Amazing Deal Alert: 100% Delta Transfer Bonus

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From now until September 30. 2011 Delta is running a 100% promotion on purchased and transferred Skymiles. Is this a good deal? It can be, if you use the miles wisely (and I’ve written a lot on how to maximize Delta awards, like here, here, here and here). The transfer option is more lucrative than buying Miles. Let’s take a look:

The Details:
Buy Miles: Miles cost 3.5 cents a piece, with a maximum purchase of 60,000 per year (120,000 including bonus) and the price comes to $2,100 for a grand total of 120,000 miles. 120,000 Delta miles will get you to Asia in business class or like I did this summer - Europe and most of Africa (except South Africa, which is 140,000). Would you pay $2,100 for a business class trip to to Asia or Africa? I know I would. However, the transfer miles is a much better deal as long as you have miles to work with.

Final check-out for Buy Miles transaction

Transfer Miles: Cost is 1 cent a mile to transfer plus a $30 fee per transfer, with a maximum transfer of 150,000 per year (300,000 received) and they can only be transferred in 30,000 mile segments. So in essence you are buying miles at 1.1 cents each since each transfer of 30,000 miles costs $330. If you max out this promo, you would do that 5 times for $1,650 and you’d end up with 150,000 new Skymiles. 150,000 Skymiles can get you business class from the US to Australia (even on partner airline V Australia), US to Tahiti in business class on Air France. This is an incredible deal.

Transfer Miles rules

While Skymiles are among the hardest miles to use due to being broken and the award engine pricing awards at eye-popping levels, huge value can be had – especially when booking partner awards because they are always at the low level. Also beware that Delta just instituted a nasty rule that awards can not be changed within 72 hours of departure. You may have to jump through hoops to use these miles, but I do firmly believe there is huge value with Skymiles, because I’ve personally redeemed them for unbelievable trips.

Before getting in on this promotion, I recommend researching your potential awards before you get the miles so you know what you are in for. An Expertflyer subscription will make your life easier because it shows partner award space on Air France/KLM/Alitalia/China Southern/Aeroflot/Air Europa/Alaska/China Eastern/Air Tahiti Nui/Gol/Hawaiian and Malaysian. While Delta award space is not on Expertflyer, you can search for mileage upgrade space.

As always – feel free to comment below with any questions.

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  • Scott Bernard

    Another way to think about it if you need a boatload of miles:
    1) buy 120k for $2100 in account A
    2) once the 120k post in account A, transfer 120k in 30k increments to account B – posting 4 times at 30k miles ($330) each, that runs you another $1320
    3) account B ends up with 240k for $3420 or 1.4 cpm

    Pretty large $$ up front, but could pay off if you’re got the patience to deal w/ Delta’s award booking system.

  • Scott Bernard

    Another way to think about it if you need a boatload of miles:
    1) buy 120k for $2100 in account A
    2) once the 120k post in account A, transfer 120k in 30k increments to account B – posting 4 times at 30k miles ($330) each, that runs you another $1320
    3) account B ends up with 240k for $3420 or 1.4 cpm

    Pretty large $$ up front, but could pay off if you’re got the patience to deal w/ Delta’s award booking system.

  • Scott Bernard

    Another way to think about it if you need a boatload of miles:
    1) buy 120k for $2100 in account A
    2) once the 120k post in account A, transfer 120k in 30k increments to account B – posting 4 times at 30k miles ($330) each, that runs you another $1320
    3) account B ends up with 240k for $3420 or 1.4 cpm

    Pretty large $$ up front, but could pay off if you’re got the patience to deal w/ Delta’s award booking system.

  • neciland

    Would you just sign up for another Skymiles account to do the transferring to.

  • Guest

    Can’t find any specific restriction in the T&C, but I was wondering if anyone know whether there are restrictions against roundtrip transfers (other than the 150k out /300k in per account restriction), e.g., move 30K from Account A to Account B, then move 60K from Account B back to Account A.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see any restrictions besides the 300k total.

  • Michael

    So if account a had already transferred 10 to account b — can account a buy 30k miles and then transfer those 30k to account b so that account b ends up with 80k néw miles?

    If yes, how much would this cost account a?

  • Anonymous

    You could do that.

