30,000 Point Starwood Amex Sign-up Bonus is Back!

by on November 30, 2011 · 54 comments

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Update: Offers for the Starwood Amex cards have changed. Visit these links to see the current offers for the Starwood business and personal cards.

TPG reader Lauren just sent me an email invite she had received from Starwood offering 30,000 points (which is generally the highest American Express offers on this card) with 10,000 points after first purchase and 20,000 points after $5,000 within 6 months. No annual fee for the first year, $65 thereafter and this offer expires December 12, 2011.

For more info on this card, check out my original posts on the 30,000 offer when it was publicly promoted this summer and also Maximizing Starwood Preferred Guest Points: Cash and Points Awards

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  • CloveLeaf

    I just applied for SPG card a couple of days ago. Can I ask Amex to match this offer? And do you know what is the offer code? Thanks!

  • JoshL

    Do you think they’d bump the bonus from the 25K offer I got 6 weeks ago?

  • Anonymous

    Probably- might as well ask them!

  • Anonymous

    Probably- might as well ask them!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have a code, but just call/send a secure message and ask.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have a code, but just call/send a secure message and ask.

  • infamousdx

    Great stuff, Brian! I’m going to be including the Biz version in my upcoming churn in December. Thanks

  • infamousdx

    Great stuff, Brian! I’m going to be including the Biz version in my upcoming churn in December. Thanks

  • Todd Brezinski

    approved! is there something special for Asian properties for C&P? W Hong Kong shows nothing ever, do I have to call?

  • Nathan Keirn

    I sent my secure message, but after all the bumping fiasco AMEX has their bumps locked down tighter than a gnat’s vagina.

  • Paul

    Since starwood points transfer 2:1 to Continental, and you get a 5,000 bonus for transferring 20,000 points, am I correct that this sign up bonus can be worth 70,000 CO/UA miles? (30,000×2 + 5,000×2)

  • Anonymous

    That would mean 40,000 Starwood = 25,000 ua/co

  • Bob1

    other way around 2 spg for 1 co

  • RL

    Hey Brian, any suggestions of other Amex cards to apply for with this one to take advantage of consolidating credit pulls? Would any personal/business Amex card app work? (Currently have Business Gold)

  • Paul W

    My advice: Save the application page with the offer and everything else. I signed up for the 25K offer (10K up front and 15K after a $5,000 spend) and now I am fighting with Amex who says they cannot find evidence I was targeted for this offer and can I please send the paperwork showing I was targeted, which of course I can’t since it was an internet offer. Pretty depressing. Also don’t bother with the secure messages, since that appears to be the department of “no” located in India. Picking up the phone at least gets you someone who understands the problem and pretends to be sympathetic, but then offers you 3000 Starpoints as “gesture of goodwill” (rejected). End of rant.

  • Bdl

    Got the same thing when I called. However, I found out that the spend bonus was not even attached to my application and was then told that there is nothing they can do and I will not be receiving the 15K bonus….

  • Modernhaus

    TPG can you comment before more of us fill out the applications? Seems this is truly targeted and SPG is cracking down?

  • NewGuy

    If I already have the Starwood Personal card and got the 30k bonus from that, if I apply for the Starwood Business card under the same tax ID (I’m a freelance consultant as my business), will I still get the 30k bonus?

    By the way, great blog–have learned a lot since I recently discovered it!

  • Rocketzo

    Is there a fee to transfer Starwood points to delta skymiles? I know I get a 5k point bonus for every 20k I transfer but I couldn’t find any info that explained if there were any fees to do the transfer. I seem to remember paying a fee to transfer amex mr points to skymiles once before. Thank you!

  • Trent Swanson

    Churners, from T&C: “Bonus Starpoints are for first-time Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Cardmembers only”

  • Paul S

    Moved from Canada to US in August and was able to get one US Amex card right away using their Global Transfer program that recognized my foreign credit history (a huge benefit of Amex over other card companies). Based on your recommendations I went with the Premier Rewards Gold card rather than SPG at that point. However just applied online for SPG card and was approved. Thanks for the tip! Will be nice to have both options in my wallet. Very happy with Amex and love the fact that they don’t have any aggravating “Verified by Visa” equivalent for online purchases!

  • Modernhaus

    Oh snap! “We will notify you of our decision within 14 days”
    That can’t be good, right?

  • Dan

    You open by asking about an entire continent, but then quickly change your focus to one property? Asia as a whole has some pretty good C&P deals, particularly in Thailand.

  • BenjaminFan

    I can’t seem to find a link where I can refer a friend for this offer. I was hoping to get an extra 5000 points for referring this deal. Any help would be great. Thanks!

