My Experience Getting the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

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Update:  As of July 20, 2014, the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card no longer offers the 7% annual points dividend. View the current sign up offer here.

If you check out my Top Deals page, you will notice I have the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card as my #1 deal. All around, I think this is a phenomenal card for every day spending as well as international travel. I did a full review here, but the five main reasons why I wanted this card were:

1) 40,000 point sign-up bonus, with the first year $95 fee waived. This is a limited time offer (normal bonus is 20-25,000) and there’s no published end date, so it could be pulled at any minute.

2) Instant 1:1 transfers to United, Southwest, British Airways, Korean Air, Hyatt, Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, Priority Club and Amtrak. The sign-up bonus alone is more than enough for 2 free nights at the Park Hyatt Maldives! (Which goes for over $1,000 a night). You can also transfer into anyone’s account, so it gives great flexibility when topping up family/friends accounts for awards, if you are feeling generous.

Ultimate Rewards Transfer Partners

3) 2x points on travel and dining, which is basically all I do!

4) It’s a Visa Signature card (there’s also a World Mastercard option), which means it’s accepted globally at a ton of places.

5) 7% bonus on yearly spend, including the sign-up bonus. So every year they calculate how many points you’ve earned and then give you a 7% bonus. The bonus on the 50k sign-up is already 3,500 extra points! The bonus even applies to points you’ve already redeemed.

So in the first week of August I applied for the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card and Premier Rewards Gold cards. I was instantly approved for the Premier Rewards Gold (from what I’ve heard, you get automatic approval if you are already a Platinum Card holder), but I got a pending review for the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card.

No sweat – I just got the British Airways Visa card in early May and Chase’s systems will generally auto-reject you if you apply for more than one card within 6 months. As I wrote about in this post, it’s generally pretty easy to call and get reconsidered and shift some credit lines around if needed.

However, when I made my first call to the reconsideration line I was immediately asked why I had such huge balances on my Citi cards. D’oh! I realized I had made a big mistake when it comes to applying for credit cards. At the time of my application, I had all of my balances paid off, but it usually takes a couple weeks for each credit card company to report the zeroed out balances to the reporting agencies. I had made a ton of business expenses on my AA Citi cards in July and while I paid them off the day the statement closed – it was too late – they had already been reported as being 85% of their credit lines used. So when Chase pulled my Equifax score, I had a huge hit on my credit because it looked like I was using a lot of my available credit on my two Citi cards.

I should have known better, but I was anxious to get in on the Amex Premier Rewards bonus ID bonanza that was happening in August (which is now over, by the way) and I guess I was overly optimistic about the time it took for credit card companies to report balances being paid in full. I explained the situation to the rep and she put me on hold while she talked to a supervisor, but when she came back she informed me there was nothing she could do at this time and I would get a letter in the mail explaining.

Shocked, I hung up the phone and pouted for a minute – I really wanted the card! I then started kicking myself that I didn’t ask for the credit line from my BA Visa to be switched over to Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, so I called up again. I got a really friendly agent, explained to him the situation and he said he couldn’t just switch the BA credit line, because that would be gaming the system. He said that Chase’s main concern was the huge balances and that he was going to notate my account with the information and give me a month’s time to call back and get reconsidered. He told me that 3 weeks should do it and that I could also request that they pull my credit from a different agency. This was great news to me because my Transunion score is pristine, mainly because no creditors in NY state use it to pull scores.

So I did just that. I was patient and waited 3 weeks and called again. I asked the rep to reconsider me and use my Transunion score. After some questions about my income and why I need the card (I explained the benefits and the reasons why I needed a different Chase card for my international spend), she asked what my preferred credit limit would be and I low-balled it at $5k. I just wanted the card!

She put me on hold and came back and let me know I was approved with a $15k limit! Wahoo!

I recently got the card and it’s definitely a “looker.” I’ve already gotten a bunch of comments when using it – people either think it’s the Amex Centurion (Black) card or something really exclusive. Little do they know it only has a $95 annual fee (waived for the first year) and the 50k sign-up points are enough to get me a one way JFK-Bali (with a stopover in Hong Kong) business class ticket!

Beyond all the benefits, this card is just plain sexy.

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  • Brian(J)

    One of the great things about Chase cards is the online management, the iPad Chase app puts all of your accounts and CC’s with the balance info etc. on a bar at the left of the screen. Very easy to make payments, see activity, avoid late fees.

    One thing I do not get is how every blogger seems to be ignoring the Chase Ink Bold Buisness card with it’s 50k sign up bonus. For those of us that got the Chase cards a while back and have a business it’s one of the better options remaining right now. With respect to the difficulty of applying for buiness cards I wonder how difficult it is to get and maintain a Federal Employer ID number, also known as a EIN or 91 number. I’ve had one forever and it seems to grease getting buiness cards, but it probably means you have to file a “no activity” return every year if you don’t really have a business.

