Amazing Deal Alert- Super Cheap Skyteam Flights to Europe (As Low as $250 Total Roundtrip)

by on October 10, 2011 · 54 comments

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Airline booking engines are notoriously buggy and sometimes they err in the favor of consumers and mis-price flights. Over the years, I’ve hopped on many of these fares (like the $149 Stockholm/Copenhagen bonanza earlier this year) and I’ve never had an issue with Delta/Skyteam honoring them.

Well, per this Flyertalk thread, is currently pricing some itineraries to Europe extremely low. I won’t try to guess why, the bottom line is that you can get sub $400 roundtrip flights from many US cities to Europe.

However, there is one catch- you need to end your itinerary in Canada. However, it may be possible to route via your home hub and then take your Canadian flight at another time in the future.

So to book, just to go and then select “Multiple destinations”. Then enter your home city to Europe and then somewhere in Europe (it can be the same city, but sometimes it’s better to choose a different city)- somewhere in Canada. If you can get the return flight to route through your home airport, all the better.

Multi city search input

$343 total for a roundtrip to Europe- not bad!

A Saturday night stay is required. This may take a little playing around with to get it to work, but you should get good results if you finesse it enough. These are N fares that earn 100% mileage with Delta, so not only is it a great way to go to Europe cheaply, but it can help you achieve elite status.

These deals never last long, but it’s late enough in the day/night that this should be around at least until morning. Do not call the airline- simply book these online and call it a day. Like I said, I’ve been on many of these cheap fares on Delta/Skyteam and I’ve never had an issue with them getting honored so just play it cool.  In fact, on my last Copenhagen run on KLM, they placed me in their Premium Economy cabin for free (which I loved) since I am a Skyteam Elite Plus.

So, basically get tricky with this one. Apparently these fares are good well into 2012, so try a bunch of different dates and see the lowest you can get and please share your experience in the comments so you can help other TPG readers get cheap fares. If you find something you like book it- because no good deal lasts forever!

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  • Matt Langdon (@theherocc)

    Tried a two month summer trip and got nowhere near that price. Just found $475 DTW – LHR in March for a week.

  • DavidAL

    Is KLM’s cancellation policy the same as DL? Can cancel no later than 24 hours after booking?

  • Dan

    how are you getting from london to amsterdam

  • Camtastic!

    Anyone find any good combinations out of Atlanta?

  • Shawngorham

    Cant seem to find it out of the West Coast, just New York so far

  • JP2

    I ran the same dates and cities thru Delta’s website. Got the same pretax, fees. See a pic here.

  • Eliza

    Doubt I’ll jump on this for various reasons but it’s been fun looking! MSN-LHR and AMS-YWG (connecting in MSP- there’s a Megabus link to MSN) on various dates for $435.27. Tried other European cities but that was the best price.

  • Kris

    The Eurostar train from London to Amsterdam is about 5 hours.

  • Alex

    Found Atl – Lhr – Yyz after thanksgiving for $499

  • Matt Langdon (@theherocc)

    Booked FNT-LHR and AMS-YYZ for $369 all inclusive. In March. Thanks for the heads up.

  • JHH

    March 9 – 16. Leaving from Chicago to London, coming back from Amsterdam to Toronto. $387. Pretty amazing.

  • Jonathan

    Congrats! Just booked a similar Dayton to London coming back Amsterdam to Toronto $427 for April 3-April 9th. Saw it for the $387 for March but didn’t want to book over Final Four Weekend.

  • infamousdx

    JFK-LHR & AMS-JFK-YYZ for my parents’ anniversary end of March into April for $380… can’t complain at all!

  • Andrew

    yay. thanks for killing this FD deal :)

  • John Smith

    I have a feeling a will be late for the last leg…
    TPG, is there a penalty not showing up for the last segment?

  • JK

    SEA-LHR & AMS-SEA-YVR for $480, but after entering the credit card, the last page shows that this fare is no longer available. It shows the business fare at $11,000. :)

  • Sara

    Booked a $721 for Tel Aviv

  • Yaswanth

    I’m trying to do the same, are they gone? Can’t get any out of ORD.

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  • RDB

    I must have missed the good deal (at 12:15 EST)! Tried the same itinerary as you show and it was more than $1k. I’m trying to find a cheap(ish) plane ticket for Olympics in London next year

  • Smith8917

    3/29 – 4/5 —- Pittsburgh to Heathrow, Amsterdam to Toronto… $324. Found some $299 for Tuesday flights, but decided to go Thurs to Thurs. Thanks TPG and FT!

  • arjun

    Same except replace Chicago with JFK and $368×2 (my bro’s tagging along – he’s gonna be a kid in a candy store in Amsterdam). Much thanks to TPG and everyone that commented.