  • Yang


  • PJ

    well, as a senior member, i invited my daughter to apply for 25K total with the 5K referral welll so far i am even . will definitely call in and ask for the bump ; i would take the 3000 as a consolation which they pretty much give away every time anyway.

    btw, 3K is all it takes for a decent Sheraton weekend night stay nearby LAX or SFO not bad deal :)

    I value SPG points a lot since they work magic when combining with cash.. getting a second one to make the upcoming south american trip an ALL SHERATON NIGHTS possible..

    I did use this amex SPG card to pay property tax with 2.75 % surcharge first time in my life to meet the SPEND the old fashioned way; no minting no amazon payment

  • abcx

    Anyone have a backdoor number for Amex? got 14 days on a small biz app and I need it before next week.

  • PJ

    wonder if anybody ever going that route to get CO/Umited miles ? what a throw away ratio 2 spg for 1 co.. wish soon we can see a centralized exchange website so we can swap points around: it is ceratinly doable the SPG seller books hotel stays for the UNITED seller who in turn can either transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards or book flight for the SPG seller . …

    Along the same vein, a BA buyer looking to fly short haul might want to let go AA miles

  • Allen

    Hey Brian.. how long should I wait before I apply for a new Starwood Amex card, after I cancelled the old one? thanks.

  • Fjr44

    Does anyone know what credit bureau AMEX pulls your credit history from?

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  • Janelle

    I asked too.. got rejected to point-match to the 30K but they gave me the 3,000 as a consolation prize anyway. Oh well.

  • Jethro

    Brian, love the blog and read every day, congrats on the full time gig! Do you have a reconsideration # for AMEX? Thanks in advance………….Jethro

  • chris

    Does the annual fee for this card start on January 1 2012, or would it not kick-in until December of next year? This is my first year getting in on the cc benefits, so I have not seen a fee hit yet for any of the cards I signed up for in Q2 & Q3.

  • Rob H

    Approved. This marks the 5th card I’ve received through one of your links – I hope your commission is pretty decent.

  • Anne Woodyard

    Used the link, approved immediately – thanks! What a difference from our recent Chase Sapphire experience – I was approved after a couple of weeks, as was another friend, but neither of our husbands were! Guess they didn’t want to give the bonus miles twice per family…
    Shall we apply for another Starwood Amex for Mr. W as well? Have there been problems for couples opening separate accounts?
    Just dipping our toes in Starwood for the first time, after joining a couple of weeks ago and spending our first night in one of their properties, so have a newbie question.If we open a Starwood account for Mr. W as required to apply for the Starwood Amex, can we consolidate the points we each receive into one account? Easier to keep track of that way…
    Thanks Brian!

  • JoshL

    Did you call in or send secure message? I sent a secure message for my wife and myself and was given the indian “not a chance” and no 3K consolation.

  • JF

    How soon after receipt of the last bonus can I apply for this card again? Thanks.

  • Scott G

    I signed up for the 25k bonus less than two months ago, so I secure emailed and called to see about the 30k bonus…but no luck. And no 3000 Starpoint “gesture of goodwill” either!

  • Todd Brezinski

    Only because I was googling the former, but concerned about the latter.

  • Fletch

    Yes, you will still get the 30K bonus if under same TIN, if one is a business app, and one a personal app – I did several months ago!

  • Steve


  • Bill

    You should be able to log in to your AMEX account online and search for Referral. It will bring you the link to refer them, but I believe they only get the 25K (rather than 30K) and you get 5K

  • Ryan W

    You made me nervous so as soon as I activated my card I called Amex and confirmed the promotion was on my account. Safe!

  • Peter

    I signed up the offer this offer using your link. Got the card and called Chase to confirm the offer. However, both reps that I talked to said that my offer is only 25K(10K first purchase and 15K after a $5000 purchase). Weird..

  • Leo

    I think deal is dead.

  • Roknroll

    The link is dead now for me, is it the same for everyone else? I have been getting emails for the 25k offer so perhaps I’ll hop on that one.

  • Anonymous

    Yea.. 25k is the best deal right now

  • Jeff Slobotski

    I applied during the last offer and am now battling with AmEx as well even after sending them a screenshot of the offer here on TPG…

    Can someone provide me an offer code or something to arm myself with when I call rather than resort to email anymore?

    Really depressing as was planning on using points for our family vacation, finally…and rushed to spend $4,500 within 3 months…

  • Mmt

    how long do I have to wait to apply for a new AMEX starwood after cancelling the old one?

  • PJ

    prepaying wireless or cable service in one legitimate route gift card NO good amazon payment is ok to 1000 a month per account me paying property tax is my last resort with 2.75 % fees

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