50,000 Points (up to $833 in Flights) for Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card

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Update: This offer is no longer available. View the current offer for the Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card here.

Chase just launched a new Southwest co-branded card which comes with 50,000 Rapid Rewards points after your first purchase, which is up to $833 in Wanna Get Away fares. This offer is similar to their previous 50,000 point Premier Visa Signature offer (update: the Premier  still appears to be available when you look at the bottom of the page of the Plus card link - I was told it was no longer available so if you apply I’d take screenshots), but this annual fee is only $69 vs. $99. However the yearly retention bonus is 3,000 points ($50 in Wanna Get Away fares) vs. the Premier’s 6,000 ($100) so if you value elite points and will keep the card, then paying a little more for the Premier might make more sense. I’ve been told the end date for the Plus card’s limited time offer is November 17, 2011 – but that could change, so I’ll keep this post updated if I hear anything new.

Southwest Reward Chart – the amount of points needed depends on the value of the ticket and fare type

Some key benefits of Southwest -
- 2 free checked bags
- Points don’t expire as long as you have any qualifying activity within 24 months
- No change fees. If you cancel a flight, you get your money back in the form of a voucher towards a future flight.

In a nutshell, I think this is a great offer if you have Southwest travel coming up, plus these points count towards the 110,000 needed for the companion pass, which is one of the best perks in the airline business. Once you get a companion pass, someone else can join you for free on any flight you take.

After you factor out the initial $69 fee, you are getting at least $764 towards Wanna Get Away fares, which can be enough for several roundtrip flights depending on the routes you fly. The Chase marketing team just uses “2 Free Roundtrips” to help simplify the message, but in reality this could be more or less depending on the value of the flights you taken because Southwest has a fixed value loyalty program. To read about their new program, check out this post.

If you’ve recently applied for a Chase card within the past 6 months you may initially get denied for this card, but Chase has a very generous reconsideration line staffed with rational human beings – for the most part. See this post on how people got reconsidered successfully for the Sapphire Preferred – the same general rules apply. You may be asked to shift around the credit lines of other cards, but usually they will work with you to get you approved. If you got the Southwest Premier 50k offer, I’m not 100% sure if you’d be eligible for this as well. Technically they are different products and I don’t see anything in the T&C prohibiting this sign-up bonus if you’ve had another Southwest card. If anyone has any experience getting both (or not) please feel free to comment below.


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  • Matthew Adams

    So am I to understand if one were to somehow get both WN cards, then only 10,000 flight miles would be needed for the companion pass?

  • Vin

    Chase denied my last 2 applications for United Milage Plus and Sapphire cards. I only got accepted for the OnePass so i am pacifistic about getting approved for this card. Credit score also went from 757 to 734 after getting approved for 4 cards and denied for 2. I have 0 debt, 0 mortgage, bills payed in full on the same day i receive the bill.

  • Heather Adams

    Would you only have until the end of the year to earn the other 50K towards the companion pass or is it anytime you reach 100K in a 12 month period? I have had a Southwest Visa for many years and was told I would not be eligible for the 50K bonus with a different card, but I could still do this for my husband.

  • arjun
  • PJ

    Chase were sitting on my Southwest and Hyatt cards ( did not deny) before I called in to get credit allocated out from Chase Freedom and Chase BA cards. I turned out perfectly when I booked SJC LAX flight for my daughter who applied as well and got approved about 2 months after she got Sapphire Preferred no hassel at all tho not instantly

  • Mkvizag

    I’ve sound credit but many inquiries (17 on experian report) within the past two years because of applying multiple credit cards for points & miles. My balances are less than 10% of my overall credit limit, so I’m wondering what if Chase will deny the card because of these multiple inquiries. Has anyone successfully gotten credit cards from chase with around the same number of inquiries on their report?

  • greek2me

    The link to the Rapid Rewards Premier card (the prev card) is at the bottom of the landing page for this card. Given it has same 50k sign up bonus but gives elite status tier points on various spend (vs none here), 6k RR (vs 3k) at anniv, for only a $30 higher annual fee it seems that card is the better option of the two, assuming the Premier is still available.

