Maximizing Stopovers, Transfers and Open Jaw Ticketing on Delta Awards

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(This post is focused on maximizing Delta awards. Future posts will focus on American, United/Continental, US Airways, Air Canada and British Airways. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to comment below or email me).

There are a lot of things I love about using miles and points for travel. Beyond the fact that it makes super-luxury travel in premium cabins attainable, award travel gives me flexibility to visit several different places on one ticket – all for the same price.

While it’s difficult for many people just to get a simple round-trip ticket booked, you need to understand that huge value lies in being able to build in stopovers, transfers  and open jaws into your award.

What exactly are those things? A stopover is a stop in a city for more than 24 hours and a transfer is less than 24 hours (or 4 hours on a domestic award). Delta also allows an open jaw, which means coming home from a different city from where you flew into (this is great for planning flights around a cruise that ends in a different city).

Stopover: If you want to fly Chicago to Rome, you could do Chicago to London, spend 5 days, then continue London-Rome
Transfer: Chicago to London arriving at noon on a Saturday and then continuing onto Rome at 11am the following morning.
Open Jaw: Fly to London and fly home from Rome (like if you had a tour pre-booked from London-Paris-Rome, for example)

Limits: You can’t build in stopovers that make no sense. For example New York to London with a stop in Los Angeles. That wouldn’t be the most direct routing and it would violate the maximum permitted mileage between New York and London. To find out the maximum permitted mileage, you can call the airline or use -> Travel Information -> Maximum Permitted Mileage. Once you enter in JFK-LHR and Delta, it shows a MPM of 4,149. I use the Great Circle Mapper to find out flight distances, which shows me that JFK-LHR is only 3,451 (ExpertFlyer also shows it under TPM at 3,458). Note that MPM can be exceeded by 5% or even more if you can make a compelling reason to a ticketing agent why you need to exceed the MPM. In general, I’ve never had to even worry about MPM when booking Delta awards.
Another limit is the number of segments allowed. Delta allows 8 segments for award tickets. A segment is each individual flight you take. LAX-JFK-LHR-JFK-LAX is 4 segments.
Another limitation is that the distance between your two open jaw destinations (for example Rome and London) can not be further than the distance of your outbound leg (New York to London). For example, you could not do New York to London, Johannesburg to New York.
While some people want to minimize the time spent traveling, for me I like to maximize the places I go with miles. Let’s take my summer trip for example. My best friend lives in Madrid and I wanted to spend a couple weeks in Europe in July. I could have booked JFK-MAD-JFK for 100,000 miles in business class and dealt with the intra-European legs later, like most people do. However, I know that Delta allows a stopover and open jaw on award tickets.

Knowing the rules, I knew I had several options.
So if I wanted to spend a couple days in France, then continue onto Madrid and then come home from Barcelona, I could have done; JFK – Paris (stop), Paris – Madrid (Destination), Barcelona – JFK. That would allow me to visit three cities, for the same award price – 100,000 miles in business class.
Let’s say I wanted to try out Air France’s new A380 and spend a night in Montreal visiting friends on the way home. In that case I could have still done the same itinerary JFK – Paris (stop), Paris – Madrid (destination), Barcelona – Paris – Montreal (22 hours in Montreal), Montreal – JFK. All for 100,000 miles, all in business class (except the last leg Montreal – JFK, which is an all-coach regional jet, but would still be included for free).

Spending 100,000 miles for Europe and  building in a bunch of cities can be a great value, but what is an amazing value is that for 20,000 -40,000 miles more, you can also add on a trip to Africa. Delta just instituted a new region for South Africa, so that costs 140,000 miles total, but everywhere else in Africa is 120,000. I took advantage of this last summer with my trip to Seychelles. Originally I was planning to go to Paris for 100,000 miles, but for a mere 20,000 miles extra, I tacked on a side-trip to the Seychelles on Air Seychelles (code-shared with Air France, which is why I was able to book it on my Skyteam Delta award). I wrote all about that trip here (there are also detailed in flight reports of Air Seychelles, which I was very impressed with overall, even though the seats were outdated). If you’ve never been to Seychelles and are looking for an out-of-this-world experience, I highly recommend it. Le Meridien Barbarons just lowered the amount of SPG points needed to 10,000, which can be a great value. There is a Four Seasons and a Banyan Tree Resort in the Seychelles, both of which are apparently other-worldly, but you might end up needing to take out a second mortgage to pay the bill.

