Amazing Deal Alert: 3 Roundtrip Virgin America Main Cabin Select Flight Packages on Gilt

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With sky-high airfares this summer, I’ve been looking for any way to bring down the costs of my frequent JFK-LAX roundtrips. As I wrote about last week, I actually used miles for one-way because roundtrips were pricing at nearly $900 in coach. Granted it was somewhat last minute, mid-week travel, but still – it was an unpleasant experience on the wallet.

Today, Gilt City announced a Virgin America deal, which I think is pretty awesome.If you aren’t a member of Gilt yet, you can sign up using my referral link, which I’d greatly appreciate. You’ll also get 20% off your first purchase (up to $250, so max $50 discount).

3 roundtrip Main Cabin select (Premium economy) flight packages:
Short-haul flights: $427
Medium-haul: $964
Long-haul (like JFK-LAX): $1,205

Update: There are also 5 and 10 roundtrip packages as well!

Virgin America Flight Packages on Gilt

Main-Cabin Select gets you 6″ more legroom, free alcoholic beverages, a free checked bag and priority boarding. I just looked up some sample main-cabin select instant upgrade flights on JFK-LAX for September and each roundtrip flight was over $1,000. So, to get three for $1,205 is a fantastic deal in my opinion.

Not only that, you earn 5 Elevate points per dollar spent, so on $1,205 that would be 6,025 points, which can be redeemed for as much as $126 towards future flights. Not bad.

Travel must occur between August 15, 2011 and June 15, 2012. Blackout dates in 2011 are: September 2 and 5; November 25, 26, 27, and 28; December 16, 17, 23, 24, 26, and 30. Blackout dates in 2012 are: January 2; February 17 and 20; and May 28.

While I want to focus on my Delta Diamond status, I just purchased a long-haul package – especially since I can use this for friends or family if needed. Overall, I think I just got a great deal (and FYI the total price was $1,205, with no taxes or any other fees.)

Anyone else getting in on this deal?

Hat tip TPG reader Joshua

Update: I just got my three flight voucher codes and here are the full instructions with them:


This offer ends at 11:59pm on June 15, 2012.
This offer is valid only for nonstop or connecting travel; offer is not valid for any multi-city itineraries. Promo code may only be used for bookings made on and is only valid on itineraries of 1 guest only.
Fares do not include Passenger Facility Charges of up to $9 each way, September 11th Security Fees of up to $5 each way. A segment is a takeoff and landing. For service to/from Mexico, fares do not include the U.S. Immigration User Fee of $7, the U.S. APHIS fee of $5, a U.S. International Arrival/Departure Tax of $16.30 each way (except as noted below) and additional taxes/fees of up to $60, including: Mexico International Departure Tax and Mexico Tourism Tax. All taxes and fees noted above will be payable at time of booking.
Important Note on Suspension of Federal Percentage Excise Taxes, Federal Segment Tax and U.S. International Arrival/Departure Tax: Federal authority to impose this tax has expired with respect to tickets sold on or after July 23, 2011 for travel on or after that date, and, as a consequence, Virgin America will not collect these taxes until such time as they are re-instated by the U.S. Congress.
One time use promo code is valid for Main Cabin Select tickets only in fare classes W and O. Travel must occur between August 15, 2011 and June 15, 2012.
Blackout dates are: September 2, and September 5, November 23, 26, 27, and 28, December 16, 17, 23, 24, 26, 30, 2011, January 2, February 17, 20, April 6, 9 and May 28, 2012.
Promo code may be used only towards newly booked travel and may not be applied to prior bookings. Promo code discount will be deducted off of base fare. Promo code may not be redeemed for cash. Offer cannot be combined with any other offers nor resold.
Seats are limited, subject to availability, and may not be available on all flights. Travel may not be cancelled once booked, however booking may be changed by contacting Virgin America’s reservation call center at a cost of $20 per guest per itinerary. Promo codes redeemed through Virgin America’s reservation call center will cost an additional $20 per guest per itinerary; this amount is non refundable if travel is changed or cancelled. Fares will not be honored retroactively or in exchange for any wholly or partially used ticket.
Fares, routes, fees and schedules are subject to change without notice.
For travel within the U.S., Virgin America will accept one (1) piece of checked baggage up to 50 pounds (70 pounds for travel through Oct. 28, 2011) free of charge for each ticketed guest. The fee per guest for each additional checked bag up to 50 pounds from the second (2) to the tenth (10) is $25. For travel to/From Mexico, Virgin America will accept one (1) piece of checked baggage up to 50 pounds (70 pounds for travel through Oct. 28, 2011) and one (1) piece up to 50 pounds free of charge for each ticketed guest. The fee per guest for each additional checked bag up to 50 pounds from the third (3) to the tenth (10) is $25. Additional fees apply to baggage exceeding these weight limitations, and other baggage restrictions may apply. Fares, routes, fees and schedules are subject to change without notice.

