25,000 Delta Miles for $500 SkyMall Purchase

by on September 16, 2011 · 40 comments

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The Delta SkyMall is offering a whopping 25,000 bonus SkyMiles for any $500 purchase by this Sunday September 18, 2011. Make sure you log-in and make your purchase from this link. Also, beware – if you were logged into the US Airways SkyMall for Grand Slam, that will default, so clear cookies or use a new browser if possible.
To be honest, I thought I would do this, but when I searched through the merchandise I couldn’t find $500 worth of stuff that I actually wanted. I suppose I could buy a Canon Digital camera and sell it on eBay for ~75% of the cost, but that doesn’t really seem worth it. Am I missing the boat here? Is there anything really worth it on SkyMall?

25,000 Skymiles are worth at least $375 to me, so I want to do this, but I’d rather not buy junk that I won’t be able to use/sell. As always, I appreciate your thoughts.

Hat Tip Mommy Points!

Terms and Conditions:

Offer valid only for purchases made at Offer expires Sunday September 18, 2011 at 11:59 PM, MST. Not all merchants participate in discounts or promotions. Excluded items and vendors are noted on the product page. Not valid on previous purchases or purchases made after the expiration day and time. This offer cannot be combined with any other promotion, discount or offer. Not valid on gift cards. Void where prohibited. SkyMall reserves the right to limit quantities or refuse orders. All discounts and offers are available to customers paying USD (US dollars) only.

Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for SkyMiles to be posted to your account. Miles will only be credited on orders placed at To be awarded 25,000 miles, the $500 limit must be made on merchandise excluding tax and delivery. Miles will not be credited for cancelled orders or items returned to merchant. Pre-orders and backorders are not subject to award until products are shipped by merchant.

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  • Chad Gibbs

    One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them, and it can be yours for $500. Actually I couldn’t find the Lord of the Rings stuff or the Harry Potter wands online. I wish we needed a television right now. By the way, that last sentence shows how points obsessed I’ve become. I blame you Points Guy!

  • AmexBAbaitANDSwitch

    The only thing worth $500 are the gift cards, but those are verboten

  • Michelle

    You’d be better off spending $500 to maximize your opportunities under the Delta 100% Transfer promo, if you haven’t already. Per this Flyertalk thread,, “I contacted SM as to whether “Bonus Miles” count towards one’s maximum limit of miles transfer into one’s account and was told: “Please be advised the bonus miles earned do not count towards the maximum amount per year a recipient may have transferred into their accounts.” So you can TRANSFER 300K into your account this year PLUS receive as many miles as you can afford/finagle to have AWARDED as a result of transfers. I thought I had maxed out my transfers, but this was a revelation to me, and I’m calculating how much I want to spend to take advantage of it.

  • Mark Hatfield

    We once went through the SkyMall catalog on a flight in search of the most useless, overpriced item. Our discovery: a replica Sopwith Camel propeller, 6 ft. long. Who could possibly want/use that?

    Since meeting you airline geeks, however, we may have to try again.

  • Kansi

    The 100% transfer bonus seems to be a much better deal than this. Cheaper and more miles.

  • Guest

    How about buying a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet for 499.99? It seems like it would fit the price requirement, and it is the same price on the delta mall as on If you are looking to sell, these are going for around 400 on ebay so you would only be spending 100 for 25,000 skymiles, which might be a good deal to some.

  • Estele

    Transfer 15K miles from your account to Account B for $180. Then transfer the 30K miles back to your account for $330, for a total cost of $510, with a net gain of 45K miles.

  • Josh_brooks

    I did this last year and for me not worth it again. After ebay fees and price competition, I lost an additional $100-$150. Had to fight for the miles (take a screenshot).

  • tassojunior

    Way overpriced stuff that would lose $200 minimum on eBay. Pass.

  • AmexBAbaitANDswitch

    16 minutes estimated wait time to get the BA rep on the phone… award availability super opaque… why oh why did I transfer to BA!

  • Raj B

    Items that typically cannot be purchased for less than retail would be worthwhile purchases.

    For example, the Beats Studio by Dr Dre headphones are listed for $299.99, same price as Amazon and Best Buy.

  • Lark

    What are you talking about Mark?

    I have one of these beauties in my 10,000 sf cabin at A Basin in CO…

  • Mark

    I bought a casio projector from Skymall earlier this year with a similar skymiles bonus offer. Turned out that even without that Skymall had the best price (not what I expected). Green Slim Projector XJ-A240

  • Sam

    Don’t forget the processing fee of $30 which adds another $60 in fees.

  • Sam

    Just went to make an order and there is no where on the checkout, especially before the submit order section, that asks for your Delta Skymiles number.

  • Federico

    You are paying 510 for 45k miles. With this promotion YOU GET 25k miles if you spend $500. You ARE NOT buying 25k miles for $500.

    Buy something that you can resell on Ebay (loose $100 on fees/devaluation) and get 25k miles.

  • Federico

    You are not paying $500 for 25k miles. You get 25k miles if you SPEND more than $500.

  • kevin

    Look at the T&C and do your math again.

