Hyatt Visa Cardholders Now Get a Free Category 1-4 Night Upon Card Renewal

by on August 5, 2011 · 36 comments

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The Chase Hyatt Visa card has a pretty incredible sign-up bonus: Two free nights at any Hyatt property in the world after $1,000 spend within the first 3 months- including showstoppers like the Park Hyatt Maldives ($1000+ a night) and the Park Hyatt Paris Vendome (which, as I write this post in the wee hours of August 5, has rooms available using points or credit card nights and the rate for a basic room is 600 euros/ $847).

The Honeymoon Phase

I’ve helped many people book out-of-this-world honeymoons using a combination of these free nights (just think – 2 for the groom/bride, 2 for the bride/groom and even more if you have generous parents/siblings/friends who would get the card and give you their free nights), and either purchased or earned Hyatt points.

Better yet, if you are a Hyatt Diamond and you get the card, your two free nights are in a suite. The lowest-priced suite I could find online (Prestige Suite) at the Park Hyatt Paris is going for 1,840 Euros/ $2,597 a night.

Then What?

So when it comes to aspirational uses of credit card sign-up bonuses, the Hyatt card can deliver if you know how to use those free nights. However, the question was always “So what do I get after the first year and I still have to pay the $75 annual fee for the card?”

Turns out Hyatt didn’t want to lose those loyal customers, and just answered: a free night at a category 1-4 hotel (their top tier is 6). So while it’s a little disappointing you can’t redeem for another bonanza room for a night, it will be very easy to get at least your annual fee back in value just from the yearly renewal free night.

Hyatt Categories 1-4 Ain’t Bad!

While I think some hotel chains really load their lower/mid categories with undesirable hotels, Hyatt has a number of category 4 propertiesthat I go to frequently or would like to stay at. For example:

-Park Hyatt Melbourne
-Park Hyatt Seoul
-Park Hyatt Saigon
-Park Hyatt Hamburg
-Grand Hyatt Beijing
-Grand Hyatt Shanghai
-Grand Hyatt Doha
-Grand Hyatt Berlin
-Andaz West Hollywood (one of my go-to LA hotels)
-Hyatt Regency San Francisco
-Hyatt Regency Washington
-Hyatt Regency Boston
-Hyatt at the Bellevue (Philadelphia)
-Hyatt at Olive 8 (Seattle)

So overall, I think this is a really good enhancement to one of the top hotel credit cards and one of only a handful of credit cards out there that doesn’t assess foreign transaction fees. (If you want a full rundown of my picks for the top hotel cards, check out this past Sunday’s reader question post on the topic.)

Hat tip View from the Wing.

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  • Dan

    The free night is self-liquidating. Sometimes when I travel, I’m able to stay at 3 or 4* Priceline properties in the $50 – $75 range, so while the Hyatt cert is a wash on the low end, it’s not a bad deal to stay upscale!

  • Jason Sedlaczek

    I’m tempted, but what about when I want a real vacation and I want to stay for 5 nights? I typically priceline extended hotel stays, so obviously I am not a big spender when it comes to hotels. I’d love to stay at a beautiful Hyatt, but I can’t imagine flying to some exotic location and then packing up after two nights to head home or to some hotel that is a dump compared to where I just was. I guess I could do the nice hotel for the last two nights, but it is still a pain. All that said….I’ll probably still sign up. haha

  • hmaia

    Hello Brian, I was wondering if you know this card offers any nigths or stays credit toward tier. I am 9 stays away from renewing my diamond status this year but don’t have any travel needs for the rest of the year so maybe this will come in a good time. Thanks, Henry

  • Jeff

    Hi Brain, do you know if you are using the free nights cert, how far in advance do you need to book at popular places like Paris, Park Hyatt Milan etc? Thanks!

  • NYMetsFan111

    Hello Brian, I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks now and I’ve gotten hooked. =]
    I’m new to all these credit card sign ups for points/miles. I just got approved for a Chase SW card 1 week ago. I’m debating on my next Chase card after 30 days. I wanted to get this card next but people on FT is telling me I should get the Chase Sapphire card instead. What do you think? Im in NYC and I’ve only been on a plane once. How would you rate this versus the Hilton card offer? thanks

  • Ndesq

    Ahem. Honeymooners can be two grooms or two brides, too, just sayin.’

  • Anonymous

    Nice catch! Especially since NY just passed marriage equality (and I’m gay, so I should have known better). I think I was just writing from experience in helping several couples (opposite sex) plan honeymoons. I’d love to help a same-sex couple, though!

