Amazing Deal Alert: 50,000 Points for New American Express Business Gold Rewards Card

by on August 22, 2011 · 66 comments

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Update: The current offer for the American Express Business Gold Rewards Card is 50,000 points after $5,000 in spend during the first 3 months.

American Express just launched a business version of their Premier Rewards card and it’s a pretty incredible deal if you can spend $10,000 within the first 5 months. And just like the Personal Premier Rewards card, the $175 annual fee is waived for the first year. This is the replacement for the regular Business Gold card.

There is a 3/2/1 point bonus structure as well for this card. You earn 3x points on airfare, 2x points on purchases in the U.S. for advertising in select media, gasoline at U.S. stand-alone gas stations, and shipping and 1x points on other purchases.  Restrictions: Points are earned only on eligible purchases. Bonus points limitations apply. The $175 annual fee is waived the first year. Note: The card does have 2.7% in foreign transaction fees so I do not recommend using it for travel outside the US or spend with foreign vendors.

This is one of my links so I can vouch that the bonus and link are active (and you won’t have to argue to get the points like some other bonus offers).

The only downside is that this offer is not open to existing Business Gold customers.

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  • LarryInNYC

    Any idea how long this will be available for? I just got the two AA cards and handling the minimum required spending levels for all three at the same time may be difficult.

  • Elijah

    Any idea when this is scheduled to expire? I see “limited time” everywhere but no mention of when it’s going to end. I just did a churn on saturday and want to put as much time as possible between those enquiries and this one.

  • Anonymous

    November 28, 2011 is the date I was told

  • Josh_brooks

    Does this mean the old Gold rewards card will start getting the 3/2/1, instead of just 1?

  • Anonymous

    Not to my knowledge. Gold card stays the same- this card is way better

  • Jason101

    Your write up says you have to spend $10,000 in the first 150 days but your ad says $10K in first 5 months. Which is it?

  • Anonymous

    5 months

  • Phil

    I literally yesterday just finished up the $10k spend for the Business Gold card to get the 50k on that one (which they had bumped to 75k). Reading the T&Cs it simply says not available to existing Open Gold card holders, so I think I will cancel the old card and apply for the new one. I think the improved points earning structure makes it fully justifiable and Amex tend to do a good job of standing by their terms & conditions and this one does NOT seem to indicate that you are not eligible if you are a *previous* open gold card member. Worth a shot…. I actually would keep the card as it would be nice to have a biz card to put my flights on which tend to be work related not personal.

  • LarryInNYC

    Looking in more detail, I see that there’s language along the lines of “may be withdrawn at any time, and in any event, by November 28th”. So I’ll wait a month or two to get a head start on the AA cards.

  • Alan

    Damn! Already have a Business Gold Rewards! Been on a quest to get 1,000,000 miles/points in bonuses between my wife and I over a 1 year period. We’ve had 150,000 credited already (Chase Sapphire, Amex Plat) and are working on the spend for another 450,000. This would have been a good one to add to the project!

  • Nick

    TPG can you discuss a few ways that AMEX points can be used. For example: can you transfer them to Airlines or Hotels like you can with Star Points? Thanks

  • Ssgtravel

    Can you get the card if you do not own a business?

  • Ozaer Shah

    I jumped on this Business Gold deal from March 2011…the spend req’ment was the same..10K..which I purchased two orders of coins from the mint (yeah i know..thats gone now)…but what are some ways to get a 10K spend on this card in 5 mths??? thats pretty tuff!

  • Anonymous

    Does this card also get the 25,000 point bonus yearly?

  • Anonymous

    What about the 40% back transfer from Amex Membership Rewards to Delta? “To qualify, register first and then transfer Membership Rewards® points into your SkyMiles account by September 30, 2011. For every 50,000 points you transfer, you’ll be rewarded with a certificate for 20,000 Membership Rewards points”

    Could I transfer points from my Amex Platinum to Delta to be the certificate for 20K points, and then gift those miles to a family member to get double miles?

  • AdamRx

    @Nick- Here is Post 1 of 11 Posts TPG did on maximizing Amex points:
    Links to all 11 posts are on this page.

  • Tao

    What’s the difference between this God Business and the OPEN Gold Business card?

  • Fedechat


    1 month=30 Days

    5 months=30×5=150 Days

  • Federico

    Yes, use your SSN, you can apply as a sole proprietorship

  • AAP

    This offer is good, but certainly not the best Amex business card offer around. I actually signed up for a targeted offer through Amex “OPEN” Gold Business Card in July. The offer was 75K points when you spend $2,000 by October 11th. The 75K points are great, but equally important for my business is a 5% statement credit for all FedEx shipments. There are threads on Flyertalk about the 75K offer I signed up for.

