50,000+ American Express Points for Free With Additional Cardholders

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TPG reader Tassojunior tipped me off yesterday to a great American Express Membership Rewards promo: 10,000 points for each additional cardholder added to an account as long as they use their card at least once within 4 months of getting the card. All you need to do is call the Amex number on the back of your card and ask for Membership Rewards and then give them bonus code 5721. To be safe, make sure they notate your account that you will be eligible for the bonus – Amex is very good about honoring what their reps commit to over the phone.

This promo is good for Jan 1 – December 31, 2011, so if you’ve added an Authorized User to your account this year, ask for retroactive credit.

This is great news to me because I just got the Premier Rewards Gold Card and that card allows 5 additional users for free. So not only did I get 15,000 bonus points for signing up and 65,000 more just for asking, but now I’ll get 50,000 more for this promotion. 125,000 Amex points, basically for free, since the $175 annual fee is waived the first year. Not bad, especially for a card that gives 3x points on airfare, 2x on gas and groceries and 1x for everything else and an additional 15,000 point bonus when you spend $30,000 each calendar year. I will write a post about my personal card strategy, but I may keep the Premier Rewards as my primary Amex and use my Chase Sapphire Preferred for all international spend, since it has no foreign transaction fees. Expect a full post soon on my analysis of what credit cards I use and why.

You can also get this bonus for other Amex charge cards, so it can’t hurt to call and ask to see if you are eligible. When I talked to the rep, she confirmed it was originally targeted, but she confirmed with a supervisor it should be open to all US Amex charge card customers.

My Platinum card charges $175 for the first 3 additional users and then $175 per person after that (since each additional card members gets lounge access and Priority Pass Select membership). I value 20,000 Amex points conservatively at around $450 (they can be purchased directly from Amex for 2.5 cents a piece). Plus, I can make 2 family members/friends very happy with all of the benefits of the Platinum card, like lounge access (I’ll also set their spend limits to $10 so they can’t run me into debt!)

Platinum card additional cardholder benefits

Premier Rewards Card details (full analysis here):

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  • Anonymous

    I was successful in getting 75K for premier gold sign-up, but AMEX said no on 10K bonus to add cards indicating it was targeted and would auto show-up if I qualified. I just ordered additional card before hearing about this and will try again when it arrives.

  • Anonymous

    I’d call again. My rep initial said it was targeted, but then confirmed everyone is eligible. The Flyertalk thread also has almost all successful results

  • Bsim1925

    I’m new to this game and currently do NOT have an AMEX. I am in the market for one but I can not seem to find on what I can convert membership points too? Does 1pt = 1mile for certain airlines?

  • James Patrick

    My wife has the Premier Rewards Gold and I secured msged AMEX today too, and got the same answer as Daviez.

  • PJ

    ohhhh mine mine mine I just got my Platinum card and MR already called me back to confirm my two cards ( Premier Gold) and Platinum are all eligible. Tomorrow AM i call back to give them SS # Are you joking about the charge limit on authorized users?
    Does Amex run credit enquiry on to authorized users’ SS# or simply trying to make they are legitimate persons around ?

  • Anonymous

    The best Membership Rewards cards are:
    Platinum: 25k sign up bonus (but can be bumped to 100k) $450 annual fee, but a ton of benefits: My review
    Premier Rewards Gold (prob best option out there now) and Gold.

  • Clara

    Amex just said I will need to call the phone number “on the email” that I received and not the number on the back of the card. And by that, I think they mean: ask TPG what’s the phone number that I should be calling.

  • james

    So, I can sign up for the Premier, put five friends on it and have them charge once, take the car back from them, and get 10k points x 5? With the 15k after a $1k spend, it means that basically the Premier is worth 65k points? Am I missing something?

  • Anonymous

    The only thing you are missing is that you may be eligible for a 75,000 point signup bonus. Read this post and the comments- most new Premier Rewards cardholders are actually getting 75,000 signup points

  • Anonymous

    Hmm I think you got a rep who didn’t want to be helpful. I’d just call again and tell them you received the offer Bonus ID 5721 and want to make sure its notated on your account before you add the additional cardholders.

  • Anonymous

    No credit run on AUs, but they do like to verify the identity through a soft inquiry. And no, I’m not joking about the credit limit! They can buy a pack of gum on me (or a beer), but thats it!

  • Clara

    Yup. Got a much nicer rep – however, just my luck and the system is down. He said it would work though. I just should all in the morning. Tx!

  • Judy

    I have the Amex Rewards Plus Gold. Is Premier Rewards a better deal?

  • Judy

    I have the Amex Rewards Plus Gold. Is Premier Rewards a better deal?

  • Judy

    I have the Amex Rewards Plus Gold. Is Premier Rewards a better deal?

  • PJ

    so the MAX is 75K plus 5X10K =125 K or/and paying $450 to get 100K =100K + 5X10K = 150K they must be betting most of authorized users will turn in their applications and collect another 5 X10 K . I smell AMEX is getting mad at attacks from raval cards. a reminder sep 30 is the deadline to convert MR into United/Continental points. this promotion is really in line with their “Refer a friend get 10K(?) ” I bet most of us did NOTHING while most of us are getting excited with this new promotion.