Virgin America Elevate members can forward their Gilt City confirmation email to [email protected] to receive 5 points per $1 spent on their Virgin America Gilt City purchase. Please allow 4-6 weeks for your points to post to your account.

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  • InStock

    Just need Virgin America to come to RDU. Prices have gotten out of hand!

  • Wondering

    The terms/conditions are unclear. Can I purchase one package (of three flights) and use two of those flights for one trip (i.e., one for me and one for a companion)?

  • Lantean

    VA sux. Never again.

  • Matthew Adams

    I’m wondering the same thing about using on a companion. This could be a great deal if my wife and I were each to buy one. Three long-haul round trips to some pretty solid destinations.

  • Matthew Adams

    I’m wondering the same thing about using on a companion. This could be a great deal if my wife and I were each to buy one. Three long-haul round trips to some pretty solid destinations.

  • Anonymous

    It says you can use it for family/friends so I don’t see why not. Let me look into it more

  • infamousdx

    I believe you can use them for one trip. HOWEVER, you will be on separate PNR’s:

    “Promo code may only be used for bookings made on and is only valid on itineraries of 1 guest only.”

  • Anonymous

    I think you are the first person I’ve ever heard bash virgin america. Most people love it – almost to a cultish extent!

    What was your bad experience?

  • Andrew Fielding

    If they had the medium haul deal out of Denver I’d have jumped on it for three weekends in JFK. Last year Delta was 250RT on that route, now its 400 :(

  • Kevin Hamilton

    I just got it…medium haul out of SF to Cabo 3 times??? Please believe it. Joshua and TPG, much love fellas. I’m a Diamond on Delta and feel guilty cheating on them but oh well. :)

  • Lantean

    Mine was horrible both ways:
    JFK-LAS: in flight entertainment would not work… and the flight attendants could not care less. But that wasn’t the worst of it. There were these 20-something chicks sitting behind us and drinking heavily. They were getting very drunk and annoying other passengers. We asked the flight attendants to stop selling them alcohol not just because they were loud and obnoxious but also because we feared they would vomit on us in case of turbulence (they were really hammered at this point). The retarded flight attendant told us she could not stop selling them alcohol… no explanation as to why! Except making money off of them I guess…
    LAS-JFK: there was an obese man (he would make the biggest loser contestants look like supermodels) sitting next to my boyfriend who insisted on lifting the divider between seats because he could not fit in. we argued with him that we purchased a full seat, not just half of it… but he was very gross and would not comply. When we called the flight attendant she said she had no time to reseat either him or us (absurd). We made a bit of a scene more flight attendants gathered and then finally reseated the hippo. It took about half hour. And then again, the in flight entertainment worked, but only movies, not games.
    What a POS airline.

  • Jessica

    Cool, I picked up one of these for the 3 medium haul.

    p.s. dont forget my email :)

  • Concierge

    Yes, had same question, called and Gilt City confirmed that you must make separate bookings/PNRs, but can be for the same flight.

  • RakSiam

    Wow. This is a great deal. Wish I had time to go somewhere!

  • RakSiam

    Does this 20% off your first Gilt City purchase apply to this deal?

  • Paul Ahn

    Thanks for the tip. The T&Cs state, “Fares do not include Passenger Facility Charges of up to $9 each way, September 11th Security Fees of up to $5 each way … Promo code discount will be deducted off of base fare.” This leads me to believe that we still have to pay taxes and/or fees when we make the booking, especially after congress & FAA get their act together. It also states, “Seats are limited, subject to availability, and may not be available on all flights.” Does this mean that these promo codes may be capacity controlled?