  • Riceoven

    JFK-AMS-YUL over thanksgiving weekend for $357! Then getting a rental car and driving back from Montreal :p

  • Jasond1400

    Thanks bought tickets SFO-LHR 3/29 AMS-YVR 4/16 for $462.

  • Kat

    SFO -> Milan -> Toronto over Thanksgiving weekend for $480

  • Con

    Hello Kat – can you tell me what airport codes and dates you used? I keep getting an error message. Thanks!

  • Steve

    Thank you! Just booked a LAX-MSP-LHR then AMS-MSP, MSP-YYZ flight for $439 total. For late Dec to early Jan. To get back from MSP-LAX, taking SWA using RR points.

  • Dov

    Let me guess that this is a fuel charge issue not being collected it will be fixed sooner than later as lots of people jump in for this deals ones it is posted online

    This is a typical airline error when you do multi city departing from the USA return to Canada or vise versa

  • Liberatr

    Deal is still active as of two hours ago…Booked JFK-LR outbound, LHR-JFK-YYZ return for $444. Not as cheap as others but still a great deal.

    I think the error relates to the International Surcharge missing when running this search through KLM. Doing the same search on Delta shows that surchage as $420

  • Jessica

    8:30 am here in Chicago, deal seems to be dead. I tried about 30 different combinations starting from Chicago ending in Toronto. All prices ranged from $800 to $4000.

  • Ddd

    did it die?

  • Anonymous

    Deal looks dead… tried numerous… really numerous times as well.

  • stuff

    please do not post trick deals in public blogs. there is a forum for them (and the FT thread should have been moved too!). it is killing them way too quickly when it gets up here and dansdeals etc…

  • pointsguzzler

    not working for me! and I am flying to LHR in 11/22 on continental saver pts- would love to pay less than $500 and bank the points back!

  • Jordan

    Can we stop acting like just because Brian (and others) posted this it got fixed/is gone? Remember that it’s likely that KLM fixed the error on their own… It’s amusing to see the typical FT crowd all bitchy, when they should be excited that even more people got to take part in a crazy deal.

  • Anonymous

    If we don’t speak flyer talk what do you suggest? tough luck?

  • Gene

    One word: COACH. Two words: HELL NO.

  • Dan

    Why do we use the term “deal” when we realize it’s really a mistake? I’m all for taking advantage of the system when we can (make no mistake, the system takes advantage of us at every opportunity) but I don’t like using the term “deal” when it’s clearly not. OTOH, 100,000 frequent flyer miles for $X in spend? That’s a deal.

  • Riceoven

    deal is still alive. you can find the same prices even on Kayak, for example:

  • Eric

    You guys are ridiculous if you think this blog is killing deals. I laugh every time I read that.

  • Deltahater

    Posting it here is what killed it. KL had another goof 4 weeks ago that took them 3-4 days to fix and this was not posted here. I see why Brian posts it, but with that comes a very short shelf life and many people who could have gotten in on this, did not. It is not likely that KLM would have fixed this overnight on their own. They are not that good.

  • matt

    Can anyone find routing in the spring from Detroit?

  • Rocky Horan

    Can’t find anything out of LAX :(

  • Gogogo888

    Eurestar train charges 179 Euro. Any other ways to get to AMS cheaper?

  • Megan

    Try a lowcost airline, like Ryanair or Easyjet.

  • suyen

    i saw this last night and it was such a great deal! the fact is, however, that i am subject to vacation approval by bosses so i couldn’t book last night. the deal seems dead now. hopefully, a better one comes along soon enough. :)

  • Capital Boudoir

    Haha, I see I have to check the blog multiple times a day, I definitely would of hopped on this deal!

  • Capital Boudoir

    Haha, I see I have to check the blog multiple times a day, I definitely would of hopped on this deal!

  • Ryan Charles

    Thanks for posting this TPG! Don’t let the jokers on the FT trick it thread bother you telling you that you killed their deal. Once its posted in the mileage run forum its fair game for anyone.

  • J Keith van Straaten

    if it got fixed, it’s cuz lots of people got in on it!

  • Bohemiana

    I have tried a couple of combinations from LAX and gotten “technical error” on the page. Also, I get these daily blog postings into my email every afternoon but I see this post has been alive for a couple of days. I guess I’m going to have to check the blog every a.m.

  • Anonymous

    You’re right… i tried after you posted on kayak. $350 was still available to AMS. but not having that ‘middle leg’ — a return to the original destination was a deal breaker. finding a one way ticket home from (toronto/montreal/vancouver) canada to houston made no financial sense, unless i used miles. I think the deal finally died after so many people caught on… meaning the seats were all taken up at the lowest prices.

  • Ryan Charles

    I assume you know this because you either work at KLM or know someone who works there? This is exactly the behavior that is wrong with the Trick it thread.

  • emily

    thanks for posting this..we were already shopping for tickets and you saved us a few hundred dollars each :) please don’t let those who think only FTers should get these deals stop you from posting them!

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