New 25,000 Points Southwest Credit Card Offer

by on August 9, 2011 · 14 comments

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Update: This offer is no longer available. View the current offer for the Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card here.

Update: The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card sign-up bonus offer is now reduced to 40,000 points when you spend $3,000 in the first 3 months.

All good deals must come to an end, which we saw on Sunday with the Chase 50,000 mile Southwest Premier card. Chase has now relaunched the card with a slightly lower annual fee ($69 vs. $99) and halved the sign-up bonus to 25,000 points (application link), which is still $416 towards Wanna Get Away fares. You also receive 3,000 in bonus points each year you renew, which is $50 towards Wanna Get Away fares.

This isn’t a bad deal, but there have been reports of people still getting targeted for the 50,000 offer, so if you can wait, it may make sense to apply for the best Chase bonuses like the 50,000 point Sapphire Preferred (I outlined my strategy with Chase offers here), because I’m not sure how much longer the 50k bonus on the Sapphire Preferred will last and I would bet on it going back down to 25,000 or less over it being increased (though that would be nice!).


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  • PJ

    Do they notice you ahead of the time before they pull the Sapphire Preferred 50K ? I am waiting to hear my applications on Southwest and Hyatt cards

  • Afasfasdfsdfa

    step away from the minibar and put down your Delta compensation checks

    Delta just made awards nonrefundable within 72 hrs of flying!

  • HikerT

    Re: “This isn’t a bad deal”

    Um, yes it is! Just say no to pimping referrals for crappy offers.

  • tassojunior

    Hot off presses- Get 50K MR points for 5 additional cardholders for $45. No SS# or birthdates required. Must spend something on each card. So far good on Platinum and Premier Gold.

    CODE 5721

  • tassojunior

    Update to below comment- SS#’s and birthdates needed for the additional users.

  • PJ

    do you mean: add on authorized users into your card ? 5 more authrized users for $45 dollars and can also be on Platinum cards ? normally they charge ~ $175 to add on ~3 users:)

  • Anonymous

    I think I was literally raiding the minibar as you wrote this :-)

    Just posted my (negative) thoughts on the rule here:

  • Anonymous

    I hope I get the heads up, but you never know. When Amex pulled the 50k Plat sign up it was out of nowhere. Chase has been good with advanced notice, so if I get it, you know I’ll pass it along.

  • Anonymous

    Its the standard offer for Southwest and this being a points blog, it should be covered. I clearly advised people to wait for a better one or get in on the better Chase offers.

  • HikerT

    As far as clearly advising people to wait, I didn’t really see that. Not trying to be argumentative here but you actually included an application link in the blog post, then said “if you can wait” (not “you should wait”). Who were you posting the application link for? Why include it in the blog post if you didn’t want to encourage someone to apply? Who can’t wait? Why not skip the application (referral) link in the blog post say, “this isn’t a very good offer – I would definitely wait for another one, but if you still want to apply then click on the ad below to support this blog”. Many noobs read your blog and not all of them are savvy enough to realize that by applying for this offer they will be excluded from getting another Southwest offer in the future.

  • Anonymous

    Well what if someone can’t wait and that $416 toward flights would make an otherwise unaffordable trip happen? I clearly encouraged people to wait if they could, but even then- “hoping” for a targeted promo isn’t very helpful advice since most people won’t end up being targeted

  • Mturkel

    I agree, here, with thepointsguy. I’m moving to Chicago at the end of the month and will regularly be traveling to NYC. Southwest has the best deals by far – pretty much the only deals from LGA to Midway. Since I’ll be flying them exclusively and often, waiting doesn’t make much sense. So listing this offer, as mediocre as it is, is helpful.

  • arglebargle

    The targeted mailings for 50K are, indeed, still going out. I got one last week for SW offering 50K in miles AND with an annual fee of $69. The 50K comes after the “first purchase”–so presumably I could buy an iTune and get 50K. Sweet!

    As far as how one gets targeted, not sure. I flew SW for the first time in a while a few months ago, reactivating a long-dormant RR account–which has resulted in A LOT of mail from them of late. Also, when I applied, they ask for the promo number included in the mailing, my zip code, and my name. The zip code makes me wonder if they are targeting specific cities/regions. (Closest airport to me is SJC.)

    Anyway, applied online, will see if I get it–got a “we’ll let you know” response. I have another Chase card, but have had it for years…

  • arglebargle

    Update: I got approved, and my husband got the same targeted mailing yesterday. I have no idea when he even last set foot on a plane. I think it may be geographically targeted–if you live around San Jose, check your mail!

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