4,500 Chase Ultimate Rewards Points With Pitney Bowes

by on September 14, 2011 · 75 comments

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Coming off the heels of the 2,500 point Ultimate Rewards freebie (which seems to be dead now), I noticed that Pitney Bowes is offering 4,500 points when you get one of their mailing machines. Just log into your account and search for Pitney in the top right.

Log-in to and then search for Pitney and the 4,500 point offer will show up in the results

When I clicked through, I thought they’d be obscenely expensive, but to my surprise the Mailstation 2 Digital Mailing System was actually free for 60 days. The only charges were $30 in pre-loaded postage and $9.99 and they even have a Satisfaction Guarantee:

“Pitney Bowes Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied, return the meter and scale during the trial period with no further obligation. We will even refund your original shipping charge. Any unused postage will be returned by the USPS.”

Confirmation of the 4,500 points upon leaving the Ultimate Rewards portal en route to Pitney Bowe's site

Expensive sounding machine is actually quite the bargain!

Seems like a no-brainer to me! I actually hate going to the post office, so having my own mailing station makes a lot of sense ;-)

4,500 Ultimate Rewards points (the program of the Sapphire Preferred and Ink Bold cards) is nothing to scoff at. They can be transferred instantly 1:1 to Continental, British Airways, Hyatt, Marriott, Priority Club and Amtrak. Heck, it’s only 50,000 British Airways miles for a Cathay Pacific Business Class one way ticket from the US to Asia, so this promo is almost 1/10 of that!

I just did this so I haven’t gotten the points yet, but I am optimistic about Chase’s Ultimate Rewards shopping mall being more reliable than some of the others we’ve dealt with lately. I absolutely do not think this one is an error.

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  • infamousdx

    Very nice, Brian. I also thought these mailing machine things would be expensive but good to know it’s quite a great deal!

  • Maury

    For those of us that signed up for the offer, has anybody gotten their points yet? Any word when they will post?

  • Dave

    TPG, did you load up the software from or Pitney? I did not at and wonder if I will get the 2,500 points.

  • Anonymous

    Do you mean like set up the actual machine? I just did stamps and pitney yesterday so I haven’t gotten anything yet. Normally how these work is that once Chase sees the transaction hit your account, the bonus gets triggered.

  • Anonymous

    I just did Stamps yesterday so I haven’t gotten anything yet.. I know InfamousDX got them and he was the first to do it several weeks ago. Maybe he can chime in and tell us how long it takes

  • Anonymous

    Can you respond to the poster above about how long it took for your points to post from the day you did THX!

  • infamousdx

    Hey Maury… It only took me 5 days from the transaction date to see the points posted in my UR account. I know others on FT are reporting a few days longer so hopefully Chase is not pulling any funny business now that they pulled that offer from UR.

    And I agree with Brian… Chase UR Mall is proving to be a LOT more reliable than other shopping malls/portals. I did some test purchases and the activity posted only a few days later:

  • leeschneider

    The 60 day trial is nice. But if you don’t return the postage machine within 60 days, it’s $20/month with a 1 year contract.

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  • Thechimerical

    I did Stamps on seeing your post and it took around 3 days to post in my UR account

  • Miltoncapital

    So do you still get to keep the 4,500 points after you cancel and return?

  • Maury

    Thank you. I did see it as pending in my account ready to post but not yet available. I just do not want to get stuck paying the monthly fee.

  • Raj B

    Signed up on Sept 6, nothing posted to my UR acct as of today.

  • Gpuzzi

    Looks like this may be dead too

  • Anonymous

    Still working..just search for Pitney instead of Pitney Bowes

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see why not

  • HikerT

    Let me get this straight. Buy an item online with full intent to return the item. Have the merchant pay for shipping? Return the item. Keep the shopping portal points. There are a few merchants you can do that. Just comes down to the ethics of it.

  • Chase

    I did the promo and points posted about 5 days later.

    Not sure about whether I want to take the plunge with this one as you have to put down a $30 postage deposit (which apparently can be refunded by the USPS, but it requires you printing some kind of receipt off the device and taking it into a post office, where they apparently charge a 10% fee to refund the postage).

    Another random note: for anyone interested in using this device with your computer, it only runs on PCs. If you have a Mac, you have to plug the device into an analog phone line.

  • Anonymous

    They are betting that once you try it, you will love it and keep it. I’m willing to do that to get 4,500 miles. As I said in my post, I honestly hate going to the post office, so maybe I will. Guess I’ll have to wait and see!

  • Chris

    Nice! I got the points pretty quickly too (probably about the same time I got their package in the mail). Seems like a decent product too if anyone is interested in keeping it.