  • Anonymous

    I just posted the updated T&Cs I got with my vouchers. Indeed you have to pay the 9/11 taxes but they are nominal. Looks like you also have to book this into W and O fare classes. I’ve never booked a Virgin America flight, but overall I think the rules are pretty flexible.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see why it wouldn’t, though someone please confirm if they’ve done it

  • Anonymous

    Confirmed- they send you 3 voucher codes- each can be used for a free roundtrip. They don’t care who each is used for

  • Paul Ahn

    Buying two short hauls are less than one medium haul ($427 x 2 vs. $964). Do you know if we can use two codes to build a trip. For example, LAX-SEA is medium while LAX-SFO and SFO-SEA are shorts. If I used PNR A for LAX-SFO, then used PNR B for SFO-SEA for the outbound, and reversed on the way back, is that against the rules? If this is allowed, you can add a stop-over in SFO in either direction (or both) and save $110. In addition, you can buy just one short haul package and use it for 1 medium haul trip and 1 short haul trip (or 1 long haul trip, albeit with 2 stops). If this is allowed, it would add a lot of flexibility to this offer.

  • -

    hmm.. didnt get 20% discoutnt posted at checkout hmm… will have to contact them

  • Anonymous

    Another tpg reader didn’t get the 20% but they called gilt and they honored it. Good luck!

  • Aviarx

    “valid for Main Cabin Select tickets only in fare classes W and O”…
    Does anyone know what kind of restrictions these fare classes have? As in, does it have to do with the listed price of the ticket and will our voucher not apply if it exceeds a certain amount?

  • PJ

    Do I read this right with a 3 Pack LONG HAUL i pay 1205 plus fees to fly a family of 3 from DC to Los Cabos MEX outside the blockout dates before June 2012 and 1st time purchase is 20 % off ?

  • Kevin Hamilton

    Just an FYI guys, I called to see if I could get a 20% discount and was told I couldn’t b/c I’ve been a member for a while even though this is my 1st purchase. Also note that they told me there is a $250 purchase limit to the discount so the best you could get would be $50 off. They also gave me a $25 voucher to use on the next purchase as a “goodwill” gesture.

  • PJ

    I chatted with them a package of 3 can ship a family of 3 all together feel free to double check with them

  • Steveg22

    Just priced a DFW-SFO (med-haul) trip for Sept at $1,080, great value even without 20% off. Two free flights coming my way!

  • TonySFO

    FYI: The 20% discount is limited to purchases up to $250. It clearly states that on the invite.

  • Anonymous

    There are reports on FT that it won’t let you reserve seats when you reserve a flight. Basically leaving you to fend for yourself until you get to the airport and only middles are left.

  • BigRedBears

    Didn’t get 20% off first purchase, so it sounds like OK deal without it. I recently bought RT JFK-SFO for parents for $349 on JetBlue. JFK-LAS flights are usually under $400.

    I do need to reach those $4000 in spending for CitiBusiness AA Visa, and don’t mind checking out Virgin America in meanwhile.

  • BigRedBears

    Did he get 20% off full amount or only $50? I called in and friendly customer service agent offered either $50 voucher or credit back on CC.

    Apparently, they are experiencing some bug (or feature?) with referral links today.

  • mike

    i also would like to know how restricted they are to use as I could figure a way to buy a 10 pack and use them with other family members. they would kill me if i make them buy this with me and could never use

  • Anonymous

    How does one find out if there’s availability in W and O?

  • Jen

    I am very concerned, purchased the package, currently on the phone with a VA rep, but having input my flight code I’m trying to book MCS flights for next week round trip and it’s asking me to pay $1700. I’m wondering how limited these fare classes are.

  • Anonymous

    Hit up (my tool of choice) or KVS availability tool. Both have relatively small fees and I’d call them a basic tool in the chest of any frequent flyer =)

  • Phelps Scot

    Bought package, didn’t get discount. Called Gilt, said referral link was not active, BUT they credited the 20% off towards my next purchase. Good, not great (prefer $50….)

