Mid Year Airline Elite Status Check-in: How Have You Fared So Far?

by on July 11, 2011 · 59 comments

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It’s that time of the year – where many frequent flyers access their alliances and debate whether to remain loyal to their airline or decide whether to switch to another airline. The reason why many people wait until after July 1 is that the airline will usually match/challenge your status until February 2 years later. So for example, if you are a Continental Platinum and status match to Delta Platinum today – that status should be good until February 2013, where if you did it on June 29th, that status would expire February 2012.

I wrote a beginner piece on status matching last fall, but the information is a bit outdated, so I’ll be posting an update this week. In the meantime, I think it’s important that we all take a look at the year so far and see whether it even makes sense to think about switching. Feel free to comment below- I’m really interested to hear everyone’s experiences so far, especially because I may do a challenge later this year (more details to come).

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  • Anonymous

    I’ll start:
    Current Status: Delta Diamond
    Thoughts: Pretty happy overall. Have gotten about 85% upgrades- only missed them on LAX-JFK runs, which are always dicey though all JFK-LAX legs have cleared.
    Using miles: Skymiles are hard to use, but I’m currently writing this post from the CDG lounge on my way to Mauritius in business class for 120,000 miles, so I can’t complain too much. I got 45,000 miles through Choice Benefits (20,000 when I hit Platinum and 25,000 when Diamond), so considering I got more than 1/3 of a business class trip to Europe/Africa for my loyalty, I can’t really complain. Would like to see valuable systemwide upgrade certificates, but I guess every program isn’t perfect.
    Toying with a Star Alliance match because I’ll be doing the StarMegaDo3 and will get a bunch of miles in a short amount of time. Would be interested to hear what United/Continental elites are thinking so far with the merger.

  • Christopher Ellis

    Currently UA Premier, on track to make Premier Exec by year end. My wife’s Premier Exec and we’ve had 75% UG clearance on UA flights and I’d say 25% on CO. We’ve been loyal UA/CO flyers for 15+ years, and will stay loyal – we’re based in NYC and all our flying is up and down the east coast, to Europe, and to Honolulu – so works for us. We pay for all our tix and use miles for upgrades when we need them confirmed. No complaints so far.

  • Anonymous

    This seems like a good thread to get some advice. Using

    Current status: Delta Platinum.

  • FVM

    Current Status: Delta Platinum
    Progress this year: 62k MQM (25k using Amex transfer). not very happy with the progress but been making weekly DTW-DCA trips so sort of figures.
    Thoughts: Barely if ever get upgraded on DTW-DCA/DCA-DTW legs though around 65% on other travel
    Using Skymiles: Hard to use, SWU certificates even more difficult to use unless you are willing to cough up for a higher fare class
    1. Need to maintain Platinum at the bare minimum if I stick with Delta. Will be thinking of ways to make Diamond if possible. Need to look out for mileage runs and credit card deals
    2. Frequently consider switching alliances but being based out of DTW find Delta availability the best. Open to suggestions if anyone knows of other airlines with decent availability from DTW

  • Kevin

    Current status: Delta Silver

    I’ve been lucky with Silver so far, I’ve been upgraded 50% of the time I have flown in the US. I got the offer to upgrade to Gold after 2 US round trips which I should have finished in the next 2 weeks so we’ll see what travel is like as Gold. I’m hoping Gold will get me upgraded on an international flight I have coming up in August that so far looks to be pretty empty. *fingers crossed*

    May see if I can use this to match with another airline. I’m still new to the game so we’ll see how it all works out.

  • James

    Current Status: Delta Silver
    Thoughts: Obviously below the rest of you fellows, but I’m quite happy. My wife and I are teachers and never get any business travel opportunities, so I’m actually quite proud of flying 25,000 butt-in-seat miles.
    Currently at 20k on the year after a LHR/DUB trip, so no requalification issues.

    Using Miles: I’ve actually never used Delta miles. Next year my wife and I want to take a Mediterranean cruise, so we’ll each use 100,000 then. Learned a lot from reading TPG…definitely going to fly out of IAD, rather than BWI.

    Thoughts: I like Delta and have no intention of switching or status matching

  • Cory

    Current Status: I’m a mere Silver Medallion on Delta.