  • JohnnieD

    I just got my card in the mail two days ago. I applied about three weeks ago. The day I received the card i also received a separate mailing that they approved me and that they lowered my CO card from 25k to 15k and gave me 10k on the Sapphire card, all without calling or asking. This is what I was prepared to do anyway with a phone call……………

  • Phil

    Ah yes credit line usage… that is what really kills scores. I had mine take a nose-dive in a similar fashion score went from mid 700s to high 600s pretty much overnight but then bounced right back when the fully paid showed up

    Agree that this is a great card. Though now it’s getting to the point where my wallet is getting too fat as I have legitamite reasons to use and carry this card, Amex PRG (for the 3x airline 2x gas groceries), Amex MB Plat (for all the MB perks plus SkyClub access), SPG (for spg stays), BA (trying to get the 2-4-1)… way too many good cards in the market now!

  • Phil

    I prefer Amex online management… with Chase can’t find a way to easily view and sum year to date activity to track spend towards bonuses… e.g. Amex PRG’s 15k points bonus for 30k spend is easy track whereas Chase BA Visa 2-4-1 @ 30k is not

  • Guest

    Obviously the 50K points are not avail if you upgrade from Chase Sapphire to Chase Sapphire preferred??

  • purplnurpl

    Trust me, the comments about the card’s weight get super annoying really fast, especially if you’re not in the conversing mood.

    As the card is wearing down a bit, it looks like some plastic compound is fused on both sides to a metal base. It’s only a matter of time until it’s exposed as the middle class Amex Black!

  • MJLouise

    I’ve been using this a lot in small-town America, trying to get my spend up to 3K (I’m not a big spender so have been using it everywhere). People do always comment on its heft, though I’m sure no one here knows what an AmEx Black is LOL.

    My only complaint is it is getting scratched from the skinny card swipers at WalMart ROFL.

  • Mitch B

    Hey TPG…how will transfers on this card be affected by the United merger?

  • Tim

    Are you sure about the 7% bonus including bonus points? The official term I’ve read are vague, and a mailer explicitly said it was a bonus on points earned through spending. I sure hope it’s true, especially if it applies to “adjustment” bonuses too.
    You’re right about the look of the card. I got sad when a new set of boring Citi AA cards replaced it in my wallet.
    BTW, this card sign up is the reason we can afford to visit Paris for three days.

  • Walt K

    FYI, your balance on your credit report is your statement balance for almost all credit cards. If you want to keep your balance low, you can pay before the statement is generated. If you miss it, you let a larger balance show on your statement. It can take up to a week or so after that as well because that is the number they report, but they don’t necessarily report it immediately and the CRA doesn’t necessarily update the changes immediately.

  • Walt K

    Meant to say, if you miss paying before the statement is cut and let a larger balance show on the statement, then you will have to wait until the next month’s statement before any payments you make will reflect on your credit report. It can take…

  • guest

    I am pretty sure, the bonus is on points earned through spending ONLY, i have asked a couple of CSR’s and they have confirmed it. This blog is the only place where it is still being mentioned that the 7% bonus will be for the sign up 50k bonus too.
    Very confusing.

  • Anonymous

    TBD.. my guess is that they will add United since Chase issues their cards as well, but nothing has been announced yet.

  • Anonymous

    First world problems :-)

  • Anonymous

    Middle class Amex Black! LOL

  • Trent Swanson

    Approved for BA Chase Visa in May and Chase Sappire Preferred in July.. so no hard/fast 6 months wait rule for subsequent credit card’s approval

  • Allie

    I’m getting a ton of comments too – people love it. Though I swear it used to be darker (maybe had some kind of film on it?) then one of the places I used it in Hawai’i, I got it back and it was different looking! But people still commented on it’s hip factor.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve read reports that the signup points were indeed included. I’ll report for sure this year, but all it says is “Points earned” in a year. In my eyes a signup bonus is points

  • Logan

    Just a quick question. I used your link to sign up for the Chase Sapphire Preferred and was instantly approved on Monday. How long did it take for you to get the card in the mail? I’m anxious…

  • Anonymous

    I’m in the same boat, though I’m really focusing most spend on Sapphire Preferred and Amex Premier Rewards Gold

  • David

    That’s a good re-consideration experience!
    I use Credit Karma to watch how my balances on my cards makes my score go up and down. When high balances post, the score drops 8-30 points (woah!), but a month later if the balances are low, they all shoot back up, and sometimes higher than before! I pay them all off 100% of the time.

    This card rules. I got it in July and have not regretted it one single bit. People are always like “Woah, is this like a special card?! What’s it made out of? Titanium? Metal?” or “Wow, you must be rich!”, hahaha.

  • Trent Swanson

    not true.. The day of reporting to each respective credit bureau is the statement balance at that point in time (from credit bureaus’ perspective). The date the bank statement is cut has nothing to do with your credit score.. Its the balance compared to available credit (for each card) at the time of reporting to bureau that determines your FICO (in that score category). Except for AMEX cards, which generally have no “Available Credit” amount.. In AMEX case the “available credit” is calculated on your recent “highest balance reported” A major shortfall in the relative FICO value of holding AMEX cards vs other bank cards is that your “available Credit” is drastically understated, which puts a cap on your total FICO credit score (in that scoring category)

  • Allie

    Logan – it took about 5 days for me, but I also called to get it before I went on a trip and they overnighted it (for free) to me.

  • Kiat

    I love the Park Hyatt Maldives tip, but how does one accomplish this?

    “the 50k sign-up points are enough to get me a one way JFK-Bali (with a stopover in Hong Kong) business class ticket!”


