3,000 SPG Points for Liking Sheraton Madison

by on July 14, 2011 · 39 comments

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3,000 SPG points is about $90 to me, so this one is a NO BRAINER. It’s not gonna last long, so do this right away.

Click here, like them, fill out the form, share it with your friends when prompted. There’s a chance this promo may be over or limited to Wisconsin residents, but I got a confirmation that I’d be getting the points, so let’s see. It can’t hurt to try, since it only takes 30 seconds- if that. Take some screen shots for your own records – Starwood corporate may be sympathetic.

Can't hurt to try!

Hat tip TPG reader Shena!

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  • Brian Furbush

    No link to click…

  • Brian Furbush
  • Anonymous

    thanks i updated my post- not sure why it didn’t upload. Good luck!

  • Anonymous

    As per lucky’s blog, it seems the T&C state that it was for the month of June. Regardless, do it now and hope we get something!

  • Brian Furbush

    Sure thing – clicked and it said I’d get the 3k points, no confirmation yet…we’ll see! Thanks!

  • Kevin

    Worth a shot.

  • Peter

    another 3,000 points richer today! thx PG!

  • Stpfan

    According to T&C you must be a Wisconsin resident over the age of 18.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the HT shenia!

    For those doubting the legit-ness of the intended date of promo the hotel posted TODAY about it…

  • Stacey

    Did you see the fine print, you must Tag them in your post to get the points!

  • Anonymous

    Yea- it automatically brings up a box that will tag them when you make a comment and then it shares it on your wall

  • EnJoy

    Just tried it – for all family members :P

  • Lauren

    Did the form automatically come up after you clicked like? I dont see the form anywhere

  • Anonymous

    I’m no lawyer but it seems to me that the T&C’s are their lawyers’ preliminary draft that was not intended for distribution. Just look at the parentheticals:
    “Eligibility (obviously it has to be restricted to residents of Wisconsin who are at least 18, but do you have any other restrictions):”
    “Method of Entry (ex. do they enter online, do they come to an event or do they have the option of either):”
    Anyway… looks like someone messed up.

  • Tim

    Is the offer over?
    I don’t get a form – just their facebook page and a “Like” button – but no mention of the promo or the TPG form.

  • Nitro

    Same here

  • rharrigill

    It looks like it has disappeared. I saw it about 5 minutes ago, but had to make a call and didn’t get to enter in my info then. Just tried to do it and the promo isn’t there anymore.

  • Tim

    Yep its gone. Gotta be quick!

  • Mark McClusky

    Yeah, no luck for me either. Rats!

  • Kyle

    So, let me get this straight…If I didn’t tag a friend in my wall post, I won’t get the 3,000 points?

  • Kyle

    So, let me get this straight…If I didn’t tag a friend in my wall post, I won’t get the 3,000 points?

  • Maury

    TPG: I did not get any form. All I got is a like button to click on. Please explain. Thanks

  • Heather

    For me after I clicked the Like button, their form immediately came up for me to fill out. And then it gave a message I would receive the 3k points. Apparently they have now removed the form after you click the Like button. This Sheraton Facebook page probably messed up like the Hampton Inn one did a while back. Hope I still get the 3k points since I was able to fill out the form and post to my profile page. We’ll see…

  • Glen

    Well, I “liked” the page and nothing happened. It’s didn’t go to another page or anything. ??

  • Anonymous

    Apparently They pulled the plug at 1PM CDT because they reached 2,000 fans. Bummer

  • Matt

    Missed this one, and it’s actually a hotel I’ve stayed at multiple times.

  • Aaron S

    Dang, too late! …And I live in Wisconsin!

  • CupcakeCity

    I live right down the road from this hotel! but the promo is over. Is this something that many Sheratons are doing?

  • Travis Swanson

    Darn, just goes to show I need to check this site at least daily. The promo has ended. Would have been nice!

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  • Heather

    Okay, I just received an email from this hotel saying I didn’t make the cutoff time. However, I was able to complete the entry form and the message said I would be receiving the points. So… apparently the hotel is not going to honour their promotion if they don’t want to. ugh

  • Heather

    UPDATE: After ‘explaining’ to the hotel that I HAD successfully completed their promotion entry and it had said I would be receiving the 3K points… they have HONOURED my request. So, it pays to be persistant! :-)

  • infamousdx

    Just got my 3,000 points! Kudos to Sheraton Madison for following through!

  • Alan

    I am still waiting for it… Did you do anything else after sign-up on July 14?

  • infamousdx

    I made sure to post on their wall. I’m sure they don’t want negative exposure ;)

  • Kay
  • Edwin

    Thanks TPG!!
    We got our points (4 of us in the family) today!!!
    I went through the “liked” process for the family as soon as seeing your post. Didn’t expect anything since the promotion was taken down on the same day. Didn’t make any follow up and totally forgot about the promotion. Surprised !!! All our points are posted today.
    Thanks again!

  • Noel

    I totally forgot about doing this. And then 3,000 miles posted to my account. A pretty awesome surprise.


  • smartcookie

    Just saw the 3K credit in my SPG account. (I don’t live in WI).

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