Oneworld Mega Sold Out! Plus AAdvantage Elite Status Challenge Promo

by on October 27, 2011 · 23 comments

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Yesterday I wrote about the Oneworld Mega Do and urged everyone to buy tickets ASAP. Well, it opened up to the public this morning and tickets sold out in 23 minutes! So, which TPG readers are going on the trip?

That was quick!

If you didn’t get in on this, I will be giving away a seat next to me in the exit row of the domestic portion of the itinerary, so stay tuned for those details. If you did get in on it, there are a couple really valuable AA and Hyatt promos.

What has me really interested is the AAdvantage Elite status promotion, where all Megado participants can fly a certain (low) threshold of miles and get the equivalent AA status. Big caveat – you need to currently have status in order to be eligible to get the AA status. For example, you need to have top tier (United 1k or Delta Diamond) in order to be able to challenge to Executive Platinum.

Per View from the Wing:

  • There’s no fee.
  • It’s based on miles flown, not points.
  • Gold is just 5000 miles, Platinum 10,000, and Executive Platinum 20,000
  • This can even be used to re-qualify for status (an existing American Executive Platinum who is also a United 1K could use this to maintain their Executive Platinum status)

Travel between October 9 and January 13 will count, even flights taken before you register for the challenge. Of course, you are only eligible to challenge the status level that you have in a competing program (e.g. a United 1K can challenge to American Executive Platinum, a Delta Silver can challenge to American Gold).

While I love my Delta Diamond status, I am going to take advantage of this challenge and get American Executive Platinum, since I will get 8 supervaluable systemwide upgrades that will allow me to upgrade pretty much any fare class to business class, pending availability. As a frequent NYC/LAX/Miami flyer, I am going to give AA a shot and may even switch to them if my experience is positive. I’ll outline the entire pros and cons of the top tier statuses as part of my current Elite Status Series.

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  • Jimgotkp

    Did it really sell out that fast? I remember looking at the number of seats available like an hour ago and it was rather empty in the back of the plane. However, I did notice that you will be having a contest soon. ;) Looking forward to it Brian! :D

  • Phil

    Have a great time! I could not get the website to respond until it had sold out :-(

    The offer from American for EXP is extremely generous. Enjoy!

  • Anonymous

    Are you sure you get the evips? I thought that if you achieved EXP through a challenge you didn’t get upgrade instruments.

  • Anonymous

    Are you sure you get the evips? I thought that if you achieved EXP through a challenge you didn’t get upgrade instruments.

  • Anonymous

    Disappointed that it is sold out already but looking forward to the contest!

  • Michael

    I heard that, too. Please check to make sure as the 8vips are the best perk American gives out.

    I’m going on the trip — London, too — can’t wait.

  • Anonymous

    As far as I know, its only United that holds the instruments with a challenge. I think when Lucky did his AA EXP challenge he got the EVIPS. I emailed to confirm.

  • Allegria254

    Brian you are very lucky guy. Happy for you. Since the moment it opens for general public sale I couldn’t even access to web site though I tried it from several different computers and used different browsers. Upsetting. Will try to get ”dream trip” next time.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t fret- I think there will be seats that open up. When I was looking last there were a bunch that were errored out. Plus, just because a seat was reserved doesn’t mean someone paid for it. There many have been people that selected seats but then decided not to go. Don’t give up hope!

  • Rocky Horan

    :( Logged on about an hour after the sell happened (was in a work meeting) and already sold out. Keeping fingers crossed for a win at a seat mate contest!

  • calbear77

    I debated going on this, for the fun of it and for learning more about the airline and hotel businesses, but I figured it’s really for people who fly all the time and the airlines trying to court that kind of business. I don’t fall under that category so much as “that guy who reads a blog and signs up for lots of credit cards.” Sounds like a more casual flyer won’t really be able to take advantage of the best perks of the event, so best to save the spaces for people who can.

  • Mark

    Many seats were listed as “Reserved” but didn’t list a person’s name/handle. I have a feeling some seats will open up. I have no idea how they will release them unless they want people to just randomly go back to the site.

  • Bryce B

    Does this mean that you are going to the DAArkside, Brian?

  • Anonymous

    At least temporarily.. Let’s see if they can convert me completely!

  • Flamingo

    Sold out in 23 minutes… I am crying.

    I hope I will be picked by TPG as his seatmate this time.

  • Ike

    Is it just me or is it a little strange that if you have status on another airline you get this sweet Elite deal but if you are only Elite on AA you get, well, nothing, really? So the focus of the MEGA DO is bringing in Elites from other programs rather than doing something nice for their own elites? Guess I should have majored in marketing. :O

  • Kathy K

    I didn’t sign up because I’m supposed to fly to PBI that thursday and then run the miami marathon that weekend…. unless …..

  • FriendlySkies

    I was at the launch party, so I was able to sign-up on Wednesday.. See you on-board!

  • Anonymous

    I’m weepy at not having gotten a seat. I flew yesterday (EBB>NBO>LHR>ORD) to get to the Chicago DO, got online today upon arrival, and wowee, what an imbroglio. I’ll be thrilled for any opening up of seats and second chance to get in on it. Maybe I’ll write Maya a nice letter…

  • Latimer

    Got my confirmation from Randy today! YES! It literally took 1.5 hrs of hitting refresh and retyping my information, whilst rescheduling work meetings. It’s going to be well worth it. See you on board, TPG.

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  • Anonymous

    Is there a waiting list for the MegaDo? If so, how does one get on it?

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