  • Mitch

    The Chase website feels cheap and about 10 years out of date to me. I much prefer the details I can see for AmEx transactions, especially those made abroad. I like confirming what the charge was in local currency and seeing what the exchange rate they applied was, for instance.

  • Afkabp

    Does the Master Card version also have the 50k Sign Up Bonus? I would love to have that because Sam’s Club does not accept Visa but they do accept Master Card.

  • Anonymous


  • Cindy

    Was wondering the same thing: if they will pull CO before the merger…

  • noodles

    thanks for mentioning Credit Karma in your post, based on your comments i’ve just signed up with them.

  • Bea

    So if I applied and got a “pending review” message, does that mean I was denied?

  • Anonymous

    Not necessarily, but I’d be proactive and call the reconsideration line to see whats up

  • Anonymous

    Transfer 50k to British Airways and then fly Cathay Pacific from a US gateway. Its 100k roundtrip in business class (50k one way) and you can stop in Hong Kong both ways

  • Anonymous

    I applied for the Chase Sapphire Preferred on a Saturday using your link and was not instantly approved. I had previously been approved for the BA Chase in May and have no other Chase card in my possession. I called customer service on a Monday and then Tuesday only to be told it was still under consideration. On Wednesday I called again and was told “Congratulations, you were approved for 12K!” They also confirmed the 50K on 3K spend and within a week I got the card. Thanks for all the tips!

  • Bea

    I just called. Approved over the phone. Thx!

  • Mark

    1:1 Amtrak transfers for usage in the NE corridor are a particularly good value…from DC, my one-way trips to NYC can cost as much as $150, or can be covered by 3k Amtrak points. There’s a limit on purchasing points (10k), but as far as I can tell, there’s not one on transfers – I’ve already transferred about 6k points for my next trip up.

  • Ushma369

    I love love love love this card. I too have gotten numerous comments on how pretty and sleak it looks! The 2x points on dining out is absolutely fabulous. And now I just need to travel more internationally to reap the benefits of no foreign transaction fees. Thanks BK, you are a flipping GENIUS. :) xoxo

  • Guest

    Anyone know if you get apply for both the Mastercard and Visa versions?

    50k + 50k = 100k?

  • Anne

    Just wondering, if I transfer my points to Priority Club, can I then transfer from Priority Club to American Airlines Advantage since there’s no direct transfer from my Sapphire Preferred? Is it even wise to do so if this is possible to do?

  • Anonymous


  • Jimgotkp

    I doubt Chase would ever allow that.

  • Will Wennerberg

    I had the same problem. Despite using the reconsideration line Chase told me they would not award the 50k bonus since I was an existing Chase Sapphire customer. They were happy to upgrade me to the preferred card but adamant about not giving me a bonus.

  • Sushma

    Hi Brian,

    I was denied for the United Explorer Card for ‘too many inquiries’. I called the reconsideration line three times, but I was told they could not consider moving credit/cancelling a card since I had too many inquiries in the last year, not just with Chase but with others as well. I am therefore a ‘risk’ to the bank. Ironic, considering I have never defaulted or been late paying in my life:)

    One of the CSRs said that they could see I did not have much of a balance, and that I have a good credit history- their only issue was number of credit inquiries- 12. (And 4 new Chase cards this year).

    I wrote to their secure messaging center explaining that I had a good credit score, long history with Chase, held credit cards for ten years, never been late with payment, no debt, live near a United hub and so on and so forth. Within an hour I got an email back saying that they still could not reconsider.

    The tone of the CSRs and the fact that their email was a form letter and not even signed, led me to believe that my account has somehow been red flagged. They seemed completely unwilling to discuss it. I would have written to a mailing address like folks do for Citi cards- i.e., if I can find the right department- but somehow I think I’m going to get the same automated response.

    What would you recommend I do? Should I forget about it? Should I persevere?

    Looking forward to your advice!



  • Anonymous

    That would be a big waste of points in my opinion. Sapphire Pref points are better transferrer to BA/Continental/Hyatt/Amtrak in my opinion

  • Mooper

    Using the new YouTube x-ray technology, I’ve been able to parse your card number from the video you posted by viewing it through the plastic. Drinks are on me tonight, everyone! :)

  • Paris

    I got this card last week while in Ft. Lauderdale, and now need to reach the 3K spend. Before applying, I’m about 97.5% certain I read somewhere that balance transfers can count towards meeting the spend requirement (unlike with Citi, for example). Can you confirm that this is a fact?

  • Anonymous

    After my Grand Slam run yesterday theres not much of that 15k credit limit left! ;-)

  • Anonymous

    Personally, I’d try one more time to calmy explain that you will decrease your exposure with other cards and that you really need this one for the no foreign transaction fees as your international business travel is about to increase exponentially. If its another shut down, I think you should just drop it and move on to the next deal and wait 6-12 months to apply for this (whenever your current inquiries start dropping)

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know. I would call the number on the back of your card to confirm- they answer right away :-)

  • Tt…

    I want to confirm all of the points above :)
    -was instantly approved for Gold (and current Plat holder)
    -was surprisingly “reviewed” for the Sapphire… (high fico/multiple chase cards/0 carryover balance)
    –took WEEKS, but notified by mail of acceptance for Sapphire, AND took another week+ to receive actual card
    —they actually *automatically* closed my chase BA card when issuing the Sapphire
    –only used it twice and was commented on it both times (“does this have a magnet in it?”; “woa this is a very nice card”)

    i was surprised to see the features on the card (purchase protection [including LOSSES], PRICE MATCHING protection, return protection)… which imo makes it comparable or BETTER than amex gold

    as a consequence, this will replace chase mileage plus card as my visa/mc, and will cancel either amex gold or plat for redundancy..