  • Bobby

    Hi there, found your blog after a search. I’ve got 60,000 amex points built up, which I believe I can transfer to Delta. And I’m looking to use these points somehow to my advantage on a trip to Dar Es Salaam next July (from LAX) Would you mind sharing advice or suggestions on how to get the most bang for these points? I’m looking at Delta and KLM (Flying blue). thank you

  • Anonymous

    Not sure if I’m following. But you could purchase 15,000 miles for $525ish, you’d end up with 30k. Then transfer that 30k for $330 and account B would end up with 60,000. Then you could transfer back and forth up to 300,000 total miles transferred (incl bonus) to any one account.

  • Anonymous

    Welcome! If i were you I’d sign up for this 50% promo and then transfer 54,000 points to Delta. With the promo, you’d end up with 80k Delta miles which is enough for a coach ticket US to Africa. For LAX I’d search ( for LAX-AMS and AMS-DAR legs separately. Once you find classic award space on all legs, try booking it using’s Multi-city award booking tool -> Skymiles -> Use miles -> Award ticket reservations -> Multi-city and enter in the exact flights and dates that you saw Classic award space on It should piece it all together. Remember, you can have 1 stopover (which would be anything over 24 hours in Amsterdam for example).

    Get creative. AMS-DAR is a tough flight to get, but try finding flights through Nairobi on Kenyan Airways which is a Skyteam partner and that space shows up on They have good space through DAR-NBO-LHR and then do LHR-CDG-LAX or something. It can be done, but it will take a lot of time.

  • Bobby

    great. thanks for the info, i’ll get started and try and find something. thanks again

  • Asha

    Hi Brian this is Asha ….What should I do?? I have always used Cotinental but with 100% transfer from AMX should I transfer to Delta. I just signed up with Deltal with all your sign information and never transferred anything to Delta. I have almost 100,000 miles on AMX.

  • Steve

    Delta is having a “I hate you, but I love you” moment with its customers.

  • Anonymous

    Well this deal is not for Amex transfers. Its for Delta to Delta account transfers and they charge 1 cent but give a 1 mile bonus per transfer.

    So you could technically transfer 20,000 Amex points (which would be 30,000 Delta as long as you register for the 50% bonus

    Then pay $330 a couple times and transfer back and forth to get the balance up to the amount you need. Being Houston based you have nonstop KLM and Air France flights that have pretty good award availability. 60k points for coach to Europe, 100k for business or 120k for Europe and Africa like I just did.

    Its good to have a nice stack of Continental miles, but its also good to diversify your mileage balances so you have more options when it comes time to redeem.

  • Ryan

    Brian, does it cost 150k or 120k delta miles to go business on AF to Tahiti? It seems deltas site says 150 but AF’s classic award is 120

  • Anonymous

    150k. You use Delta’s chart- even if Air France charges a different amount for their frequent flyers. you always use the chart of the currency you have.

  • Anonymous

    My grudge memory gets really short when good deals arise!

  • Dan-lauz

    The maximum for each transfert is 30k miles ?

  • Mehul Sheth

    I have two AMEX accounts, my wife and mine:

    My account has 60,000 AMEX points, planning on advancing 40,000 and transferring 100,000 with expectation of getting 2(two) 20,000 amex point vouchers in the mail.

    Signed my wife up for AMEX Plat, will try to get 100,000 points. She is first time transfer to delta, so expect her to transfer and get 50% bonus (and maybe two 20,000 AMEX vouchers?). Should I then transfer the 150,000 to my skymiles account with the expectation of getting 300,000 miles posted at a cost of $1,530. I will now have 400,000 miles in my skymiles account???? I already cashed in on the 100,000 mile transfer getting 25,000 MQM, so I am pushing 500,000 skymiles for a cost of about $2500. Already saved me 1000+ on a same day ticket I had to book for a death in the family, so I feel as though I have gotten my money worth.

    Once I have all these miles in my account, can I transfer 150,000 back to my wife’s account to get the 50% bonus?

  • Eric

    Isn’t the US Air 100% bonus a better deal? Buy 100k (incl. bonus) for $1,478. Enough for a business class ticket to Asia or Europe on a Star Alliance partner.

  • Anonymous

    Does buy/transfer of delta miles qualify for 3x bonus on amex gold premier or 2x bonus on delta skymiles cards for the cost of transaction?

  • Anonymous

    100k Delta is also enough for business class to Europe with a stopover and open jaw and only costs $1,110. That being said, even though the US Airways miles are more expensive, using them is easier. I’d say they are about on par. For anyone who wants more info on the US Airways promo, check out:

  • Anonymous

    I want to have fun with this. I have some flex time coming up, is there a website that can get me the cost (mileage) for a ticket anywhere in Europe?