  • Estele

    Talk to Josh Brooks about what a sure thing the eBay idea was last year. Even TPG says he wouldn’t do it.

  • Sam

    @Kevin , Oh yes I see that it is included. Thank you.

  • Josh_brooks

    Like I said before, do the math on this. I bought two canon cameras that were close to street value. But after shipping, sales tax, ebay fees, and then increased competition from all the other people doing it, I think I lost at least $200. And this was back when 25,000 miles actually had value! I’m not saying don’t do it, but factor in your fees (ebay/paypal $50, sales tax: $30, shipping $30, etc). If you can craigslist the items, you might be able to do a little better. BUT MAKE SURE TO TAKE A SCREENSHOT OF THE 25,000 promotion. I had to fight for the miles, even with a screenshot.

  • zzd

    Ahh, skymall. A whole catalog of things you never realized you needed or cared whether or not they existed until you had 6 hours of absolutely nothing to do except count dandruff flakes on the back of the head in front of you.

    Let’s face it: if you need to buy a gift for someone who seems to have everything and buys whatever he or she wants for him or herself, the only realistic option is a Skymall gift card, since that is the only place he or she probably hasn’t shopped yet. Does that qualify for the free points?

    I haven’t found anything worth getting at skymall since they discontinued the cellophane emergency gas mask, which looks like a balloon, inside of which is your head, with a ventilation attachment a la Darth Vader on the front. It made quite the fashion statement especially when worn during a non-emergency.

    That said, here are some suggestions on how to spend $500:

    * A super value pak of Successories
    * 2 1/2 mylar blimps, useful for promoting your web site up and down the block
    * A treasure trove of religious non-artifacts
    * Art that will evoke memories of the hotel room you stayed in 3 days ago

    Any other ideas?

  • Rajnish

    Even if the prices is way higher compared to other sites, using continental card will help as they return the difference upto $300, if you find a cheaper price somewhere else.

  • Nathan Keirn

    Is there a limit to how many times you can do this? You can buy heap of Rebel cameras. Cost to me is about $30 per camera in the end which is well worth 25,000 miles to me.

  • Kane

    You’re telling me you couldn’t use a life size King Tut bookcase?

  • Marikesh

    If you are looking for a tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is listed here at 599 (32gb) which is a whopping $14 more than (which gives 6 miles per $ in Skymall). This isn’t a terrible deal. Sadly I purchased one of those tablets earlier this week for my CEO…so I missed out on the deal…

  • Marikesh

    **Edit – apologies, 6 miles per $ on for purchases

  • Paul

    thanks TPG – was in the market for a tablet, and decided this was a good opportunity to buy the galaxy tab 10.1 – as i see is the tablet at worst costs me $200 and a I get ~$300 (if not more of airfare)

  • zzd

    Won’t $500 pretty much buy you a round trip domestic plane ticket that would cost at least 25,000 points? Unless you’re also in the market enhance your Thomas Kincade collection, why not just pay cash for the ticket?

  • Sonny94

    Which is basically the same thing Federico……$500 is coming out of your pocket either way you look at it.

  • Brian

    I would agree that most of the items here are of little value. However, I’m finishing my basement and found that the sports collectibles had a decent selection. So, it’s something to consider. Also, like TPG mentions, use the link and be sure to check Step2 so that you can enter your Delta number, and double-check that you see 25000 miles right below your Order Total. Otherwise you’ve probably picked an item that isn’t eligble for the promotion.

  • Tzvi Whitman

    Don’t understand the problem

    Buy 5 Marriott Gift Cards.

    Sell on PaperJungle:

  • Anonymous

    Gift cards are ineligible

  • Tzvi Whitman

    says where?

  • Dddk9333

    try reading the post before replying

  • Pho Real

    Not as good as it seems. Skymiles shopping special offers will sometimes give up to 40 miles/$ depends on the vendor. Most popular vendors such as Home Depot, Sears, Nordstrom … will have deal up to 8 miles/$. So if you spend $500 on the items you really want, that’s 40,000 miles instead of 25,000 on useless stuff. You can still sell back at ebay if that is the strategy.

  • deltagold flyer

    Worked out OK for me. I got 10 TAB’s and and sold them all in 24hrs on EBAY. Total cost after ebay+paypal+s&H fee’s (including price match with SAMSCLUB for cash back) was a loss of $700

    So, for $700 I got 1/4 Million miles at a cost of $0.0028 per mile. I will get 2 biz class tickets to Sweden (yes I find them all the time @ 100k with work 3x times a year) and have 50k left over.

    This was a killer deal I just wish I had gone BIG!

  • Globe Trotter 94

    You seem to have success with Ebay, would you be willing to sell some more Galaxy Tabs for me!?

  • deltaGOLDflyer

    The sweet spot right now is $440. If you don’t care over people knocking your rep at ebay for overcharging for s&h fee’s then just list them for $419.99 each and charge $20 or $30 s&h. They will sell fast! (could get nutz and go $399.99+$39 S&H)

  • Globe Trotter 94

    Thanks! Hopefully I can sell some GTB’s after I take advantage of the upcoming 25K promo!

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