Is This Abuse of an Elite Status Benefit?

by on August 18, 2011 · 87 comments

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As you all know, I was in Vegas last week and I stayed at the Palazzo, which is now a part of the Intercontinental Hotels Group. As an Intercontinental Royal Ambassador, I get free minibar at any IHG hotel and the one at the Palazzo was the most impressive I’ve seen.

I did a quick video for asking whether it was ethical for me to completely empty out the fridge – especially since I had friends coming over.

What are your thoughts? Is it unethical to take that benefit to the limit or is it completely okay because I’m technically staying within the rules of the program?

If you were a Royal Ambassador, would you clear out the minibar?

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  • Nick Ewen

    In my opinion, no, this is absolutely not an abuse of an elite privilege. That would be like Delta telling us that as Diamond members, even though we have access to the SkyClub, we’re limited on the time we’re allowed to spend in there or limited on the amount of food/drinks we can consume. I’m assuming that Royal Ambassadors are few and far between, and I’m sure the Venetian (and other Intercontinental properties) feel that the expense of potentially giving away everything in the minibar is worth the loyalty engendered with those guests. I would certainly do the same thing, especially if I was in Vegas and having friends over before going out.

    Keep in mind that for every Royal Ambassador that empties the minibar, there are probably equally as many (if not more) that are staying on business and may take a bottle of water, a can of peanuts, or leave it completely untouched.

    If only Hilton would create some type of elite level like this! I’ve been Diamond with them for 4 years and have racked up over 200 nights during that time. It would have been great to have had a free minibar in Tahiti earlier this year…

  • Anonymous

    As long as you use it I think it is fine. You shouldn’t waste it and I don’t think it would be fair if you went down to the lobby and tried to resell it to the public. With that said if you had some friends over and were “thirsty” I don’t see the problem.

  • infamousdx

    If you actually drink/eat the mini bar contents, then no, I don’t see a problem with this at all. I see a problem if you cleared it out to bring it home or something.

  • FBG

    Unethical? No. If IC isn’t factoring in that possibility to their costs someone should lose his or her job.

    But you DO remind me of an old lady who takes all the rolls, and the sugar packets, at the diner. And might grab the ketchup bottle if she had an extra ziploc in her purse.

    “You want maybe a nectarine? I got one in here somewhere. And half a sandwich and the contents of the minibar.”

  • Angel

    I agree with everyone else. It is a perk you are entitled to and you can use it any way you want. How many times a day do they restock it?

  • Anonymous

    If it’s comped use what you need and if extras…. pack them! how different is it from taking lets says shoe shine kits> tooth brushes? shampoos? Slippers?

  • Anonymous

    It’s ethical so long as I’m invited.

  • Sommers Jeffrey

    No way – that is the perk of being in the elite status of their program. Get hammered!!

  • Anonymous

    agree with @Nick below. The stats probably show these bars rarely are totally used but if they are, hey, that’s why they are there. Having said that, the “abuse” comes in when the consumer calls the front desk 8 times a day to ask for the bar to be restocked. Abuse is an repeated request to be re-comp’d. To me, complimentary means 1 time per comp period (day, week, flight, whatever). And I see lots of those on my daily travels (how about the people who stock up at the housekeeping cart when it’s in the hallway – ugh).

  • Rubicon2007

    No doubt I would empty it out EVERY night. Maybe every afternoon prior to going to the pool as well.

  • Cory

    I have no ethical issues with clearing the mini-bar. That’s part of the perk and expectation.

  • Kevin

    If I was a Royal Ambassador and I had friends coming over to celebrate being in Vegas I would absolutely use and possibly clear out the minibar. It’s a benefit offered to you with your status, use it!

  • AS

    This is definitely abuse. If you even have to ask, you’ve crossed over the line.

  • AS

    This is definitely abuse. If you even have to ask, you’ve crossed over the line.

  • AS

    This is definitely abuse. If you even have to ask, you’ve crossed over the line.

  • tivoboy

    When I was an RA, I found that many locations (with exception of like HKG and a couple others) already REDUCED the number of items in the mini bar prior to arrival and I had to REQUEST some of the items that should have been IN there (clearly noted on the mini-bar price list which was not removed) so, I don’t see a real problem drinking it all. Now TAKING it all might be a different issue. I have clearly cleaned out the mini-bar when I had guests over to enjoy the suite, have drinks up in the room, etc., and purposely would HIDE some items so that they would be reloaded on a daily basis and therefore we’d have extra cans of tonic, extra bottle of gin, extra bottle of champagne, etc.,

  • Sam

    Why would that be abuse? Is it not offered to the guest? Would it be unethical if he were paying for all of it? what a joke. Whats unethical is the outrageous mini bar prices all the rest of us have to pay.