  • Anonymous

    In my opinion the Premier Rewards Gold card is MUCH better (and well worth the extra $50 annual fee) than the regular gold card. Plus, if you apply for a Premier Rewards gold card through my link, you get 15k points and the $175 annual fee is waived the first year

    Just make sure you are logged out of your Amex account when you apply.

    For the full Gold vs Premier Rewards Gold review, check out

  • Anonymous

    Well the additional plat card users will cost you $175 for the first 3 and $175 each after, so I’d say the Premier Rewards route is more lucrative- especially since the $175 annual fee is waived first year and 5 additional cardholders are free

  • Josh

    You can add 5 authorized users to your platinum card as”gold” card holders for $45 for all 5. You have to call in to do this and the rep I got said they would each trigger the bonus.

  • Kevin

    Does the delta gold or spg amex count with this promo?

  • Hemi

    same question, can i add users to my spg account and get the MR points??

  • Hemi


    the headline for that post mentions the bonus if for “platinum” card holders…does the bonus also apply for “premier gold” holders?

  • PJ

    isn’t 45 dollars for the Platinum carder to add on 5 users ?

  • PJ

    Is there any age limit on authorized user? do they blacklist me if i turn in my grandson’s SS# and birthday? as of now I am tempted to ask my nephew to be added on and ALSO they ( husband and wife) should ALL apply for AMEX PREMIER GOLD and I have 3+ names thto be added as authorized users

    anybody declined on the bump to 75K ?

  • Rocky

    I wad debating to try to get the bonus points as well, but only worth it to me if I get the bump. TPG post on the bonus to 75k was months ago, not sure if anyone is getting it any more.

  • Rocky

    Just applied for the Gold card, was approved, Now I have to wait for it to come in the mail. Should I call Amex now and try to get the additional 65K via code 5985 or 5894? Or which one, per your post “it never hurts to ask: Possible 50,000…” I’m reading both code options. Which one do you recommend?

  • infamousdx

    It’s only for cards that earn Membership Rewards points

  • sil

    can i add AU from Canada?

  • Anonymous

    Yes- originally it was only for Platinum but then people reported it for Premier Rewards as well so I added in that information

  • Raj B

    I believe that’s only if you add them on with Gold cards instead of Platinum cards. With the Gold cards, the add’l members will not get the benefits associated with the Platinum card, but shouldn’t matter if you’re only signing them up for the extra points.

  • Jacob Peterson

    Well it took a few calls but they applied it to my account for both my additional card holders on my PRG card. Thanks TPG!

  • Kou Yi-han Cao

    Thanks TPG! I just sent a secure message to amex online last night and this morning they credit the bonus MR points for me! :D

  • Tao

    How much is the fee for AUs if I have a premier gold card?

  • Anonymous

    Free for up to 5

  • CP

    Any way to get around giving SSN numbers to AMEX for additional cardholders?

  • Matt

    Any idea if this will work on Amex’s ZYNC charge product? I have a business green and Zync and wondering if they will let me double dip??

  • PJ

    Platinum is $45 up to 5 i paid $45 for 4 and also 4 AUs on GOld Premier so far searching for another soul in relatives circle . start feeling guilty now if I drop Premier when it comes up for 2nd year annual fee payment
    Wonder if a AU can take advantage of the $200 incidental charges on airline of my choice when the AU is flying ? also I assume AU can flash Platinum card and get to use many airport lounges correct ?

  • PJ

    do you mean you can send secure message to add on AUs that would be nice since phone calls are time consuming

  • PJ

    do you mean you can send secure message to add on AUs that would be nice since phone calls are time consuming

  • PJ

    relax YOU WILL GET them i did not get it done on 1st call. they called back about 1 hr later after “checking with supervior with call you back within 48 hrs”Since i was tied up , I had to call back this AM to add on 4 each on GOLD and PLATINUM again feeling guilty if i drop amex gold on the upcoming anuual $175 dollar charge. I am paying 450 on the Platinum i just received yesterday bonus is 100K with spend 1000/3month . I plan to buy amazon gift cards for wedding graduation gifts . hopefully i can transfer points in time by September 30. Do you know my ATT can let me prepay bills? State farm does not let me pay until one month into the due date hmmm

  • PJ

    I never taught my daughter AU is NOT = cosigner ; she was getting worried as an AU on my card with NO spending limit imposed. many of us probably dont know AMEX has separate sub account to list out charges for each AU account

  • infamousdx

    Platinum AU only gets their own Priority Pass membership & Global Entry reimbursement.

    $200 airline incidental credit is SHARED by the whole account.

  • 30,000EZpointsCAM

    I called and got a dubious customer rep who asked me if I was targeted. I said the promotion 5721 should be good for all AMEX cardholders. He put me on hold and then he told me I qualify. Then he transferred me to customer service to add the new cardholders to my account.

    I do not know the SS number for anybody I wanted to add. I told the CRep up front. He said the Social Security # WAS NOT NECESSARY!! What is needed is full name of cardholder and birthdate. I put down 2 names (my ex and present bf) and the cards are in the mail.

