British Airways Visa NYC Michelin Promotion and a Chance to Dine with TPG

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I, like many of you, got in on the British Airways 100,000 mile bonus this spring and I recently received an interesting NYC dining promotion, which sparked my interest:

“Use your British Airways Visa® Card at any NYC MICHELIN Guide 2011 star-rated restaurant today through October 1, 2011.  Dine once and receive a $50 statement credit.  Dine twice and receive another $50 statement credit for a total of $100.  Minimum purchase of $50 each time you dine.1

British Airways Visa NYC Michelin Promotion

I’ve been on a contest kick lately and I’ve also gotten the chance to meet up with several TPG readers (which have all turned into really interesting conversations), so I thought I’d take advantage of this promo and invite a reader to lunch or dinner at one of the one star restaurants in NYC. I love you all, but I’m not splurging on a thousand dollar meal at Per Se!

Here’s how to win: I’ve selected the restaurant I want to go to, so you have to make one guess from the list (below). You can enter a total of two times – once in the comments section of this post and once via Twitter, follow me and then Tweet me @thepointsguy and include your restaurant guess and include hashtag #dinewithTPG.

Enter by Sunday August 7, 2011 at 11:59pm Eastern Time. You don’t have to be NYC based, but I will not pay for transportation, so you’ll have to find a way to be here on a day when I’m in NYC and before this promo ends on October 1, 2011. If multiple people guess the right restaurant, I’ll choose a random winner.

Good luck! Make your guess from the following restaurants…

Restaurant Area Cuisine Dining Style Phone
Adour Midtown East Contemporary Top class comfortable 212-710-2277
Aldea (New) Gramercy / Flatiron Mediterranean Comfortable 212-675-7223
Annisa Manhattan West Village Contemporary Comfortable 212-741-6699
Aureole Midtown West Contemporary Very comfortable 212-319-1660
A Voce Columbus Midtown West Italian Very comfortable 212-823-2523
A Voce Madison Gramercy / Flatiron Italian Comfortable 212-545-8555
Blue Hill West Village American Comfortable 212-539-1776
Bouley TriBeCa – Downtown Contemporary Top class comfortable 212-964-2525
Breslin Midtown Gastropub Quite comfortable 212-679-1939
Café Boulud Upper East Side French Very comfortable 212-772-2600
Casa Mono Union Square Spanish Quite comfortable 212-253-2773
Danny Brown Wine Bar & Kitchen Forest Hills Mediterranean Comfortable 718-261-2144
Del Posto Chelsea Italian Top class comfortable 212-497-8090
Dovetail Upper West Side Contemporary Comfortable 212-362-3800
Dressler Brooklyn American Comfortable 718-384-6343
Eleven Madison Gramercy / Flatiron Contemporary Top class comfortable 212-889-0905
Gotham Bar and Grill Greenwich, West Village & Meatpacking District Contemporary Very comfortable 212-620-4020
Gramercy Tavern Gramercy / Flatiron Contemporary Very comfortable 212-477-0777
Jewel Bako  East Village Japanese Quite comfortable 212-979-1012
Kyo Ya East Village Japanese Comfortable 212-982-4140
L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon Midtown East Contemporary Comfortable 212-829-3844
Laut Grammercy / FlatironAsian Asian Quite comfortable 212-206-8989
Marc Forgione TriBeCa – Downtown American Comfortable 212-941-9401
Minetta Tavern West Village Gastropub Quite comfortable 212-475-3850
The Modern Midtown West Contemporary Very comfortable 212-333-1220
Oceana Midtown West Seafood Very comfortable 212-759-5941
Public NoLita Fusion Comfortable 212-343-7011
River Café Brooklyn Contemporary Very comfortable 718-522-5200
Rouge Tomate Midtown East Contemporary Very comfortable 646-237-8977
Saul Brooklyn Contemporary Comfortable 718-935-9844
Seäsonal Midtown West Austrian Comfortable 212-957-5550
Shalezeh Upper East Side Persian Comfortable 212-288-0012
SHO Shaun Hergatt Financial District Contemporary Very comfortable 212-809-3993
Spotted Pig West Village Gastropub Quite comfortable 212-620-0393
Sushi Azabu TriBeCa Japanese Quite comfortable 212-274-0428
Sushi of Gari Upper East Side Japanese Quite comfortable 212-517-5340
Veritas Gramercy, Flatiron & Union Square Contemporary Comfortable 212-353-3700
Wallsé West Village Austrian Comfortable 212-352-2300
wd~50 Lower East Side Contemporary Comfortable 212-477-2900


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  • Josh_brooks

    Kyo Ya

  • Solo3

    A Voce Columbus

  • Heidi

    Kyo ya#dinewithtpg

  • Joshua

    Gramercy Tavern.

  • Aaron Sugiura

    Sushi of Gari #dinewithTPG

  • notsosmart

    Del Posto

  • Stinkycop

    Del Posto

  • infamousdx

    See you at Minetta Tavern for the black label burger!