  • PJ

    ah you are not alone: my credit score per Credit Sesame dropped took a 40 points dive to 767 from sep 5 to oct 5.. I was foolish to apply CITI AA Buiness ; i was not qualified . I did get my CITI AA AMEX approved on line during the month + full of AMEX disignataed account manager and authorized user activities 0 morgage 1295 total credit card bills and 100 % on time payments. Can not figure out where the big hit was coming from tho I am aware Citi pulls credit two times from different reporting agencies on EACH application..

    I do urge you to all in Chase when you are denied.. they normally allocate credit to give you new cards very helpful staff indeed

  • Nathan

    TPG, the site info I’m seeing says 25,000 points and one flight. Is there a trick to get the 50,000 point page?

  • Anonymous

    Not sure- I’m not having any issues. Try this

  • Anonymous

    Nice catch- I was told that offer is no longer valid, but I added the info to the post. I recommend people take screenshots if they go for the Premier

  • Anonymous

    I think it depends what your score is- if your accounts are in good standing and you have a strong score you’ll probably get approved, but 17 is on the higher end so it might make sense to wait for a couple to drop off.

  • Anonymous

    Calendar year : “Companion Pass status is based on taking 100 qualifying one-way flights or earning 110,000 Qualifying Points in a calendar year. A qualifying flight for Rapid Rewards Companion Pass status is a one-way revenue flight on Southwest Airlines from an origin city to a destination city, including any intermediate stops and/or connections on Southwest Airlines. Companion Pass Qualifying Points are earned from revenue flights, points issued on Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Cards, and points earned from Rapid Rewards Partners. “

  • Anonymous

    Did you call the reconsideration line when you got declined for United/SapphirePref?

  • Anonymous

    Correct- 110,000 points needed and credit card points do count

  • hopingtobepointsgal

    Hey pointsguy, I think you might be wrong on this one. According to Southwest’s site, “points earned from program enrollment” don’t count towards the companion pass. Unless program enrollment is something else?

    “Companion Pass status is based on taking 100 qualifying one-way flights or earning 110,000 Qualifying Points in a calendar year. A qualifying flight for Rapid Rewards Companion Pass status is a one-way revenue flight on Southwest Airlines from an origin city to a destination city, including any intermediate stops and/or connections on Southwest Airlines. Companion Pass Qualifying Points are earned from revenue flights, points issued on Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Cards, and points earned from Rapid Rewards Partners. Purchased points and points earned from program enrollment, Tier bonuses, flight bonuses, and Partner bonuses do not count toward Companion Pass status.”

  • Dunbar

    That is what it says, however the 50,000 points I got on the earlier RR card did count towards my companion pass total. At least according to my RR account.

  • Jim

    I was able to get the Premier Business Visa after having the original Personal card in March. The old card gave me 2 round-trip tickets for free, and I got approved for the business one and just got the 50k. So that type of churn at least works.

  • pianodude

    I also have had a Southwest Visa for many years, but did get the points for the recent 50K Visa Signature card. I’m not sure I want to push my luck for this card, though.

  • Anonymous

    By enrollment bonus, they are talking Rapid Rewards enrollment bonuses NOT credit cards. Per the text you quoted, points earned from credit cards DO count
    “Companion Pass Qualifying Points are earned from revenue flights, points issued on Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Cards…”

    This is what they are talking about

  • Benthelefty

    Snagging this card w/ the premier is a nice 100k pick up. I know you talked about it already but still. Good deal!

  • Twentie4hrs

    do these points transfer to Airtran now that they merged?

  • smedleyb

    TPG, quick question: I got the premiere card in late July, the Sapphire in early September, and the Marriott no first year fee card was approved today (after I received a rejection letter today, I called them up and was approved after a 5 minute conversation).

    Based on this, does it even make sense to apply for the new SW card in like 3 weeks? (because I would love to bank 100k SW points for travel over then next 18 months). Or is rejection by Chase more than likely given the 3 fairly new Chase cards? I would hate to throw away a credit an inquiry on a lost cause.

