100 K is 2% .. about neck to neck
    100K purchase + 50 K on 2% rebate + 50 K sign on bonus plus 7% of this 200=214K slighly ahead of Ink BOLD Inkbold gets priority pass for one year and probably offset by the fact BOLD cards do pay 3% foreign exhange fees.. hope this help.. still straight out of my head: GET AS MANY family members to apply SAPPHIRE Preferred as possible…Signon bonus is too sweet to miss..

  • PJ

    sorry if just between a airline card without SPEND limit I would try to get them BOTH or use different names in your family to get as many as you can.. agin signon bonus is too sweet to miss no jobs are too big
    sapphire points are very valuable if anybody in your family has ONEPASS with Platinum status

  • Dhammer53

    I already have the regular SW card. Today I applied for the Business card. I’m not a SW flyer, but the gift card redeption for Marriott/Hyatt/Mortons Steak House are too sweet to pass up. Don’t forget the 20% bonus redemption expires sometime in December.

  • guest


    When i google southwest visa. I get the following result saying the offer ends on the 28th? What to believe?


  • calbear77

    I just went ahead and signed up for Premier and Business Premier in case it does. Don’t want to miss out on this. I didn’t get instant approval, though the same thing happened to me last week when I signed up, and eventually got approved for, the Marriott card. If they deny me, and I think there’s a good chance of that given that Chase has inexplicably extended me over $45K in credit lines between my 3 current cards with them, I’ll call and ask them to reallocate things.

    After this, I’m cooling my jets on the CC signups for several months, I think, unless there’s another deal like the BA 100K that comes out. I already have enough points to get me through the next two years.

  • xtc

    1. anyone want to guess how legit it would look to them if i, at 24, with a 790, applied for a personal & business card same day? 100% on time payments, average account age 5 years, 1 delinquent account.

    2. anyone know if the points automatically go the main cardholder? for example, could my dad make an account, put me as an additional card, then i use the points in my name’s southwest account?

  • Anonymous

    Many people have gotten personal and business on same day and with your credit score I cant imagine you having a problem (though you may have to do the reconsideration line)

    As for an addtl cardholder getting the points, I highly doubt they’d go for that

  • Jmguide

    Thanks for the tip. Signed up online an hour ago at IND before boarding to MDW. The SW employee at the VIsa kiosk by gate B25 didn’t even know today was the last day!

  • Anonymous

    There are two cards- Plus and Premier. Plus ends tomorrow

  • xtc

    ahhh THANKS for the quick (minutes) response! any suggestion on whether to do premier&plus or plus&business? have a somewhat legit claim to business (i’ve DJed internationally and proof online if they did ask…), would prob apply for business first so if i had to call in i would just have to answer personal Q’s.

  • Anonymous

    If I were you I’d apply for business card first to hopefully get the instant approval and then apply for the Plus card (unless you plan to keep the card for years, in that case I’d recommend the Premier). Its much easier to sweet talk a personal card approval via reconsideration than a Business card

  • xtc

    “Our analysts are currently reviewing your application”. will wait and hope, then apply for personal if it goes through, but hesitant to call for business, then call again for personal… balls.

  • Dave Op

    Stupid me…I applied for this card yesterday, but I don’t have membership in the Rapid Rewards program. I called the reconsideration line today, and they said I have been recommended for approval, but they are waiting to hear something from Southwest. Does anyone what will happen? Will Chase sign me up with Southwest? Will I still get the bonus points?

  • Ryan

    Not sure where you got this information from, but the offer is still active as of Nov. 15 (for both Plus and Premier cards). Link:

  • Sandy B

    Can anyone out there tell me how long it took for the points to post after activating and using this card? I want to use it for my son to come home in January

  • Ryan

    The points will post at the close of the billing cycle in which you make your first purchase. So, after using the card for the first time, it will take about 30 days for the points to post. I made my first purchase on July 15 and the points were posted to my SW account on August 21.

  • Maren

    Anyone know when the business card offer expires?

  • Charlie

    who has had bonus points post in 2012? They counted toward the companion pass?

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