    I’m relatively new to this game, and never thought much about status prior to a flight to Australia a year and a half ago that I paid for with credit card points and got me to the doorstep of silver medallion. I don’t travel at all for work, so all of the MQM I earn are for leisure trips.

    I’m in an interesting position at the moment. Have maintained silver this year, but could easily bump up to Gold. I am hesitating to do so, which may sound odd. Delta’s carryover miles will make it much easier to maintain my silver status. Going gold would mean that instead of being silver and carrying over 24,000 miles (and virtually locking up silver next year) I’d be gold with probably 5,000 miles carried over to next year, putting my ability to re-up as a silver a bit more difficult.

    I’ve enjoyed some of the perks of even silver status. I get more upgrades than one would think, but I don’t care a ton for those things. I’m just as happy in economy as I am in 1st/Business. My favorite perks are being able to choose preferred economy seats at the time of booking and the elite miles bonus.

    For someone like me who presently never travels for work I don’t really see the value in switching my allegiances to another carrier. I don’t know if there’s anything to this or not, but as someone in a smaller city I find it a lot more pleasant to be on Delta and typically connect through MSP and DTW and avoid ORD if at all possible. So, switching would bring about the ORD connections no matter if I switched to UA or AA.

  • William J Sisti

    I am at 64 segments for the year on Continental (OnePass). I am shooting for 120 by december.

  • David Hagins

    I’m currently DL Gold. I have been upgraded 30% of the time, but I almost always fly with my non-medallion wife. I rack up most of my miles and MQM’s via Am Ex (I have heavy business spending). I use Delta Reserve for the MQM boosts, and free Sky Club access. Wife and I are both picking up 150K AA miles each, thanks to the credit card offers, but will continue to fly DL, except for using the AA miles. I couldn’t do the AA challenge and complete it since I only fly about 5 times a year, and most of the time it’s for free.

  • Simon

    Current status: UA Premier (butt in seat segments) & Delta Silver (via AMEX offer)

    UA Premier – Business travel is mainly Southern California up to Bay Area, so will maintain Premier by hitting 30 segments this year. If things pick up (likely), then I might decide to do a few mileage runs in the last 2-3 months to hit 60 segments & qualify for Prem Exec.

    Delta Silver – I do 2-3 trips to Wisconsin each year, and recently got the Delta Gold offer which I will complete end of September. I might have 2 trips on Delta (as Gold) before end of the year, so that will be interesting to see if any upgrades come through (SAN-DTW / SAN-MSP).

    It is interesting to see others progress & plans, and compare. Cheers.

  • Dewhit6959

    Brian, You mentioned you would like System Upgrade Vouchers. Correct me if wrong, but I thought you could choose two benefits as Diamond ?

  • Kakakhel

    Cory – I believe if you get to gold this year and then don’t manage to maintain your gold status the following year you will be downgraded to Silver. In short it is always better to get the highest status possible.

    Can someone correct me if I am wrong?

  • Anonymous

    Delta Diamond, 10 for 10 on upgrades, even day of departure upgrades from LAX-AMS. I had Delta gate agents actually call me and ask me to board last because a Business seat may open (TPG Secret, I already was doing), it was nice that on that leg (twice same thing happened). Delta itself, alone, is great, BUT try and work with their so-called “Partners” and you will get very little back. Last two trips with Skyteam partner (KLM) had issues with Gate staff and seating. Air France was no fun either. Seriously thinking of US Airways for Trans-Atlantic Trips. oooh but those MQM is what kills me!

  • 2B

    Hi all. I’m not sure I follow about status matching. I’m currently US Airways Silver Preferred for 2011 and about half way to qualifying for 2012. Are you saying that if I fax my card over to Alaska Airlines, that I can be become an elite over there too? Alaska is more convenient for me than US these days, so this is tempting, but it seems too good to be true. Can you help me understand, please?