  • Worldtraveller2

    A perk is a perk, I would take it all and not look back!

  • Gene

    Perfectly fine. Just don’t fill your suitcase.

  • Gene

    Perfectly fine. Just don’t fill your suitcase.

  • JJ

    per the T&Cs, yes, it does go beyond what is allowable (read the last couple sentences) …

    Royal Ambassador Status: Royal Ambassador status is the highest level of status and entitles Priority Club Rewards members to additional benefits at InterContinental Hotels and Resorts. Royal Ambassador status is granted to Priority Club Rewards members by invitation and at Priority Club Rewards’ sole discretion. Priority Club Rewards reserves the right to limit the number of members with Royal Ambassador status. Guaranteed room availability for one room occupied by the Royal Ambassador with 24-hour advance reservation. Reservations must be made before 12:00 midday (local hotel time) 24 hours prior to intended arrival for room availability to be guaranteed. Only in exceptional circumstances where the hotel has been completely reserved by the Government and with explicit Priority Club Rewards approval, may a reservation be declined. Early check-in (8:00 am) shall be available to all Royal Ambassadors. Upgrade to an executive room, Club InterContinental room or a suite for Royal Ambassadors at check-in. In circumstances where an executive room, Club InterContinental room or a suite is not available at 8:00 am, the Royal Ambassador will be checked into an available room until the executive room, Club InterContinental room or the suite is available later on the day of arrival. Use of all in-hotel health club facilities (where available) shall be complimentary for Royal Ambassadors. Treatments such as massage, facials, manicure may incur charges. Complimentary beverages from the mini bar in the Royal Ambassador’s personal room only, and for in-room consumption by member only (benefit excludes non beverage items). Void where prohibited by law.

    In my opinion, i think if it is just you and your partner, then its fine. Obviously IC does not expect that 2 people can clear out a minibar the way you did. I can see both sides of the argument here – and I’ve certainly enjoyed the benefits of my elite status but I do not take advantage of them – but I agree with the other comment which stated “if you have to ask, then you probably did something wrong”

  • Dewhit6959

    This line of questioning hits close to home. Our organization attends several conferences and conventions yearly and the last large event was in Las Vegas. When the hotel bill arrived in our account payable section, there were several mini bar charges that junior attendee’s in those rooms had to reimburse the company for. They paid for their charges and gained an understanding of what the travel policies are as it relates to room service and mini bars.
    One young man, a recent college graduate and a new hire, had charges for an expensive bath robe on his account and decided it was his to keep “since it was in the room”. He refused to repay the company initially and was terminated shortly there after. I don’t understand why individuals would want to abuse free or comp’d amenities offered at better properties, since these better places are offering these touches to embellish your stay and time. I can remember when some passenger’s would hoard their mini bottles on flights for later consumption.
    I agree with the earlier post that stated, “if you have to ask “.

  • Brian(J)

    There seems to be an assumption that the mini bar is open season, but the T&C’s are very clear:

    Complimentary beverages from the mini bar in the Royal Ambassador’s personal room only, and for in-room consumption by member only (benefit excludes non beverage items)

    They think they are allowing you to enjoy whatever beverage free, and that’s it. Of course you can push the envelope, and the more you push it the more likely it will be taken away or made less valuable for others in the future (see ‘abusing the mint coin privilege’).

    So I personally would go easy on it. Two hotels I have stayed at, one in Venice and the Mercer in NYC had a cabinet with full size open bottles in it, had to clean that out but possible I guess. The Mercer also had warm cookies, stationary printed with my name already on it ” Mr. Joe Blough, in Residence at the Mercer” and complimentary condoms for the forgetful fortunate guests.

  • Athan

    I think they’re anticipating that some people are doing that, although that most probably don’t need to…

  • Latimer

    i would clear it out. then, I’d buy some cocktails at the bar downstairs to hand a little money back to the hotel. this would ease my mind.

  • Yun

    I think the question should be: “Is it ethical for IC, or any other hotel chain, to charge that ridiculous amount of money for a small pack of peanut?”