  • Guest

    As always, thanks for all of your help! It’s unbelievable you pay as much attention as you do to your followers in the comments. Many, many thanks.

  • infamousdx

    This is great. Used my Dad’s account with 113k miles to top off my Mom’s with 78k miles. Now they both have ~100k and I booked them JFK-LHR-MAD-JFK for next spring for their anniversary! Thanks as always, TPG!

    Also to everyone, any other suggestion for a European city to visit that will have a nonstop flight back to JFK? I only chose Madrid for them because it had the most availability returning home. They’re open to all suggestions, but would prefer all nonstop flights.

  • Jonathan Hayes

    Dammit! How can I get in on this action? I have an AmEx Platinum card that I use mostly for the lounge access, and a Delta-branded Mastercard, that gets me double miles (I think). Somewhat to my amazement, I now have over 200K Skymiles. Do you have any suggestions as to how to take advantage of this program? Should I open a separate account to link to the Platinum card?

    I just found your blog tonight, and am now rabid with desire for bonus miles! I tried the Delta 50% bonus from the AmEx transfer, but am not apparently eligible.

  • Sean

    Does this indicate further devaluation of skymiles?

  • Anonymous

    I think we are well past that point. The fact of the matter is, amazing deals and redemptions are there- you just need to know how to find them (mostly with partner awards)

  • Anonymous

    You don’t have to link anything to your Platinum card. All you need is it to pay for the transactions!

    Do you have any Delta miles right now? If not, you can either buy 15k (and get a 15k bonus) for roughly $525 and then transfer those 30k to a new account you create. You’ll pay $330 and end up with 60k miles. Then keep transferring back and forth to get to the amount of miles you need.

    If you don’t want to buy the 30k initial miles, then you can advance yourself 20k amex points, sign up for the 50% bonus promo
    and then transfer to Delta and you’ll end up with 30k and then start the transfers from there.

  • Anonymous

    MAD-JFK is good because its on the 767-400 lie flat beds (at least it was for this summer). Otherwise, I’d check London-JFK because thats all lie flats as well.

    I recently flew Amsterdam-JFK in KLM world business class and while the seat wasn’t amazing, it was a great experience on the upper deck of the 747- really good food and unique touches like gift delft houses on departure. Amsterdam is a beautiful city and Starwoods Hotel Pullitzer is a great hotel- especially if you can use Cash & Points!

  • Anonymous

    My consolidated award chart list is :
    As long as you fly on partners you are looking at 60/100 to europe, 80/120 to Africa, 60-80/120k to Asia (all of those were coach/business class mileage in thousands)

  • Mark Curtis Keach

    What’s lost in all this is the fact that you are paying for miles that will eventually be used for a NON-mileage earning award trip. I’d much rather earn via $ spent for Delta flights that earn MQM and RDM, then later redeem those miles for award travel.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, earning MQMs is nice, but theres no way you could only spend $1,110 on flights and end up with 100,000 miles (enough for a business class trip to Europe).

    I value status as well, but this offer is a really cheap, easy and fast way to get your miles up so you can redeem for amazing award tickets

  • Anonymous

    Do you think this mileage transfer bonus or the US Airways mileage purchase bonus is a better deal? Would it be on a case by case basis depending on where/when you want to go, cabin class, award availability, etc?

  • Anonymous

    Just being a little curious, will the system allow you to transfer miles to someone and then they turn around and transer them back so you get the bonus 2x?

  • SkyMilesGreedyCAM

    The Terms&Conditions state that “Transfer Miles may only be donated and received by SkyMiles accounts that have been established for at least 10 days and have earned at least one mile since enrolling in the SkyMiles program.”

    I’m sitting on 75,000 SkyMiles, thanks to TPG, that I am itching to use for this promotion.

    I would like to transfer to my boyfriend’s SkyMiles account but we are both new to Delta. He has no miles yet because our trip to Tokyo is booked in November.

    QUESTION: Can I purchase a few miles to qualify his account for this transfer promotion? Or does he have to fly.

  • Anonymous

    Depends.. being in a Skyteam hub city, I can easily use Delta Skymiles on partners. Its easier for most people to use Star Alliance so paying the premium for US miles would probably make the most sense

  • Anonymous

    Yep- theres no restrictions- just on the total amount transferred to you within a year (300k)

  • Anonymous

    Don’t even purchase miles. Buy something through the a Skymiles Shopping store

    There is no rule stating the mile earned needs to be an MQM or earned via flight

  • Ryan

    Is this for miles transferred from an American Express MR account to a Delta Account?