  • JJ

    The application page says “Existing American Express OPEN Gold Card members are not eligible for this offer.” But TPG says “The only downside is that this offer is not open to existing Business Gold customers.” Is Business Gold the same as OPEN Gold? Can someone explain the difference? I have SPG Business card and wife has Delta Business from Amex, will we qualify? Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    This offer isn’t available for current Amex Gold Business cardholders, so you are fine if you only have Delta and SPG business (they are both credit cards- the Gold Rewards is charge)

  • Anonymous

    Same thing

  • Anonymous

    My household received 2 75K AMEX Gold Business offers with $2K spend by November. Should come in useful as we have 50K UA miles and are planning award tickets on LH soon, and the AMEX/CO partnership is going to end soon (oy, AMEX MR points + Chase Sapphire Points -> CO miles -> UA miles -> LH flights. You’ve taught me well, TPG).

    However, I think that 75K was targeted, and 50K seems like a good snag for a non-targeted promotion.

  • Bradley

    TPG, do you have any suggestions on how to make the minimum spend on the card?

  • Mooper

    Important: Am I mistaken, or isn’t the bonus code 6608 for the Amex Business Gold superior to this offer? As of today, people are still reporting it working, so wouldn’t it be foolish to go for this 50K instead of calling to have the 75K bump applied? Or could you apply that bump even if you sign up with this new app? Thanks.

  • Sasdfasd

    $10,000 spend sounds like Dr Evil:

    you must spend 100 billion kajillion dollars mwa ha ha

    compared to the $1500-4000 other cards require

  • Sasdfasd

    ask my wife

  • Hemi

    any chance to “bump the bonus” if you already have this card?

  • Noway

    Wonder if “shippng” includes the US Postal Service?

  • Noway

    Wonder if “shippng” includes the US Postal Service?

  • David

    Let’s get real here, this post is just so TPG can make money off of the referral.
    If you don’t know that you can use the code “6608″ through AMEX MR to bump the Gold Business card to 100k points after $2k spend in 3 months, then you’ve literally been living under a rock (or never visited Flyertalk).

  • Sajerguy

    Believe 6608 expired on 16 Aug, but yes, it was superior (100K MR points).

  • Anonymous

    Nice, but that code expired and you’ve been living under a rock if you think Amex hasn’t cracked down hard on bonus bumping. This is a completely legit alternative for a brand new card that offers much better daily earning than the regular Business Gold.

    I promote a lot of cards I don’t get paid for if I think they are a good deal for my readers (ex. Citi AA 150k). This is not an amazing deal just because it’s my link- I believe it’s a great offer all around- especially since the annual fee is waived the first year unlike the Busiess Gold.

  • Johnrmilton

    not sure why this card is so good when the current gold biz card is providing 100k bonus bump with promo code 6608.

  • Anonymous

    Because that targeted promo code expired and Amex is cracking down on people who use them. The Frugal Travel Guy wrote a post yesterday about the new system they have in place to track offers. Sucks, but it is what it is..

  • Hemi


    I have several businesses each with unique Tax Id’s (more than 10). Can I get this card for each of my businesses? Does it pull your personal credit?

  • Hemi

    So I guess I’ve been living under a rock (lol), because I got the Business Gold charge card a few months ago and only got 15,000 MR points to sign up. I just called today and asked to apply promo code 6608, and the CSR confirmed I was eligible and already met the spend requirement, and she applied the bonus, saying that I should see the 100k MR points by tomorrow.

  • Mooper

    For some codes, yes (though I’m not sure that’s even fully verified… some codes like 6661 are still reported to be working), but the 6608 appears to still be working as of yesterday in this thread and some others Also, the spend requirement is much lower. This new offer is nice in that 50K is guaranteed if you are approved and spend $10K, but compared to 6608, I’m not sure it is in anyone’s interest to apply. I think it would be wise to note that in your post. Just a suggestion.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting enough.. I added the info to the post so others know that might be an option.

  • Anonymous

    Update: Amex is no longer issuing regular Business Gold cards- this Business Gold Rewards is the replacement for it.

  • Anonymous

    Update: Amex is no longer issuing regular Business Gold cards- this Business Gold Rewards is the replacement for it.

  • KP

    I’m ok with this offer not being opened to current AMEX Biz Gold customers. This deal SUCKS and isn’t worth it! The Business Gold is a cheaper annual fee and waived for the first year of ownership. Also, I got a deal, 100k MR points for $2k spend within 6 months. Not worth trying to spend $10k in 5 months, just IMHO.