  • LA Dave

    Redemption Dates: 08/15/2011 through 06/15/2012

    If you are trying to book for next week, the promo codes are not valid yet.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, TPG! I jumped on this offer this morning using your link. As noted by others below, the 20% off didn’t automatically work and, yes, it does say that it’s 20% off purchases of up to $250 (meaning max $50). BUT I honestly didn’t catch that when I rushed to put the 5 long range fare special into my shopping basket, so I called the customer service rep. She said that there was a glitch in the system and she manually input my 20% off and I got a $200 discount. (Actually, 20% should have been about 380, if I recall correctly, but while waiting I read some of the posts below and realized that I had a good thing going and didn’t want to jeopardize it.) And, bingo, it went through. The second time I called, the rep wasn’t as pleasant and she gave me the “you have to buy something for $250 or less and no, we can’t just credit you $50 even though you’re buying a special that costs many times more.” Well, if I’ve learned nothing from your blog, its to be persistent. So I signed my mother up and tried again. Once again, there was an issue with not getting the 20% to automatically show up on my account, so I called customer service. Once again, I had a really nice person (and I’m not just saying that because she gave me the discount!). This time, I bought 3 short haul flights. At first, she was going to give me credit AFTER the purchase, but then she put me on hold to talk to her supervisor. I figured, she’d come back and say “no discount” — but no, she input the discount into my shopping cart right away. Woo Hoo!

    And to answer Aviarx’s question — I went online to try out my promo codes with just random flight dates. They seem to work just fine. I was all set to go with only $14 ($7 each way fee) to pay. I did run into a problem when trying to see which seats were available (from the selections, it was clear that there were plenty of seats available, but then you get to the “pick a seat” part, it didn’t show any open. So I spoke with customer service and was told that it’s just a glitch, so when I get to that part when I’m ready to actually book, if it’s still not working, just contact customer service and they’ll help me pick a seat.

    Sorry for the long post. Thanks again, TPG!

  • Anonymous

    True, but if you call, you might get lucky like I did and get a nice rep to apply it anyway. I scored 2 out of 3 times!

  • Anonymous

    Got in on the 3x short haul RT offer. That’s definitely going to save me some cash for getting between SFO and LAS/LAX/SAN. Not to mention it could be great for positioning flights. I was almost ready to grab another 3 but the 3 short hauls are all spoken for =( Thanks TPG!

  • avi4


    I bought the ten pack Short Haul and tried to book SEA-LAX-SEA for 9/15 and 9/16. Expert Flyer was showing all flights W4 04. However when I entered the promo code the only fares shown as available were Main cabin select at $460 each. i tried to see what would happen if I tried to buy those seats and got the following message: “We’re very sorry but the fare you selected is no longer available. Please choose a new flight below”

    I must be doing something wrong.

    Please advise how i can successfully use the coupon-especially when the flights are all showing W4 O4.


  • avi4


    My mistake, SEA-LAX is considered MEDIUM HAUL f0r this promo.

    I also bought some Medium Haul coupons and they worked just fine.

  • Elena Gilt City Support

    Hi all! Just wanted to comment on behalf of the Gilt City Member Support team, as we see there have been some questions surrounding our Virgin America sale.

    Our site has been having issues with referral discounts applying automatically to your first purchase, but the great news is that the issue has been fixed! From now on, when you refer a friend or are referred, the 20% discount will apply to your order. Of course, if you see anything funny, don’t hesitate to contact our support line at 877-280-0338.

    The promo codes can be shared with family and friends, and can be used for the same flight. Just keep in mind that you will have to book the tickets separately.

    Currently Virgin America is having technical difficulties regarding seat assignments online. They have informed us that you can contact their call center directly to choose your seats. There is usually a $20 fee to do so, but for packages purchased on Gilt City, they will happily waive that fee.

    If anyone has any further questions, you can view the terms and conditions on We wish you good luck, and happy shopping!

    Gilt City Member Support

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Elena!

  • Anonymous

    I bought in on the deal and am trying to book a trip now. Is there a way to book a ticket so that i can get a stopover? For instance i want to fly. jfk-sfo spend a few hours and then fly sfo-las. and than las-jfk. I know i can do it by just finding jfk-las flights that go through sfo, but it seems the most i can get is a few hours on the ground, when i really need around 5.

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