  • Tt…

    in addition to quicker posting of pending transaction, and splits between Food vs Tip, and automatic categorization of spending…. :)

  • Tt…

    btw the Chase BA had been held for over 1 year now (not May 11 like everyone else)

  • Julie

    The debit cards IngDirect sent out a couple of years ago have the same design: all the info on the back. No chance of it being mistaken for the Black card since it’s silver and bright orange!
    Yesterday when I was checking into a hotel the owner immediately commented on the Sapphire’s similarity to the Black card.

  • Joseph Cheung

    Does anybody know, if I am an existing Chase Sapphire customer and my wife is an authorized user, if I apply for the Preferred card in her name will she be considered a new customer?

  • Anonymous

    New customer. As an AU, you dont actually have the card and I don’t believe Chase even requires SSN. 99% sure she is eligible, but someone else please chime in

  • zensync

    Dude!!! I had no idea they had a reconsideration line!!! After being denied, I called and got approved for 8K. You are the man!!! Thank you. I advised by their customer service that if I used their travel center portal I would be bumped to 3x my spend. I’m loving life.

  • Chas

    I also got denied, but for completely different reasons- “not enough time elapsed since last new chase card.” So far this year I got the 50k miles CO card in Feb, and the Hyatt card in April, then applied for this puppy in late august. I’ve called twice, and had one agent tell me that I needed to have a year between applying for new Chase cards (clearly not the case) and then another tell me that I wasn’t using the CO card enough (last use was in June or so).

    Anything to be done about this?

  • Anonymous

    Call until you get a willing rep :-)

  • Brian(J)

    Yes, AMEX is very nice. I was comparing it to BOA cards and CITI, which I have real problems with.

  • Chas

    Finally got one on the 3rd try willing to re-open the app. On hold now with fingers crossed!

  • Chas


  • leeschneider

    Just signed up with Credit Karma. Seems pretty cool, but I wonder the actual accuracy of the score vs. a traditional credit score lookup.

  • Alex

    I’m curious, why focus your spend on these two cards? I’m more curious about the Amex Premier RG

  • Drguercio17

    Based on your recommendation I got this Sapphire deal- but now I am wondering…my interest is in United miles- I already have a United Mileage Plus account- so that’s where adding these points would do me good. Don’t have Continental mileage account…will i be able to transfer these point to United eventually or must I start a CO mileage account to get the value of these?


  • foofiter

    Thanks for this post!

    You got me motivated to call Chase since I got a reject on the Sapphire too. My issue was I had the BA and UA cards recently but closed some accounts too.

    I was on hold 3 minutes and got approved. Boom! More points!

    I love this game!

  • Lindsay

    Yes, she is eligible. I recently applied for the card (was approved) and put my husband as an AU. He applied for the card a few days ago and was approved as well.

  • zensync

    Ooops. Typo… that is, 3x points per dollar spent through their portal.

  • Anonymous

    Amex Premier Rewards gives 3x on airfare (4x if you book it through Amex Travel
    2x on Gas and Groceries
    1x on everything else
    and a 15,000 point bonus when you spend $30k in a year

    Sapphire pref is 2x Travel and Dining

    Between the 2 im racking up the points. There are other category spends out there that I highlighted here, but Sapphire Pref and PRG cover a lot of ground

  • Anonymous

    You can transfer right now. Just create a Continental account and link it to your United and then you can transfer Sapphire/Amex points to Continental and move into your United

  • Joseph Cheung

    Thanks everyone!

  • Jenny

    Hi Brian, I have a regular Chase Sapphire card (not Preferred) with 70K points accrued. Can I apply for the Chase Sapphire Preferred to get the 50K bonus, and then transfer the 70K from the non-Preferred version into Preferred points for a total of 120K points? Thanks for your advice!

  • Anonymous

    As a current Sapphire member, you probably won’t be eligible for the 50k. I’d recommend getting an Ink Bold card which has ultimate rewards..and once you have that, all of your regular Sapphire points can be transferred to your Ultimate Rewards points

  • zzd

    Chase will give you the bonus points the day you are sent the bill for the qualifying spending, before you have actually paid for it, and then you can transfer out the points to your other frequent flier account that same day.

  • Jenny

    Thanks Brian!!

  • Anonymous

    TPG – not sure where to post but… thought this WSJ article would be of interest…

  • foofiter

    Follow-up Question:

    Do you think United will keep Sapphire as a transfer partner once the programs are merged?

    I am not 100% sure what I will do with the points yet but if I might lose my chance I probably would transfer to CO/UA to top off my account.

  • Matt

    Major aside: I love you’re wallet…who makes it?

