Reader Tip: Get Global Entry and Nexus for Only $50

by on July 19, 2011 · 29 comments

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TPG Reader Todd sends an interesting email:

“Hi Brian. Just finally got around to applying for the global entry, and since I travel to Canada a lot, I had to check the Nexus boxes.  Apparently, for the next 2 days, if you apply for the Nexus you will get the global entry as well.  Here’s the kicker, it only cost $50 for both.  Although the price is going up to $100 this Wed.  According to the Officer I spoke with in Seattle, this is a little known loophole that is being closed up.  Hope your readers jump on this opportunity.  Here’s hoping I get reimbursed the $50.  Thanks!”

Per this page, Nexus only costs $50 and considering they allow Global Entry along with it, that’s a pretty good deal since Global Entry alone costs $100. For those who don’t know, Nexus is the expedited customs pr0gram for American travelers visiting Canada. I used to go to Montreal and Toronto for work and I can say that while their facilities are new and look nice – there can often be huge lines to get through immigration. I was always jealous at the people with Nexus who would save time by using the kiosks. (I had actually signed up and paid for Nexus at one point, but couldn’t make it to the airport for my appointment and never rescheduled). In fact once at the Montreal airport, I got to the customs areas just as several transatlantic jumbo jets had arrived and I had to snake through the line for over an hour. I was kicking myself for missing the Nexus appointment!

If you have been on the sidelines about Global Entry or Nexus, I highly recommend it – especially for only $50. I just used Global Entry yesterday returning home from Mauritius (via Paris and Amsterdam – more on that later) and it took me 25 seconds from the time I approached the kiosk (which had no line) to get my certificate to get through customs. See my original post on Global Entry for more information on the program.

However, if you have an Amex Platinum card, you can get the $100 fee refunded and apparently Amex will also refund the $50 Nexus fee as well (this is an update from a TPG reader- I have not done it myself).

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  • KP

    Brian, there are reports of the $50 Nexus fee being refunded on FT. One user reported that he did a Nexus app for him and his wife and both $50 fees were refunded for a total of $100.

  • Anonymous

    KP- Another TPG reader just emailed me so I updated the post to reflect that- great news!

  • Ramblers63

    Great info. Are you able to bring guests with you through either Nexus or Global Entry? If so, how many?

  • HoKo

    @TPG So is the fee a one time thing (for both nexus and global entry) and we are good to go for the rest of our lives or is it an annual fee that we have to pay over and over again? (This is a repost of my comment from the original Global Entry Post – I figured it’d be more timely and useful to have it posted here)

  • CraigR

    Ramblers – No. Each traveler using the kiosk has to pre-register (presumably there is a background check) and schedule an interview with CBP personnel. You’ll also have a photograph and fingerprints taken (Global Entry) or an iris scan (Nexus). Each time you use the system, it analyzes your bio-data to verify the traveler.

  • HoKo

    Ok, I called up both Global Entry & Nexus and got some answers:

    Global Entry membership is good for 5 years
    Nexus membership is good for 5 years

    -Global Entry has conveniently located offices (for applicant interviews) at most major airports in the US. See list here:
    -NEXUS office locations are much more sparse, as a mid-atlantic resident I would need to trek up to Niagara Falls or Buffalo for my interview. See list of locations here:

    Due to the fact that I’d need to either drive hundreds of miles or purchase a flight to get to my Nexus interview I don’t think this is a deal I will be taking advantage of. Great idea for someone that either lives close to a Nexus location or will be making a trip to Canada sometime soon (I rarely go to Canada, I just wanted the $50 off Global Entry)

    @TPG Feel free to use any of this info in the body of the main post if you’d like.



  • Lrluis

    Can I apply for this while my passport is being renewed or do I need a valid passport in my hands? I see the initial GOES application doesnt require this? Also, is it a $50 annual fee or is it one-time?

  • Jessica

    That explains why my global entry was only $50. I thought the fee was $100 but when I applied last Friday, it only charged $50. Happy I got in under the loophole!