  • Jenny

    How often does Delta run this promotion? I’m considering whether to wait until the next time.

  • Valentijn

    I opened a new account to transfer my miles to that one back and forth. But I found out that the account has to be 10 days old at least and you need to earn at least 1 mile. I can’t use the Skymiles shopping as mentioned earlier, since I’m in Europe. So, I’m thinking about booking a hotel stay on the new account (1000 mile bonus). Can anyone tell me when the miles will be posted into the new account if I book a hotel stay now? Thanks :)!!

  • Michelle

    The deadline for this promo is September 30, 2011 – NOT September 15: “Transaction must be completed between now and 11:59pm EST on September 30, 2011 to receive the 100 percent mileage bonus. The 100 percent bonus mile offer expires at 11:59 pm on September 30, 2011.”

  • Heidi

    Yes maximum transfer is in 30k segments up to 150k which yields 300k miles

  • Heidi

    I mean transferring the same 30k miles back and forth 5 times would yield 150,000 miles! For a cost of 1650$$

  • Anonymous

    No this is for transfers between Delta accounts. No Amex necessary

  • Anonymous

    100% on transfers is rare. I wouldn’t bank on them running this again anytime soon

  • Anonymous

    Thanks- I updated the post

  • Donna

    Did Delta raise their price per mile from 2.8 cents per mile to 3.5? Is it just for this promotion?

  • Jeff_lester

    Am I missing something? I only have about 75K Delta miles because they are impossible to redeem…can I set up an acct for my wife and transfer my 75K miles to her acct and she will now go from zero to 150K?

  • Anonymous

    They are tricky to redeem, but definitely not impossible. And yes, you can transfer 30k increments to your wife for $330 each and she will end up with 60k for each increment.

  • Art

    I think you listed almost every skyteam airline except CSA(Czech Airlines)…. is that because you can’t use the miles on CSA or because CSA isn’t on ExpertFlyer?

  • Ttbhg

    Brian, how big of a pain is it to find two business class seats on the same flight to Tahiti on AF? I really want to take advantage of this promo specifically for that trip.

  • Tom Simunek

    I’m a little confused. My fiancee and I are going on our honeymoon next summer and were going to each buy 100,000 US Air miles. I feel like this deal is a little better (since we are comfortable booking through Delta). I do not grasp how we can take our SkyMiles account from both being at 0 to both getting up to 150K. Can anyone help me figure out what that total cost would be? I’m new here. Thanks!

  • Ahuimanu808

    If you dont have 2 skymile accounts what would you recommend doing to take advantage of this promotion? I do have a good friend with a skymiles account….could that help? Considering this wont happen anytime soon again I would like to find a way to benefit.

  • Min

    Hi, Brian, Have you ever heard any promo on transfer points between one pass account? thanks

  • Michael

    I’ll try again as some people are confused, like myself: Account A has 60,000 miles. Account B has 10 miles. Account A transfers 30,000 to Account B for $330. Now Account B has 60,000 miles. Account B transfers 30,000 miles back to Account A for $330 and now Account A has 90,000 miles. Account B transfers another 30,000 miles to Account A for $330 and Account A now has 150,000. Total cost $990. Total miles received for Account A: 90,000. Is this correct? Also, can you list again what are your favorite redeemable awards that not only involve Business but FIRST, say LAX-ASIA with stopover in Europe?

    Your help, as always, is greatly appreciated.

  • Josh

    I really want to take advantage of this, and have just set up 2 skymiles accounts (one for me, one for my Dad). But…. we live in the UK, and the accounts need to be 10 days old and to have “earned” at least one mile. The shopping portal requires a US zip code, and we’re not planning to stay at any hotel partners soon.

    Question: Would transferring 1000 Amex MR points to Delta Skymiles count as “earning” miles, and thus let us activate our accounts and take advantage of this offer?

    Cheers, Josh

  • Anonymous

    Amex transfer is certainly activity. As for being LHR based- just be aware delta assesses extra fees for awards beginning in Europe. Buying usairways miles at 100% bonus may actually be cheaper for you

  • Josh

    Thank you TPG – have already taken advantage of the US Airways offer, might get a friend/relative to gift me some more miles via that offer :)

    Love your site – brilliant writing, great design, and loads of excellent tips!


