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by on October 12, 2011 · 113 comments

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Update: The referral amount is now $1, making this much less lucrative.

I’ve seen other bloggers write about and I never thought much about it. However, after talking to a couple people recently who have scored big with their current referral bonus offer and signing up for the service myself, I’ve come to realize this is a pretty sweet deal.

This is awesome because it’s easy. All you have to do is set up an account (here is my referral link if you feel so inclined, but feel free to post yours in the comments section below), which takes 10 seconds. No lengthy registration – all you do is enter in an email address and then confirm it and then the person who referred you gets $10 in credit towards a vacation package. No purchase necessary or anything.
So while you get nothing for signing up, once you have an account you will get a referral link that you can easily post on your Facebook/Twitter/email d-list and if you get enough people to simply enter their email addresses, you could have a free trip.

They’ve got some decent stuff too. One of the current deals is 3 nights at the Renaissance Aruba with breakfast and all taxes and fees for $465, which would be free if you get 47 people with email addresses to sign up using your link!

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  • Sean Buchanan

    I haven’t checked it out yet but is there something to deter people from just creating a bunch of email addresses and spamming referrals? 47 email addresses isn’t even that big of a deal when you think about it.

  • Clinton Blackburn
  • Anonymous

    Per T&C I’m sure they could cancel your account if they saw the same IP address referring themselves over and over…

    There’s NO LIMIT to the amount of Trip Cash you can use. If you have lots of friends, you could travel FREE.
    Trip Cash can only be used for our Exclusive Getaways listed on our homepage. Trip Cash cannot be used for airfare or hotels booked through our standard booking engine or affiliates.
    Trip Cash is redeemed during the checkout process.
    You have plenty of time to use Trip Cash. It expires 2 YEARS from the date it was issued.
    Void where prohibited or restricted by law.
    The Traveler is responsible for all taxes, if applicable.
    The Trip Cash Program is subject to change at any time.

  • Liberatr

    If anyone could help me out, I’d appreciate it! Thank you!

  • N S
  • akace

    taking board exams soon, would love to vacation after. thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous

    I used NS’s link, please use mine, thanks!

  • Jacob

    I helped you out Clinton! Hopefully I get some good Karma and someone will do the same for me!

  • Rudy A

    I would greatly appreciate if anyone uses my link.

  • ML


  • N S

    Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    As a way to keep the line going, can people say whose link you use before posting another and go in order so we all get love? Thanks! (Mine’s still active and unloved as yet, below):

  • Gabby
  • Anonymous

    I don’t know much about IP addresses. Can someone explain whether IP addresses follow our laptops to every wireless network or, if I change wireless networks, is my IP address suddenly different?

  • kazfu

    I signed up using a link below…do the same for me please!

  • Vinny831
  • Joel

    People all over the world, join in. Start a love train, love train.

  • Meg Bell

    this is FUN!!!! i’m going to go ahead and throw the honeymoon card out there – hahaha. seriously though – this would SO help!!!

  • jmccal
    I grew up in a foster home with only 1 eye and no legs. It has been my dream for you to click my link.

    p.s. In seriousness, thanks a lot, TPG. Very helpful post.

  • Joel

    Thanks for the referral. :)

  • Pleaszze
  • Dan

    If you hate the Yankees use my link!

  • peter

    heres a joke, drunk people run stop signs, high ppl wait for them to turn green. if you laughed,


  • davidklein224

    Please use my link! Poor college student here!

  • Aaa2A

    Had the same thought.

  • Max

    Used one of the links. Please use mine. I throw in a free chocolate bar to all subscribers*

    *until supplies last

  • Andy

    If you connected to a different wifi network your ip would change to that networks wifi. That wifi network has one ip per 24hrs or unless the modem is restarted. Disconnecting your modem and reconnecting will give you a new ip different from the previous one. But the ip range will be similar. They will still be able to see who your internet provider is and what city the server is located in.

    The only way I could think of doing this successfully is:

    1. 47 random names with random ethnic backgrounds.
    2. 47 random email address using atlest 21 different email providers and no obvious pattern to creating those email.
    3. 47 random ip address’s. By using a new proxy every account creation.
    4. Clearing your cookies 47 times.
    5. Timing 47 referrals to a spread out account creation time period following no obvious pattern.

    Honestly this would be to much work. You could make the same amount of money by working as long as it would take to do this, except without the fear of losing it all. Just hope they done check it out.

