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So far I’ve completed 10 hits (shown below) and plan to do a bunch more this week. If you haven’t done so already, check out my master guide for more information on the Grand Slam promo and how to get hits.

Random tip: If you are staying at a Starwood hotel and eating a meal that is over $100 ($67 for Platinums) then you should pay for the bill separately. That way you can submit it for points after your stay and get another hit as long as your account gets at least 200 US Airways miles. If you put that meal on your bill, then it gets lumped in with your total stay and you only get 1 hit. See this post for more about dining for points at hotels.

Also, if you forget to put your US Airways miles on your car reservation, most will let you change it when you return the car. Hertz reps can even add in your US Airways number on the handheld machines and you’ll see it on your receipt.

If you have a three day car rental coming up, Avis is currently offering 9,000 Club Carlson Gold Points. You can then transfer 8,000 of them into 1,000 US Airways miles for a hit. I plan on doing this since I currently have 0 Club Carlson points.

Additional hits I plan on doing this week:
1) Dividend miles dining
2) Using my Bank of America US Airways debit card to pay for #1
3) transfer 4 AA to 1 US Airways mile
4-6) 3 hotel stays- 2 Starwood and 1 Hyatt. FYI: you need to change your SPG earning preference to US Airways miles, which can be done by going to this site. For Hyatt, you can just let them know at check-in/out that you want US Airways miles for your stay and they will enter your number.
7-9) Three car rentals
10) iTunes purchase from US Airways mall
11) Download and complete three searches with the Dividend Miles Toolbar
12) Complete a 21st Century auto quote … I’m going to hope this generates a hit even thought the T&Cs state otherwise.
13) Buy Anna’s Trial Size cookies from Biscoff
14) Buy a dummy SuperShuttle trip from Dallas Airport to Hyatt
15) Buy certificates through Thanks Again
16) Buy some wine from Wine Insiders

That’s my goal for the week – how many hits do you currently have and are planning to get?

Date Detail Miles  Spend TOTAL HITS
9/14/11 Audience Rewards- Charlotte, NC Poetry Slam 50  $12.50 10
9/14/11 SPG Transfer 851  $0
9/14/11 Hilton Transfer 850  $0 TOTAL SPEND
9/14/11 Priority Club Transfer 2000  $0  $1,561.57
9/14/11 Buy miles 100k 100000  $1,478.00
9/14/11 1800FLOWERS 120 $12.99
9/14/11 FTD 331  $33.14
9/14/11 Hyatt Transfer 2000  $0
9/14/11 Mags for miles -800  $0
9/14/11 Track it back 500  $24.94

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  • infamousdx

    Right now I”m at 20 hits with $325 spent. If I can find a way to get 4 more without racking up too much spend, I think I’ll do it. I don’t foresee going any higher than that.

    Good luck going for 40!

  • Billy Mumphrey

    Why buy a gift certificate when you can get 100 US miles from Thanks Again for “liking” them on FB?

  • YessMissWin

    Can you tell me how to do this: 3) transfer 4 AA to 1 US Airways mile? I tried to do it and after inputting 1 US Airways mile “get more into” it first showed 4 AA, but when I selected the option it came up that the minimum transfer was 1,000 points.

  • NYCirish

    Does anyone know how we can track our hits on the dividend miles website? The Frugal Travel lawyer wrote that 2 of his hits have “posted” to his dividend miles account. How does he see that?

  • scott

    He’s probably saying that he’s seen the miles “deposit” in to his DM account via a non-flight activity, which is the same as seeing the hit “post”.

  • Jettyboy

    I believe you need to have a minimum of 25,000 AA miles in your account to get the 4miles->1mile option

  • pbailey19

    Are you certain that the (cough) SuperShuttle purchase (cough) will register a hit?

  • Jettyboy

    For Hyatt, I have found it easiest to change my points to miles after the stay – after a series of stays, I simply call Gold Passport and ask them to change my earnings for the particular stays to miles from points.

    If you select miles at check in you will not be able to reverse it later but you can always change from points to miles. Just gives me more flexibility.

  • Anonymous

    Correct- there is no official hit tracker. You just need to monitor your US Airways account and note when each activity posts to your account and cross reference it to the bonuses when they start posting 9/28

  • Jettyboy

    You are such a cock-eyed optimist, Billy Mumphrey

  • Anonymous

    I liked them last year for this promo so I figured I’ll just get the since I’ll use it anyway.. just to be safe

  • YessMissWin

    I have well over 25,000, but I guess I’ll take another look. Thanks!

  • Gpuzzi

    I had about same plan, mine came out to $250 but only counting money I wouldnt of spent. I really dont see myself getting about 24 hits as much as I would like to. Hopefully some company hotel stays!

  • Bryce Reynolds

    any reason why you can buy something cheap on Groupon for the Thanks Again points? you can usually find stuff for <$5

  • NYCirish

    Where do you see activity posting to your account? Sorry for the stupid question, cant find anything.

