Reminder: Last Day to Book 50% Off British Airways Awards!

by on August 12, 2011 · 6 comments

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Just a friendly reminder that today is the last day for 50% off British Airways awards. I outlined the deal in this post, but feel free to ask any last minute questions.

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  • theDealyo

    We’re probably booking Dallas to Prague (london stopover) then Prague to Dallas (Paris stop over). I’m torn between booking business class or Economy Plus because of the HUGE point difference. We’d use 240,000 for business but only 60,000 on Economy. The fees are the same at $1500. Would the business class still be a good deal even without the 50% off offer?

    I’m never to this airline game and have never flown BA so I don’t know what is a good deal or not.

    Thank you! Huge new fan.

  • theDealyo

    Sorry- the points for Economy Plus are 90,000 total.

  • Anonymous

    BA has a really nice Business Class product, but for the point differential, I’d probably just do World Traveller Plus and save the extra points for another trip UNLESS you are swimming in points and want to splurge.

    In general, BA miles are best used on trips to South America, Asia and within North America. So if you have other points, you may want to consider them for your Europe trip.

  • Voltaire

    TPG, I have approximately 100k BA miles from the Chase card promo. I also have about 150k AA miles from the Citi promo. I want to book a flight to London for the Olympics next summer (coming from Phoenix, AZ). Couple of questions:

    1. Do you suggest I use AA or BA miles to book the flight to London?? The main thing I want to avoid is paying the high fees that BA charges (or will AA charge me the same?). I know you recommend using BA miles for non-european travel. (BA uses Phoenix as a minor hub).

    2. I am almost tempted to use BA miles because of their current 50% off promo (which ends today). Thoughts?

    3. Finally, what is the refund policy. I want to book the trip soon, but something might come up in the year where I can’t make the trip, so what is the cancellation policy for the airline that you recommend in my first question.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Michael

    I’ve been trying to read through all of the BA posts, can you refer me to a post where it’s outlined what’s the best way to get to a Country via points? Specifically I have BA & AA and I’m looking to get to Hong Kong & Bali from Los Angeles.

  • Mike

    I was just playing around on the BA site yesterday, looking at possible Asia awards using my BA miles. However, all the different trips (Thailand, Japan, etc.) came in at almost $800 in fees, where in the past they had been around $400. Every airline I checked had almost identical fees. Has anyone else seen this fee increase?

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