  • Sean

    +1000. Great point. I transferred 30k from my wife’s account to mine for $330 and the 60k showed up in my account instantly. I am PM so we prefer to book awards from my account because of the ability to change outside of 72 hours. I might try the same transfer again before this promo ends. It is an amazing deal, thanks again TPG

  • Becky

    I have a question. I’m not totally new to FF miles, but all this flying for free stuff is new to us, mainly because we’ve not been able to fly a lot til a couple of years ago. Now, we are members of Delta and Miles and More. DH sometimes flies to teach. We are based near WAW.

    Here’s my question. We need to go to NBO from WAW, Jan. 13-27 where DH will teach a seminary class. We’d like to take both kids living at home (14, 17). We have $4000 and would like to use/AF because the time is convenient and we’d earn Skymiles. DH will be GM and I’ll be SM by the end of October this year. DH’s and my tickets are tax deductible (we are self-employed, so there is no such thing as ‘charging the business” as “we ARE the business–missionary/teacher–PhD”).

    I am wondering if I did this flipping miles back and forth until we get enough to go to NBO with A/F (DH has almost 100,000 in his account and I have over 60K) in order to get the kids’ tickets. Then, we’d go ahead and buy ours at just over $1000 ($1034) each which is what Kayak has them for.

    Do you think this would end up being cheaper (buying miles and redeeming them for the two kids’ tickets and buying our 2) or just forget it and buy the tickets at 1034 for economy. Target is 1K per ticket, so $1034 is just over that, but we can handle that.

    While I’d like to see DH be able to go business class sometime, somewhere, because he is tall and has a bad knee–$ is very important as we aren’t “big business” so we fly economy.

    I’m assuming when you flip these miles, you charge them to a credit card, right? If you use Delta AMEX, they do earn miles correct?

    Is there a place to check availability of AF awards on line (and price) like there are Delta awards?

  • Becky

    I wanted to add that when I go to Delta’s website, and type in awards ticket, they say that they can’t find this itinerary. AF’s website said that it would take 50,000 miles. Since Delta can’t do it, is it possible that in reality, it will only cost me 50,000 miles for a r/t economy ticket to NBO from WAW? T

  • Fpascual

    How do you redeem miles using partner airlines’ award space? Do you call Delta or the partner?

  • Anonymous

    Call delta. You always call the airline whose miles you hold.

  • Mark

    I have 2 kids with Delta Skymiles accounts that have never used the amex transfer option. I have over 300,000 amex points. Is it a good idea to transfer 100,000 into each of their accounts thus getting the 50% bonus (and MQM’s) then transfering the 150,000 each child has from that promo to my account. That would net me 600,000 Delta miles in my account for $3300.00. do the bonus miles into my account count towards the 300,000 limit

  • Anonymous

    The bonus miles do count so the MAX you can get transferred into any Skymiles is 300,000 per year.

    As long as you can use the miles, I think it sounds like a good deal!

  • Mark

    I don’t have any trips planned but the bonus looks good. Better to keep the points in Amex for future planned use or have the Delta miles ? Looking for an opinion

  • Bankops

    Minimum/Maximum mileage per transaction, per recipient: 1,000 / 30,000

    Uh. I think the “per recipient” is going to put a hole in some people’s plans. Depending on how it is applied of course.

    If it is applied that each transfer must be to a different account (per recipient clause), then the sender could only send 5×30.000 IF it is to 5 different accounts. The reverse would also be true in that any given account can only receive 5 transfers in.

  • Min

    When I try to transfer 30K miles to my wife account (she has 0 miles on her account setup a few weeks ago), I receive a instant error message “SkyMiles account xxxxxxxxx is not eligible for this transaction. “, what went wrong?

  • Estele

    The T&C of the Buy/Transfer promo state that the account must have at least one mile in it. Buy something on the Delta shopping portal and hope that the miles post soon, then do the transfer.

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  • Steve

    I am new to this and usually just book my airfare thru amex rewards. I take my family to St. John, USVI in Nov. every year for 10 days. I usually use starwood points for a villa at the Westin, then book the airfare on American thru american express pay with points. Airfare cost me 280,000 points total for 4 people, but I get 20% back. Just trying to see if there is a better way to do this. We fly out of St. Louis, Mo. I see Delta has a flight to STT from St. louis. Checking there redeem with points on Delta it would cost 70,000 per person x 4 people for coach or 100,00 per person x 4 for 1st class. My question is would transfering points from amex to delta and then transfering between accounts make more sense than booking pay with points thru amex on american. If it would, how many miles would I transter initially from amex? Does the 300,000 mile per account transfer per year include amex transfers?