  • Anonymous

    A free mini-bar. In Vegas. Frankly if I were them, I’d be surprised if you left anything at all. :P

  • HoKo


  • HoKo


    The rules of the program explicitly allow for full use of the minibar. If TPG wants to take full advantage he is well within ethical limits

  • RakSiam

    if they didn’t want you to use it they wouldn’t give it to you. In theory you have provided them with so much revenue to attain your status that I would imagine the contents of the minibar is a drop in the bucket. Plus they get some other poor slob to pay $18 for a bottle of water so I would have no compunction about using the minibar for free if it was part of my benefits. I am sure they aren’t losing any money on the deal. As long as you are using the contents and not just hauling it all home with you. I think that might be a bit abusive.

  • James

    It’s fine, as long as you don’t mind that the hotel will notate your account with “Ambassador # emptied the minibar…how rude!” ;)

  • zzd

    Unethical? Maybe. However, if you feel like you have to ask, my suggestion is: don’t. Dirty little secrets, particularly those that transpire in hotel rooms, are best kept to oneself.

  • zzd

    Grandma, I miss you.

  • Anonymous

    I hope they add rehab as a future benefit!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    They restocked it once a day, which was sweeet

  • Anonymous

    They did that in Mauritius. The minibar in the Presidential suite was 4 beers and a redbull.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe people are saying this is unethical…do you know how little the mini-bar costs the hotel? I work in the wine biz…the booze is plenty cheap for them. I’m sure they can afford the MINOR expense of a minibar each night when they’re charging $150+/night (much more on the weekends).

    Get your drink on, TPG!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, but would you empty out all of the Biscoffs from the SkyClub and grab a bottle or two of Woodford for the road? ;)

  • Ozaer N.

    TPG-you are entitled to the benefits of the program, so enjoy !

  • Anonymous

    Hell no! More like a right you’ve earned by qualifying for the status (in most cases)…


    If they were mini-bottles, I mean, why not? They’re such novelties.


    I think equating the mint to this is a tad ludicrous. The likelihood of there being a massive upswing in mini-bar raids is inconceivable. TPG didn’t announce some “miles for nothing” secret; he’s posing a normal “ethnical” dilemma.

    At the end of the day, those that raid the minibar pose no serious threat to the integrity of the RA program as a whole.

  • Mike Galicki

    Whats the difference between emptying the mini-bar vs someone who takes all the bathroom amenities? I’ve been to some fancy hotels were I’ve taken every soap and shampoo out. My collection got so big I started to wonder what the hell I was planning on doing with the stuff. But I know a lot of people do it.
    For some reason it pisses me off when people take 30 Splendas from the coffee shop. Go figure.

  • Gpuzzi

    I once cleared out a minibar that wasnt free. Almost missed my flight the next day. So I say if it is free it is for me.

  • Nybanker

    Are the friends coming to visit you in the hotel room?

  • Davidfleming

    not unethical, but i wouldn’t do it just because it’s free. if i wanted a drink, sure i would take it…but i’m not going to waste it just because i can.

  • SeeYa

    No unethical. It is part of the benefit of being Royal Ambassador. However, I’d be more concerned about the freshness of what you clean out. Since most people won’t pay the crazy prices, the mini-bar won’t get restocked all that often. Your first cleanout might contain some things past their shelf life. Once they restock, you’ll be fine.

  • Becky

    No, it’s fine. I’d have a problem going out and selling it, as some said, but using it as offered is part of the perk.

  • Larry

    A. It’s a perk you’re clearly entitled to.

    B. At the Ambassador level, I presume you were staying in the kind of room or suite that invites entertaining.

    I don’t think you were particularly pushing any ethical line by inviting people to your room and availing yourself of the minibar. It’s not like you took one of the pillow cases, stuffed everything from the minibar into it along with the towels and fixtures and sneaked out at 3am. This kind of entertaining is probably not that uncommon.

    But, please do describe what exactly made this minibar so great!

  • Richard

    Treat others — people or companies — as you would want to be treated. That usually works for me.

  • Anonymous

    It was awesome- had a small bottle of Moet champagne, Belvedere vodka, tons of minis and mixers AND it was restocked each night. Plus all snacks and bottles of water were free too

  • Askevi

    I was once a guest in the Presidential Box at the Kennedy Center. There’s a mini fridge in there with M&M’s with the Presidential seal, bottles of wine, water, soft drinks, candy, everything you can think of. Everyone was minding their P&Q’s and not touching the minibar until the intermission, when a WH staffer says, “You guys know they restock this after every performance, don’t you?” At which point, the free for all was on.

