Remembering 9/11: 10 Years Later

by on September 11, 2011 · 10 comments

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TPG reader Mark sent me some incredible 360 degree pictures he took from the top of the World Trade Center in June of 2000. He writes, “I think it would be nice to step back in time and remember the Twin Towers as they were” and I couldn’t agree more.

View from the top of the towers
View 1 the ground plaza

I vividly remember being a Freshman at the University of Pittsburgh on 9/11/2001 and being awoken by a frantic dorm-mate saying that the “country was under attack.” Earlier that morning our entire dorm was evacuated for a fire, so I was extra tired and stunned by the news. As the events transpired we ended up getting evacuated as we learned that a plane went down outside of Pittsburgh and that more might be on the way.

Feel free to share your 9/11 story as I’m sure many of you were traveling at the time and have interesting perspectives.

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  • Claire

    Just want to send my thoughts to all those affected by the events 10 years ago from here in the UK. I was in NYC just a month ago for the first time. Watching the ceremony live on TV now of the memorial.

  • Hendricks

    Was on an elective rotation rounding as a medical intern. The attending physician said ‘just go home be with yiur family’ when we saw what happened on a patients tv.

    The hospital was very close to airport and the skies were very quiet for those 4 days or whatever.

  • SP

    The 360 degree view is amazing. Never forget.

  • Ryan

    I was a freshman at providence college as well and it was the first full week at school. I always thought I had the rest of my life to go up to the top, but never had the chance. Thank you for this great imagery!

  • Alex

    I was getting ready for my Animal Physiology class in my senior year at Uni, and my friend called me to tell me a plane flew into one of the towers.

  • Anonymous

    I was backpacking around the world, and was in Budapest. Its’ a bit drafty, but here’s what I remember –

  • Crabguy

    I remember dinner that night with my two sons 5 and 9, trying to explain that evil in the world did exist and we must do all we are able to keep our selves, our families and our friends safe. My heart goes out to all who suffered and those who gave so much. Peace.

  • Glen

    I was at work (1 block from the White House) and remember looking out of one window and White House was evacuating, then looking out another window and thick black smoke was coming from the Pentagon. Scary..

  • Husam

    Hey TP — I was a senior at Pitt and recall getting the news in the class. Everyone thought it was an accident but the second hit definetly made us realzie otherwise. What was worse is when they evacuated the cathedral of learning and the squirrel hill tunnel fearing another hit .

  • Bradley

    I was in grad school at NYU when it happened. I saw the first tower burning up after the plane hit and had no idea what was happening until I later found out on the news that it was an attack.

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