    (p.s. when I called Chase to plead my case, they informed me of an inquiry by a local bank where I have a dormant account with $5 in it. The only problem is, I never do business with this bank! I called the bank and they informed me that they screwed up and will purge the inquiry tomorrow. Thank you Chase, again!)

  • taylort232

    I just got this card with the 25,000 mile bonus. Anyone have any luck getting them to bump it to a 50,000 bonus? I got it less than a month ago.

  • Anonymous

    Im sure you can- Chase is very good about it if youve applied within 60 days- just send them a secure message and report back!

  • Anonymous

    I’ll be honest thats a lot of Chase lovin’ in a relatively short amount of time. If you are within striking distance of getting the companion certificate it might be worth it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t really recommend it, but if your credit score is strong and you have a good relationship with Chase I bet you could probably get approved.

  • taylort232

    should I send them a message within or call some number?

    Thanks for the help. The extra 25k will give me companion pass.

  • Anonymous

    Send a message via you shouldn’t have an issue and its less of a hassle than calling

  • MJLouise

    SW does not fly into my town but AirTrain does. Any buzz about if / when the two loyalty programs will merge? Would it be worth it to apply for this to stockpile AT miles / points?

  • hopingtobepointsgal

    If the points have to be earned in a calendar year for a companion pass, I’m hoping this sticks around until January. You get the pass for the rest of the year you earn it in and all of the next year.

  • PJ

    i got the 50 K bump on my duaghter’s Preferred Sapphire on Secure message as ez as 123

  • Dave Op

    TPG, wife wants to apply for only one Chase card every 6 months: 1) southwest 50k or 2) chase sapphire preferred 50k. We use US Airways and CO/UA the most. Southwest card offer expires 11/17 while Chase Sapphire Preferred has no stated expiration date. No problem in meeting the spend requirements. Which one would you go for?

  • Anonymous

    Sapphire Preferred is a better card and has no annual fee first year. Thats been good since May, but could be pulled at any time. Right now there are two 50k Southwest offers (three if you include business). I’d personally get Sapphire Pref and then worry about Southwest- especially since you fly mostly on CO/UA/US

  • Climbing!

    TPG, Sorry if this information is below and I missed but have a question. I got the previous Southwest card for 2 free flights before they revamped their rewards program. I am pretty sure it’s over a year ago already. Do you know if that will be an obstacle to being approved for this credit card? Thanks always

  • Mick

    I am in a similar situation. Would we be more likely to receive the 50k points if we give Chase an RR number different than the one used to get the previous bonus?

  • David

    I got the 50k Premier card back in July. If I go for this card (and get accepted), how soon can I cancel this card (keeping the premier) and still keep the points?

  • Mkvizag

    my score is 760 something and I was denied credit few months ago by capital1 because of the number of inquiries on my report. Don’t want another ding without success on a new card

  • PJ

    What do you think has more value: the 60K pt. PC card or the 50K pt. Marriott? I probably have more PC hotels in my area than Marriott.


  • Anonymous

    The Marriott is great if you value Marriott elite status and the big bonuses on Marriott stays. If you have more PC hotels then I’d probably go that route (though honestly I’d probably hold off until you get targeted for the 80k offer which a lot of people have gotten emailed to them this year).

  • Anonymous

    I’m not 100% sure to be honest with you. This is a different card and people in the past have gotten several Continental bonuses when they had different card offerings so I wouldn’t rule it out, but I also don’t feel comfortable encouraging you to do that because it may not work out. If you do do it, let us know so others can benefit from the information.

  • Anonymous

    You could always apply for this card before it ends in November and then use it for the first time in January. Thats a safer bet than hoping they run it again in January.

  • Anonymous

    The points will definitely combine at some point… im unsure of timing- let me check on that!

  • thrashsoundly

    Although the card is great for some domestic travel awards, would you ever jump on this given Southwest’s seating arrangement and your stature?

  • Anonymous

    I used to fly Southwest on short flights like PIT-PHL and they were perfectly fine- I can bear a regular aisle seat for an hour. Nowadays I’m way too pampered with top tier elite status and I live in NYC and their footprint just doesn’t come close to what I need.