Since I did Seychelles last summer, I thought I should do South Africa this summer, even though it’s winter there. I had no issues finding award space Newark – Paris -Johannesburg (with 14 hours in Paris, so more than enough time to get a nice lunch and relax for the day), but the return segment Johannesburg – Paris had no availability on the days I wanted. Instead, I pulled up my trusty tool and found routing through Nairobi and London on Kenya Airways (a Skyteam member).

I kid you not, I then found out I had to be in Los Angeles at the end of the trip. So instead of flying back to New York and then buying a coach ticket New York – Los Angeles (and praying for the upgrade), I used the valuable open jaw option to just end my trip in Los Angeles. In essence I’d be flying from New York to Johannesburg and then Johannesburg to Los Angeles, with a stop in Paris (and a couple overnight transfers on the way). What I ended up booking was:

Outbound: Newark – Paris – Johannesburg (destination), Return: Johannesburg-Nairobi (overnight transfer 18 hours), Nairobi – London (overnight transfer 14 hours), London – Paris (stop for a week), Paris – Los Angeles.
All in business class for 140,000 Skymiles and $288 in taxes/fees.
My trip:

To further complicate things, several factors changed and I had to scrap the beautifully orchestrated trip I put together above and instead rebook something else for a different time-frame. As a Diamond medallion, Delta allows unlimited changes/award redeposits for free. So when I had to cancel the trip, my miles were instantly redeposited and the fees refunded to my credit card. This policy is the same for Platinum Medallions – everyone else has to pay $150 to redeposit/change an award, which still isn’t that bad considering you have to pay $250 plus a refare when you book revenue tickets.

My new trip is to Mauritius, so I actually got 20,000 miles back and will get to try out Air Mauritius, which codeshares with Air France. My goal on this trip is to learn how to scuba dive, which I’ve always wanted to do.
JFK – Madrid (Air Europa business class), Barcelona – Paris – Mauritius (destination), Mauritius – Paris (20 hour overnight transfer), Paris – Montreal (to test out Air France’s A380 and then a 20 hour overnight transfer), Montreal – JFK.
All for 120,000 miles and $400 in fees (not sure why they were higher, but it’s still a steal considering this trip would be over $10,000 to book with cash).

So, to sum it up – the point of this post is not to brag about my awesome upcoming trips (though I’m pretty excited for them). It’s to empower you to think creatively and get as much value as possible out of your hard earned miles and points. Many people make fun of Skymiles for being “SkyPesos,” but they just don’t know how to use them. I’ll admit that is broken and it is a bit of a wild-goose chase getting low awards, but once you figure out how to filter out the noise and search for availability, the rewards are enormous – especially since it’s pretty easy to accrue Skymiles.

For related reading, check out: 10 Tips on Using Delta Skymiles, Now Shows Delta Awards, Quirks and How to Work Around Them.

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  • Sergey

    TPG: Do you think Air France A380 business class would be better than old Delta business class (such as 767-300ER or A330-200)? I want to fly AF A380, but routing is not smooth, while there is an option to fly to my destination using combination of DL (to PRG on 763) and then on OK. This option is more `direct’ with minimum number of layovers.

  • The Points Guy

    @sergey- I don’t think its worth your time- they did not install a new business class product on their brand new plane unfortunately, so all you get there is an angled lie flat. While the Delta 767-300 has cradle style (like a big leather recliner) seat, I find them to be reasonably comfortable- especially with big down pillows, substantial comforters and pretty good food and service. It’s by no means a cutting edge business class product, but they are beginning to install lie-flat beds on the 767-300s, so you might get it.
    For a review of the Air France seats you’d experience on the 380, check out
    for Delta’s 767 style business elite seats:

  • MKEPediatrician

    You have got my creative juices going. With the AmEx 50% bonus I am now into international territory with my Delta miles…looking forward to maximizing these points for a great trip!

  • Andy

    Had I had the mileage balance I have now when I learned to scuba dive, I might have gone to Mauritius too. Instead I went to a pool. But hey, I only had to burn 14 of my Honda miles vs 120,000 Delta miles to Mauritius! Thanks again for all you do!

  • BD

    Wow, impressive! TPG, you must be the Picasso of booking award itineraries.