  • Matt

    Current: Delta Gold, 53k MQM, including 25k amex transfer bonus
    Thoughts: Based out of MSP, frequently need to minimize travel time. Pretty happy overall, but also don’t have any alternatives. Expect to make Platinum via the 3 round trip promo about 1 or 2 trips before I’d make it on Amex MQMs anyway. On board with Amex via necessity, fairly new to regular flying (primarily picked up late last year) and would otherwise be stuck at silver in a hub.
    Using miles: No time to redeem and scheduling conflicts have pushed this back to next year, plus had been waiting for Plat to get free redeposits. I do shop for availability on occasion, though, to verify I can find redemptions when i need to. There’s currently 2x availability in biz to Tahiti around my anniversary next year with DL miles, for example. Similarly have BA and US miles available – haven’t booked, but went through dummy bookings on itineraries I’d like to fly in the next year or 2. Also, still qualifying for hotel status and building up that store, so more planning than redeeming at this point.

  • JosephMay

    New to Delta
    As Silver 6/6 and 7/8 overall 1 iirops given a BE seat and ecert on award ticket.
    As Gold 2/4 – one leg was a CRJ 200 with only economy. So I guess 2/3. CVG-LAS ans LAS – ATL. havent cleared ATL-EWR tomorrow yet.
    Pretty happy so far and all because of you. (Did AMEX transfer I saw on your site.)

  • Nick Ewen

    Actually, if Cory hits Gold this year, it will be good through the end of February 2013. At that point, status will be based on 2011 rollover MQM’s + 2012 MQM’s. If she has 5,000 rollover MQM’s, she would need to fly at least 20,000 miles in 2012 to keep that status beyond February 2013. Make sense?

    Cory, if you like the elite bonus miles, gold is the way to go. 100% compared to 25% will get you award tickets MUCH faster. I, like you, DESPISE connecting through ORD.

  • Nick Ewen

    Delta Diamond here. VERY happy so far. I love the upgrades (88% so far, mostly on low-fare business travel), the SkyClub access, and the bonus miles, which helped me get two business-class reward tickets from Orlando to Australia for me and my wife. My personal favorite thing, though, is the treatment I get on delayed/cancelled flights. The Diamond line almost never has a wait, and they are great with finding open seats, re-routing, etc.

    I have no plans on switching. I am Florida-based, so the only possible switch that would involve direct flights would be AA out of Miami, but I HATE driving to South Florida. I occasionally grab a Southwest flight if it’s cheap and direct, but since most of my flying is in the southeastern US, Delta makes the most sense for me.

    I’m also trying to save up for a Paris/Seychelles trip for my wife’s 30th birthday. :-)

  • Jeff

    New to Delta (Silver)
    Flew NYC to JFK on a Tuesday afternoon flight. Total dissapointment.
    1. She laughed when I chedked the status of my upgrade.
    2. I had changed my ticket online to go to an emergency row seat. When I got there I was in a window between a family to the right and the kicking kind behind. They did nothing.
    3. Stupidly thought my Silver would get me into sky club.

  • Nick Ewen

    I wholeheartedly agree with your take on SkyTeam partners. My wife (Delta Gold Medallion) and I (Diamond) flew Air France to Tahiti in May, and we had a pretty bad experience: no recognition of our status, no preferred bag tags, and they even switched our seats to middle ones for the flight home. Maybe I’ve just been spoiled with Delta, but we were not impressed…

  • David Hagins

    Jeff, you should learn what you are entitled to with Silver, and not be shocked when you don’t get what you aren’t entitled to.
    1. GA shouldn’t have laughed at your upgrade, but that’s probably a heavy elite flight, and don’t expect an upgrade as a silver. I only got 1 upgrade as a silver out of 8 or so flights.
    2. They can’t help that you chose a window seat, nor who is seated around you. It’s a fact of life kids fly.
    3. Silver I don’t think has ever gotten you into the Club. Heck, Golds and Platinums don’t get in either for free.

    You seem really upset at Delta for nothing their fault (except the GA shouldn’t have laughed, but politely said no chance).

  • Jeff

    I’m not that upset. Just giving my first experience.

    1. Just reporting what happened.
    2. I didn’t choose a window. I chose an emergency exit, was confirmed online, and got to the gate to find it wasn’t what I confirmed then got no help with any change. I know kids fly, it was a bit of icing on cake. Yes, was a bit miffed on that one.
    3. Stupidly, was a reference to myself.

    Do you work for Delta?