  • Lisha

    I just sent a msg to Chase inquiring about the 2,500 bonus for (I placed orded on 9/5). I received a reply within minutes saying that the points with post on my September statement.

  • Dave

    a little off topic. But I just saw the UR is giving 12 points for dollar of GroupOn purchases..this is MUCH more in value than the 10miles for Delta…cool

  • Ben

    I placed my order on 9/6 and the points haven’t posted yet. However, I did not use my Chase Freedom card for the order. I didn’t see that being a requirement. Can anyone confirm getting the points with a different CC?

  • Anonymous

    Im pretty sure you have to use an Ultimate Rewards card to get the points. otherwise, how would they know you actually purchased anything?

  • Michael Rousseau

    i would be careful with Pitney Bowes. my office had a machine for a long time and it was a total scam. they said we had a contract that no one in our office ever signed and once we cancelled they continued billing us for months. would not take the machine back. customer service was a nightmare. obviously they are desparate for biz. snail mails is quickly dissapearing.

  • Raj B

    My bad, didn’t know where to look for this activity earlier. Posted to the UR Mall & Travel Earnings section on Sept 8, two days after the purchase.

    Guess it will show up in the available rewards balance on the next statement.

  • Trent Swanson

    so maximum exposure here is the $30 postage deposit and the $15-20 machine return postage fee= $45-50+ return hassle factor. Are $4500 UR points worth $45-50 at a 1:1 airline transfer ratio?

  • Lisha

    Correction, the 2,500 pts posted on 9/7, two days after signing up. I was looking in the wrong place on the UR site.

  • Trent Swanson

    Refer to RajB post to determine whether you Stamps points have posted

  • Ben

    I would assume the same way any shopping portal tracks my purchasing activity after I click through one of their links, regardless of the CC type used for the transaction. I don’t always pay with my delta card when I use the delta shopping portal, but I always get the miles.

  • Anonymous

    The Amex and Chase portals are different- you only get points for using their cards. When you clicked the link it says “Check out with your chase card and get bonus rewards”

  • Brian

    Depending on how you tackle it, you can cut maximum exposure to $5 or less. If haven’t taken advantage of the trial, do it. You get $5 worth of shipping credit along with an entire slew of other trash-worthy goodies. Call to cancel a few days after your trial starts and you should be offered another $5-10 to continue your trial an extra month for free. If not, ask for it. Take the offer with the pure intent of canceling later on. (Cruel, I know.) Now with the Pitney offer, just take the points and run.

    After you receive your Pitney stuff, tell them you’re running Linux or some out-of-the-world incompatible system; thus rendering the entire thing useless. Cancel the service and return the package using the free credit. If you don’t feel like wasting gas, schedule a pick-up with USPS and they’ll take the package right off the front of your door-step for free. After that, take the receipt for your USPS postage return to your local post-office, bear the brunt of a 3% charge if one exists, and you have 4500 points at a loss of $3-5. (7000 points if you signed up with before they took the offer 2500 UR offer away.)

  • Guest

    PLEASE GOOGLE “Pitney Bowes Scam” before ordering anything from Pitney Bowes. Too risky for 4500 points I’ll say….but hey what’s the worse that can happen? $20 a month for a year? ;)

  • Szymon131

    I did 0n 9/7 and nothing posted yet unless I am looking in wrong place too. Where is that “UR Mall & Travel Earningssection”?

  • Dan

    I did. I’m not coming up with enough to tell me that I’m getting screwed over. The stuff I see is OLD.

  • Anonymous

    Log in to

    Click on the Ultimate Rewards on the CC area. Then click “Manage Ultimate Rewards”. The M&T is the 2nd option down:

    Manage Ultimate Rewards

    Orders & reservations
    Ultimate Rewards Mall & Travel earnings

  • Anonymous

    does that mean you actually paid $$ to I didn’t…

  • Ben

    I confirmed my 2500 points with chase. They will post on the next statement. Shena2, no, it’d just the CC I used for monthly billing after the trial ends.

  • Benthelefty

    Doesn’t the Chase card have anti fraud protection? Seems like a safe thing…just still mulling the ethics of it all…

  • Phil

    Please note in the T&C “the meter and scale will be used for business or commercial purposes only…”. There’s a business name field to enter during the ordering process (and a non business check box) that might impact the ability to earn points here.