  • Steve G

    This post was awesome! I’m a late bloomer to “the stopover” and look forward to your future posts for other airlines in the future.

  • James

    How do you do a stopover on Is it possible or do you have to call them?

  • Kevin

    Quite a trip! I’m trying to do something like this for a trip to Europe in October but may have to see about tacking on a excursion or two. If only I can talk my boss into a few more days off work!

  • stan

    You offered some good thoughts on how to maximize miles they are helpful,THANKS —

    But! you make it sound like it is our fault that delta is one big fat “pain” to book with and that we have to use all kinds of work around ( like checking the air France web site) . Miles earned are “REWARDS”— delta could fix the system if they wanted to !) Please do not defend Delta they deserve all the negative remarks they get — DELTA does only what they “must” do an not even that at times .

    Your example of tax and fees is not like what I payed — ath-jfk -ath $575- yes sure it is better than the $3000 I can buy a biz class ticket for–just not as good as your example of $400 for a $10,000 ticket —
    I think most people can not do trips like you did — to me it looks like you try to make DELTA sound much better than they are –hope I am wrong–

  • The Nomad

    Wow. What a trip. Enjoy Mauritius and Nairobi.

  • Rob S


    A stopover, transfer, and open-jaw is only allowed for international flights, correct? Am I right that on domestic flights its only one stop-over OR an open-jaw and not both?


  • Phil

    Thanks Brian for a great post. I have been trying to plan a European trip for the summer and couldn’t help feeling 100k each was “too much” just to go to Europe, even though I was quite pleased I’d managed to find outgoing on DL’s flat bed BE product for FOUR of us at the low level! Quel horror! :) But this inspired me to look around and see that we can tack on a safari in the Masai Mara, right at the peak of the migration, for just 20k extra each and on KQ’s flat bed biz product to boot. Plus we are going to/from Montreal so can come back on the big bus A380. Nice inspiration!

    Interestingly enough our honeymoon nearly 11 years ago combined Kenya, Seychelles and Mauritius. I have to say for diving Seychelles is in a different league (above) Mauritius, and for that matter Maldives is in a different league again above Seychelles. Maybe for learning to dive MRU is fine though frankly you are better off doing the basics in a pool so that once you get there you can actually dive. Once you have learned though I highly recommend going to the Maldives. We went last year to Alila, now Park Hyatt, and the diving around that atoll is literally as good or better than anywhere you can find on earth. Amazing place.

  • JohnnieD

    These itineraries require you to call Delta,correct? In doing so, we non status flyers would have to pay a booking fee. Also, did any of this planning require call center roulette??? (As in hang up and call back??)

  • JohnnyRoadtrips

    You don’t need to fly to Montreal to experience the A380. I just flew the 380 from Paris > JFK a week and a half ago.

  • Sergey

    @JohnnieD: you may ask Delta agent to put an itinerary on `hold’ for 48 hours. It will appear on your SkyMiles account. Then just hit ‘REDEEM’ and you avoid paying a booking fee.

    TPG – when an itinerary in low mileage `on hold’, does it guarantee that in 48 hours window your award is still in `low` mileage? The strange thing happen to me – I constructed a complex itinerary from US to Russia with open jaw and stopover in NYC for 3 people in business for 100K each. During the 48 hours, I called several times to change one flight to another (all new flights were in low mileage as well). When I finally decided to redeem miles, I found on the check-out page, that the cost/ticket was 162K (not 100K). I called Delta and first agent told me that mileage is not guaranteed `on hold’ itinerary. The second agent told me that she cannot trace how did increase happen. So, I had to cancel my itinerary.

  • STAN


  • CaySquared

    I booked a 100,000 business class award from SFO to CDG/Paris, specifically to redo TPG’s Seychelles trip–Delta would not allow it. On the net, using experflyer (putting in exact things) amounted to 200,000 miles every time. I called the Delta rep to do it, listed open flight segments but they said “Seychelles is too far” and would be like adding a second ticket. They tried and tried and tried and would not budge. I resorted to adding a stopover in FCO/Rome since I wanted to at least take advantage of the stopover/openjaw policy at the very least, and not be some non-TPG-loyal-reader.

    Cheers. (I still wish I could add Seychelles, anyone know the trick?)