  • Drguercio17

    I just tried to enroll in the OnePass mileage plan- it didn’t work – it came back with the statement that they couldn’t process my request:

    “MileagePlus is the loyalty program for the new United
    MileagePlus will be the loyalty program for the new United in 2012. The OnePass program will formally end on December 31, 2011, followed by a wind-down period during the first quarter of 2012. You will be automatically enrolled in the MileagePlus program”

    I guess they aren’t creating any new accounts…so- how will I get my Sapphire
    points? I guess they will allow me to transfer them to my United account after CO and UA are officially merged early next year…..?

  • Anonymous

    I got it in Tokyo- it’s Ettinger leather. I think made in London. It’s a great wallet!

  • Anonymous

    Yes I think they will get united as a transfer partner

  • Anonymous

    Just use different contact info/address then change them once the account is created.. Then link

  • PJ

    in case you have some orphans miles to be saved. get into the AU to an sapphire preferred then you can transfer points into your account with orphans as amex rewards.

    also link the freedom cards over cool feature ie it is NOT good idea to cash in one penny for an Unltimate rewards points get them over to become Sapphire points , a simple AU as another Sapphire Preferred will do

  • Drguercio17

    Nope- got the same answer….I guess they are not taking anyone new into the OnePass program…so my question is, how do I find out that Chase will let me transfer the points into my Mileage Plus account?

  • Joel

    Did you use an iPhone to record the video? If you hold the phone horizontally, instead of vertically, the video will be full screen. It’s no big deal — only trying to help!

  • Heather ✈

    Yep, I got the Sapphire card a few weeks ago and EVERYBODY just looks at the card, pauses and then just looks puzzled. Finally, they realize it is a credit card and say, “That’s cool!” :-)

  • David

    Your CK score is definitely NOT your real fico score, but it does give you pretty realistic reasons for why your score will go up and down, and gives you some cool tools to monitor your report.

  • Michael

    Yes, the card may be sexy… but the man presenting it in the video is far sexier, IMHO. :-)

  • Lifeandstylemadrid

    sexy card sexy man! perf!

  • Walt K

    Sorry, but you’re mistaken on this one. Nearly every card reports your statement balance to the CRAs. They only report once a month. And for Amex charge cards, they don’t always work like you are saying either. Amex isn’t factored into utilization at all on EQ FICO. I don’t think they are factored into EX either. TU98, which is the version you can get at factors utilization of your Amex based on highest balance, but I don’t think TU04, which is the version most mortgage lenders use, takes an “open” card into account.

    Also, there’s no cap on your FICO score because of your available credit. FICO doesn’t care about total available credit. FICO cares about utilization. 3% utilization with 100K total credit is seen the same as 3% with 10K credit. They do score you on individual and total utilization.

  • Phil

    Sushma, the same thing happened to me, and I could not find any way around it other than “cooling off” for 6 months. I needed to let some recent inquiries age, and also Chase seem to have a policy that if you are denied (i.e. even after reconisderation) a card then you cannot apply again for 6 months (many of their apps ask have you been denied a chase card in the last 6 months)

    I missed the original BA 100k offer as a result. Best advice is don’t fret it. Good offers will be back. I am back in Chase’s good graces now and managed to even get the nice 100k on this saph card

  • AmexBAbaitANDSwitch

    I actually think the card is not that impressive. I’ve had a few comments, but most people are burnt out on “cool” credit cards and nothing impresses anyone anymore.

  • Michael Acevedo

    Would you guys’ consider this card over the Amex plantinum?

    Assuming the fees were waived for either card, as well as 50k signup bonuses…

  • Anonymous

    Amex Platinum has WAY more benefits, but you pay way more too $450 v $95. However, if the benefits are waived as well, I’d go Sapphire since its 2x travel and dining vs 1x on everything with Amex

  • Anonymous

    Hah stop making me blush!

  • Michael Acevedo

    Would you guys’ recommend this card over the Amex plantinum?

    Lets assume for this question that… Both cards were fee free for the first year as well as both having 50k sign up bonuses.

  • sheldonbeswift

    “5) 7% bonus on yearly spend, including the sign-up bonus. So every year they calculate how many points you’ve earned and then give you a 7% bonus. The bonus on the 50k sign-up is already 3,500 extra points! The bonus even applies to points you’ve already redeemed.”

    I’ve had a the Sapphire Preferred since 2009, and Chase states “…you will receive a 7% annual dividend on all new points earned…Enrollment bonus points are not earned points, they are points provided as an enrollment bonus.” Long story short, I don’t think you can count on the 7% of the 50k sign-up bonus.

  • MYRflyer

    Brian, I previously had the regular Chase Sapphire card two years ago and received 25k pts. Do you think it would be possible to receive the 50k pts signup bonus with a Chase Sapphire Preferred signup? The original card was cancelled shortly after receiving bonus points.

  • Rglidew77

    Question: I’m looking for the next best credit card to obtain. I have a legitimate small business with good credit history, but already have had the Citi AAdvantage card for a long time. Just received the Sapphire personal card three weeks ago (personal). What’s my next best move for either personal or business card. I have good credit. Already have personal AMEX Gold. Usually use Star Alliance or OneWorld to fly. Already have a personal AAdvantage card (Masrercard) for many years. Will Citi issue the AMEX AA card to an existing affiliate cardholder…with bonus? Your thoughts…

  • Susan

    Great little video TPG!