  • NBtraveler

    Hey Brian, thank you so much for your blog. You mention friends/family giving their free nights to the bride/groom. I just want to confirm that this is possible. I tried booking a night a few weeks ago using my Dad’s free nights from the Hyatt Card and got denied.

  • Anonymous

    Your Dad will make a reservation and then add your name as a registered guest so you can check in. This is allowed for sure (have done it many times)

  • Ndesq

    Just emailed you about one!

  • Gene

    Hello Brian,
    Got the Hyatt Gold Passport card, and my statement says I’m Diamond. I live near Amsterdam, and the next time my SO from Bogotá comes “my way, I plan to impress him with two nights at Paris Vendome. However, am confused over your statement that a Diamond gets two free nights in a suite. An email I got 7/28 from Hyatt entitled “Diamond Membership” (concerning awards) specifically states “enjoy the best room available, excluding suites.” I’m hoping you’re right about the suite, though. Any clarification greatly appreciated!

  • Mike Galicki

    Do I click/call or email anyone for this?

  • Jason

    Yeah, is this extra night applicable for everyone?? I just booked my two free nights with 3 other buddies who also got the card after me telling them about it. We were able to book 2 rooms for 4 nights total(2 to a room) at the Paris Vendome in September. We are all staying in Paris in style for FREE!!

  • NBtraveler

    Awesome, thank you so much

  • Mike


    I can’t find anything to indicate that your two free nights are in a suite if you are diamond. Would you mind pointing out a link (FYI, my employer blocks your links to sign up for the card. Don’t know if anyone else has this problem).


  • Jason101

    How long are the two free-night certificates valid after you get them?

  • Dewhit6959

    Brian, thanks for that clarification. Another question on that. If using another’s free nights at premium top tier property, I assume you reserve under that card and register as guest, but do you have to use partner card to pay bill if you will have over two nights and a lot of dining and entertainment charges and want the total final point tally on your card instead of partner card. I asked this at Hyatt I use here for fly out nights and they had no idea, but said that they are told to request ID and booking cc at check in. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    You can pay incidentals at checkout with whatever credit card you’d like

  • Roman Hans

    I got my card about 10 days after applying, and the two award nights were in my Hyatt account within 6 days after that. The awards nights expire after 1 year. And yes, to confirm TPG, these award nights can be worth $500+ each.

    Also, there’s a weird online quirk: you will get rejected if you try to book any Hyatt hotel online for two nights. First you book the first night using one award night, and then you book the second night using the other award night, for a grand total of two nights in a row. Yup — two reservations for two nights. I called and was told simply that’s the way it works. (Hey, as long as it works it’s fine with me.)

  • Anonymous

    You will get it when you renew your card after your first year

  • Anonymous

    You will get it when you renew your card after your first year

  • Anonymous

    Its a benefit of the card- not general Hyatt Diamond status. When you call to book the free night, make sure the rep puts you in a suite since you are a Diamond. Let me know how it goes- the Vendome is a great property!

  • Anonymous

    As long as there is a standard room for sale, you can use the free night cert

  • Anonymous

    Card gives PLatinum status, but no credit towards Diamond

  • Stephen O’Donnell

    Just applied for and got my card through the TPG link. None of the printed materials I received with the card confirmed the 2 free nights, but when I called to activate the card the agent confirmed that I would receive them approximately 10 days after my 1st purchase. My partner and I are shooting for a trip to Hawaii next May. I think we’ll have him apply for a card and use the four nights at the Grand Hyatt Kauai.

    If anyone has any feedback on that property would love to hear it.

    Also, I’m assuming after spending a certain amount of nights my platinum status will bump up to diamond. It seems that I’d have to stay 35 nights to be bumped up to diamond status? Does that sound right?

    Thanks Brian! Love your site.

  • Dewhit6959

    Brian… UPDATE- I checked on this moments ago and was told absolutely not. The member holding free nights must be present.

  • Anonymous

    What a phone rep says on the phone and what happens in reality are two different things. You can absolutely use your hyatt points/free nights and add other peoples names onto the room.

  • Dewhit6959

    Brian, what you say may be so, but I do not want to come off a transatlantic flight and clear Heathrow and arrive at the property, only to be denied check in using a reservation that is forbidden under the terms and conditions of the free nights. I am not refering to point award reservations. This is about the free nights. The management of the program said no to my request and directed me to the written clause in the terms. I will accept their decision and plan accordingly, Remember, I am not sponsored by Hyatt Corp as you are and do not wish to be in a position claiming something I am not entitled to by the rules.

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