  • Michael

    Wow! You are awesome! I loved that use of 140,000 Skymiles, especially since I have 142,000 Sky Miles in my account right now. I’m wondering if I can construct something similar in the fall from LA.

    My questions are which booking engine would you start out with?

    1) Air France?

    2) Do I have to call Delta to work this out or can I do it online?

    3)I’d love to fly LAX-LHR first for two days, then be able to visit Dublin or Berlin for two days before flying to Paris for a few days before home CDG-LAX. Is something like this possible?

  • JohnnieD

    @ Sergey- Yow! I didnt know that!! Thank you–that can be very helpful very soon!!!!

  • Kevin F


    Congrats on following your passion and making it work for you; We can all learn from someone that finds success in that!

    This post couldn’t come at a better time. I’ve got a Delta award flight this Friday that goes as follows:
    June 10: CVG-LHR
    June 19: CDG-CVG
    I’ve got flights connecting LHR & CDG so there’s no open jaw on my award.

    My question is: Can I add anything to the end of my trip like a stopover or an open jaw for a future trip that I will take and if not, is it because my destination is the origin? Any suggestions on how to maximize this award for future travel would be much appreciated!

  • Matt

    I was actually thinking about putting together an Africa with a stop in Europe and reviewing Skyteam possibilities just this weekend. Very timely post.


    TPG – I notice all of your itineraries include business class rewards. Do these same tricks also work for those of us wanting to stretch our miles further with coach (as in can I get to Europe and South Africa for 60,000 miles?)?


  • Sean

    Fascinating Post.

    You ARE the Picasso of Skymiles and I am leaning towards purchasing your help for our summer 2012 trip.

  • Ben B

    TPG – Be careful posting specific details of your itineraries online! You never know if that troll that was trying to ruin lucky’s trip could target you!

  • Gregory

    Fantastic. As a newbie to all this, I can say that I found this post to be incredibly useful. I honestly can’t wait for the British Airways/One World post.

  • The Points Guy

    @James- you can book stopovers on just use the multi-city award search tool. It may crap out, so you may have to try a couple times to get it to take, but as long as award space is there and showing online, you should be able to piece it together. Be patient.

    @Stan- sorry if you got the wrong vibe from my post, but I’m not defending Delta’s crappy online booking tool- in fact I frequent highlight it’s weakenesses. My point is to empower you to get around that idiotic IT glitch and still get tremendous value out of Skymiles. You can 100% get amazing value out of your Skymiles, you just have to work hard to get it.

    @Rob, on domestic awards you can only do a stopover, but it has to be legal routing and you may need to get a phone agent to be able to ticket it.

    @Stan- I know Mauritius isn’t the best diving, but I figured it would be a fun place to start. I’ll try to do some pre-work but NYC isn’t the easiest place to get certified (plus my schedule is insane leading up to the trip). Maldives is definitely on my short list- plan to make it there within the next year.

    @Johnnied- You can book Delta, KLM, Air France, Alaska awards online. Most other SKyteam partners you have to call and pay the $25 phone booking fee (unless you are a Medallion).

    @johnnyroadtrips- They had to availability into NYC so my option was flying it through Montreal or Washington Dulles. I picked Montreal because I love the city, especially in the summer.

    @Sergey- when you hold your mileage level is locked in. Whenever you make changes, you risk losing that price, because the award will be repriced. I often find agents saying “oh this change won’t change the mileage level” but in fact it does. I’ve had trouble with Russia awards as well- whenever I get a low award ready, I usually just book it to lock it in and then make changes later (the luxury of being a Diamond/Platinum and getting free changes to awards).

    @Stan- you cannot hold revenue tickets, but you can buy them and refund them by midnight the following day. You can indeed hold award tickets, though many phone agents will not allow it, even though you can do it online. I recommend holding a dummy itinerary online, calling and having an agent make the changes you want and then tell them to keep the itinerary held as you had done online. They generally don’t argue with that

    @Caysquared- you can definitely add Seychelles. What was your routing? Email me and I can help. trust me, it can be done! You probably just had one too many stops or something.

