Free Gogo In-Flight WiFi on Delta in August

by on August 2, 2011 · 13 comments

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Update: This code no longer works

One of the reasons why I fly Delta is because I can count on there being wifi on pretty much every flight – including regional jets. As a full-time blogger, I feel isolated without internet and I’m unusually productive in the air – probably because I don’t have the distractions of working from home or the road, including bothersome phone calls.

While this deal does me no good because I just bought a $39.95 unlimited Gogo monthly package, Delta and Diet Coke are teaming up to offer free wifi for the month of August when you use code DIETCOKEGOGO.

Update: I’m on a Delta flight right now and I can confirm the code works, though it only showed me an ad for the free code when I used my iPhone and not my laptop

Thanks Diet Coke!

Hat tip TPG Twitter Follower @wigmuke. I retweeted this yesterday, so if you haven’t done so, follow me on Twitter so you get informed of deals as they happen! Even if you think Twitter is dumb, it’s a great way to get in contact with me. My email traffic can be insane, so your mail may get caught in the shuffle, but I make a concerted effort to respond to each Tweet, so sign-up and follow me for some extra TPG TLC.

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  • James Clark

    Thanks for the tip off! I will be trying the code out this month.

  • Antonio Santos

    I was able to use the code on Tuesday but the code did not work on my return trip (Cabo – ATL – STL). I chatted with a GoGo agent online and was told the promo ended yesterday morning.

  • Michael Acevedo

    Deng, wish I would have saw this earlier. I spent all day yesterday zig-zagging my way back to California.

  • Anonymous

    IND-LAX is a no Gogo today :(

  • Darren

    I’m using the service now. Code is just dietcoke. No gogo at the end.

  • Mnnice1

    Promo ended and does not work. I tried on 8/14/11 flight and go go said it was canceled

    Poor branding

  • Anonymous

    I just tried that and it doesn’t work for me unfortunately

  • Simon

    Tried DIETCOKEGOGO on SAN-MSP this morning; did not work. Connected with a Chat agent who confirmed the promo had ended (did not try DIETCOKE as mentioned by Darren) – will give that a shot this afternoon.

  • Trent Allen

    I like the idea of free but secret, although I don’t think Diet Coke nor any other partner with Delta/Gogo wants to make their promo a secret. They get an email address and the opportunity to market to you in exchange. The downside to free is that just like in the Soviet Union when things are free, there is greater demand which unfortunately usually results in a shortage. There is a limit to how many subscribers each flights wifi can support. When it’s free and everybody gets on, you hit that ceiling pretty quick and you can’t get on. With persistence you can succeed, so maybe it’s not that big of a deal, but I’d almost rather pay and be able to get on than have it be free. Basic economics there folks. I like to get the $35/month plan on Delta. It’s not auto renewing, and it works on any Delta flight for the month. I stay pretty loyal to Delta because it’s all I can do without international flights to make Platinum each year if I don’t concentrate (TPG is invaluable and helps me get over the hump each year too). But if you’re flying to at least two places and back per month on Delta, it’s definitely worth it.

  • Greg1426

    What a crock. I’m paying $40 a month so my access can be squeezed by a bunch of freeloaders getting over on Coke’s little promo?

    I’m emailing Gogo for a refund or I’m canceling and using the free Coke access.

  • Joeguest

    Wow man. really? I’m sure their bandwidth would not be affected by incidental users on individual flights. It’s not like every plane in their fleet has wifi capability.

  • mabel

    Hi, I helped a client on the Gogo/Delta mobile design and would love to know when it’s launched! Any way you can let me know when you’ve seen a redesign? I don’t fly that much but would love to know when it’s out there in the world. Thanks!

  • Matt

    gogo doesn’t offer refunds. Purchased to stream movies on a US Airways flight, and didn’t know that they don’t have the bandwidth to even offer low quality movie streaming. They refuse to ever give a refund. Worst customer service ever. AVOID.

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