  • David Hagins

    No, I don’t work for DL, or owe DL stock, or anything. I wasn’t trying to be rude, but I see many people that get bent out of shape over not getting something that they weren’t entitled to anyways. Shoot off an email to DL, or twitter them @DeltaAssist and let them know about the GA being rude, maybe they will throw you 1K miles or so. Worth a shot.

  • Steven

    There are so many Delta people on the site here I feel totally out-numbered!

    I am an American Platinum and working towards my goal of Executive Platinum before my trip to Hawaii in October. I currently have 52 segments and 55k miles with not having any travel in January. Recently my business travel has not been producing much mileage (only 1,200 miles a week) so I have decided my only real chance to get EXP is to utilize American’s ORD-LAX/SFO DEQM promo for IL and CA residents (that runs until 8/31/11). I found a cheap fare $239 recently for the 6,990 EQM per trip and will look for a couple more in August. Some of my friends think I am obsessed and a little crazy with all of this but it is a game to me and probably not the worst hobby I could have.

  • Jeff

    How’d you get the Delta Gold offer? I tried to sign up, and emailed, but they say it was selective

  • Cory

    Yes, I figured that I’d lose status (The reference to me should be in the masculine though, but no worries about that…the name works both ways) if I failed to earn 25,000 MQM in 2011 rollover and 2012 MQMs. I guess I’ll consider going gold this year and see what 2012 brings me. I doubt I’d plan a mileage run specifically for gold this year, but one can never tell. I am shocked at how many MQMs I’ve already earned in this calendar year, so maybe I’ll be a 25,000 miles-per-year vacationer annually.

  • Tim

    So many Delta people here!

    Current Status: United Premier Executive (50k level)

    Thoughts: I’ve been United Prem Exec for about 4 years straight now. Overall I am very happy with how United treats me. I’ve had 3 op-up upgrades on LAX-LHR-LAX flights to Business Class over the years, on base coach tickets. My partner and I even scored operational upgrades on a recent Rio-DC flight that was booked with Saver Miles! So 27,500 United Miles got me into United new Biz Class on a lie flat bed for a 10 hour Brazil-USA flight.

    I also (generally speaking) find United’s phone agents very polite and helpful. I’ve cleared unlimited domestic upgrades about 60% of the time as a Prem Exec. Even on Continental flights. And I have had no problem using 15,000 miles to upgrade from Coach to Business on the 6 hour p.s. branded LAX-JFK-LAX flights.

    I do think United’s product is lacking somewhat. I find the United Club’s incredibly dated and ugly and food choices terrible. They need a massive overhaul. The p.s. 757s are very dated, likewise toe 747s on Sydney/Melbourne flights.

    Using miles: Generally, I would say pretty good. No problem using Star Alliance carriers either. I generally use my miles for international flights. I never am flexible with dates – yet I always manage to get flights to Brasil, Sydney, Barcelona etc on miles at the saver level.

    I recently got to Mykonos, Greece for just 55,000 miles!

    Overall I feel I am well treated by United and have not seriously considered switching. Their clubs and planes need an upgrade though.

  • Alex

    If you registered for that bonus that Delta offered earlier this year to fly 6 segments before July 1st, then after that all your flights will give you an additional 75% bonus totaling 100% (with your silver 25% added in of course) until the end of this year. Not bad still ;). Grats on getting silver though!

  • Rocky

    Delta PLat, on track to maybe make Delta gold this year. Been with NWA/DELTA now for 6 yers as Silver for NWA 2 years, gold for 2 years, Plat for 2 years and now only going to make gold this year if I streatch myself. I recently moved to LAX and really am not sure if I should stay with Delta. I get upgraded about 80% of the time as Platnium but am often times fighting for the last seat available. Been debating go to UA. I do a mixture of internation and domestic travel. Not sure really who has the best program for the LA traveler. When living in Seattle I was upgraded 100% of time time as NWA Gold, but once they merged with Delta even being Seattle based I was only upgraded about 85% of the time as a platnum. THis year my biggest hang ups have been when flying to their bigger hubs, msp, dtw, and atl. When flying regional jets i’m 10/10, always upgraded on flights such as msp-mci, mci-atl, lax-sfo, lax-slc, mci-slc. I’ve found if I fly the CRJ I get up graded. But also the ratio fo firstclass seats to economy is higher than on plans like the domestic 767s

  • Scott

    US Airways Silver (through leisure) for four years now – halfway there to requalify for 2012; Usually get upgraded on routes not going through PHL or CLT, even on a couple shuttles up to BOS if flying on off-peak times; Almost never upgraded on flights going through any of the hubs. VERY excited about the upcoming 1st class additions to the regional hard product (DCA-MSY is my primary route).