  • SSM
  • AC

    Free hugs……to anyone use my link..

  • AC

    I’m the free hugs the wrong link..oops..

  • adam

    used ACs link. return the favor pls.

  • Gump

    A guy walks into a bar with his wife and orders a coke. His wife says I’ll have some H2O. The guy says, “On second thought, I’ll have some H2O too.” He died.

  • hc

    If i get a free trip I’ll take you with me! :)

  • MaryAlice

    I am working on the Grand Slam promo now … so a hot place to stay would be awesome!

  • jmccal

    Is everyone getting credit for all referrals? I am certain that a couple people signed up through my link and I did not receive credit… (and I did receive credit for certain others). (Thank you runforfun for clicking my link)

  • Colin

    Hugs all around to everybody who uses my link! Love you and love this blog!

  • NYPD Active MOS

    I work for the NYPD and need a vacation after working 3 weeks @ occupy wall st so far … please use my link

  • Anonymous

    This is shameless pandering, but you can help two old farts leave their Barcaloungers.

  • Elizabeth

    Wow, thanks for the info.

    And in case someone doesn’t want to use one of the 47 referral links above, here’s mine:

  • RG
  • AC

    Thanks Adam! People should help out each other :)

  • Skones

    I’m a poor student! Send me please! Thanks, Dan

  • Stephan

    This pyramid scheme a great deal for you — not for your readers.

  • fonnae

    I agree with Andy, and I think such a thing is in place because I haven’t gotten the referral bonus from my girlfriend and my mom who I signed up at almost the same time and on the same computer. I sent tripalertz an email about it and they didn’t respond.

  • JohiJohi

    I used RG’s link. Please use mine:

    Thank from Switzerland!

  • Logan

    Now just thinking of every email address I have registered over the course of my life. AOL here I come…

  • Nem
  • Pick Me!
  • DP

    I’m a newly married grad student. I could use the money for a honeymoon

  • Jubin25

    i used clinton blackburns link… mine is below if somebody wants to return the favor.

    thank you


  • ‘Hoss’ Cartwright
  • ADF

    I promise to vote for Obama again if you use my link:

  • Dil
  • Sam G.

    Why not! Please use my link if you can :)

  • Huey
  • Anonymous

    Cool deal. Used your link to sign up.
    Do you know how long it takes for the credit to show up?

  • Cynthia J

    Just a short link, but contribute more…

  • DK

    Alf used a previous code, please use Alf’s! Don’t make Alf miss out. Give him a signup bonus? He thanks you:

  • Raj B

    I used NYPD’s link.

    Please use mine for every innocent bystander that he shoots.

  • Bobby

    Just some info:

    If you try to create a bunch of email addresses from say yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc, you will get cutoff once you hit about 6 or 7. They suggest you open a business account and they charge for that.

    Anyway, you only need one email address and you can cycle it through. I am personally over $6K in trip cash and i can tell you, if i kept going, it is unlimited. I started it to see if it would work, and then i just kept going to see if they would cut me off. None has happened and i stopped cycling 2 days ago. All said and done, I can do about $1k in trip cash per hour. I won’t post how to do it, but i’m not some kind of genius and it doesn’t take much to figure out, and I’m still not certain I am going to even use the trip cash, since their is an ethical issue with this. I am actually pretty shocked I have not been cutoff yet, but in due time i’m sure it will happen.

  • bitachu

    Brian I signed up under your referral..

    here is mine if anyone wants to sign up..

  • Mike

    If you like the Green Bay Packers click my link :D

  • Anonymous

    Here’s to the dance line. Please use mine next. Thank you:

  • Emily

    I sure would love to go somewhere warm this winter… and get out of this freezing house I can’t afford to heat!
    Thanks guys….

  • Jens

    I cannot vote in the US.

    Please use my link anyways:

  • Mysuitcaseispacked

    “Not all those who wander are lost.” – J. R. R. Tolkien

  • Glen

    If you hate the Dallas Cowboys, please use my link! Also, I rescue baby penguins from burning buildings every day at work….. I need a vacay.

  • JA

    I did NOT vote for Obama and promise to not vote for him again. Use my link!