    @Michael- search LAX-CDG on Air France or LAX-AMS on KLM. I like the longhaul flights (instead of connecting in the US (though if you take Delta to LHR you’ll most likely get a lie-flat bed- Air France/KLM have angled lie flat). You could definitely do a trip LAX-London, buy a cheap Ryanair ticket London to Dublin, then Dublin to Paris (stop), Paris to LAX all for 100k

    @Kevin- you already have a stopover, so you couldn’t stop again in CVG on your way home and then book travel in the future. If you were doing CVG-LHR-CVG, you could build in a future CVG-LAX for example. Or if you cut out the LHR to CDG, that could be your open jaw and instead you Chunnel Paris to London and then build in CVG as your stop and build in a later CVG to West Coast flight.

    @Jwath- same rules for coach awards. Coach to Africa with a stop in Europe is 80,000 miles. IN my humble opinion, a measly 40k more miles is totally worth it for business class sinces theres so much flying.

    @Sean- thank you! I’ve never been compared to Picasso- how flattering :-)

    @Ben- I read that post too- how crazy. I only posted my itinerary because I had canceled it. I won’t post about my future trips until after the fact (plus I obsessively check my itineraries every day so if someone did mess with it, I’d hopefully be able to figure it out).

    @gregory- thanks- stay tuned!

  • Sergey

    TPG: Thanks! I was able (again) to construct itinerary for Russia via PRG for 3 persons in business. One funny thing – I’ve asked to create 2 itineraries – one for 2 persons and one for 1 person (there are no enough miles on one account to charge for 3 tickets). I’ve asked again to put itineraries on hold. When I check my wife’s account, I see that “Award itinerary on hold, redeem until XX June, 2011). However, on my account my itinerary does not show ‘REEDEM” and there are no words that my itinerary on hold. But miles are on account. Do you think Delta agent blocked my itinerary from redeeming online?

  • STAN

    Same thing happened to me a few moths ago , call Deta they will send u over to tech support and fix it while u are on line — have them wait till u see it fixed

  • Brandon

    We recently did SLC-CDG (stopover to go to Belgium) CDG-MAR (open jaw) RUN-ORY (dinner in Paris & overnight) CDG-JFK-SLC for 120K miles earlier this year. Business class on Air Mauritius was very nice as was business class on the Air France. SLC-CDG was fine as well, but had recliners (we knew that) and not as good food as Air France.

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  • Ashley

    I am trying to use my 80k miles on Delta to the best of my ability :-) I have determined that using them to the Caribbean is just useless these days!! No matter how far in advance I attempt to book, I am looking at 70k miles per ticket. Long story short, I am looking at Canada….specifically Quebec City and Calgary. I was going to do BNA to Quebec (or Montreal), do a stopover, fly on to Calgary and then fly home from there. No such luck. Delta apparently does not do flights within Canada. So, I feel like my only option is to book BNA to Quebec (or Montreal), fly a one way on West Jet to Calgary and then Delta back to BNA from Calgary…with the Delta flights being on one itinerary and using 40k miles per ticket\. The West Jet one way is $350 or so per ticket. Ideas? Opinions? Suggestions? Anything? :-) I feel like I am missing something in this puzzle….

  • Brandon

    Ashley — I don’t think you’re going to be able to open jaw from YQB to YYC as it’s greater then your BNA-YQB flight. This is where Delta not having one-way awards is a pain. You could get a RT between one of the two and another RT on WestJet between YQB and YYC. Please note that a RT between BNA and YQB or BNA and YYC should only be 25K low or 40K high. There are still some low awards out there, but I’d plan on 40K if you want your exact dates.

  • Ashley

    Brandon…thanks so much. I started digging around and decided that Quebec City and Banff would probably be too much to cover in week anyway. I was being overly-ambitious for this trip, I think. I managed to find a trip for 25k miles. I still didn’t have all the details of lodging worked out (since my dates depended on my award tickets), so I held the itinerary. Hopefully when they hold it, they hold the # of miles it requires, as well. We shall see :-) Saving Quebec City / Montreal for another trip. I think it deserves one of its own! Thanks so much for the input. This gets mind-numbing, at times!

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  • heidi

    hey TPG – great article! will I be able to do the same thing for rev travel? I am going to Hong Kong this Dec and would like to go somewhere else for new years eve before heading back to the states. the ticket price is outrages when i did the multi city search :( any recommendations?

  • Emil

    Hello TPG! You mentioned that some segments were an option as it is a codeshare of Air France. Does this “rule” apply only to the main partner airlines, or does it apply to all the partners. For example, I am flying Malaysian Airlines (MH) and I am wondering if I can use one of the flights operated by Sri Lankan Airlines that has a MH codeshare (MH 9181). Thanks!