    Also gained a free status match to AA Gold (company sponsors it) and used the AMEX transfer to get DL Silver – doing a couple mileage runs to HNL using DL vouchers combined with the low fares via SFO a few months back. Should make DL Gold by years end but it seems like that might be futile since almost all my domestic travel is *A… if only DL would add a couple more DCA-MSY flights, I might change my mind…

  • Alex

    Status : Delta Silver

    Thoughts: First time I ever achieved any type of status with any airline. Very happy with Delta so far, about 95% upgrades out of TUL. I actually pick non peak times when I travel, or try to, since all of my mqm accrual is leisure only. I will renew Silver again end of this year with a trip to ATH, so thats about 12.5k mqm r/t not bad actually. I also purchased Skyclub membership *just paying monthly* since I travel at least once a month out of state. I really appreciate the courtesy at the gates, and check in counters etc. They thank me for my loyalty when even though I’m a lowly silver, it’s nice still. Once I get Silver again, I might try and hit Gold or higher if any sweet deals come up next year :) Keep flying!

  • Chris Atwood

    Doing fine here..37k EQM and around 26EQP..but LHR-EZE r/t booked in WT+ and LHR-SFO in WT+ LHR- HKG on Finnari and LHR-SFO and back agian in WT+ so not worried at all..just hoping my finnair R class will post correctly.

  • Chris Atwood

    oops all for AA Exec Platinum..but only platinum right now.

  • Jens

    No status so far but will be a UA Premier/*A Silver in two weeks from now (I’m so excited to check out Economy Plus!). I also plan to be Executive Premier at the end of the year.

    I sort of play around with the idea of a status match to Delta next year. I have two questions with that and I was wondering if anybody had an idea and could help me out:

    1. Could I expect to be status matched to Delta Gold (being UA Executive Premier)?

    2. If so and say I status match in July 2012, would I receive Delta Platinum after earning another 25,000 miles from July to December 2012?

  • travel656

    Current Status: Continental Platinum Elite/UA Premier Executive. 80,000 EQM so far this year

    Thoughts: I definitely feel in the minority when I read this site, but I love Continental. I live in Brooklyn and fly out of EWR, and I basically always fly internationally. I can’t remember the last time I missed a domestic upgrade, but then I only fly in the U.S. maybe twice a year. I fly coach to Europe because I’m a heavy sleeper and I’m rarely even awake when the plane takes off, and then I always use systemwide upgrades for trips to Asia so that I can function on landing. I don’t need to buy a Presidents Club membership because it’s free for Platinum Elites when flying internationally, and that’s all I do. Continental flies direct almost everywhere I need to go, which is about 16 countries per year (all for business). I often wind up using Lufthansa for my intra-Europe flights, as I find them reliable and consistent. I also think that Lufthansa treats Star Gold better than any other alliance member. Checking in at the Lufthansa First Class desk in Frankfurt is an amazing privilege when you consider that they’re not my primary airline. Booking Star Alliance rewards tickets have always been a cakewalk for me (always domestic, nothing fancy), even though I always need three tickets on the same flights. Again, that’s a huge plus for me.

    Continental’s flat beds in Business First are awesome, and when I fly coach, I get the bulkhead for every single flight without fail. I’m one of the first off the plane, I never check a bag, and I’ve had Global Entry since it was introduced, which gets me through passport control in about 20 seconds. The whole thing is like an easy sleepwalk that I do every 2 weeks.

    I like the Continental EWR terminal, but maybe that’s because it’s my second home. I eat a big meal at Gallagher’s Steak House so that I can skip dinner on the plane when flying economy. I think having a real NYC restaurant at the terminal is a giant plus. Both of the Presidents Clubs at EWR are fine for my needs. They can start to look like refugee camps at times, but I find that there is so much easy seating at most gates that I just leave the club if it’s overcrowded. Sometimes I fly out of the UA terminal at JFK, but it always strikes me as crowded and worn out, so I prefer EWR.