  • Anonymous

    What about the 40% back transfer from Amex Membership Rewards to Delta? “To qualify, register first and then transfer Membership Rewards® points into your SkyMiles account by September 30, 2011. For every 50,000 points you transfer, you’ll be rewarded with a certificate for 20,000 Membership Rewards points”

    Could I transfer points from my Amex Platinum to Delta to get the certificate for 20K points, and then gift those miles to a family member to get double miles?

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  • belvie1

    I receive the same error when I try to transfer miles. Both accounts have been open for years and have plenty of miles within. I email customer service. I’ll let you know what I find out.

  • ScoobaDooba

    Riddle me this:

    Need 280,000 points for 4 tix to Bonair for husband, wife, and 2 teenagers. Delta tix are available for 70, 000 each. What is the cheapest, most feasible way to rapidly obtain the requisite points?

    Have the following points:
    Amex 85, 398
    Husband Delta 33, 015
    Wife Delta 116, 000

  • Tradewindsre

    Hey Brian…can I get some quick advise from you? I would greatly appreciate it.

    Im trying to take my Dad to South Africa this October. We can get reward fights from Palm Beach, through Atlanta, to Joburg ( PBI>ATL>JNB) for 100,000 points each and only $100 of fees each ($200 total). Seems pretty good.

    I currently only have 15,000 miles Delta miles but my dad has over 100,000. He was going to transfer an additional 100,000 Membership rewards points to Delta so he would then have 200,000 MR points for both of us.

    My question is about Delta 100% Transfer miles promotion.

    Do you think its smarter for him to transfer 100,000 Delta miles to me and have Delta match the offer and give me 100,000 (So I would then have 200,000). The cost to do this appears to be $1,030.

    The actual cost is more ($1,030 versus $200) but it would we only have to use 100,000 points total versus 200,000 points.

    Does that make sense?

    Also…thse are for Economy seats…First class was 380,000 points! Ouch…unlcss you know of something better..

    I greatly value your opinion and would love your opinion on this…thank you!!!

  • Rick

    I know the limits to transfer out of an account is 150K and to receive is 300K.

    So if I transfer 150k from Account A to B, I would get 150K plus 100% bonus, that’s 300K total. Does it count as 300K OR 150k? Thanks

  • Anonymous

    you just do multiple transactions to get up to the 300,000 max miles received from transfers

  • Anonymous


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  • Anonymous

    If I transfer AmEx points to my Delta account, do I then have to transfer them to another account in order to take advandtage of the Delta transfer offer? If so, am I paying double to transfer them to my Delta account and then, again, into another account?

  • Anonymous

    If you do Amex to Delta you will get a 50% bonus. Then if you want Delta 100% you have to pay to transfer to another account and then pay to transfer back. When all is said and done, you will be paying about 1.1 cents a mile for Skymiles which is a great deal in my opinion

  • Mpohl

    No, it’s not.

    Obviously Delta valued its Skymiles at 0.091 $/mi as evidenced by the cost of a $100 Amex GC @11,000 mi. So, even under the best scenarios, you are willingly pay a 20% premium !!!!

    Now with the recent devaluation/ increase in the Amex GC, the value of Skymiles in terms of cash equivalency has been slashed to about 0.o45 $/ mi.

    Something to think about. Seems to me that you are taking a soft stance against airlines. Which, indeed, might YOU personally serve you well!

  • Anonymous

    Just because you don’t know how to use Skymiles, doesn’t mean they are worthless. Redeeming for gift cards is probably the worst way to use them.

    This summer I redeemed 120,000 miles for a business class trip to Spain and Mauritius. Cost of the ticket was over $10,000. Under this promo I could have gotten the miles needed for less than $1,300. Please explain to me how that is a bad deal.

  • Ri Zheng

    To save fees , you can create additional Delta account, merge them. You can still transfer to the individual account # even after merging all at once, saving you $30 processing fee and bypass the 0point in the account as long as your main account has point values.

  • Ri Zheng

    someone confirmed on flyertalk, its 150K, bonus does not count.

  • Matt
  • Elisabeth
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