RIP Citi American 75,000 Mile Card Bonuses

by on October 10, 2011 · 43 comments

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As of today, 10/10/11, the links for the amazing 75,000 mile Citi AA cards are no longer work. Barring any sort of resurrection, I think this deal is dead (though I’d love to be proven wrong).

Frankly, I’m impressed it lasted as long as it did since they technically expired in February. I walked away with 225,000 AA miles and judging by the 320+ comments on this post, I know many of you did as well, but I wanted to let everyone know in case you were planning on getting one of those cards in the near future.

I think the two other best Citi deals right now are:
50,000 points for the Citi ThankYou Premier (update: bonus has been decreased to 30,000 points). $125 annual fee, waived for the first year. The points cannot be transferred to any airlines, but they are worth 1.33 cents each towards travel rewards, so it’s essentially $665.
or the Citi ThankYou Preferred. No annual fee, but the points are only worth 1 cent a piece, so the sign-up bonus is $500.

Also, the Citi Hilton Visa Signature isn’t a bad option for a no-fee card: 40,000 points after spending $1,000 within 4 points, 6x points on Hilton, 3x on supermarkets, drug stores and gas stations, and free Hilton Silver status.

Overall, I think Citi needs to up their game a little bit and bump their ThankYou point bonuses to 100,000 since they are less valuable than the transferable points of the Chase Sapphire Preferred and Amex Membership Rewards cards (Platinum, Premier Rewards Gold, etc).

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  • HT

    applied for it on 10/7/11, customer rep said it was still active

  • Chad Gibbs


  • infamousdx

    Aww very sad news… I was waiting to close on our house and then I was going to apply for the Biz card to complete the 225k. Oh well, great deal for a longggggggg time.

  • Josh_brooks

    I applied for the Visa and Amex on the same day and was pre-approved for both, but never got the Visa. When I inquired they said they had no record of it. When I re-applied, it said I was no longer eligible. Can’t complain, got 75k…..Is the business one dead now too?

  • Ri Zheng

    Perhaps Citi should make Thankyou points transferable to AA/other airlines, then this citi 50K offer would be VERY attractive :).

  • bw

    I applied for this Visa and AmEx versions of this card a couple weeks ago when the deal was still active but got denied because of a medical bill that got screwed up and went to collections that I didn’t know about (doh!). I called the reconsideration line initially to explain the situation and they said once it was taken care of they would be able to give me the cards. I did take care of it and was waiting to get documentation in the mail to fax to Citi which should come any day. So here’s the question: When I am able to call back in the next few days most likely, do you think they will honor the 75,000 mile bonus per card that was active when I initially applied or have I missed out on this awesome deal?

  • Ozaer Shah

    Lets not count down just now….perhaps the site is down or something…sometimes I seen that….happened with Chase last year with the BA offer… day the link was up and then poof…it went down…and then came back up…..

  • scott

    Only 225K?? I accrued 375,000 (the personal visa and amex and the business card 3 different times (one every 93 days). You should have been playing this from the start!

  • Jeff Rose

    Weird — same thing happened to me. Got the Amex, never got the Visa, and there was no record of it when I called.

  • Kyle

    Does this mean if I applied and received my cards prior to today, I’m screwed? I spoke with two separate CSA’s and they both said that I’m good to go when activating my cards. I haven’t met the minimum spends yet though, so I’m really hoping it all works out.

  • Brian

    Back in June, I applied and received the Citi Thank You Premier Card. At the time the annual fee was not waived. This post you just made says that the annual fee is waived for the first year. I was already charged the annual fee on my first statement. Do you think they would refund it to me if I sent Citi a secure message?

  • Maury

    Did you cancel the card each time?

  • Nabeel

    Don’t forget the Citi AA 50K links.

  • HikerT

    Darn, was holding out until mid-month for my 18 month window to expire… Oh well, at least I got in on the 75K biz card last month.

  • Ri Zheng

    No, they will not honor it. Personal experience with Citi.

  • PJ

    anybody without elite class knows how to best use the Hitlton 40K sing on bonus?