  • guest

    I managed to get the bonus for the second card. Give it a try.

  • Tt…

    totally diff league… but the next closest card is Amex Gold and i think this is superior at half the price

  • Andy Mesa

    I feel the same way. It was a novelty the first week or two, and now I’m just tired of having the same conversation and/or having cashiers fumble with it or ask me if it’s really a credit card. The whole thing seems gauche and I’m kind of embarrassed by it. Plus, mine too is starting to wear from the swipes. It sometimes takes a while for the card to be read, which is a further pain.

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  • DealLooker

    I’ve found the Creditkarma score to be at minimum 30 points light versus the actual scores (verified as I refinanced a few months back and got all 3 of my scores sent to me from the lender)

  • Steve

    Mitch, I totally agree with your comment about the Chase website feeling tired. Only the Diners Club website is worse.

  • Julie

    Has anyone received an offer of bonus points for adding an additional cardholder on the Sapphire Preferred?
    Last year Chase sent out two such offers for the BA card, worth 5,000 miles each, so I am hoping they might do the same with the Sapphire Preferred.

  • hc

    I don’t understand what this card is.. it looks like it is not a visa or mastercard or anything else. As far as I know.. if I’m in Europe.. this card wouldn’t be accepted. Many places in Europe still don’t even accept american express. Am I wrong?

  • Anonymous

    Its a Visa Signature.. you can also get a World Mastercard version as well. It will be accepted anywhere Visa is accepted.

  • hc

    awesome.. thanks.

  • Mitch

    Although you may have to point it out to some people, especially in Europe. The Visa logo is only on the back of the card (as is the number), which confuses some people who are used to mainly Chip & PIN cards. That said, I’ve used it in three or four countries in Europe without any true issue.

  • Scott_aaron

    Just got my Sapphire card today. Yea… it’s sexy.

  • guest

    Capital One Small Business has a flat 2% cash back card. If you’re looking for something for your small business there really is nothing better.

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  • Garrett

    I just hung up with Chase, similar experience to yours where they said I carried such high balances on my cards. I told them that I charge a lot but pay in full every month. They asked me to confirm a bunch of info and put me on hold for a couple minutes and then came back and said approved. New card and 50k bonus on the way : )

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  • arjun

    sorry if this is the noob of all noob inquiries but do points remain in your account even after you’ve cancelled the CC?

  • Deal Looker

    I too called the reconsideration line after being auto-recjected, simply moved half my BA credit line to the new Saphire Card and I was good to go, took all of 5 minutes.

  • Anonymous

    if you close all chase accounts and still have points you will lose them. The easy way around this is to just transfer them all out of your account into airline/hotel points before you close

  • arjun


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  • FGoldammer


  • Flo

    I’m also a New sapphire preffered member and will get the visa signature within 7-10 days.
    I prefer the mastercard and before I call the customer service to make a productchange,
    does anyone know, if the world MasterCard has the same silver circles logo at the back of the card, similar to the onepass plus card? Or I’d is the normal mastercard logo (red/orange)?

  • heidi

    just hit my spending req for citi cards, applied for this one and got instant approve. so excited to see the card! thanks tpg

  • arjun

    I applied for this card a week and a half ago and just received a letter in the mail from them requesting a copy of my SS card and proof of my address. Is this normal?

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  • Justin

    Thanks for the tip about the reconsideration line. Had been turned down for the Marriott 70k + 1 free night card because I had just picked up the Sapphire Preferred card a few weeks ago. Took your advice and called about it. Explained that I had applied for the Marriott card to use exclusively with Marriott, something that I normally reserved for my Amex Plat card. Two minutes later and was approved for the Chase Marriott card!

    Thanks again!

  • NGK

    I am stoked, I just got an instant approval tonight from Chase. 750 FICO and just over 3 years of credit history (bit over 21 years old). Can’t wait to get it! Should be well worth it on the travel

  • Ngkempf

    Curious to see if anyone else has had this experience, but once I applied I was instantly approved, but at no point ever got an e-mail follow up. For every other card I’ve applied for (have always gotten instant approval), I got an e-mail within 24 hours thanking me for obtaining their card.
    Absolutely nothing from the Sapphire preferred. Double checked to make sure it didn’t end up in spam or junk. Nothing. I used the link from this post and had to call Chase to make sure I actually was approved and didn’t just fill out a bunk application. The downside, she had absolutely no clue if they sent out welcome e-mails (but she was able to at least verify I was approved). Has anyone else had similar experiences, getting or not getting a welcome e-mail after getting approved?

  • Jason

    Just applied and got the “wait 10 days’ response.. I guess I’ll just have to wait it out. I applied for the Chase AARP card back in May of 2011 and was denied due to “too many credit inquiries”. I currently have 12 inquiries with a 761 FICO(Experian).. Fingers crossed!

  • KK

    Reconsideration line works wonders. Applied tonight, got the pending approval message, called the reconsideration line an hour later, answered a few questions, and was approved for $13.5K. Too easy. Thanks for the tip.