  • Alan Fowler

    How quickly can you get an appointment and be approved? I have a trip to Toronto the first weekend of August. Is that enough time?

  • Jessica

    I just checked my platinum amex account online. I was charged the $50 on Friday for the global entry/nexxus and have a $100 statement credit posted yesterday. Bonus!

  • Kakakhel

    For some odd reason I can’t seem to find the website for applying. Can someone guide me to the right link?


  • Moshe Billet

    its $50 for 5 years.

  • Larry K

    If you’re a Canadian living in the US can you apply for Global Entry?

  • Jessica
  • FlyBalletGuy

    Thank you for the tip, Brian – I did an application today.

  • Cary

    One other potential benefit of signing up for NEXUS or Global Entry from is:

    TSA’s Expedited Screening Pilot Program
    We are pleased to announce that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is partnering with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) on a new Department of Homeland Security initiative announced July 14, 2011 that qualifies some passengers for expedited screening through U.S. airport security checkpoints.

    This pilot program will be available to U.S. citizens who are members of CBP’s Global Entry, NEXUS, and SENTRI Trusted Traveler programs. The pilot program will provide expedited screening through TSA checkpoints. Additional information will be available prior to the pilot’s implementation, explaining more about the program and the necessary steps you will need to take in order to participate. For more information and the latest updates, please visit

  • The Rapid Traveler

    These are great programs and great news. I posted some supplemental information on the programs and benefits at and The more who sign up, the better, they are still suffering from under-use and we wouldn’t want the CBP to pull the plug!

  • Jh811

    I went through all the steps in the application but says the fee for global entry is $100. Is it too late?

  • Jh811

    oh nevermind, i had only global entry by itself. i clicked both global and nexus and got the $50 rate

  • Anonymous

    Do you guys know if you can apply for the NEXUS with the intention of only using the Global Entry? I’m not near any NEXUS office and don’t plan to go to Canada any time soon.

  • fool

    is it still possible to apply for both and pay for 1

  • Heather

    Just a heads-up but the $50 deal with Global Entry/ NEXUS is still open. I just applied! Thanks so much for the tip!

  • Inquiry

    Any idea how long before you can get an appt? I signed up on Tues and it is still pending review. Thanks.

  • Jh811

    SFO office told me takes up to 4-5 weeks to get contacted

  • How

    Where do you apply?

  • Gpuzzi

    Today I was conditionally approved for Nexus and Global entry. Dont know if I did something wrong but it looks like because I did it the backdoor way with nexus I have to go to a Canadian border crossing for my interview rather then JFK or Newark. On hold with Goes right now, will keep you updated!

  • HoKo

    It’s because Nexus and Global Entry are different programs and have different offices for conducting interviews that don’t necessarily overlap . That is actually why I decided not to do this, I don’t have plans to be at a Canadian border crossing anytime soon so I didn’t want to make the trip just for the interview.

    Global entry on the other hand has an office at IAD so that’s pretty convenient for me

  • Gpuzzi

    It seems Nexus takes priority over Sentri and Global Entry. You have to interview with both Canadian and US custom agents, which means your interview has to be at a Canadian point of entry. They are very unhelpful and the only option they gave me if I wasnt coming to Canada anytime soon was cancel my application with no refund and completely re apply for a new 100$ fee. This sucks now costing me $150. I might wait just cause I am annoyed.

  • Gpuzzi

    It clearly says on their website “In July 2011, U.S. Customs and Border Protection introduced the Single Trusted Traveler Program Application for SENTRI, NEXUS and Global Entry. U.S. citizen, U.S. lawful permanent resident, Canadian citizen, Canadian landed immigrant, or Mexican citizen applicants can now complete one application and receive access to all modes of travel into the United States.”

    I understand what you are saying, but they are not clear about having to go to a canadian boarder crossing. Ant to be honest I think it is screwed up for them to say ” Ok you either cancel for loss of money or come in”. Not fair to now make me pay another 100$ for global entry. I had put this off for a long time but after entering in europe and seeing how fast that is, thought I would give it a shot. Now I so dont know, very worn because of the service factor

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