  • Anonymous

    Log in to your US Airways account and then click on

    If you have no miles in your account, then nothing has posted.However, once activity starts posting, you will see it with a date and how many points you got

    Post date




    9/14/2011 09/19/11 1-800-FLOWERS BONUS 130
    9/14/2011 09/14/11 ONLINE REDEMPTION -800

  • Rob Kouba

    Rules for the Grand Slam promotion states that hotel hits can’t be for same day. Same as rental car hits. I dont think your suggestion of splitting SPG dining charges from hotel stay charges will work due to this rule. Can you clarify if a work around exists?

  • Anonymous

    Well if you have a multiple day stay and your dine is in the middle of the stay, it will post separately from the rest of your hotel stay.

    Also, the Grand Slam T&C may state one thing, but what happens in reality is a completely different thing. They need to develop smart technology to track all of these new rules- something I doubt they’ve done smartly

  • Sil

    I paid for the Slam Poetry through Audience Rewards for $12.50. It was a “will call “. I never attended and from the pending activity it was dropped this morning. I was NEVER charged the $12.50 so I think I didn’t get a “hit” for this.

  • bagpackedwilltravel

    15 hits and $600 spent. But I tried to buy stuff I liked &/or would use, so my spend is higher than others. Already got the chocolate covered Biscoff cookies………..damn they’re good!

  • Ram

    Can you give a break down of your purchases for the 2o hits with 325$?

  • Share Miles Hit

    Anyone interested in sharing miles with me? We split the costs 50/50 and each get a hit for the transaction (1000 miles). I’ll charge $12 for the 1000 miles.

  • Amod Jain

    can you give a link where i can do this , I have never done this , so i think i am eligible to like them and get those 250 miles .

  • Amod Jain

    found it on their FB page , but will this count as a hit ? Risky Huh ?

  • pbailey19

    Interesting. I just tried to make a 1-800-FLOWERS purchase, using the link on the US Airways site (they’re showing a Grand Slam special offer of 20 miles per dollar). I tried to purchase the “Sad Sam” puppy doll, for $13.99 with free shipping. When I got through to the final page, I couldn’t enter the “U3″ promotion code along with my DM number. Since there was no step that involved asking for my DM number, I asked the Chat Help representative where it needed to be entered, and he told me to use the “Promo ID/PIN” section on the final checkout page.

    However, I got an error code, with a message that I could not apply a code to an item that was already on sale. Now, what the sales rep told me was that you can’t get airline miles for items that are on sale.

    That doesn’t sound right (that is, I don’t think the sales rep quite has his stuff together). How were you able to get your purchase credited to your US Airways account?

  • Napolehon

    doesn’t it cost about $40 for the “share miles”? so you want to split that and the person who gets the 1000 miles pay $12 so that the person who receives it pays $32 and the person who sends pays $8?

  • KateMPH

    I’m doing the GS for both my USAir account and my boyfriend’s. I’ve spent $400 and acquired 40 hits between the two of us. We spent a little more on flowers and wine because we sent gifts to people and like wine. We opened up a Share Builder account, which was great timing. I’ve been able to do e-miles for both of us, but e-rewards will be more difficult and might require a last minute replacement.

    They will post the first miles on 9/28 – what is the schedule like after that?

  • Share Miles Hit

    Exactly, it’s $40.75 to transfer 1000 miles (the minimum) and since both parties get a hit, it’s more efficient to share that cost. Whoever gives the miles should also get about $12 for the miles (my estimate of value).

    If anyone is interested, let me know here.

  • Anonymous

    Only the person receiving the miles gets the hit

  • Share Miles Hit

    From the Grand Slam FAQ:

    If I share miles with another Dividend Miles member, will we both get a hit?

    Yes. When you share miles, they are moved from one account and into another. However, you can only earn a hit once, regardless of whether you give or receive miles.

  • Kevin

    i did the same thing but my activity posted to my chase account so it went through for me.

  • Napolehon

    I’ll do it with you.

  • Share Miles Hit
  • Bro22k

    I received 2 miles for each of the questions I answered at Audience Rewards. I hope I get a hit. The points were posted seperately for each correct answer.

  • Bro22k

    I did not use the “U3″ promotion code, I do not care about get the 20 mile per $1 points. I ordered an item that was on sale, so I am just hoping to get a hit for the basic 10 points per $1 offer.

  • Bro22k

    Here is the latest offer from the US Airways Premier World MasterCard. 40K miles after first purchase, 10K towards dividends miles preferred status.

  • Adamu98

    how does wine insiders work-this and the other wine one look like dodgy hits to me

  • Nick

    The transfer rates for your Hyatt, SPG, Hilton, and PC points are really bad (same thing for other hotel points). Even though the out-of-pocket cost may be zero, I would personally count it as a loss.

  • ClayD333

    Agreed, I think those rates are horrible! I can’t bring myself to make those hits.. I will only consider them if they get me to a large tier at the end of the contest..

  • AS

    Doesnt Wine Insiders require subscription?

