Huge Savings (Including Starwood) With American Express Link, Like, Love Facebook Promotion

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I have to admit, I’m a little bit skeptical of all the companies rushing to cash in on social media. My eyebrows are raised mostly because a majority of companies don’t think out long term strategies and simply encourage people to “like” them to boost their number of followers or fans. I mean, how many times in the past month have we seen individuals hotels handing out points to anyone in the world for “liking” them and then shutting down the promos in an unprofessional fashion when they realize it got out of control? (Ah hem, I’m talking about you Westin Charlotte and Sheraton Madison!)

Anyway, American Express has actually been one of the companies I respect when it comes to social media campaigns. As a cardholder, I’ve seen them get into social media early and I think their promotions and content are well executed.

However, I was still a little skeptical when I heard this week that American Express and Facebook were teaming up to provide cardholder discounts for things people “like”. However, I wanted to test it out for this blog post and I have to say I am now pretty excited about the discounts and rebates I am going to earn for the spend I was already going to have.

For example, I will get $40 back when I spend at least $100 at Westin Hotels by August 31 (which I was going to do anyway). The best part is that the statement credit posts automatically, so theres nothing extra I need to do. I’ll also get $40 statement credit when I spend $100 at Sheraton, which is perfect because I’m putting some family members up at the Sheraton Brooklyn soon (which was only $129 on Starpicks!), so that further decreases my cost.

Sheraton $40 statement credit offer..score!

There are also discounts with Whole Foods, Lord & Taylor and a bunch of other retailers, so in all I’m pretty impressed, especially since the program is so new. I don’t mind sharing my personal information if it means cash in my pocket!

To sign up, see the promotion details here and then like/linstall the app and link your card. Once linked it will load your offers.

I know it seems crazy give so much personal information to advertisers, but in my opinion, the real, cash savings are worth it for me. I completely understand why people wouldn’t be comfortable with this promotion, but for me money talks! What are your thoughts? Will you Link, Like, Love American Express in order to get these pretty significant statement credits?

For sample T&C, here are the details on the Westin rebate

Offer Terms:
To be eligible to receive a $40 statement credit, you must click the ‘Confirm’ button and use your linked Card account to make a single purchase of $100 or more at the listed merchant through 8/31/11. Limit one statement credit per Cardmember. Registration is limited. Statement credits are generally issued within 2-3 buiness days after your qualifying purchase, but may take up to 2 billing periods to post to your account. Offer valid when you book and stay at any Westin hotel or resort in North America between 7/18/2011 and 8/31/2011.  Not combinable with other offers. All hotel reservations must be made at or Third party hotel reservations are not eligible. Offer only valid for your first stay during promotional dates and the maximum discount is $40 USD regardless of final bill amount.

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  • Powerjoe

    Not worth it at all – One time offer and life time of tracking – fugetabouit!

  • Mark Jackson

    if you guys watched their livestream, the information you submit is “anonomized” into a token that they can track, but none of your personal info goes to AMEX or facebook.

    I just cancelled a stay at sheraton i booked last week and just saved myself 40 bucks on a room! Yeah!

  • doubleheader

    cool deal but the westin deal did not load for me – add h&m, sheraton and whole foods

  • Cory

    Interesting post, though in defense of Sheraton Madison I would have to suspect that unless they’re aware of the power of The Points Guy to the types of people who would give their right hand for more SPG points that it’d be pretty easy to not understand the popularity of their promotion and then panic when the S*** hits the fan. Was surprised that Expedia didn’t do that faster last year when they had their SAVE300 promotion on its Canadian site.

  • cupcakecity

    I wonder if this is a trend for all Starwood properties— I just booked a (nonrefundable) stay at the W San Diego, and this would have potentially swayed me to book at the Westin instead…

  • Michael Gallo

    Thanks for sharing. Can you link more than 1 American Express Card??

  • Michael Gallo

    Found the answer:
    What if I have more than one American Express Card?
    You can only link one Card per unique Facebook account. When you “Add” a deal to your Card on Facebook and spend at the merchant, the Card you use must match the Card you linked to your Facebook account when you enrolled in the program.

  • Hrbshusa

    See more!

  • Subbu we need to make new reservations in order to get the rebate? I was under the impression that it should be valid on existing reservations as long as payment is made using an Amex.

  • Anonymous

    There should be no need to make new reservations. As long as you are registered and Amex sees the activity, you should automatically get the credit

  • Subbu

    Thanks for clarifying, Brian!

  • BostonFlyer

    I wonder if this a replacement for their daily wish promo they had run earlier this year? As for tracking they already do it anytime you spend on your card. I create an account on Facebook just for the deals.

  • AAP

    Just tried to register my corporate card, since that’s required for all of my travel. Unfortunately, it says “Sorry, Corporate Cards and Prepaid cards are not eligible.” Unless I stay on a personal trip, no bonus for me by 8/31.

  • Anonymous

    Any idea why I’d be given the option to register Westin but not Sheraton?

  • Jon

    Not being able to register my corporate card makes this one suck. I have an SPG amex but I only use it for my hotel stays, while my corporate card gets all my airfare, rental cars, misc crap, and most meals while I’m on the road. Oh well

  • Jon

    They gave me Sheraton but not Westin. Maybe because I’ve thrown ~75 nights and tens of thousands this year to Westins already, but haven’t done many Sheraton stays? I want the Westin one to show up!!!

  • Nadine

    At first I only got Westin, but I backed out of the app and went back in and then Sheratin showed up

  • Ken A

    I agree Powerjoe. It’ll take a lot more than a $40 offer — a lot more — to get me onto Facebook. I’ve got both a Westin stay and a Sheraton stay booked in the next few days, and this news is almost enough to get me to cancel both, along with my Amex Gold card. If this is the future of discounting, I need to find some new travel partners.

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  • Heidisin

    didnt work with my citi amex? it said
    ….The system cannot validate your Card information at this time.Please call the customer service number on the back of your Card for assistance and reference this Facebook promotion.

  • worldtraveller2

    I got neither Sheraton nor Westin :(

  • KellyS

    This works like a charm! I spent $103 on my room at Sheraton….it was charged to my American Express… I checked out on Friday morning…credit of $40 posted by Tuesday monring!!!

    I know people are leary of Facebook. We have a FB account with little to no information other than a name. Nopictures, no friends. But we are now using to “like” offersor enroll in things like this…

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