    That being said, its still a great deal for most people since top tier elite status isn’t attainable and Southwest just makes a lot of sense on many routes

  • PJY= PJ before

    anybody got the Plus card after getting the Premier card back in JUL-Aug? ie 100K total with one name ?

  • jack

    Guys, may be this is a dumb question. I already have chase southwest card my rewards statement says i have 50000 points credited. Now how do i redeem it. I went and created a southwest account, now how to get this 50000 points to the southwest website account?. please help

  • john

    So, I was approved for this card for my wife and I (in addition to 4 AA cards (200K), 2 Sapphire (100K) and 2 SPG cards (50K) – I just wish I had learned about this stuff while the 100K BA and 75K AA offers were still good) but I didn’t really get the whole “need to get 110K points in a calendar year” thing and I messed up and used my card already. What I should have done was wait to make the first purchase for both of these cards in January of 2012 so I could get the wife 100K towards the 110K.

    Question: I realized my mistake that I shouldn’t use the card literally minutes after the wife used the card. I had he go back to Lowe’s and return the purchase is hopes that the transaction would void and I wouldn’t get the points. I want to wait now until January to use both cards so I can get the 100K points in 2012 and not 2011. Anyway have an opinion as to whether they think I’ll get the points this year or because I returned the item maybe the points will hit next year? If it does hit this year I do have a back up plan where I would get her retired parents to apply for this Chase card so get her another 100K in SW points – but I really wanted to get these cards and sit on them until January 2014 so I could get her a companion pass for 2014-2015 because she’ll be the one using all of them anyway flying back to see her Mom in Philly from Nashville…

  • Roburg

    this doesn’t matter. i got these cards and you can give them any RR number you want. Once you get the cards you can also call them to change the RR number – they don’t check anything and don’t care about the RR number.

  • Mikermilez

    ok so the wife and I both have the old Southwest Visa Sig card and were approved in Feb under the deal where you rec’d $500 in Souhwest gift cards with $5000 spend. From what I have read here and on other boards it appears that since it has been 6 months from our app that we would be eligible for the 50k bonus. i am wondering if it would help or hurt my chances if we both cancelled our existing cards today and applied say in a week for this new card. would appreciate any thoughts.

  • Anonymous

    Canceling them will only hurt you. Apply for the new card and if you get declined, call the reconsideration line and see of they can shift the credit lines from your existing accounts to the new ones

  • Sid

    TPG – firstly thanks a lot for this and all other information posts.

    I applied for the RR plus card a few days back and received a denial in mail yesterday.
    2 reasons listed were
    ‘Too few accounts on file for sufficient length of time’
    ‘Too many requests made for new credit’

    Called today for reconsideration on the 1-800-245-0625 number and asked to be reconsidered. The CSR asked me why have I applied for so many cards and why do I need this card. I told him as I live in southern Wisconsin – I use MKE, ORD and MDW to fly – and that’s why I need both Onepass and RR plus (ORD for *A and MDW for WN. Also mentioned the fact that probably next year MKE, a hub for FL, may get rolled up to RR). As for multiple requests – I had to apply 3 times for the OP plus and just have another Amex.
    The CSR put me on hold for 5 mins – and came back to approve me for the card – a measly $2000 limit. Should have the card in 2 weeks.

    My concern is that in the hurry – I forgot to ask that 2000 limit signifies (?) a platinum not a signature card. Do I still get the first use 50k points bonus. Can you help? Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    You’ll get the points- don’t worry!

  • Anonymous

    The points will probably still post.. but im not 100% sure.. I’d call Chase to confirm!

  • Nathan

    Hi everybody, I received the Premier Card a few months ago, and just received email notification that I’ve been approved for the Rapid Rewards ‘Plus’ card. Yay for me!

    However, my application for the business card variant was declined, citing too many applications in a certain period. Even so, it looks like a pretty good bet that I’ll be able to get the Companion Pass status, because I think the new card will put me at about 107k points as of today.

    Should I try to get the 3k points before 2011 is over, or would I be smarter to wait for Jan 1 in 2012 before reaching that threshold? As I recall, TPG said the status is good for the entire calendar year following the year in which it was awarded.