  • Spadams

    So…I’m staying at a Hilton Garden in right now, but I booked the room a few weeks ago – does the date I made the reservation have to be after the Grand Slam starts, or the date of the stay and/or the date the miles post?

  • Anonymous

    If you choose US Airways as your double dip, it will count as a hit. The only thing that matters is that the stay happens before Nov 14

  • Matt M.

    I stayed in Westin last week. At the time I got starpoints, but just called SPG and asked if I could receive USAirways miles for that stay. They said that they could convert them to USAirways miles, but it would be a ‘transfer’. My question is if I do the ‘transfer’ will USAirways recognize the stay as a Hit? The stay was 9/11 – 9/15. Should I transfer?

  • Anonymous

    You can only get a max of 1 hit per hotel chain transfer. You need it to hit your us airways account as a stay

  • Ram Pallapoth

    When you check in you should ask them to deposit your rewards into your US Airways account instead of the hotel rewards program. Else you will not get multiple hits from the same hotel chain. Transfers and direct mileage earnings are different for hits.

  • Juztme
  • Mark

    Elaine would have gotten the job if it weren’t for Uncle Leo.

  • Travel

    I got 140 miles which is 10 miles per Dollar for my Sad Sam Puppy order of $13.99. Posted a few days ago so it does work.

  • Grand Slam at 23 Hits already
  • M Huang

    I stayed at a Springhill Suites last week with my team and ended up getting credit for other team members’ rooms in addition to mine. Will I get multiple hits for each room or do you think I will just earn one point for my room? Anyone with experience with this?

  • Bexho2000

    For Hotel stays – where does the 200 miles minumum come from as I can not find it in the Grand Slam rules at ? Any idea if just 1 night stay at a cheap participating hotel ($60) will generate a hit? Thanks for any help crarifying this.

  • Tmkor

    I am wondering about the Magazines for miles hit. US air also has a site called: Magazine Mileage Awards that awards miles for purchasing subscriptions. The link for this is off the area to earn Dividend miles. I am wondering which site gives the hit for Grand Slam. Thanks.

  • Beth

    I’ve been shopping at the Dividend Miles Mall for things I’d buy anyway but I’m not clear about earning hits. Do I only get one hit, no matter how many different times and different merchants I use? I’ve gotten conflicting answers.

  • Anonymous

    1 hit for the mall. You can get other hits by purchasing stuff through the other vendors like Office Max and FTD

  • bagpackedwilltravel

    Anybody see the Grand Slam update on their USAirways DM page? I thought they were supposed to post something yesterday?

  • Olegib

    What is the least expensive current Audience Rewards offer? Many thanks. PAguy

  • OperationBingham

    Today the 2nd round of Grand Slam bonuses hit our accounts. My concern is I officially have 16 hits when my US Airways account shows 21. I accept that the Audience Rewards trivia probably doesn’t count but I’m not sure. What I do know is there is no doubt I should have 20 since all activity occurred AFTER signing up for the promotion and BEFORE things posted officially yesterday and were visible today. Based on last week’s 12 hits and this week’s 16 hits, it seems like my National Rental Car bonuses are not being counted. Was there any T&C about minimum miles? I did 5 separate rentals last week. Yes, I drove back to the airport every day. I was lucky as I was out of town in a place so small you were allowed to park your rental car literally in front of the airport! All the bonuses from National posted with 4 of the 5 under 50 miles (45). Meanwhile, my plan to check in and out of the same Hilton Garden Inn backfired as I discovered consecutive nights are considered 1 stay no matter what. However, I was able to talk the Diamond desk into letting me at least get 3 stays out of the 5 nights but none of that is involved in my 16 hits for 21 activities. Is there something I am missing about minimum rental car miles?

  • Alex

    When u do the dummy super shuttle it asks for all this mandatory info like flight no. I just pick a flight scheduled? etc?

  • Marylide

    HELP!!! The bear I bought from 1-800 Flowers does not count as a hit/. I emailed them but I don’t think they will change their mind. I saw that a lot of people used this as a potential hit. Did it work for anyone?

  • Clay

    As a rookie, i would love to see a “common mistakes” thread for next year. My mistakes so far..

    Priceline – duh, no points and by the time i realized it i also realize I had no chance of canceling or changing.. DOAH

    Budget rental car (probably all) – Has to be airport location. Have one right up the street, rented 2 daily rentals before i realized it shot back a “location not eligible” code. BOOOOOOO

    The only other not to post is the Audience Rewards, i didn’t go so I don’t consider it a mistake, just a gamble that didn’t pay off.

    So far I didn’t waste anything I wouldn’t have done anyways so i just chalk it up to learnin the game. I also didn’t prep as well as i could have with havin e-miles and e-rewards set up, my transfer partners all worked out and purchasing points when they were 50% off.. I probably left 6-10 easy hits on the table.

    I really like the stuff where you get a place to put in your DM number so you feel more certain you are going to get the miles..

    I still think I will get to 36 hits, but if I just get 32, thats ok too.

  • sunshine15
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