    I’m not for being a pig for pig’s sake, but if you’ve got friends and a free minibar, I say have at it. They know there are going to be some empty bars that they have to restock.

  • Michelbrewer

    It only would have been abuse if you had called several times a day asking them to restock it

  • David

    Not unethical at all! That’s a silly question.
    If you filled up 3 suitcases of liquor and sold it all to highschool students, now that would be unethical.

  • silver springer

    I was a Royal Ambassador for a year and I believed in only taking what I could use on my stay. I once had a large suite at the Intercontinental in Amsterdam and the “minibar” included a counter with full size bottles of booze and I still only used a small amount. My husband wanted to bring the miniatures back home so I was a little relieved with my RA year ended so we did not have to make these decisions. But it was fun.

  • BJ

    Unethical? No.

    This is an issue of good taste, and being a good sportsman. Eventually, if you take more than is really bargained, it will catch up, and they’ll start doing like they do in Mauritius.

    They stock the bar with lots of variety so you have good choice. If you abuse it, that choice will disappear.

  • Garrett

    Not unethical. After all, why would they offer it then? Hell, they could never keep up with me.

  • Anonymous

    If you have people coming over then I feel it is not unethical. If you are filling up your suitcase every night to lug it home, that would be totally unethical.

    Actually, especially if you are having people over, by all means use everything. Guests will ask about all of the little bottles and when they find out you get this for free, it will make them think about joining to become a Royal Ambassador. This might be some of the best free advertising IHG can’t buy… well not directly buy.

    How many times do we hear about a perk with “X” airline? Just the fact some one talks about it makes it sound wonderful.

    It’s a party!

  • Wendy

    I’m confused…TPG should feel guilty about this why? And he should even consider “buying some drinks at the hotel bar to make it up to the hotel?” Why would anyone consider actually utilizing a perk that was offered to you, some sort of abuse?

    Many hotels regularly charge for things like internet & local (or even collect/ toll free) phone calls when we all know damn well in this day and age, that’s just pure profit. Let’s face it, if 2 star motel chains can give it away, we all know the higher end properties should too. And what about resort fees? Do they refund your credit card if you don’t use the amenities? Hardly. We recently stayed in Copenhagen and to upgrade to the club level at The Marriott cost an extra $100US on top of the already astronomical nightly rate of nearly $400US. What did the $100 extra get us? “Free” internet, use of the club lounge which offered drinks and snacks (as well as a nice continental breakfast) AND free use of the in-room minibar. Inquiring further to see if we heard correctly, they confirmed that the FULL minibar was included & regardless of whether we had one item or ALL items, we were charged the flat $100. Do I think we “took advantage of the Marriott” when we relieved that little fridge of every last drop of Grey Goose minis and every last bite of those peanut M & M’s? Did we feel the least bit of guilt? Not a chance in hell. Just like I’m sure hotels don’t feel the least bit of guilt when they have the audacity to charge $195 for bottle service in their club, $16 for a martini in their bar or $6 for a bottled water in your room. And let’s be clear, if you’ve reached RA status (or any mega loyalty status of that nature) you have spent more than your fair share with their chain!

    And for those of you who feel bad about taking the bath soaps and shampoos…save your guilt for the big stuff! We’re not talking robe and towel hoarding here. Those mini toiletry items are there for you to use (and yes- to take if need be). You are not “stealing” anything. I frequently take along my nightly toiletry alottment when I leave a hotel & when I have garnered a sizable amount from my frequent travel, it all gets divided up into Ziploc bags and dropped off at any number of homeless shelters we have here in the Bay Area.

    So, I say: Reap those hard earned bennies without guilt, Brian! I lift my glass to you…a glass filled with the last remaining Copenhagen mini of Baileys! Cheers!

  • MikeNash

    If it was me, I would talk with the duty manager and explain your mini party and offer to pay for restocking. My guess is they would decline but at least you make the offer.

  • Anonymous


  • Jason

    I think you’re confusing rules and ethics. If staying within the rules was always ethical, then we’d never have any ethical questions at all. It would all be cut and dry.

  • number21

    Unethical? No. In poor taste. Most Likely.