  • Niksm

    I Just applied and pending review. I called them they said it has not come for verification and they give me call back after 2 weeks. lets see

  • Rmac2

    did it, and after 10 days got my card!!! Didn’t have any info on the 50,000 bonus in the packed, nor any info on Visa benefits, but they told me about it when I called to activate. Thanks so much for your helpful posts on this!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had the standard Chase Sapphire card for 10 months after getting the 25k signup bonus and am now itching for this Sapphire Preferred both for the 50k and the many additional benefits afforded by the preferred card. Does anyone know if having gotten 25k from the standard Chase Sapphire would impact my eligibility for the Sapphire Preferred card? Also, is there any obvious disadvantage to having both cards open simultaneously?

  • Kruegernaut

    Same happened to me. All is well though, Its already showed up in my chase online portal.

  • Ngkempf

    It didn’t help me that I didn’t previously have any chase accounts, so I had no information other than the web page saying I was auto approved until I got the card a little under a week later. But now all is well, over 1/2 of the way to 50k points in under 2 weeks!

  • Niksm

    I got a letter asking for a copy of my ssn. I sent it and let it reach there then i would call again!!

  • Josinei

    I just got approved for this card! Im so happy. Im in Brazil right now and can’t wait to get back to the US just to hold it lol
    What I dont understand is, I have applyed to this card 2 months ago and got denied for high limit usage and too many hard inquiries, and then, after reading this, I decided to apply again, it was approved immediatly and I had at this time, 15 hard inquiries, and my high limit is about 5K (3K more then 2 months ago when I first applied….) I just dont understand how they decide to acept or deny applications… I have tried many times to get the City Advantage Platinum and so far, NOTHING…. :-(

  • Niksm

    have you approved after that?

  • Dudakia

    I have an excellent credit score, however, I was denied a few months ago as a result of not having a long enough credit history…I really want this card, but i’m not sure its worth applying again! should i just wait it out?

  • Niksm

    still waiting its more than 3 weeks since i applied. Its going to be my first chase card if approved!

  • Niksm

    Just got an email …….Approved!!!
    No call took long time but i guess worth it.
    So muck looking forward to it!!!!

  • Niksm

    i got this card with just one year of credit history…

  • Josinei

    me too… 1 year and 2 months and 16 hard inquiries on my credit profile :) but, I had another card from capital one with 500 credit limit only, but never been late… dont know what criteria they use.. im just happy tho

  • 4hrwweek

    Thanks for the post! I just got approved for the card!

  • RLW

    Can I buy gift cards (like Costco or CVS) using my Chase Saphire card to meet the $3000 spend requirement within the first 3 months?

    What about buying Visa or American Express gift cards? Would those apply as well?

  • Victoria

    Quick question – just to confirm, you can transfer the points 1:1 to United, right? In the picture, it shows up as continental…

  • Anonymous

    Yes- United was added after this post was written. Southwest is now also an option

  • Anonymous

    Yes, generally gift cards count as spend

  • Anonymous

    From what I’ve heard, you can’t get the 50k bonus if you already have the regular Sapphire card

  • Murzeek

    Hi there,

    Looking for some advice. I applied for a United card through Chase in November. Then I applied for a Continental Card in December (was rejected, but called reconsideration line, moved around my credit lines and got approved). I am very interested in getting the Sapphire Preferred before the deal runs out, but when should I apply, and what should I expect?


  • Mason Atkinson

    can you transfer chase sapphire points to marriot and then have those marriot points go to your airline of choice, say Delta?

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  • Jeff

    Ok, so I’m fairly new to all this, but I did the “secure message” thing proactively and suggested they reduce my Mileage Plus Visa limit to help approve me for the Sapphire Preferred (I had already applied but got the ol’ “we’re analyzing our application” message). They wrote back and said “Approved” for a “Chase Sapphire Visa Platinum” – did they mean “Preferred” (I hope I hope) as I don’t even see a Sapphire “Platinum” on their website??

  • Anonymous

    Yea that must be a typo on their part

  • Anonymous

    No- you’d lose a lot of value doing that. I’d transfer to one of their partners like United, British Airways, Southwest or Korean. If you wanted to book a Delta flight, you could do it via Korean since they are Skyteam partners

  • Anonymous

    You should apply now and you shouldn’t have any issues. If they decline you, just shift credit from the United card if needed

  • Murzeek

    and if there is no more credit to shift?

  • matt greco

    if my scores are right around 700, do i have any chance of getting this or do i need to be much higher to even bother applying?

  • Anonymous

    There are lots of factors that go into a decision to approve a credit card, but I know people with blemishes. And sub 700 FICO scores that have gotten this card.

  • matt greco

    hmm…maybe i’ll give it a shot. right now i’m just about finished cleaning up my reports from my idiotic college days where i went stupid with credit and basically ruined myself (just about completely ruined, short of bankruptcy anyway) and i’m almost there. since as of now i don’t have any rewards cards (all my cards are non-rewards), i’ve been looking at the amex blue cash (desparately want an amex), the chase continental onepass plus MC, and this one…or possibly some combination of the three.

    i fly continental almost exclusively, because they’re usually the cheapest for the route i fly most often (philly or newark to the LA area or SD)…so the ability to have free checked bags for myself and my girlfriend is intriguing with the continental MC. although, the bonus signup rewards are obviously much better with the sapphire…

  • tjs

    I had applied for the card about 3 weeks ago and got rejected. Got 3 reasons for rejection
    a. Not enough accounts opened long enough to establish a credit history
    b. You have too many active accounts or too much available credit.
    c. Too many active bank cards.