    I think about other options. More systemwide upgrades with AA, the ability to to fly into Haneda for my Tokyo trips etc. But since the purpose of my trips is 100% business, and I always need to think about what I need to accomplish at whatever “Point B” I’m headed to, I like the consistency and reliability of Continental.

    The merger has been basically invisible to me. Sometimes I gotta convince the check-in machine that I truly have a reservation in the system, and that never happened before the merger, but if that’s the worst of it then I’m fine. I’ve talked to some flight attendants who aren’t crazy about various internal changes, and I worry that this might affect how much they like their job, and how they approach future flights, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

    Wow, is this the most boring synopsis yet? I think I sound like a guy who eats the same soup for lunch every day for 73 years and then drops dead at the diner.

  • Jens

    No. Very helpful for me! Thanks for posting!


    Current United 1K — at 75k EQMs this year. Also current Delta Plat Rollover + some travel = at 70k right now.

  • Points Guy Fan

    Continental Platinum. Received it from (a) about 15K miscellaneous entertainment/miles run trips; (b) LGA via Houston to BKK on a B fare that netted 30K miles; and (c) purchase another 30K miles through elite maximizer on for another $2,100. The LGA BKK round trip flight is about 20K miles and the B nets 1.5x elite. The B fare on Continental used to cost about $600 more, but gave an immediate upgrade for domestic flight and no co-pay for a miles upgrade. Unfortunately, Continental has now gone to United B fare pricing and my same B fare ticket has gone up from about $2,000 to about $4,500. Not worth it. Since obtaining Platinum, flew on 4th of July, NYC to SNA. Was upgraded on two United segments on the way out and two Continental segments on the way back.
    Regarding using elite maximizer. I am still on the fence about how good an idea it was. It is real money. However, I obtained Platinum 6 months earlier that I otherwise would have. Also, it meant that with my next trip to Asia EWR-HKG, I will reach 100K and 6 system-wide upgrades. Back of the envelope, suppose the 30K miles I purchased are valued at 1.5 cents a mile (US Air Price), therefore the real cost is $2,100 – 30,000x.015($450)= $1,650. $1,650/6=$275 per system-wide upgrade. If I use the system-wide upgrades on upgrades to Asia, then it is most likely worth it. We shall see. [My calculation does not consider the value of the 2 regional upgrades at 75K and 2 at 100K (I have not gotten them yet) and elite upgrades.]
    By the way, I declined to elite match with Delta because I am not planning to travel with them in the next year. I can always do the status match later.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed! Since I am also Brookyln based and considering a CO/UA challenge. Great point about getting a good meal before flying. The choices at Delta’s JFK T2/3 terminals are awful (sorry Todd English!)

  • Anonymous

    I’m rooting for you to get that Club World op-up!

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  • John DTW

    Currently DL Platinum (earned this year).

    Started year as DL Gold and only 969 rollover MQM. YTD have approximately 110,000 MQM and will be Diamond in the next month or so. Got 25K MQM from AMEX Platinum deal plus 10K MQM from my DL platinum AMEX spend threshold. Also had trips in either Business Elite or Y,B,M fares to Japan and to Europe 3 times already. I go to Europe about every other month and I can always find Z availability on Delta so the SWUs are valuable for me. Will definitely get more of them when I hit Diamond.

    Based on many of TPG’s tips, I just completed a roundtrip business class trip to Europe at the low mileage level. I must have changed my ticket 5 times as better flight options opened up. That is one of my favorite benefits of being platinum.

    No reason for me to switch since I am pretty happy and based out of DTW.

  • Andrew726

    Just hit US Silver this morning. Airtran elite set through the end of 2112 (if that means anything then) and 70 percent of the way to Southwest A-list.

  • James

    Delta DOES upgrade people on some international flights, mainly unsexy destinations in the Caribbean and South America

  • Kevin

    Guess I’ll have to see if I can convince them that Italy is in the Caribbean. ;)

  • LAX traveling man

    Any else on here based out of LAX? If so Who are you most loyal to/have status with? What is your luck so far this year? So far from LAX I’ve only traveled to Seattle on Alaska (didn’t get upgraded as a DL PLT) and to SFO and I did get upgraded but this was on the CRJ which is easy to get upgraded on.