  • Lantean

    This sounds like fun. Plus I have the BA card too so we can split it. ;-)

  • Hb


  • CT Girl/OK World

    Spotted Pig

  • Andrew Fielding

    Saul (Spotted Pig is actually quite cheap btw, and Veritas is overrated IMO, and Gramercy Tavern is supposed to be good, still haven’t been there even though its next door to my apartment in NY)

  • JS

    Gotham Bar & Grill

  • Dan

    Saul in Brooklyn for a casual, yet relaxed setting. Smith Street is just a subway stop or 2 away from Manhattan. It’s also a ‘trendy’ shopping street.

    Just as an aside, the smart money is on Sushi of Gari, since they’re one of the few places in NY where the sushi matches Tokyo.

    My official guess is Saul.

  • Lauren

    Blue Hill!

  • Cstrick

    It’s got to be Bouley.

  • Moshe Billet

    Funny, on the BA website with details about the offer, they also list Peter Luger on their Michelin list with a * and note the following:

    “*Peter Luger does not accept credit cards and is not eligible for this offer”

  • bspn

    casa mono

  • Craigrobinslaw

    You’re probably yearning for sushi after your trip to Tokyo.
    I’d say Jewel Bako

  • Scoursey

    L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon

  • Tjm22

    River Cafe

  • Scoursey

    Type your comment here

  • Anonymous


  • Rick

    So if you ask them to split the check in half and pay with your BA card, does that mean or count as dine twice?

  • Rick


  • Dave

    Blue Hill

  • A. S.

    Minetta Tavern :)

  • Chananaya


  • Todd Brezinski

    Breslin – definitely

  • JS

    Actually a smart answer would be Aldea as it is still participating in the ongoing restaurant week in NYC. $25 3-course lunch!

  • Karo

    Sushi Azabu (and I hope you’re around Aug 18-21, b/c that’s when I’m in town).

  • Hans

    Casa Mono

  • Evan

    Spotted pig

  • Marilynn Storms

    Del Posto

  • Marilynn Storms

    Del Posto

  • Stinkycop

    BTW thanks for the heads up on this. I work in mid town and just booked 2 lunches

  • Stinkycop

    BTW thanks for the heads up on this. I work in mid town and just booked 2 lunches

  • Ty

    Casa Mono

  • gster78

    Del Posto

  • akgw

    Sushi of Gari

  • deepyarn

    Eleven Madison Park

  • Abmindprof

    I’m gonna guess Saul because well BRooklyn’s the best but the River Cafe’s over rated.

  • Anonymous

    Spotted Pig

  • The Cunnilinguist


  • Bradley

    Sushi Azabu

  • Cmtrepp

    Casa Mono

  • Matthew Adams

    Guessing Eleven Madison Park

  • HoKo

    Hmmm, guessing Breslin

  • Adam

    Easy. Casa Mono

  • Carla

    Del Posto

  • Dave G

    100% Aureole

  • Adam

    SHO Shaun Hergatt

  • William

    Sushi of Gari to reminisce about your Japan trip

  • Pawtim

    I’m guessing Wallse

  • Trenchcoatjedi

    Dovetail all the way!

  • Anonymous

    Del Posto!

  • David

    I’ve been meaning to hit WD50, but probably mainly because of Top Chef. Is that lame???

  • Saydny


  • Saydny


  • Nik

    Eleven Madison Park

  • Matthew K

    Marc Forgione

  • RH

    I’m guessing Bouley

  • Judy

    Blue Hill!

  • Mrcandoit

    It can only be Eleven Madison Park (well, it should be:-). My birthday is Sept. 25 so we could really make it fun (I’ll fly into NYC). Since I’ll be turning double nickel that day, have travelled to all 7 continents and have a smoking hot, super intelligent fiance (if you choose me, I bring her along and pay for her, right?), you are guaranteed to have a night to remember! Okay, I’m sounding like a douche so I say fly on The Points Guy!

  • Matthew

    Let’s go to the Breslin!

  • Jasher


  • Bryan

    Blue Hill

  • PH


  • abcx

    Nobody’s asking the real question: can you double dip with add-on cards or does that not work because they have the same card number with Chase?

  • abcx

    Damn, why is it so hard to get a vegetarian option? I’m going to Dovetail on a Monday, they have a veg. menu, and I live on the UWS. It’s only $46 so over $50 after tax and tip, which is perfect. I assume Chase does not mean over $50 before tax…

    After looking at the prices, I know why I ever been to a Michelin starred restaurant. Most of the one-stars except Dovetail will still cost over $50 for a meal after the discount. No way am I paying that. And they hardly have anything vegetarian. No, I do not want to eat squid or duck liver or snail. TYVM.

  • Dave

    Casa Mono, clearly!