  • Anonymous

    I’m a volunteer surgeon who parachutes into boobytrapped wildfire alligator caves to save sleepy squirrels who badly want a little affection, and this one squirrel whispers to me on the operating table under my steady hands, “My one request is for someone on TPG’s site to click my TripAlertz link.” “I’ll see, squirrel, see what I can do.” Don’t hurt that squirrel’s feelings any more than the world has — please click the squirrel’s link for the love and kindness of everything and everyone everywhere. Not for me, for the squirrel. Please?!!!!!

  • Ingy104

    The last time they had the $10 referral I pushed it on my blog and had plenty of sign ups. Thank you all. They did temporarily suspend my account assuming fraudulent practices. When I threatened to publicize their accusation, they backed off as I was legit, but be aware they are watching us. My biggest concern is someone below me in the chain causing issues for by pushing the system fraudulently. Play fair. There is lots to go around. Hit your email list, Facebook page, Twitter, whatever. This is easy travel cash and a reputable site the best I can tell.

  • ArizonaGuy
  • K Travel
  • Tim

    Used NPYD active MOS’s link.

    I’m a middle-class white male American. Click my link!

  • Jacks140
  • David
  • David

    Are you just running a macro and signing up the same email address over and over again? I’m thinking a macro is necessary to do 100 an hour ($1,000 an hour), but……..I didn’t think you could just sign up the same email address. That wouldn’t make sense. Correct my logic please!!

  • GoDucks
  • Varun

    If you are a Dallas Cowboys Fan use my link:

  • Chris
  • Adam

    Help me travel for free for my honeymoon! Much appreciated!

  • Srwebman

    I promise that *MY* link is never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you.”


  • Dayna

    Thanks for the tip TPG! Please use my link below.

  • Lyndon

    Just booked using your Link TPG!

  • Bobby

    No, not runny a macro…i’m sure that would be easier and i could have done a lot more, but I have no clue how to set that up. Also, the way i did it, it didn’t work by typing the email address in, i had to post my own link and click on it and then type in the email address. After they drop the large referral, and only with TPG’s blessing, I will post how i did it.

  • Anonymous

    Brian, This is an amazing post for me. I so far accrued 700$ in Trip cash. Hope they will not impose new rules. Any way this is AMAZING.

  • BL
  • Lau Ardelean

    Thanks for saying that Ingy104. Yes, we are reputable and live up to what we say and sell. As of late we’ve seen a huge increase in fraudulent activity. Things like people signing up 100+ different emails and then attempting to book. We’re trying to offer a great value… but who knows for how long..

    Lau @ TripAlertz

  • Dewhit6959

    Did anyone else read about this outfit ? Check out Brandon Murphy’s bio. Is this a pure travel site ? It seems to be nothing more than an online pyramid plan for those that live by referrals. I’ll file this under the “server in a closet” not even wanting to be a business.

  • Tal1412

    I sure could use just a couple of nights at a nice hotel in my own city….just need a break….thanks for clicking me…

  • Maury

    Hi everyone! I have a seven year old and a two year old that I want to take on vacation. I am the only one that works at home. I would certainly appreciate if you sign up through my link:

  • David

    Let’s help each other out. I’ll show you how to run a macro.
    What’s your email?

  • Stan

    Is there something wrong with my account? I had 3 friends sign up through my link. It shows it in my account but I only have $10 trip money. Anyone else having this issue?

  • Guest

    I gotta be honest Brian. Your posts are kind of weak lately. You were on a roll with the “how to book with Delta” and “how to use British airways” posts. Those were really good. But lately I feel like you’ve stepped down a bit. It’s great that you’re traveling a lot and posting about those experiences. I am really looking forward to some ridiculously cool and insightful posts soon.

  • kazfu

    Someone used my link on here, much appreciated!

  • NewlyWed

    Saving-up for my honeymoon — please use my link to sign-up. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Batting average is what counts, and Brian’s got a very, very high batting average. Not every day can really present a standout deal or opportunity for highly detailed analysis, but on whole, more posts are than aren’t.

  • Anonymous

    OK, you got my $10 TPG!

  • Freesmileegreg

    Thanks – but it appears that I only get $1 per referral. So I would need close to 700 referrals to get that free trip to Aruba.

  • Anonymous

    OK, you got my $10 TPG!

