Up to 5,000 Bonus Points With the Suntrust Delta Debit Card

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Okay, this may pale in comparison to monster 100,000 point offers we’ve seen lately, but this is a decent option for those who can’t get in on the credit card offers. Debit card deals are few and far between lately, so if you have tarnished/bad credit or you can’t afford a credit inquiry, this may make the most sense.

Suntrust is offering three Delta co-branded debit cards:
1) Delta SkyMiles Classic Check Card - $20 annual fee and 2,500 point sign-up bonus. 1 Skymile for every 2 dollars spent (not recommended)
2) Delta SkyMiles World Check Card -  $55 annual fee and 5,000 points sign-up bonus. 1 Skymile for every dollar spent
Delta SkyMiles Business Check Card- $55 annual fee and 5,000 points sign-up bonus. 1 Skymile for every dollar spent

If for some reason you can’t sign up online, you can call 1-800-SUNTRUST. It has been reported that they require EIN numbers for small business cards, but you can try to apply as a sole proprietor using your personal SSN.

While this offer isn’t amazing, its an option for those who need to use debit cards for miles. I don’t see the debit card offers getting more lucrative, especially since Chase is discontinuing mileage earning debit cards on July 12, 2011, so I’d hop on this if you are looking for a debit option.

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  • bluto

    Have you used mileage debit cards to pay taxes at sites like I see that debit cards are supposed to incur a flat $3.89 fee according to this schedule,,id=101316,00.html. It seems like you could rack up a lot of delta miles this way. I have not used a debit card before so I have not experimented with this yet.

  • RH

    Is it true that signing up for debit cards does not result in a hard credit pull, unlike credit card applications?

    Thanks for your help, TPG.

  • Kevin

    @RH: I believe that is correct, I had no credit pull when I opened up a Suntrust account and got the Delta debit card in November ’10.

  • Erik

    SunTrust Business account? Never, ever again will I do business with this bank. I fully intended to keep the account in use after last year’s 125K bonanza but the consistently poor customer service pushed me away. I don’t live in a SunTrust state and they kept insisting many of my requests had to be handled in store.

  • The Points Guy


    @RH/Kevin- Debit cards/checking accounts do not run inquiries on your credit

    @Erik- Sorry to hear that. I know its probably a pain for most people, but its still one of the only debit card options out there

  • Puup

    Is the $55 fee charged up front, or after the first year? If up front, you’re paying over one cent per mile… barely a deal, even for those without other options, given the work involved.

  • ArizonaGuy

    @Puup – if history is any judge, the $55 will be debited from the account on or shortly after the first monthly statement.

  • Puup

    @ArizonaGuy – In that case, this is a non-event, as it amounts to an opportunity to buy 5K Skymiles at 1.1 cents each if and only if you’re willing to do the work involved in setting up an account, managing it, making a purchase, then canceling.

  • The Points Guy

    @puup- skymiles at 1.1 cents a piece = business class awards to europe for $1100- that sounds like a good deal to me. Also, there are very few other debit cards that will let you earn 1 airline mile per at spent so in that respect this is a good deal

    Getting monster credit card bonuses is clearly more lucrative but that’s not an option for everyone

  • Puup

    @TPG – No doubt; I’m just saying that compared to the plethora of other opportunities to earn miles around or below this same cost, it’s a fair amount of work for a low quantity. No doubt it’s an alternative for those who can’t get CCs, but I might look to other opportunities to earn, such as signing up for the credit card monitoring service for 5K miles for $10, or the FedEx 1K miles free, etc.

  • baronpen

    I have a US debit card from BofA, and I wish that there was a way to earn 1 mile per $ with it. I would gladly pay a higher annual fee for this ability.

  • D.Whitaker

    Suntrust has a large profile here in Atlanta and hopefully will expand their relation with Delta in the future. However, the SunTrust/Delta debit card offer has been around for a while locally and works best for me to use for making online payments for local utilities which charge a fee for cc use online (($3-$6.oo, free for debit cards)). You can pick up easy points for those type payments and local government charges online, such as vehicle ad valorem fee’s (tags) and property taxes. There are no account fee’s, so you can park a minimal amt. in the acct. . If used for anything else while in a hurry or foggy, remember to punch in or tell clerk “credit” if using for gas, grocery store, etc. No points for “debit” purchases. Online payments do not have the credit/debit stipulation.

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