  • David

    gonna pass on this one.
    Did the one and still haven’t seen any points post.. :/

  • Trent Swanson Manage Ultimate Rewards (upper right hyperlink), Ultimate Rewards Mall and Travel Earnings (hyperlink on left).. Your Stamps points will post here within 48 hours of promo sign-up and will most likely appear on next statement

  • Trent Swanson

    Excellent. Innovative stacking of similar promos! Received Stamps promo via sign-up only (did not require placing an order for postage). I wonder if the additional free postage flier (in Stamps mail packet) can be redeemed during the second month trial period (in addition to the $5-$10 2nd month continuation offer). RE: Pitney, no need to manufacture a cancellation reason (per the T&Cs)

  • Trent Swanson

    Stamps points post to UR account (“Ultimate Rewards Mall & Travel Earnings” hyperlink) (not Chase statement) 48 hours from placing the Stamps order. No stamps purchase required. However, it may take 1-2 Chase statement periods to see it reflected in your UR points balance

  • Trent Swanson

    true.. no purchase required. No load of software required

  • Trent Swanson

    So if Groupon classifed as “dining” (not sure), then this stacks 12x * 2x (for Chase Sapphire Preferred dining? Either way, this trumps the AMEX PRG shoppping portal’s 4X groupon offer.

  • Anonymous

    The 2x on dining is only on spend- not anything else. The portal bonuses are separate. So if Groupon was classified as dining (which im pretty sure its not) you’d get 2x on the spend and then a separate 12x for the portal

  • Trent Swanson

    good catch. If not trapped at order entry time, there is no possible way to monitor the machine’s use

  • Trent Swanson

    Additional free $100 in postage if keep 12 month contract.. Cuts monthly cost of machine down nearly 50%.

  • Divescape

    I can confirm that I’ve gotten points via the Amex portal when I’ve used non-Amex issued Amex cards (i.e. Citi, B0A) and even a Visa to pay. I’m not sure about Chase, but I wouldn’t expect it to be any different.

  • Dude

    if one was to mail back, i would imagine the weight of the machine would be in 10+ lbs. sounds like you’d spend at least $20 to mail back unless it could fit in a priority box through usps.

  • Rza

    Just to recap here–4500 points is about $50? For the headache of driving to the post office to return this thing? Hm.

  • Anonymous

    Id value 4,500 at at least $90. And you can ship items without going to the post office- I actually use and get Delta miles and leave my packages with my doorman (although I assume you could leave on a porch as well)

  • Nathan Keirn

    Weeks after the thing, I still have no rewards showing up there.

  • Nathan Keirn

    Actually the pitney bowes offer says they will PAY for postage back if you don’t like it.

  • KP-HOU

    Another one great Chase Ulimate Rewads offer is the 8 extra pts/$ for purchases at (so 9x total). This destroys the 3x offer through Amex Membership Rewards. Plus, the prices at are already great and they offer free shipping on orders over $25. Who doesn’t buy face soap, shampoo, contact lense solution (ok, maybe not everyone buys this), etc. To me, this is a no brainer.

  • Nathan Keirn

    My and my pitney bowes points showed up right now.

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  • infamousdx

    My points just showed up in my UR Mall activity! Thanks again, Brian. Hopefully the machine doesn’t cost too much to mail out (or I’ll just bring it to work and have them ship it, lol).

  • Brian

    I see the points pending in my account. I’m shipping this scrap of plastic back as soon as I get it.

  • infamousdx

    I updated my post with the box dimensions and weight. It will cost me $10.21 to ship back to PB in Indiana. Great deal!

  • Raj B

    I can confirm that I got the 4500 points for this offer even though I used my AMEX business card for the deal. Well, at least it’s showing up as pending on UR.

  • Anita

    My box came in today. Do I actually have to set the machine up and activate the account, or will the points just show?

  • Anita

    Also, do we have to pay for return shipping? They’ve only mentioned a refund for the original shipping. Thanks for your time!

  • Anonymous

    The points will show regardless.

  • Mooper


    My wife did this one. To get the $30 in postage she already paid for (I think), does she just set up the machine and print out a bunch of stamps to use later… or will the $30 be refunded if she just sends the machine back without printing them? Thx.

  • Sam

    I can’t seem to find it anywhere in UR. Is the offer gone now?

  • foofiter

    Hi TPG!

    I just got my machine yesterday. I see the points have already posted.

    Do we actually have to use the thing? I don’t want the points to get reversed if I send it back unopened and unused.


  • infamousdx

    Yup they seemed to have pulled just about every flat rate bulk bonus point offer in the UR Mall.

  • infamousdx

    What’s the process for canceling?

  • Travis Woodland

    For anyone who is worried about returning the system, just give them a call at their customer number 1-877-831-6130 and tell them that you only run Mac OS X and don’t have an analogue phone line. Then the system is completely incompatible. The lady I spoke to didn’t have anything to offer at that point and immediately started setting up getting me a return label (free return) and the postage refund. No problems at all! :)

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