  • Ian Noronha

    Delta Platinum. Been upgraded 100% of the time domestically. Haven’t tried internationally since been in B-Elite anyway. Love Delta.

  • retailgeek

    UAL Premiere Exec here. Been 50K status for the past 10 years, with my sights set on getting 100K status this year. I have 60K of EQM at the moment (59.5 segments). All my EQM has come from domestic travel with no international trips on the horizon.

    I definitely need to look into non-flight methods of earning some extra EQM (credit card, or whatever) but at the end of the day, I’ll consider a mileage run if I need to.

  • Andrew Fielding

    Delta Plat on about 23k flown miles (quite a few under 500 mile flights) , 27k earned miles and 25k bonus miles, will end the year around 78-82k MQM…missed a few upgrades so far DEN-MSP, DEN-ATL (twice), PWM-ATL (once, got battefield on way back), made it every time on SLC-LAS, LAX-SLC, SLC-DEN and DEN-JFK routes, along with some other random destinations.

  • trollish moron

    You answered him politely with good info so he asked if you worked for DL?

    You aren’t going to make him happy.

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  • Liz

    Currently Continental Silver, primarily flying between Newark-Edinburgh. Looking at my scheduled flights for the rest of the year, I will end up 8k short of gold status, and want to figure out how to get those extra miles. The challenging part- I’m a vet student in Edinburgh, so have limited cash, don’t have much traveling time October-December, and have limited flight/mileage run options out of Edi as far as I can tell. You guys are the experts, any advice on how I can do it?

  • Anonymous

    Liz- the Elite maximizer will not be cheap, but it’ll be easy and will close that gap. Though you should sit and assess your flying next year- will spending all of that money to get to gold be worth it?

  • toomanybooks

    I got my Companion Pass on Southwest in February. Because of the changeover to the new system, they gave it to all of us though 12/31/12. It strikes me as the best value for domestic FF programs, as I get about $2500 in free flights a year from it, taking my son repeatedly to Disneyworld/Disneyland, TX, BWI, SEA, etc.

    I don’t travel for business, so I have to choose my shots carefully.

    Might like to go for AA, since I am 2/3 way to lifetime Gold, but rarely fly AA, so not sure the value for me.

  • wav3rid3r

    United 1k at 125k for the year already 91k BIS so far

  • HFreeman

    United loyal – Premier Exec – even with international travel likely won’t make 1K this year due to backing off travel. Matched status to Delta – delta upgrades more often but I rarely fly them being based in DC. Generally ok to book reward tickets – headed to Hawaii this summer through miles and SPG points.

  • Aaron Klein

    I’m a Delta Silver who will likely hit Gold this year but I’ve learned something from experience that is causing me to think I need to switch. As much as I like Delta’s service, there are no Delta flights to hubs between 8AM and 11AM from SMF.

    That really impacts my ability to get to the east coast on a decent schedule, unless I want to get up at 3 in the morning to make a 6AM flight (I’m an hour from the airport), which I will do tomorrow.

    Looking at, the only airline with a good morning flight to a hub is American. Which is a bummer because I have some international travel coming up on United/LH (it was $1K cheaper than Delta/SkyTeam) but the United schedule is just as bad from SMF.

    So looking forward to your update and seeing if there is any way to match my status to AA.

  • April D. Thompson

    Hi! I’m now fly out of LAX. Was in ATL for the last few years. I’m DL PLT and have a reserve card and have been upgraded on all domestic flights (primarily to Atlanta and Orlando). Upgrades confirmed to upcoming trip to Jamaica as well. I am finding it a lot more difficult to get the same value out of the program here in LA compared to ATL…

  • April D. Thompson

    Hi! I’m now fly out of LAX. Was in ATL for the last few years. I’m DL PLT and have a reserve card and have been upgraded on all domestic flights (primarily to Atlanta and Orlando). Upgrades confirmed to upcoming trip to Jamaica as well. I am finding it a lot more difficult to get the same value out of the program here in LA compared to ATL…

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