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  • Shana

    Hey TPG! Nice info, thanks for sharing! I did similar things with Northwest back in the day…I used miles for myself and two friends to fly from various cities in the U.S. (SFO, MSP, ORD) to Rome with a stopover in Paris. So we were able to spend 4 days in Paris and 4 days in Rome for 50,000 points/person. Since Northwest merged with Delta I wasn’t sure if this was still possible, but from your post I see that it is! Now I’m off to plan my trip to Monte Carlo with a stopover in London :) Thanks!

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  • nor4

    I’m trying to fly WAS-[?]-PAR(Stopover)-MPL(Destination)==(Open Jaw)==BCN-[?]-WAS. I only have 82K miles so I want to fly Biz outbound on 180 lie flat beds TATL and coach back from BCN. I don’t really care about where I sit except for the TATL lie flat beds.
    I tried to do this on and it doesn’t let me mix award levels. Plus I’m having a hard time finding a lie flat bed from WAS-PAR without 2 stopovers.
    Any way to solve my problems online? I used to find AF seats but they’re all angled biz seats over water. Am I stuck with either angled seats TATL unless I want to make 2 stops? Any way to get to issue a mixed award level ticket?

  • Kafsdfasdfas

    your post is now obsolete — stopovers are pricing out differently now see FT thread for details

  • GretelNick

    Is Hawaii considered a domestic flight, with transfers being limited to 4 hours? (Rather than the 24-hour transfer limit internationally). If so, it makes award travel tricky when you can only leave the East Coast first thing in the morning to make it there same day.

  • Frank

    I am struggling to book an award with Delta preferably, with Air France where possible, to South Africa in or around November. I have a lot of flexibility but whatever I do online or even by phone I get quoted about double the miles it should cost. I would like to go from SFO to somewhere nice in Europe, paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, etc. even LHR if necessary for a few days’ break; on to JNB for about 3 weeks and back to SFO. I would like Business Class for 2 and I have 283,000 Delta miles. How can I book this with as few other stops along the way? If it’s necessary I could leave from the East Coast (getting there on a SW companion Pass, for example). But theoretically I should be able to do this for 140,000 each in Business Class. Is November the problem? October is OK too. I don’t mind an open jaw in Europe as I have Avios to get around if need be.

    Can you help me?

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  • Andrew10412

    TPG – I think that Delta quitely made an enhancement to award tickets.

    Only one stopover allowed now, and open jaw counts as that stopover…..

    Just got off the phone with them AND the website has been updated as well….

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  • Mitch

    The website has had that language for years. Do not ask for a stopover and an open jaw, just feed the agent with the flights and dates. I just put together JFK-LHR(stop)-AMS//CDG-JFK on DL.dumb for 100K in J without any problems.

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  • Amy

    So how could I get a stopover in Dallas when flying from L.A. to Atlanta?

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  • Thanh

    What about change of cabin class for Delta; would there be a fee? I want to book an international itinerary in business and one segment is in Korean Air coach right now. Say a week prior to departure, if a business seat opens up on Korean Air, can I change that coach segment to business without a fee?

  • Scott

    We wat to do something similar to what you described but from jfk to amsterdam to rome to brussels then back to jfk from Paris or Brussels using award points.
    How do you book this ?? We called and didn’t get much help and I can’t see how to do it online.
    Any help is appreciated.

  • Matt

    TPG – I understand the majority of what you are saying in terms of the open jaw option, but I am confused as to how in one of the itineraries above you mention ending back in LAX and not JFK. On your return trip home from Europe, wouldn’t you be bypassing your destination (JFK) in terms of the miles it takes to continue on to LAX? I thought that isn’t allowed?
    I’m looking to use up about 300k skymiles before the upcoming devaluation for my wife and I as part of an extended travel trip. We bought a one-way to Japan already where we will then travel around a bit. However, we’re interested in leaving SE Asia at some point to go back to the US for a visit and then return back overseas. I’m wondering if I can continue on to a different country than we would have departed from on our return to Asia? (Ex. BKK-LAX-MSP / MSP-LAX-PEK)
    I hope that isn’t too confusing, but any help you can lend would be greatly appreciated! I’m fed up with Delta and am looking to cash out, thanks!

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