  • Nathan

    You won’t know until you apply. I think you’ll be approved, just as I was.

  • arjun

    I was under the impression that all 110k points had to be received in the same calendar year in order to qualify for the Companion Pass.

  • arjun

    Can two cards in two different people’s names be linked to the same RR account? i.e., could my mom and I both apply for the Plus card and link them to my RR account and each make our first purchases in Jan, giving me 100k points towards a Companion Pass good through 12/13?

  • tisha

    Hi Brian,

    I just wanted to thank you because I called Chase to have them match this offer…I got the 20k offer earlier this year and wasn’t approved for the Premier SW card in July…but they gave me the extra 30k pts! =) So thanks again, because its from your blog that I learned – there’s no harm in asking..right?! =)

    p.s. – your blog is AWESOME!

  • Musicalholiday

    Does anyone know if the annual fee counts as your first purchase? I want to wait to get my points until next year, haven’t activated the card yet but see the fee on there.

  • Sid

    Got the card today and after activation, the CSR confirmed the bonus points.

  • PJ

    fees NOT counted in Chase, Amex Citi etc etc NOT ELIGIBLE ITEMS

    you can simply buy a pack of gum or buy a small AMAZON gift card say $1.01 gift card that is counted as purchase

  • Djpaulyd100

    I got rejected for this card because of too much activity lately, I currently use SPG AMEX and recently churned the CITI AA (got 75k miles) then cancelled it a couple months later because they were too paranoid about fraud attacks on my purchases, they said there was suspicious purchases on my account, so I cancelled.

    I never pay any interest, pay all bills immediately and my credit score is 702. Why did SW reject me?

  • Addicted

    Hey Brian- any update as to whether the Nov 17th deadline still applies? Would really like to try for the SW personal + business card, but since becoming addicted to your blog very recently I have applied for quite a few (2 Citi 75K + Chase Sapphire Preferred about 35 days ago, and then just a few days ago the Amex Business Gold under its promotion – all through your links! :) ). Am prepared to go to the reconsideration line, but am worried about my chances for batting for both personal and business through this (especially as just recently opened my first business app for amex under sole proprietorship). So far have been getting instant approvals, but betting that would change soon. What are your thoughts? Should I still go for it before Nov 17, or not even risk the credit pulls? Thanks!

  • CD

    Sorry a little confused on the offer. Does the cardholder get two free roundtrip flights? So me and my wife couldn’t both travel and use the tickets based on one rewards points account? Is that how the companion pass thing works?

  • Anonymous

    The cardholder gets 50,000 points which can be used for up to $833 in flights. Southwest just markets it as 2 free flights

    The companion pass is separate- if you earn 110,000 points in a calendar year then you get the pass which lets someone travel for free with you unlimited times for up to 2 years

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  • Nat

    I just applied for the plus card in addition to the premier card when I called the reconsideration line I was told that I could only have one southwest rewards card at a time. Does anyone have any advice on how to get them to give you both cards? I’d love to be able to use all these points for a companion pass

  • Nat

    Just called back and found a more helpful representative. Approved for both the Premier and Plus Rapid Rewards cards in less than two weeks, hopefully when I activate them in January all 100k points will post.

  • coolnad17

    Hey guys,

    Does anyone know how long the points post after the first purchase?


  • Lisa

    Hi TPG … sorry to bring this post back but … just got this card and after seeing all possible rewards I can get for my 50K I am a bit disappointed. I am in NYC, so not many Southwest flights out of here. I thought about their “International partner flights” use but a flight from let’s say Frankfurt to Rome is already 30+K one way.

    so …. what’s the best way to use the points that come from this card?

    I mostly fly international. I’d also fly to LAS, LAX, MIA, …. cancun, dominican, etc.


  • Ana

    hi Arjun! Did you get to do it after all? If so, were both your and your mom’s points posted on the same RR account?

  • Joseph Smith

    TIP: even though southwest does not offer this deal through their website, I was able to sign up at an airport (BWI, but they probably run it out of other airports) for the 2 flight deal.

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