  • Anonymous

    Donate toiletries (soap, shampoo, mouthwash, toothpaste, etc.) to a local homeless shelter. I volunteer at one and am on a board to build another. We’re always looking for donations. Don’t know where you are, but I’m sure those in your area would welcome your extras as well!

  • Anonymous

    Glad to see you posted this. I just mentioned the very same thing in my comments a couple hours ago. We have done this for years and it’s a great use of these extra trial size toiletries we bring home. We bag them up in Ziplocs so they are ready for use by anyone that is in need.

  • Badjoke

    I think the homeless people would appreciate it more if you emptied the contents of the mini bar in to a ziploc bag and gave that to them!

  • Mmckiggan

    It’s “your”mini bar right? Since you’re not depriving anyone else of their $20 shot of hooch, it’s fine.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Badjoke-

    Your Nobel Peace Prize is on the way. Ha ha. I commented earlier in the evening about the whole topic and suffice to say, I wouldn’t be the one to leave any of those bottles for “donation” purposes. But your comments will be taken into consideration for future trips. Cheers!

  • Charles Clarke

    Looks like the terms and conditions state it is for the member’s use only. Though I would probably view it more as those staying in the room. If you empty it, make sure you weave while walking at night and call room service for a hangover remedy in the morning! :-)

    Did they charge you for the non-beverage items as per the T&Cs?

    For those taking soap, etc.: I think it’s fine to take what you would use as a guest and would be thrown out when you left, but taking more is pushing it. To be able to do this, you just need to bring along the first soap(s)/shampoo(s) you used on the trip. Grabbing all the items each day on a multi-night stay isn’t right. Even if you take them to shelters, you’re stealing from the hotel to do so.

  • Don Cooke

    It may be ethical to clean out the minibar, but it’s also pretty tacky.

  • Anonymous

    Charles, I think you are confusing words here. Stealing something is when you take something and you DON’T pay for it. Taking something which the hotel is providing for me each day of my stay, whether I choose to use it there or not, is NOT stealing. Period. With your logic, I’m “stealing” from a restaurant when I have them wrap up my leftovers to take home because I couldn’t finish everything in one sitting, at their restaurant.

    To be honest, on those occasions when our family stays in a room together, the 3 of us DO use up all the toiletries left each day. So what is the difference between us using them up each day and us bringing them home to give away for someone less fortunate to use? I’m quite certain the hotel factors in the cost of these toiletries when they create the room rate they require me to pay each night. And do they give me a reduction in the room rate if I don’t need these items replenished or if I don’t use them? No. But using your line of reasoning, perhaps I should start demanding they do. Sounds like the hotel is actually “stealing” from me. Wonder if they are losing sleep over that?

  • Ssgtravel

    If they offer this perk with no strings attached, then in my opinion, it is up to you to use it as you wish.

  • Mthorn

    That’s what I do…

  • mickisue

    Donate. Bingo. I used to work for a large insurance company, and all the business travelers in our division (there were a lot of us) regularly donated toiletries to a local organization for homeless teens.

  • Charles Clarke

    I guess I’m even more confused now. All 3 of you do use up all the toiletries left each day, but somehow you are able to not use them and take them home. I really don’t understand how that works.

    As for “steal” – – “to take the property of another wrongfully and especially as a habitual or regular practice” Since the intent when you rent the room is that the toiletries are for your use while you are then, then taking them for other use is wrong and thus stealing. If you have leftovers from a restaurant, as long as it isn’t an all you can eat place, the intent was that you would have the full meal. Totally different. The comparable example would be taking the already opened toiletries home, which I don’t have a problem with.

  • Greg

    Well your bragging about this on a hotel video just ruined the benefit — it’s now capped at $100 per stay at the Pallazzo.


  • mobay

    I am relatively new to your blog, but I must second Greg’s comments. I think that your self aggrandizing is partly responsible for the newly instituted changes for Royal Ambassadors ( RA) at the Pallazo/ Venetian. It’s no coincidence that shortly after your bragging and posting a video expose about abusing this elite benefit that the benefit is rightfully snatched away from under your feet by Intercontinental, (and unfortunately from all the other RA’s that would have utilized the said amenity ‘ with a lot more subtlety’ ). It’s one thing to abuse a perk like most of us is guilty of occasionally, but to openly boast about the abuse in a forum like this is idiotic. This is the classic case of you ‘ biting the hand that feeds you…’ literally. While I generally find your blog of interest, I am frankly at times conflicted due to the apparent ostentatious tones to multiple of your entries …..

