150 Free Delta Miles for Quick Bose Survey

by on August 29, 2011 · 28 comments

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Bose is giving away 150 Skymiles for simply watching a minute long video on their QC15 headphones and answering a single survey question (the correct answer is: All of the above).

Free miles - my favorite kind

They did the same for American in January – here’s hoping they run it with a lot more airlines!

As an aside, I own the Bose QC15 headphones and don’t travel without them. At $299 they aren’t cheap, but you can earn 1,500 miles for purchasing them until September 12, 2011, plus my American Express Insite Toolbar alerted me that will get me 4x Membership Rewards points if I pay with an American Express card. You can also get 350 points if you do an in-store demonstration.

These are a great gift idea for the frequent traveler in your life. Even if you are sitting near a screaming baby, these bad boys will drown-out most noise. Sometimes I even sleep with them on with no music just to drown out ambient cabin noise (though I have to admit they are a bit bulky so it’s difficult to sleep on your side with them on). Overall, they are one of the few items I don’t travel without.

Hat tip TPG reader David!

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  • Ram

    Thanks TPG. I just earned the 150 points. It is almost like 150 free miles

  • Valerie M.

    I just got the email from Delta. Thanks for the “heads up”.

  • BJ

    Hi Brian,
    Do you think we can get both 1,500 miles as well as the 4x MR points for buying the headphone?
    I am wondering whether only one of them would apply, since both are some sort of referral bonuses…

  • Kulfan

    This is so ridiculous. Who cares about 150 points? Since these are delta miles (that i value less than other airlines’ miles), i’d say this is worth perhaps a dollar. A whole blog post dedicated to something so trivial is mind boggling.

  • Anonymous

    I have gotten 8 cents per mile on Delta redemptions (for example on my business class trip to Mauritius). 150 miles x 8 cents a piece is $12. Would you not pick up $12 off the ground?

    I understand the example is extreme, but even for a buck, why not do it?

  • Lankale

    I’m trying to understand why Kulfan follows the blog and proceeds with posting on it…Isn’t the sole intent for thepointsguy to offer you options to earn points? As in any number of points? As a 2 week old newbie to the site…Please do share any promotions you get (even if its for 1 point, okay maybe not 1pt..but you get the idea)

  • David

    “they are one of the few items I don’t travel without”

    I’d like to hear more about your must-have travel items.

  • Anonymous

    The thing I find most ridiculous is that Kulfan took out from his precious time to comment on this. If you dont like it, gtfo! The whole point to this blog is to get points. Imagine someone had 24,850 points… The value of the 150 would be huge! With all these small deals combined (this, AA, continental, etc), Ive likely amassed over 10,000 points for about 20-30 minutes of total time. Please do not pay attention to haters like this one TPG, and keep on keepin. If it werent for your frequent posts I’d be out of way too many miles.

  • Anonymous

    Good idea for a slow news day post :-)

  • Anonymous

    yea- because the insite doesnt make you buy it from their portal.

  • LG


  • Michael Acevedo

    Has anyone done the in-store demonstration?

  • William

    Does the 4x Membership Rewards Points offer only apply for purchases on Or can I purchase in a store and receive 4x there too? I’m going to a store tomorrow to demo the headphones, and I’d prefer to purchase them at the store so I can use them on my flight in a couple days.

  • Mike

    No more miles for watching the video. Just tried it and they said they had reached the max. You can still earn points from the other activities though.

  • Edwin

    The deal still worked.
    Just watched the video 4 times (for the family) and all received email confirmation for 150 miles.

  • Someguy

    Worked for me (and the wife), so it’s still available. I’ll take 150 points for that minimal effort. Heck yeah. Thanks.

  • ImmiLawyer

    I tried to do it yesterday (August 30th) at LAS (there is a kiosk in Terminal D), and the guy working it said he had no paperwork for me to fill out, and that I should buy them online (instead of from him). Sounds like a no-commission job for that poor guy.

  • Rpratt

    the deal is dead : (

  • wanttofly

    This is the response I got. So sad.

    “Thank you for your interest in the Bose QuietComfort 15 headphones video. Due to the overwhelming response we’ve reached the threshold of mileage awards available for watching the video. You can still earn miles by receiving an in-store demo or with purchase. “

  • Comeonman!

    Bose 150 miles offer bait and switch/loss leader SCAM!


    thanks a lot.

  • What

    Lame. They should say they aren’t giving the miles away before you watch the video, not after.

  • Marc

    I just watched the video and received a message after watching it that due to the overwhelming response, they weren’t giving miles any longer. That’s a bad customer experience!

  • Brad

    How fast does it take for the points to hit the account?

  • Jm8020

    I got the confirmation email but it’s been 9 weeks and the miles haven’t posted. Has anyone received them? I just emailed Bose so I’m curious to see how prompt their response is.

  • Valerie M.

    despite getting an email invitation from Delta for this promotion, I never did get my miles. I called Delta and they had no record of this promotion (that the rep could find anyway). He was very gracious however and “comp’d” me 150 points.

  • Rj

    After watching the full video, this popped up, “Thank you for your interest in the Bose QuietComfort 15 headphones video. Special miles offer has expired. You can still earn miles with purchase.”

  • Pricesquire

    I know this is an old post, but I gotta ask–are there still any Delta perks for buying the Bose QuietComfort 15′s? I got them thru Amazon because they shipped before Xmas…and I really want the 1,200 miles (if they are still offered).

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