    Later I added my 17 year old nephew (cut off is 14) on-line. I LEFT THE SS FIELD BLANK REMEMBERING WHAT THE CR SAID AND IT WENT THROUGH!! So Just leave it blank.

    30,000 points are coming to me THANKS AGAIN TO TPG!!

  • CJ

    Just spoke to AMEX and rep told me that bonus code 5721 is only good for card holders in Argentina and I must fax in copy of email offer to get the 10,000 MR points??

  • Sarah

    I also was just told that it was for Argentina. The woman sounded like she was about 100 years old though

  • bitachu

    Any dangers in adding on someone as a authorized user? would their credit score affect mine?

  • Marc

    I just called and was told that it is for Argentine AMEX cardholders only.

  • Abender

    Ok so I have had to call 2 times on this one. The first rep just said “I had to have the pamphlet/email instructions and call the number listed to get this offer” Uggh. The second call I made the gentleman did say after putting me on hold to speak to membership rewards he would notate my account for this deal but that I needed to follow the instructions on the email/flyer that was sent to me in order to sign on new AU’s. So, do I go ahead and sign them up and trust that it will be credited to my account (as I will just add them via the website and not on special instructions) or should I call again and speak to another rep? Thanks for your advice….

  • Abender

    Ok so I called again to see what I came up with…on a mission here! They said my account had been notated but that many cardholders had been calling about this offer and they have researched it and it is for Argentenian cardholders only. ): Was not budging on trying to make it different….may try to call in the morning. I even said a “friend of mine had received the offer and that supervisor had said it was for all US cardholders as well” she basically listened and then said the Argentinian story line again. I guess AmEx is saying “NO MAS” to this for all of us latecomers….

  • David

    I keep striking out. I have an AmEx Gold card linked to Membership Rewards. When I called yesterday, the rep told me it was a targeted offer and couldn’t be applied to my card. I just tried again, and this time a very apologetic rep told me the offer was meant only for cardholders in Argentina. Has anyone else been told this? Should I just keep calling?

  • CJ

    Any one have any suggestions on how to get around the Argentina issue? I have called and tried 2 different times and both reps say need email or mailed add top be able to get the credit? Any suggestions would be helpful?

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  • Glen

    I was just told the same thing: the 5721 offer is for Argentina only.

  • Glen

    I was just told the same thing: the 5721 offer is for Argentina only.

  • Jane

    TPG can you explain how a soft inquiry affects the AU? Also, is there a negative effect for AU if I deauthorize AU after the bonus points post?

  • Anonymous

    No credit pull for AU. Amex like to have the SSN to verify identity, but others have reported not giving the SSN and still getting the cards. No negative effects on anyone as long as the AU doesn’t run up huge charges on the card!

  • Anonymous

    Seems like they’ve closed this one… maybe just call back in a month and ask for it?

  • loquitur


  • Jane

    Thanks for the clarification! I didn’t exactly get a confirmation that I “qualify” because the rep said that I had to follow the terms of the email with this promotion (which I don’t have of course since I was not targeted). The rep said that she would note on my account that I had inquired about promo 5721. Not sure this will end up getting me the AU bonus in the end. Do we know when the points will post per the terms of the targeted email? (She didn’t mention anything about Argentina.)

  • Henry82

    It seams that there are no negative effects on the AU’s credit-wise, but would being added as a AU prevent said AU from signing up for future, new cardmember bonus offers on their own?

    In theory, if SSN is not needed to be added as an AU, then the answer is “no”, but would like to hear everyone’s thoughts.

  • Todd

    This is a US only promotion and not available to Canadian customers.

  • Bellagio121

    I just called the Amex phone number and got to Membership Rewards and got two different answers from two different reps. One answer was that the bonus ID 5721 is for Argentina only. The other answer was that the bonus ID 5721 is not a valid bonus ID for adding an additional user.
    Bonus ID 5721 seems to be bogus!!!!!

  • Ferdinand Magellan

    No luck. I called about my personal green MR card, and was told that there is no such bonus code. Then I called about my business gold MR card, and was told that I need a seven-digit promo code and have to call a different toll-free number, on my “invitation.”

  • Valerie M.

    when I called on 08/10 to add 2 cards to my account they stated I was eligible to rec’v the 10k per addl card member and adv to call back after using them to verify. I called today, 3 different people and even tho I was told on 08/10 I would get the bonus points, they would not honor this today, it is for international users and targeted members only. It’s ok tho, they did give me 100k that same day, instantly, so it’s all good!

  • ClayD333

    Tried today, no go still..

  • Rob

    Unless you live in Argentina, don’t even bother with 5721 – it’s only for the AG issued AmEx. I called this evening the number on the back of my PRG AmEx, I was politely asked for the code, then explained how there was misinformation out there on web forums about this and other “bonus rewards codes”. Further, I was told how AmEx panicked about this and closed up all bonuses unless there was proof of an invitation. Sucks …. :(

  • j-guz

    On the phone with them right now, and I am having the same trouble… 5721 is a NO GO. Only for Argentinian Card Holders.

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