  • Anonymous

    The point of this blog is to discuss loyalty program benefits and how to get the most out of them. The free minibar is a published Royal Ambassador benefit, so I have no regrets disussing it and asking for reader opinions on how to best maximize it (of which there were many).

    While I’m flattered you think I have enough influence to change hotel policy, I’m sure there were other factors at play.

    In terms of $100 cap, I still think that’s generous- I didn’t even use that much on my stay

  • Likestotravel

    Ironically, they seem to have had other guests with the same ideas: See the new advisory on the intercontinental Website. It seems that they want to cap the mini bar consumption:

    Ambassador Benefits:
    All Ambassador benefits apply at The Venetian and The Palazzo Resorts with the exception of the complimentary daily newspaper which is included in the resort fee and the benefits below:

    Royal Ambassador Benefits:
    Please be aware that all Royal Ambassador member benefits apply at these InterContinental Alliance Resorts with the exception of:
    · Free Internet: Internet is included as part of the daily resort fee of your stay at The Venetian or The Palazzo.
    · Mini Bar: As a Royal Ambassador member, you will receive a $100 credit toward mini-bar beverages per stay.

  • JimmyTheJock

    Yes it is wrong since the rules state it should be for your own personal consumption in your room.
    People doing this are the reason the Amstel in Amsterdam has partially withdrawn this benefit from RA’s and I’m not happy about that. :(

  • Idealflyer

    As a former Royal Ambassador member, I have noticed hotels playing games with our earned benefits as well. I have had some great stays but considering only staying about 10 times a year at IC during that time, found it better to buy the alcohol myself and bring it back to the hotel, especially considering that most hotels did not give mini bar amenity on award stays (thumbs down, if you earned points you should be able to use points with the same perks!)

    But my question is turning the tables around, is it ethical for the hotel to play games and make their own limitations regarding mini bar at each property? Tampa IC limited one emptying of mini bar, Chicago allowed me snacks in addition to restocking only once more, LA could not restock bar at night as attendant went home and extended offer for drinks through room service although later had to fight to get taken off, Baltimore emptied out second fridge before entering suite obviously so I could not empty out both and worst offender of all……San Juan which left their fridge empty and I had to call for whatever drinks I wanted then but limited to only 2 at a time. In the land of great rums, I got a house rum that was below Bacardi. Boo.

    I’ll end on if it is a benefit you earned, then I believe you are entitled to it. If however you restock the fridge 4 times and then go out on the Vegas strip and sell the booze, now that would be unethical. Personally, I don’t feel the Royal Ambassador program worth much more than basic Ambassador as hotels play by the one category room upgrade rather than giving out the millionaire suites they once did.

  • BluTanglee

    You have bigger problems than amenities if you are drinking all the contents of mini bars everywhere you go. maybe it’s just your mini bars- they have a note on your folio

  • Idealflyer

    Ha, that’s true. But then again, this is a casino. I’m sure they are concerned for your safety and don’t want you to get drunk and then go downstairs and carelessly lose $10,000 gambling. Sarcasm off now. ;)

  • Jerek

    I would say greed is never in style. About upgrades: I am SPG Platinum and ICHT Royal Ambassador and must say that games hotels play, I am reluctant to even fight for it. SPG hotels like KAMP in Helsinki. On several occasions I did not get any upgrade, and a few times one category upgrade. Online and a call to SPG service desk revealed plenty of suites available. IC has specialized themselves of creating fake room categories not having to hand out “real” upgrades. Some of these room categories they use for RA upgrades are not even bookable online. Cheap, yes they are!

  • David

    I have Ambassador status and am Platinum Elite
    Using points I have booked into Intercon Hong Kong and Intercon Ho Chi Minh next year with two rooms at each for my family vacation. As I have only used points do I still get free perks such as mini bar?

  • Just Listen

    It is UNETHICAL for you to even ASK the question if it is unethical.
    It is ABSOLUTELY OK to clean out the mini-bar, and I’m embarrassed that you even asked the question.

    By asking the question, you are suggesting that there is a possibility that it might be unethical and therefore dissuade individuals from doing the same thing.

    It is a BENEFIT, that you EARNED legally and rightfully.
    It their goal or ‘ethical solution’ was to limit the amount of the minibar you could’ve taken, they would have done so.

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