$40 Avis Certificate for $20

by on August 25, 2011 · 17 comments

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A $40 Avis gift certificate for $20. Seems like a good deal to me. Link. Since this is with Groupon you can get AA miles or through

Hat tip TPG reader Lauren!


  • Expires Dec 31, 2011
  • Limit 1/rental car
  • Valid only in Canada & US (excluding Alaska)
  • Subject to availability
  • Must sign waiver
  • Shipping address reqd
  • Cancellations must be made online
  • Age restrictions & available car types/models vary by state
  • Extra charge may apply for drivers ages 18-24
  • Minimum 2-day rental
  • Not valid with rewards points, prepaid rates, or previous rentals
  • $200 hold for rentals processed with a debit card
  • Must enter discount number ‘AWD S666500′ at checkout
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  • Cy

    How is this a good deal? It precludes discounted rates and other AWD #s (which may provide discounts of more than $20). It has limited validity (4 months). It isn’t valid for 1-day rentals. And it takes a week just to receive the voucher!

  • Anonymous

    Because not every AWD will save you $20 per 2 day rental. I don’t think this is for everyone, but may make sense for some to reduce rental car spend.

  • Anonymous

    If you click all the way through, it’s via Groupon. Go to evreward. com and get cash back on the Groupon purchase.

  • Anonymous

    If you click all the way through, it’s via Groupon. Go to evreward. com and get cash back on the Groupon purchase.

  • Anonymous

    Good call! You can also get AA miles as well.. I’ll update the post

  • bitachu

    also..i think if you have discover card..u can use their portal for like 15% cashback..throw in all the referral credit and stuff..then this can be a good deal…

  • Jonbellante

    This is a great tip! Thanks Lauren and TPG!

  • HikerT

    I wast thinking the same thing. Basically it’s a $20 off coupon that expires in 4 months and can’t be used with any other discounts, not to mention you have to invest $20 now. I can see this being useful for rentals you can’t get a discount on but Avis isn’t usually competitive in those situations. I can usually save $20 on Avis rentals by going with a competitor.

  • Dprocuk

    So if I have 8 days in Maui in October, can I go to AA’s website, book the rental through AA, and use this coupon? If I’m doing 8 days, can I use multiple coupons, or is this only join to save me $20 total (my speculation). Looking to maximize those AA points!!!

  • Sam

    Is it just me or is one carrier consistently cheaper at the same location. Even with this $20 off, dollar is still cheaper for me in vegas for a three day rental. I dont get why its never really comparable.

  • foofiter

    Will this work for the US Air grand slam and a sort of double dip?

  • Mooper

    It should. The problem is, however, that instead of picking up 2K USAir miles using another promo, you’ll be choosing $20 off instead. If 2K US miles are worth more than $20 to you, then maybe not such a good deal.

  • Anonymous

    You can also get US miles with this. You don’t have to use the us airways recommended awd

  • Mooper

    Ah, if USELT and other coupon codes that will stack bonus miles are compatible with this, then all good – why not?

  • Dffvdf

    be careful, Avis is the worst when it comes to promotions! If you use an AVIS coupon or gift certificate (which they still call coupon), they not only don’t give you any miles or bonus, but they also flag it as a prepaid ineligible rental within the AVIS system, so you don’t even get the rental credit with Avis itself.
    Avis is good as long as you don’t need to talk to any human being and basically all you expect from a rental is the car. If you shoot for a promotions/miles or you have any issue that involves talking to Avis people, you will be surprised how bad a company can be!

  • Iain MacKenzie

    I considered buying this, but it’s the “must sign waiver” that kills it for me. I can save a lot more money by paying for the full amount with my credit card, and then relying on the credit card insurance.

  • Jon

    “must sign waiver” doesn’t mean you must buy their insurance. Read the comments on the Groupon page for more details.

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