  • Mark

    that includes the business card too huh? I was going to apply for that one today

  • bitachu

    hmm..i applied last week..lets hope I get my visa…

  • Anonymous

    Damn it! I was waiting until I met my Chase Sapphire spend (should happen this week). I even thought about applying anyway since it’ll take a while to get the card, but my credit utilization right now is too high from trying to meet the spend requirements and I can’t pay it off till I get the statement.

  • Mark

    i just called a few different Citi numbers, and the best offer on a business card now was 30k miles for $1,000 in spending. I’m really kicking myself for putting off applying.

  • Dalem

    From the start there were 100k cards. Got three of those for myself and two for the Mrs. Went on to add a pair of 75k cards. From what I read here and there; even that ranks in the amateur leagues.

    No complaints here – thank you Citi . . . and, of course, Brian!

  • Ozaer Shah

    No worries folks–just like the American Express Small Business deal, I have a feeling this will come back again—they gots loads of miles to unload, and we are the perfect candidates… Of course if all fails, there always #OccupyAAdvantageMiles hehehe

  • bw

    I suspected that might be the case. I still plan on giving it a shot when I have the docs since you never know. I’ll report back when that happens.

  • Aa

    I got approved on 10/05/11

  • Sam

    nooooo! Waiting to hit this up on my next churn next week! Oh well, hopefully a better deal comes along soon enough.

  • David

    My hat goes to Citi/AA. It’s my favorite 150k of any credit card bonus! 2nd favorite was the 100k bumped on the Amex biz gold transferred to Delta for 150k and silver elite! It’s been a wild year.
    I was thinking about it and I am GLADDDD that the “insane” offers have slowed down, as we all know our credit score and inquiries could use a breather. I’ve been watching my score creep back up all fall!

  • Michael W.

    Glad I took a chance and applied & was approved for the personal Visa & Amex a month ago! In the end getting the promo four times is not so bad!

  • Maury

    RIP US Mint and Citi 75k. I hope this is not a pattern.

  • Trip Pathfinders
  • Swizard210

    The FlyerTalk thread on this states that all the 75K for $1500/6 months are dead but that the 75K for $4000/6 Months is still active for the VISA and AMEX. I’m assuming it’s accurate information since it was last updated this morning. In case you want to notate that in the post.

  • PJ

    CIti AMEX 75K with 4K/6 mon spend is still kicking!! that is a very good deal; worst situation is I pay 2.75 % to pay off the quarterly property tax as I just did in late AUG. BUT i need to get a family menber to apply the card

    about 110 to ship in 75K = good deal

  • smedleyb

    I locked down both cards Saturday 10/08 at 3:00 pm. Points confirmed by rep.

  • Bank Aim

    Sad to hear this. Getting the AA miles was my next project. Guess I’ll focus on the 40k Delta miles through the Delta/Amex card.

  • scott

    Regarding the business cards? Yes, I did.

  • Dalem

    I still have every one. They keep giving back the fee + extra miles to stay.

  • Mattgilman55

    I already got the personal citi card and spent $3k, only $1k to go to meet bonus of 75K miles. Will they still let me get my bonus miles?

  • Bank Aim

    Yes, if you already have the card, you’ll get the miles. Its just for anyone like me who missed out on this deal :(

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  • Ben

    You are my hero!!!

  • Genetic Mess

    I applied about a month ago (Early September) for the Citi Business Card and they told me they needed some documents to verify my address.

    I sent them the docs around Sept 23rd and I’ve been calling them every couple of days since then to see if they got the documents and if they reached a decision.

    They said they got the documents but they haven’t decided yet if I’m approved or not. Now… I’m reading this post today and I’m afraid I won’t get the 75K miles. How possible is this?

  • Aagone

    You have the link to the application? Cant find on FlyerTalk.

  • Kirschke

    Genetic Mess, what number are you calling to talk to someone about verifying your approval – I’m going thru the same crap…

  • Annsedna

    My sad tale. I applied for this Citi business card and was asked for verification (even though I have their MasterCard card). I sent phone bills, business receipts, etc. to the address they request, Hagerstown, MD. I watched my box every day because I knew I’d qualify. Then I saw this posting. Then I received my packet this week–returned and marked undeliverable. I took it to the post office who agreed that I had the address exactly as Citi had instructed. So I’ve missed the deal of 75,000 miles and don’t know why. Any suggestions?

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