  • Anonymous

    My Guess: wd~50 — but only because that’s where I really want to go :P

    However, Spotted Pig is absolutely one of the coolest restaurants in NYC. I really enjoyed it last time I went. But remember, that’s NOT my guess. Unless I’m right, in which case it is. Man this feels like one of those grade school multiple choice tests where I’d circle both answers, and the teacher would give me a big ‘ol frowny face.

  • Ryan Sensenig

    I have never been; however, I’m going to guess the seemingly popular Flatiron favorite — Eleven Madison.

  • Seth A

    I’m guessing the Dressler.

  • cheng10011

    I pick Wallse. Austrian is not that common, even in NYC.

  • greek2me

    Gotham Bar and Grill

  • Joanna

    Eleven Madison- love that place!

  • Scott M

    It has to be 11 Madison! :)

  • SallyL

    I say let’s blow off Manhattan and go eat at Dressler

  • SallyL

    I say let’s blow off Manhattan and go eat at Dressler

  • Erthcrclr


  • Simon


  • jon

    The Modern.

  • Lisa A.

    HAS to be Sushi of Gari because you wrote about your love of seafood and the amazing sushi meals that you had on your Japan trip. Come on, let’s go out and drink some sake and trip on some incredible fish! :)

  • Vishal

    If it’s a sushi place, I’d only drink. So I won’t pick a Japanese restaurant. River Cafe, it is. Let’s enjoy a delicious meal with a delicious view. :)

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  • Dan

    From the What it’s Worth Department… Don’t forget to check for 100 and 1000 point availability.

    You’re welcome.

  • Brendan

    Public is a pretty great place.

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  • Cliburn

    Spotted Pig

  • Cliburn

    Spotted Pig

  • Lindsay

    Minetta Tavern

  • Jon W

    How about Spotted Pig?

  • Scuta

    Definitely Saul

  • Hoyas110

    I would say Café Boulud

  • Steve

    SHO Shaun Hergatt go financial district!

  • Mark

    I would say Aldea because it is new and I would guess you have already dined at all the others being a man of your status :)

  • tsl

    Eleven Madison Park

  • Harriet Pipple2

    Rouge Tomate is Perfect for cooling off this hot and miserable NYC summer: Cool food (gorgeously light but superbly tasty), Cool design (Wow! But then I do love red and beige woods), Cool space (and I mean space. Not those crunched-in tables usual for midtown).

    1. The fish! – virtuous, healthy, voted absolutely most delicious by those who hate fish but know they’re supposed to like/eat it.
    2. The booths – especially downstairs.
    3. Non-alcoholic drink superb: Cucumber Cooler.
    4. Great wine-pairings.
    5. The adventure: some weird-sounding combos that are quite tasty.
    6. The chocolate desserts: yes, virtue (no cream) but then that sugar fix all red-blooded Americans need…
    7. I’ve never been either, but I’ve been collecting reviews from those I trust who have.

  • Denis


  • Mark K

    Minetta Tavern

  • mike

    I’m gonna guess Saul

  • Jonathan

    Are we going to Veritas?

  • Therese

    River Cafe – so relaxing

  • Sahibm

    I am guessing Del Posto !!! Beacuse it is Top Class Comfortable!!

  • Anonymous

    Going with Minetta Tavern.

  • Anoop Kansupada

    Gramercy Tavern. It’s amazing food.

  • Ryan

    Spotted Pig!

  • Vanessa

    Eleven Madison Park

  • Supon

    Oceana. Love that restaurant.

  • Lois

    I said Del Posto on Twitter, so I’ll cover my bases and go with my second favorite restaurant on the list for my guess here–Cafe Boulud. If it is not one of these two, TPG, it should be! Hope we dine together!

  • Jason


  • Iris97

    Yelp is singing the praises of Danny Brown Wine Bar

  • Russell Mohr

    I’ll go with sushi of Gari since I think you live uptown and recently went to Tsukiji. Russ M

  • Lgoodbody

    sushi of gari

  • Jackie

    I think Seasonal is the restaurant you’ve selected… Hope I’m right!

  • Kris

    I’m going with Adour because it’s one of the 3 listed as ‘Top Class’… TPG strikes me as the type to enjoy ‘the finer things’ in life :)

  • Mooper

    Gramercy Tavern

  • Tom

    Gramercy Tavern

  • Keith Weghorst


  • elle

    Eleven Madison

  • Meleena


  • miffSC

    River Café – Brooklyn

  • Adam

    Minetta Tavern – Village

  • Michael S.

    Marc Forgione

  • Peter Maa

    SHO Shaun Hergatt

  • Peter Maa

    SHO Shaun Hergatt

  • Svend


  • Nick H

    River Cafe

  • DKNY


  • Randall

    Blue Hill! It is one of my favorite restaurants and I haven’t been there in a very long time.

  • Ann


  • Emma

    Blue Hill

  • Emma

    Blue Hill

  • Richard


  • Frozendonut

    L’atelier de joel robuchon

  • Dan

    I just received an e mail extending the program through the end of December.

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