Last Call for Cheap Star Alliance Miles: US Airways 100% Buy Miles Promo Ends Today

by on June 30, 2011 · 26 comments

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I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but if you’ve been thinking about buying US Airways miles for 1.478 cents a piece, today is the last day. I was on the sidelines myself – I knew this was a good deal, but did I really want to spend $1,478 on miles.

In the end, I decided yes – frankly I have an addiction to business/first class, but I never want to pay full price for it. So I purchased 50,000 miles for $1,478.13 and ended up with 100,000 Dividend Miles with the bonus. The 100k posted instantly. Once I purchased and logged out of my account and logged back in, they were already there.

About to pull the trigger..

For a primer on US Airways awards, check out my post on Maximizing Stopovers, Transfers and Open Jaw Ticketing on US Airways Awards

Also, see my original post for more infromation- US Airways miles can be redeemed on all 27 Star Alliance airlines as well as a number of other partner airlines.

Did any other TPG readers get in on this bonus?

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  • Ryan S

    I’ve been seriously considering it to 1) get my spend up on my usair CC and 2) use for upgrades.

    I was wondering. If I upgrade a paid coach discount fare with miles, do I still earn miles at the coach rate (100%)?

  • Michael

    I bought them, thanks to your recommendation!

  • Benny

    Wanted to make the purchase but it turned out that they don’t accept Discover Card which is the only credit card that I currently have :(.

  • Kevin

    I too was debating about should I or shouldn’t I since I have 2 $$$ trip tickets on the credit cards already (was too many miles so I’m paying out of pocket instead and getting some EQM at least) this month plus I will probably need to buy some Amex MR points to transfer to BA next month for a future trip but in the end I figured $1478 for 100k miles that I can hopefully use for some cheap winter trips to Europe in Business next year or some other future trips it was worth it.

    Thanks for your original reminder a few days ago to get this back up on my radar so I could jump on it!

  • 2mg on FT

    I think what is holding me back is the fact that it is US Air. I have to keep reminding myself, they are in fact part of the SA. If I do make the jump and I’m leaning in that direction, I’ll want to avoid flying them at all costs.

  • Natalie

    Quick question — my mom’s United miles are are about to expire — if she buys US Airways miles will this count as activity on her Mileage Plus account?

  • The Points Guy

    @Natalie- no- this won’t have any effect on her United miles. She should transfer United miles to Continental and then back to United to reset the clock. I outlined that method here

    @2mg- US has gotten better lately, though I agree the most value lies in the really good SA carriers. however, don’t discount offpeak US awards. 60k business class (on new Envoy sleeper seats) is a pretty good deal

    @Kevin- BA miles are great, but just remember that they have huge taxes for Europe trips. Buying US Miles might make more sense, so do the math first.

    @Ryan S- you earn miles on the fare class purchased, unfortunately.

  • BR

    @Natalie US Airways frequent flyer program and United’s Mileage Plus program are not linked. Buying US Airways miles will not affect a Mileage Plus account.

  • bluto

    I bought this and for 4 family members accounts, so I am in for 500k miles.

  • chubbuni13

    Gladly bought 100k for under $1500. NRT-ICN here I come!

  • Kevin

    @TPG: Well aware of BA’s high YQ. I’m using the miles for a oneworld reward on Quantas. Aiming to hit Australia sometime next year in business class and I thought I only needed 120k miles from the US but from a recent post of yours and some more research it looks like I will need 180k miles.

  • Antonio

    Although not living in USA, I still consider this deal a pretty good one. I jumped straight since Post #1, and the reason behind is the SA partners: I love travelling with Singapore Airlines (I am Krisflyer Gold) and lately I have got Lufthansa Frequent Traveller-Oil & Energy Club status, so I will use them pretty quickly.

    Thanks for the advice!

  • Jenny

    I got in on this too – 100K miles!

  • John

    After thinking about this for a while I decided to pass. U.S. Air is doing too much StarNet blocking of premium travel awards on other Star Alliance carriers. (Particularly Lufthansa First Class awards) Gary from View from the Wing has written about this.

    Brian, various readers have asked you about this issue and you don’t seem to respond!

  • The Points Guy

    @John- what do you want me to say? I don’t work for us airways and haven’t noticed the issue myself

  • Global Explat

    Prior to today I’d just bought 30,000 pts for my own account (for ±$440). I had a balance already and that got me to a round number. Plus this was the remaining required spend to get the 50,000 pts on the Lufthansa card.

    Today I read your post, and agree with the logic (I value having choices in Biz + First for international flights); I’ve redeemed One World and SkyTeam pts this month, so getting some Star Alliance pts also helpful for selection.

    Bought 100k for the wife (and at same time fulfilled the spending req’mts for 40k on the Delta Amex). My 3 kids had 2k each from the USAir signoff bonus a few months ago, so I bought them 98k each to get each account to 100k. This also puts a decent dent in my wife’s SPG Amex spend req’mt (needs to spend $15k spend in 6mths gets 40k SPG pts).

    At over $6000, its a lot of $, but it feels right.

  • Paul

    Does anyone know if purchasing this will earn 3x on the Amex Gold Premier Rewards card? i.e. Does the charge post as airfare?

  • Kevin

    @Paul: Most charges will only post as the type of merchant category that the item is. I would think Amex is looking for the merchant category to be “Airline”. I don’t think the get that specific into what you are buying (aka airfare vs non-airfare)

    I’m waiting for my charge to move from pending to posted on my card so I can see what category it posts as. Right now it just list is as ” POINTS US AIR MILES” and I received an email from after the purchase so I’m thinking it will not post as “Airfare” or “Airline” and you won’t get the 3x points. :(

  • Natalie

    thepointsguy, thanks that was very helpful!

  • Vishal

    Hi Brian,

    How often do you think these promotions come? I’m a newbie and don’t have enough cash to put into this right now. But it seems like a wonderful offer, so if they offer in the next 6-12 months, I’d be ready to pounce on it.

  • Daraius

    @Vishal – These offers come up quite frequently – perhaps once every 2 or 3 months!

  • dale

    Did it – max amount. USAir service from fly-over country isn’t too great, and everything goes east to CLT first, but the many Star Alliance options open up a lot of possibilities and argue for a good value on a serious trip.

  • Kevin

    @Vishal +1 to what Daraius said. In the past few months they seem to be offering one of these specials ever other month it seems.

    History is no predictor of the future and all those other disclaimers but I would expect to see this offer, or one similar to it in the near future.

  • Andy Mesa

    I only did 70,000 miles. After thinking it over and doing some research, I only bought what I thought I’d use in a year. And that’s one flight to Africa with a stopover in Europe. I could’ve probably bought 100k and added an extra 5k at some point to have an extra winter trip to Europe, but I don’t know for sure I’d do that and it’d be a waste if I didn’t. I’ll probably hit South America in the winter with my BA miles instead.

  • Mike

    I just could not resist on this offer I also bought 70000 great way up my us air balance.

    Can’t wait for this years grand slam if it comes back

  • Tr763

    i bought 15+15 for a roundtrip between JNB to NBO next year through South African Airways Star Alliance.

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