    I called the rep and she wasnt budging at all from the reason for rejection. I dont seem to agree with any of the above reason . I have a credit score of around 750 (when checked on Credit Sesame) . What are my options ..

  • Thomas

    Got denied due to “not enough gross annual income to qualify for the credit card”

    Called reconsideration line, they want pay stubs, etc. faxed to them. Spoke with a very nice rep there. Couldn’t tell me if my annual income would qualify me (recently got a new job post application.) however said to try.

    He suggested if I didn’t get accepted to send a letter to their credit correspondence department asking them to remove the inquiry since I was deceived when I applied. There is no indication on any of the disclosures I received that there is a minimum annual income.

    Faxing my pay stubs, if that doesn’t work I’m going to go down the road of sending a letter to credit correspondence department.

    Any suggestions otherwise?

  • William_Thomas

    I just applied for a Chase Sapphire Preferred card (World MasterCard) and I got a “pending review” response. Is a “pending review” response the same as being rejected and should I call the reconsideration line at 1-888-245-0625?

    By the way, my FICO score is probably in the low 700′s, primarily because I have a large balance on one of my credit cards. I actually plan to transfer that balance to the Chase Sapphire Preferred card and close it out.

  • Jilly_p08

    wondering if you had any follow up to your situation as i just applied and feared this as well. I have great credit but feared I don’t make enough for this card.

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  • Rickb

    How widley accepted is the Chase card? I have a friend who hasAMX but a lot of places will not accept it. Is Chase widly accepted in Spain. I know Visa is.


  • Mitch

    The Chase Sapphire Preferred card is a visa card.

  • Lyons

    Followed your advice and called the reconsideration line. Couldn’t have been easier. I got in on the Chase British Airlines card and Southwest cards a while back. All I had to do was split credit lines to 10K for each of the three cards.

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  • matt greco

    any idea if donations to charity made on the card count towards the $3000 in 3 months requirement for the bonus points offer?

  • Steven16

    how are you able to get a jfk to bali for 50k? what airline?

  • Karmen

    Wow – thanks so much! I have same issues as you – business owner, several cards, etc. 15 hard inquiries in the last 6 months….etc. Just did the reconsideration and approved for $7500. Thanks!

  • Jamie Peluso

    you definitely didn’t get a free plane ticket all the way to Bali did you? that seems unlikely. BUT , do you have any insight into the requirements to get this card? I applied, and it says they need to review further…and am wondering why

  • Luvdagym

    I just got this card because I’m going to grad school in LA and will be putting my tuition on it to rack up points (need flights back home to Ohio). I got approved right away. They asked me my income and profession and I lied… got approved for 12k limit. Hmm, that was too easy?!

  • Mr. Everyday Dollar

    Besides being a great card to earn points, the Sapphire Preferred has these benefits too –

  • Imconsulting

    can you get to use the credit card as soon as you get onlie approval?

  • Mimi

    Tip: u should apply to all those cards the same day. And then stay quiet for 4-6 months.

  • Oliver Huang

    I applied via your link and got an instant approval page. How soon can I receive this card?

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  • panda

    I have both a Chase Amtrak and Southwest Airlines credit card. I would like to consolidate to the Sapphire Preferred card. Will my points from Amtrak and Southwest be able to transfer to the new card? Should I keep all three? Will my credit rating take a hit if I cancel the first two cards? I am having trouble figuring out what to do. Any help would be great.

  • Lbrother517

    Never close a card unless you have too! Your credit will take a hit! No more then 30points

  • Lbrother517

    No! You have to have the card physically in your position… With one exception. You have to call and get the full account number from a chase rep. And you can only make an online purchase that does not require a security code… Obviously because its on the back of your card and you cannot look that up ! But almost all online stores require it so its extremely unlikely that it will work. Ps. If a online store does not require the code then I would not recommend shopping there. Lol

  • Lbrother517

    So not sure if its too late but you can call chase and ask them to upgrade you to the preferred card. If you have an account in good standing then they will most likely upgrade you with no credit pull. However you will not receive the reword points! But if that’s the only reason your signing up, then you shouldn’t be getting this card anyway! Once they upgrade you to the new card you can throw out the old and they will transfer your credit line to the new card. No messy applications and no more hard credit pulls!

  • doctorofcredit

    40,000 is now the standard bonus, 50,000 seems to roll around once or twice per year.

  • doctorofcredit

    When Chase says “You have too many active accounts or too much available credit” and you have an account with them, you can offer to transfer some of the credit limit from the open account over to your Chase Sapphire Preferred.

  • Megan

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  • Rick

    How quickly after you meet the spending requirements are your sign-up points awarded? I assume you have to wait until the next statement date? I was trying to get some points racked up for travel this fall, but don’t think I’ll get them in time. I just opened the account – should be getting the card in a couple days.

  • Alan Smith

    Any recommendations for a Sapphire Preferred holder now that they’re removing the 7% dividend? Do I stick with it, or look to another card/provider?

  • Essence Valencia

    This had me laughing cause it’s so true lol

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