30% Rebate on Amex to Delta Transfers

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This fall Membership Rewards has been pretty quiet with transfer bonuses and up until recently Delta didn’t have one at all, which is pretty rare considering they had multiple promos in September.

However, they just announced a promotion where you get a rebate of 15,000 points for every 50,000 transferred to Delta. This is a 30% rebate, or a 43% bonus since depending on how you look at it (for those wondering how I got 43%, in the end you are only using 35,000 Amex points to get 50,000 Delta miles so a 15,000 point bonus 35,000 points used = 43%.
In the scheme of transfer bonuses this one is pretty decent. It means you can get a transatlantic business class award (with a stopover and open jaw) on SkyTeam partners for 70,000 Amex points (100,000 SkyMiles). One of my favorite Delta redemptions is 120,000 miles to go to Africa with a stopover in Europe. This summer I did Mauritius and Madrid and last summer I did Seychelles and Paris. Next summer I am thinking of doing Reunion and Greece. While I have enough SkyMiles, someone could get the 120,000 needed by transferring 120,000 Amex points and getting 30,000 back – in the end using 90,000 Amex points for a business class trip to Africa and Europe – not bad!

Of course there are some drawbacks to this promotion:
1) The rebated points will be assued as electronic certificates and will be sent by email 6-8 weeks following registration in promotion. So if you need those points back soon, I wouldn’t count on it.
2) You are cashing out flexible Amex points for Delta SkyMiles. While SkyMiles can be… challenging to use, it’s not impossible. I’ve written a lot of posts on how to maximize them, so educate yourself before making the transfer.

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  • Samir

    any idea on how long they are running this promo?

  • Anonymous

    Dec 31, 2011

  • Carl

    As you mentioned, the business class award to Africa for 120k, with the stopover in Europe, is really one of the best uses of Skymiles, especially considering the award availability seems to be exceptional.

    The only other award that really appeals to me is the V Australia award, which is 150k, but getting the gateway flights can be a bit of a challenge, so for ease of booking and the stopover, the Africa award is quite a bargain.

  • Ken Paynter

    Just got an email from Delta for 100% mileage bonus w/ AMEX Delta Skymiles credit card, through Dec 31. See attached

  • Pointasaurus

    I receintly received the 75000 bonus for a personal as well as a business card. With 10 months or so yet to go before I have to cancel to avoid the annual fee, do you think I should jump on this bonus or wait and see what may come along down the road. In other words, has there ever been a better bonus offered and is there a pretty good chance of another better one coming along?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the heads up, for travelling to South Africa – which partners would you recommend that offer 120K offers? Air France? I am thinking of having something on hold with them in the near-term, and then transferring the points while waiting. Thank you.

  • Suzannehendrix

    Ken, Can you copy and paste the link?

  • Suzannehendrix

    Just got an email from Delta for 100% bonus for transferring miles. Good from 11/14-11/30 only. It looked like it may have been targeted as I had to use a link in the email to get to the offer.

  • Anonymous
  • Pointasaurus

    But, they cost .01 plus $30 per transaction. The FREE 30% bump is better IMO.

  • Ken Paynter

    offer I got was actually to PURCHASE miles at 100% bonus, but looks like TPG found a good transfer offer below. The link from the email goes to the standard skymiles purchase landing page. Here is a copy/paste of the email i got:

    Exclusive offer for Delta SkyMiles Credit Cardmembers
    from American Express.


    To thank you for being a loyal Cardmember. When you use your Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express to buy miles on this holiday season, we’ll throw in a 100% mileage bonus.1 That’s an extra 2,000 miles for every 2,000 miles purchased.

    This is the perfect time of year to get the extra miles you need to book your Award Tickets.2 Plus, by using your Card you can also earn double miles on Delta purchases to help you reach your next vacation even sooner.3

    Hurry! Offer ends December 31, 2011.

    Terms & Conditions

    1Eligibility: This offer is open only to basic Delta SkyMiles Credit Cardmembers from American Express. Additional Cardmembers are not eligible. Basic Cardmember must log on to the Buy Miles landing page on and purchase miles in order to receive the 100% mileage bonus. Offer is not transferable and cannot be combined with any other offers. Buy Miles purchase must be made with a Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express between November 1, 2011 and December 31, 2011 to earn the 100% mileage bonus. The 100% bonus mile offer expires at 11:59 CST on December 31, 2011. Offer does not apply to miles transferred under the SkyMiles Transfer Miles program. Bonus miles for Buy Miles transactions will be awarded to the purchaser’s SkyMiles account. The 100% mileage bonus will post to the account within 24 hours of purchase.

    Buy Miles may only be received into SkyMiles accounts that have been established for at least 10 days and have earned at least one automatically posted mile since enrolling in the SkyMiles program. This program may not be available in all markets or geographic areas.

    Taxes and Fees: Miles may be purchased for $0.035 USD per mile (minimum 2,000 miles) plus a 7.5% Federal Excise Tax. An additional 5% GST and/or other applicable taxes apply to purchases by Canadian residents. Purchased miles are not refundable and are applicable toward all SkyMiles Awards.

    2Award Travel: Taxes and fees for Award Travel are the responsibility of the passenger and must be paid at the time the ticket is booked. Award Travel seats are limited and may not be available on all flights or in all markets.

    3This offer applies to qualifying Delta purchases made with your Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express. Bonus miles will be posted to your Delta SkyMiles account 8 to 12 weeks after the end of each month.

  • Medbilling200

    Delta is offering 100 % transfer bonus to targeted skymile member. Offer valid from 11/14/11 to 11/30/11. Is it true?

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  • PJ

    i am not an elite member wih Delta: seeing these non desirable sides with Delta points: take well well too much more miles to fly a common route LAX NYC ( ie domestic long hauls) and well too much to get to asia.. enen with give 50 get back 15 amex promotion I still rate CO points much more valuable you find many many direct flight coast to coast for 12.5K one way now how much do we miss for the missing CO as partner with AMex ? this helps to support CHase Sapphire signon bonus is a stellar offer even with just 50K unless you were targeted ( heard some people still get 100K some with 50K with first purchase )
    I just booked a CO trip NYC to TPE ( stopover) to CTU ( CHengdu china a stop over to hug pandas etc) and back to NYC with perfect connection.. I bet this will take well well too many Delta points

  • Fred

    i tried to register but was told that i am not eligible. was this a targeted emailed offer?

  • Fred

    i tried to register but was told that i am not eligible. was this a targeted emailed offer?

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  • Sdunov60

    Has anyone who participated in this promo received their electronic certificate yet? I’m still waiting

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