  • david

    The Guy above my comment just called in his bump the bonus after reading my comment and got 100k… so no, I disagree.
    Still love your blog, I just think bump the bonus should not be hidden from readers bc of 1 ftg post.

  • David

    See!!! That’s great. Congratulations on the 100k. Another 1 of many positive reports still getting the bump. Tpg should note this

  • Anonymous

    If we signed up for the card before 16 Aug, can we still use 6608?? I didn’t receive the card until shortly before then.

  • Anonymous

    David- you can no longer apply for the Business Gold card so the bump bonus is moot. I highly encourage those who got that card to bump it, but since its no longer an option for new applicants, I don’t see the need to notate it

  • Anonymous

    The Business Gold card no longer exists. The Gold Rewards card has replaced it

  • Anonymous

    Yes- it will pull on your personal credit for you to get the card, then sit on your business credit. So I’d be carefully going to that well 10 times over. Maybe if you do them all on the same day and explain to Amex that you have 10 different businesses, they’ll only use one inquiry. Not really sure what happens in your scenario

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  • Hemi

    UPDATE- BAD NEWS** I called Amex today to find out why I hadn’t gotten the 100k MR points, and the CSR told me the promo code: 6608 was for those who signed up between June-August, and since I got my card in May, I wasn’t eligible. Any ideas?

  • sat

    I called to apply and was told she would note my account. Once I activate the card, I can add code 6608. Yay.

  • Greg

    If Amex is cracking down on bonus bumping, why don’t you update this point to flag it?

    Seems like a new development you should make clear, as lots of us come into your site via the search engines to specific pages and aren’t regular readers. Unless you’re holding back on that to maximize on your referrals…

  • Anonymous

    Good idea.. I just added:
    Update: Amex is cracking down on bonus codes. However, 6661 is still working for many, so most are getting at leats 75,000 points for this card, which is still an amazing deal. However, many Amex reps are rejecting the other codes, like 6664. Please read the recent comments to get an understanding of other people’s experiences and feel free to share yours to help others.

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  • PJ

    today I called in MR the lady recognized 6939 right away and I got 75K in place for 2 accounts in less than 2 minutes. I blanked out when I was asked ” are you also an account manager of the third account you just gave me ?” at anu rate when I called back i got it done again with 6939 no hope on 6664 and was also told ” 8 weeks after you meet the spend, you can call in to look for the 65K bump which is to be added MANUALLY” weird to me anyway I got my 100K on Platinum 4 business days afther the close of last staement.

  • PJ

    20K DOES NOT come back right way; if i undetstand you correct to transfer your MR points to a mileage account other than yours, the mileage account holder HAS TO BE AN authorized user along with one of your MR account be it gold ( which costs nothing ) a simply formality to register and get the card sent over straightly into the drawer..

  • Erik

    I just called to activate my Business Gold Rewards Card and was told that bonus id 6608 could not be applied to my account. The rep was really friendly and told me that they were now tracking targeted bonus ids, and that the system did not allow reps to make exceptions. I applied around August 31st and got my card on a few days later. I will try bonus id 6661 and report back with results. Does anyone have any other info that might help me?

  • Ruvs11

    I just got my card, and after activation I mentioned 6608. He said that he notated the account, and that I should call back after spending 2K ans they would gove the bonus points!! Woot!

  • Erik

    did you say anything specific? did they grill you about where you saw the promotion code? Do you know if they checked whether you were on the targeted list? I tried 3 separate calls and none of the agents were able to help me get the promo applied to my account. Maybe you just got lucky with a more helpful agent. If they didn’t check on whether you were targeted for the promo, I will try my luck with a few more agents. Thanks, Erik

  • Mike

    Hi TPG,

    I just signed up for the Business Gold Rewards Card, called to finalize the approval process and once approved asked to be transferred to Membership Rewards. Once I got the MR agent I mentioned the bonus ID 6608 and it was successfully added to my account. 100K MR after a 2K spend in 3 months. I guess this offer isn’t off the table or I got incredibly lucky.

    Also, my wife and I had a wonderful trip to Scotland, with a 4 day layover in Amsterdam on the way home which you booked for us in January. Thank you so much for making that happen for us for only 120K Skymiles! The service you offer, and free advice, is priceless!

    Well definitely be in touch when we plan our next trip to Southeast Asia and Thailand,


  • JV

    You said you first applied for the AMEX BGRC, and then called to finalize the approval process – did you apply online? If so, did you use the linkage associated with TPG’s “top deals” AMEX Business Gold Rewards card with the Bonus ID 6752? Would like to follow your path as closely as I can…

  • JV

    Additionally – did you apply before 31 Aug?

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