Up to 1,200 Free Miles With Delta SkyMiles Shopping Assistant

by on October 17, 2011 · 15 comments

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Online shopping malls are all the rage these days. Retailers know that miles are a great way to encourage shoppers (color me guilty) and often offer huge bonuses to increase sales.

One of the newest marketing platforms are browser embedded toolbars that automatically alert you to mileage earning opportunities. Delta’s is now offering 500 free miles for installing it and an additional 500 miles when you spend $250 or more through their “Shopping Assistant.” They are also giving away 200 extra miles for spending $100 by 11:59 pm EDT, October 18, 2011. “Please allow 8-10 weeks for bonus miles to be deposited into your account.”

Once you keep the Shopping Assistant for at least 30 days and you get your free miles, you can uninstall it. Unfortunately right now it’s only available for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, but the Mac version will be available December 1, 2011. It says miles will be posted 10-12 weeks after the promo ends on 12/31/11, so don’t expect the miles anytime soon. However, free miles are free miles!

Hat tip TPG reader Paul!

Full T&C
**Now through 11:59 pm EST, December 31, 2011, download the SkyMiles Shopping Assistant and keep it installed for 30 days to earn 500 miles. Spend a total of $250 or more with the SkyMiles Shopping Assistant by December 31, 2011, and earn an additional 500 miles! Returns, taxes and shipping fees are not eligible for miles. Please allow 10-12 weeks after the close of the promotion for your bonus miles to be deposited into your account.

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  • JA

    You’re still recommending Cartera after all their stunts?? Good luck with those sleazy crooks

  • Guest

    Stay away from this “deal.” It’s run by a clumsy, incompetent company called Cartera that’s no smarter than a pile of rocks, ball of lint, or collection of dust. The Points Guy should mention Cartera’s track record and should know better by now than to steer us this way again — or at least footnote it.

  • Paramount

    You guys should get over it. Everybody makes mistakes… just because you didn’t receive your 2,000,000 points for 25 bucks. Some things are just common sense.

  • Paramount

    You guys should get over it. Everybody makes mistakes… just because you didn’t receive your 2,000,000 points for 25 bucks. Some things are just common sense.

  • Anonymous

    Online shopping is still a lucrative way to earn miles so I’ll steer people in that direction until its no longer true. I assume you are both referending the 83,871 Verizon AA mall mistake which I didn’t even write about on this site because I knew it was a mistake.
    However, they even offered 2,500 free miles as an apology, which I did write about here. I know its not the payday you may have expected, but sometimes you need to let it go. To not earn any miles from online shopping would be a classic example of cutting off your nose to spite your face, in my humble opinion

  • JA

    And what about the 2,300 mile Delta offer? Was that a “mistake” as well?

  • Anonymous

    Yes it was apparently. Annoying, but not worth getting bent out of shape over.

  • XV

    How would they know that you’ve kept the toolbar for 30 days?

  • MSP

    This new toolbar is not like the other airline tool bars. The old ones awarded a mile for every 3 searches. It appears that this one does not. It seems like one of the best reasons to have the toolbar (a free way to have some activity in your account to keep it from expiring) is gone. TPG – Is this true, or am I missing something?

  • MiamiNJ03

    If you have more than one browser on your computer, the new toolbar also gets automatically installed on all browsers (not just the one where you elect to install it). Seems overly intrusive.

  • marathon man

    Cartera cannot handle its own creations. This toolbar is by them, UA’s Mom promo is by them, the Verizon mistakes on AA/PC/DL were by them, and many other page mistake ads or non proofread shopping deals on all the malls occur all the time. My fav being on the AA mall where it said you could get 2:1 miles for buying an iPad! So you plunk down $700-800 and nothing happens! But who would have thought 2:1 was ‘too good to be true’? Unless you read the very very fine print that said “about this product” hidden in the offer and in a lighter tiny font. Not T&C or POINTS DONT COUNT HERE but ‘about this product!’ In there it stated that no, the ipad does not qualify.

    Ok, soooo whyyyyyyy was the freakin thing even ON the page to begin with?
    Again: Stupid, no proofreading, or trying to mislead us. You pick one.