  • Anonymous

    @TPG, just to let you know that after I signed up for this deal using your referral I started sending Emails to all my friends. I invited 60 friends and in less than one hour 25 of them signed up. Then I was going to post the deal on my Facebook page when I noticed that it says “Just invite your friends and earn $1 in Trip Cash for every friend who joins.” What!! One dollar? I stop posting the deal on FB and called TripAlertz to receive and explanation. I was told the this deal was cancelled yesterday (10/13) due to too many fraudulent accounts. Are you kidding me? I took the time to do this and bother my friends with this to get just $1 miserable dollar?!!!! I AM MAD!!! Sorry TPG, but I had to vent. I am not blaming you, I am just letting you know what happened and venting here just a bit. It is really disappointing to know that instead of $250.00 I just have $25 on my account. I never would have register to TripAlertz had it not been for the $10 per friend deal.

  • Smith

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this was intended on their part. collect as many email addresses, give out (say) 50 free trips, and have over 100,000 email contacts in their database. Once theyve done so, they switch it to the $1 deal. Effective but deceitful marketing.

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree with you. Tha was my first thought.

  • T-Alz Scmer

    Now that the deal is over, I’ll describe how I netted $1k.

    I referred myself, 100 times over the course of 2 hours before I got bored. At $500/hr, it was a decent score…and I wish I hadn’t gotten bored.

    I manipulated gmail’s routing of “.”s contained within addresses ([email protected] would be sent to [email protected], for example)to refer myself 99 times (I got another 1 referral from the flyertalk conga).

    Running at full efficiency, I was able to refer once every 50 seconds (I timed myself), as follows.

    1. Paste referral link in address bar.
    2. Enter iteration of email address.
    3. Gmail receives confirmation email from tripalertz, asks if you’d like to view message.
    4. Clicked link
    (Usually ~25 seconds had elapsed by this point)
    5. Closed new window opened by tripalertz
    6. Renavigated to refferal link, which indicated previously-cofirmed account was still logged in. Clicked “log out.”
    7. Cleared cookies (Ctrl+Shift+Delete followed by D)
    8. Renavigated to referral link
    9. Repeated step 1.

  • Robin

    Another deal killed by bloggers, this is getting annoying.

  • Bobby

    would you even know about the offer if it wasn’t for the bloggers?

  • Dewhit6959

    The only thing better than someone scamming a system for peanuts is someone scamming a system for peanuts and bragging about it. You really put one over on them. You should have posted a short video on Facebook showing you doing this. Go for it if your karma tells you this is the way to go. The deal is dead and you helped bury it.

  • Chris S.

    $1000 is peanuts? I’d kill to have $1k in TrupAlertz cash.

  • Dewhit6959

    I have read enough with these two postings in tandem. The blogger pushing someone’s pyramid plan and the person representing the pyramid plan on a site that keeps revealing itself as nothing more than someone just financing travel thru referral money and branding. Sorry Brian, I’m out.
    The site has become a “how to scam the travel awards system” . Originally, I was of the understanding it would present deals for frequent business travelers and pleasure frequent travelers and how to gain from travel programs that want our business.
    I didn’t think it would evolve into pushing the limits and wasting time and energy buying mickey mouse gadgets one doesn’t need for peanuts and secondary accounts and multiple on line identities and gift cards and too many “wink, wink, nod-nod ” type schemes.
    Then, every time something is presented as pushing the limits, or questioned or commented upon as such, the very ones doing the pushing defend it thru a ” screw em- they offered it” explanation. I think you meant well Brian when you started this, but some of these offerings are leading the impressionable off a financial cliff which is not your fault , but you are underwritten by so much now and are a marketing tool of the products and services you endorse. I travel by necessity and not by choice and will accept the rewards given without having to constantly refer to the fine print or legalese. All of the traveler programs for frequent users will benefit when this point/mile bubble bursts and rewards are given for actual use of their services. Some things about Wall Street and the players never change. Keep the money, I learned a lesson.

  • Anonymous

    I clearly stated that people should not scam the system.

    In the end I know a lot of readers were able to get free/heavily discounted travel from this promotion so I’d run it again if given the chance.

    TripAlertz got a lot of free PR- I’m sure they traffic went through the roof with all of the organic referrals and linkbacks from huge sites. Companies pay top dollar for that. I’m sure TripAlerts also have software to detect fraud, so they will cancel all of the people who tried to cheat the system.

    In the end, those who played by the rules came out ahead and so did TripAlertz. Not sure what the big issue is, but I appreciate the feedback.

  • hobo13

    Just to be clear Brian, my post on Gary’s site was merely observational. I wasn’t implying you did anything wrong — I was just entertained by the different approaches.

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    If you love Israel please click my link!!

  • Jennifer
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