    These toolbars HAVE worked–I HAVE received miles from them… but the problem with malls and toolbars is that they are only good when they work. When your miles do not post or are significantly delayed, you have to do the work to get them. You have to wait 8-10 weeks, you have to submit information from your files –if you kept them–about any and every order (in the UA MoM promo, I’m sorry, but I aint gonna sit here and open and gather order details from over 500 orders from one merchant!)

    Cartera has a bad gig going on when things fail. They put the responsibility back on us, the customer.

    I stupidly downloaded the DL toolbar. I have absolutely NO interest in using it.
    I am planning to end all Cartera things at the end of this year when all miles from everything I have done with anything they do have posted (if they have, that is) and this is no different.

    I plan to just simply not earn potentially extra mileage rewards from shopping online because even if I just went into it with the attitude that I did not care if it posted or not, some bloke from Cartera is going to get commission on MY shopping! I would rather just give that commission to NOBODY! Their loss. They could have had it but they cannot.

    With the 83k AA mistake I went into hoping it would yield those miles but obviously knew it would not. Ok then they told us–directed us, rather–that they will give 2500/2500 in a certain time frame. It’s been longer that time frame and I aint seen nothin! Nor has my wife and we shopped at the same time in the same way. We even bought more stuff on the mall for that second 2500 and that activity actually HAS posted for us both, but STILL nothing. So how can this company be taken seriously if, when they offer a paltry gift and incentive for their own mistakes, they cant even honor THAT in good time?

    With the AA mall and certain retailers such as BestBuy, I have had to wait 3-4 months for miles to post. And BestBuy is one of their direct clients in other areas, such as that company’s own rewards programs (which DO seem to work fine, for what they are)

    the DL toolbar thing is going to fail. One reason I know this is because the UA new shopping assistant already stinks. It doesnt track like the old TB did, and it appears to have other holes in it too for searches and other availability. Also, I still cant figure out why these people unleashed the new UA mall and TB in the MIDDLE of their already 3x botched UA MoM promo! Are they fighting amongst themselves? Fighting the airline? What? I gotta know.

    But I downloaded the DL toolbar tonight… because I am a mileage hunter gatherer. And I am having some serious PC problems which MAY involve my need to totally reinstall my entire computer. I hope I don’t have to but I already know what this means for this TB should I elect to do that. Bye Bye 500 miles.

    The conspiracy theory guy in me wants to think Cartera put the bug in my computer that makes it run so badly lately that I would be forced to wipe it just shy of the 30 days and collect nothing.

    Look, all this online shopping crap COULD work but it stinks. It’s like trying to rely on a poorly designed leaky raft with a bunch of gung-ho sales persons and no ships captain to float from NYC to Australia. Could be done but likely not. And those who make it wonder why we are complaining.

    Cartera’s CS department is overwhelmed. I have heard these exact words from at least 2 of them. They cannot handle the influx of callers and emailers, and even if they wanted to they cant fulfil all the requests. You have to fight over time–unpaid, mind you–to get what you should get. Because of this some of us have asked for compensation due to the botching of the UA promo. And I am going to fight tooth and nail for every last mile I have done from anything they run until I do this:

    Close all cartera run things on my PC, ask to have all malls and toolbar accounts canceled, and wait until someday if and when they get it together. Then and only then might I maybe be enticed to rejoin if they offer a new customer incentive (hmmm could be a good churn! lol)

    Join me please… while we suffer thru this crap with the DL tool bar or whatever they now call it.


  • Scooter

    Am I too late? I’m unable to download the toolbar.

  • BarbShifty

    Do you know of any similar offers that are available currently? Thanks!

  • Rachel

    Actually, Cartera Commerce’s incompetent handling of the airline Billeo toolbars is precisely the reason that the airlines *had* to dump the Billeo toolbars: the airlines were receiving too many complaints from their most loyal customers about not getting awarded their points and miles. This is a matter of public record, as there have been multiple lawsuits filed against Cartera Commerce.

  • Rachel

    I agree completely about Cartera Commerce being completely overwhelmed and I too have heard this from their. They have lost some major accounts and clients due to their poor customer service. They are supposed to be supporting the most loyal customers of the banks and airlines they represent. I have had to fight with them for months on end to get my points and miles awarded with no recourse. A truly terrible company I will seek to avoid in the future.

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