It Never Hurts To Ask: Potential 100,000 Point Pay Day for Chase Sapphire Preferred

by on June 20, 2011 · 121 comments

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Update: The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card sign-up bonus offer is now 40,000 points when you spend $3,000 in the first 3 months.

It’s been reported on Flyertalk and numerous blogs that Chase has begun offering select customers a whopping 100,000 point sign-up bonus on the Chase Sapphire Preferred card. The current offer that most of you have gotten in on is 50,000 points and a waived first year annual fee, which I think is one of the best deals out there (since Sapphire Preferred points transfer 1:1 to British Airways, Continental, Hyatt, Marriott, Priority Club and Amtrak; link to my original post on the deal).

However, just like American Express did with their 100,000 targeted offer, it seems like Chase is honoring it for many people, even if you weren’t targeted. I suppose they want to build goodwill, so if you’ve gotten the card I recommend sending them a Secure Message through your account and ask them for the additional 50,000 points. You should reference promotion code S6V. I recommend being polite and letting them know you appreciate the offer and look forward to continuing your strong relationship with them.

I cannot guarantee this method will work, but please feel free to report below on your progress so we can all learn from each others experience. At the end of the day 50,000 is still very good, but 100,000 is amazing (especially since the fee is waived the first year).

I do not have an end-date on the current 50k Sapphire bonus, which means it could end at any time. You can wait and hope to be targeted by Chase or you could apply today for the 50,000 point bonus and then try your luck at asking for 100k. It seems to be working for a lot of people, so as I always say, it never hurts to ask!

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  • Jeff Sommers

    Hi Points Guy

    I have been seriously considering getting this card, but havent yet submitted an application. Is there a number I could call and ask for the 100,000 point offer during the application phase?

    Also – I was just wondering if you have every flown in a premium cabin between the US and Australia. I have been living in Australia for 6 years now and been trying to maximise AA points since. Using AA points to redeem on Qantas is UNBELIEVABLE value given the high quality as a carrier. For instance, I have (on numerous occasions) booked return business class award redemptions using AA points on far distances (such as Syd to Perth or Syd to Darwin). These only cost 35,000 AA miles in business class, whereas my friends in the QF program would be set back around 80,000 for such a redemption! Also – I just booked a one way in first from SYD – ORD (where im from) for 72,500 miles. First trip in international first and cant wait!! (PS – that would set back a QF member around 140,000 points + heaps more in taxes!

    Love the blog – ive learned so much!


  • AK

    How long should it take to hear back about the Chase Sapphire Preferred card? I applied for the Chase BA Visa in mid-April and waited until June 5 to apply for the Sapphire Preferred. Haven’t heard back yet … I wouldn’t be surprised if I didn’t get it, but I can always ask to slide some of the credit limit from my Chase BA to the Sapphire Preferred if need be, right?

  • Maury

    Success! After calling twice last night and getting denied I wrote an internal message this morning and voila, I receive the additional 50k in my account! Thank you very much

  • globalqn

    Hi Points Guy!
    I am now very certain that because of you, I can grow my ff mile accounts.
    Man, you know your stuff!

    Holly L

  • Brad

    I was approved for the Sapphire Preferred, but haven’t received my card yet. After hearing initial reports about the secure message working, I sent a polite secure email saying that I heard about a better offer and, since I’m a long-time customer and just missed the new offer, that I’d like to get the higher amount. 10 hours later I got a reply saying that the original 50k for $3k spend would still apply, but they’d give me another 50k now to show their commitment. Success!

  • Brian

    Received my card last week. Just sent them a very polite email inquiring about the possibility of the additional points. Fingers crossed. Will post here if successful. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Shuji


    Applied on 6/15/11 and did not receive instant approval. Called reconsideration line on 6/16/11 assuming I’d have to move some credit lines around. Approved on 6/16/11. As of today I don’t even have the card in my hand yet. Last night sent a secure message to Chase. 50,000 points in my account this morning even before I’ve even activated my account. Unbelievable.

    Message I sent :

    “Dear Chase Representative

    I recently received my new Chase Sapphire Preferred card with a 50,000 point sign up bonus after spending $3000.

    Today, I learned of a new offer S6V which promises 100,000 bonus points. I would be very grateful if you would extend the 100,000 bonus point offer S6V to me as well since I just recently applied and received my card.

    Best Regards,


    Message I got back:

    Dear Shuji XXXX,

    I understand that you wish to receive the 100,000 points
    offer on your Chase Sapphire account ending in XXXX.

    I see that as per the offer that you applied for, you are
    eligible to receive 50,000 bonus points for spending
    $3,000.00 in the first 93 days of the account being
    opened. Although I am unable to change the offer on your
    account, I have gone ahead and added the difference of
    50,000 points to your account as a courtesy. This
    adjustment is effective immediately.

    You will still receive the initial 50,000 points on the
    $3,000 in purchases made within 93 days of open date.
    Please allow one to two billing cycles for the 50,000
    points to post to the account, after spending criteria is

    I am glad that I was able to add the additional 50,000
    points to the account. It was a pleasure assisting you
    today and I look forward to earning your loyalty for years
    to come.

    If you have any further questions, please reply using the
    Secure Message Center.

    Thank you,

    E-mail Customer Service Representative


  • CP

    Applied via your link. Wasnt immediately approved. I already called the reconsideration line but was met with a curt response (prob given that my app was no more than 10min old at that point). I’ll try again tomorrow!

  • Brian


    I wasn’t approved immediately either. I checked my account a few days later and the card was listed. The reconsideration line is more for when you are rejected, not pending approval.

  • yang07920

    Yes; right away they responded to my secured message on my online login during the weekend and gave me 50K points and mentioned another 50K to come after the $3000/92 days (3motnhs) requirement is met

    Thanks guys :)

  • Alan

    This rocks! I sent a secure message and, within an hour, received the exact same email as Shuji.

    The 50,000 additional points are already in my account.

  • Brian

    Just received a message confirming the additional 50k as well! Amazing! Thanks TPG and everyone else that posted about this! Who says Mondays always have to be bad???

  • joe

    Just signed up. how do i send secure email to get add 50k points. I dont have my card yet…

  • Andy

    yep…secure email…two hours…50K points. Wow! Thanks TPG for the heads up!

  • David

    Brian, nice alert again! They just gave me the extra 50K!

    100,000 miles on Sapphire is worth a $1250 ticket redemption, right? Sweet!!!!

  • joe

    how do you get the 50k pts? where do i send a secure email to ?
    do i need ot wait for my card or numbers?

  • Angel

    Got it as well! Just sent a secure message and got a reply 1 hour after I sent it. 50,000 miles extra never hurt!! I’m now 2 for 2: Amex Plat and Chase!!! It’s raining miles guys!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks TPG for the heads up!

  • Ben

    Sent the message and received the additional 50k within the hour. Does anyone have a link yet or way to apply for the 100k /$500 spend for others yet?

  • joe

    How do you send this secure message though? I dont have an accnt number to log on to Chase website so how would i send them an email?

  • Drew

    WINNING. Saw your post this morning, sent Chase a message through the secure center, and got a response back in less than two hours… including the deposit of 50K bonus UR points in my account.

    Quick aaand painless. Just how I like it.

  • Steve

    Hi TPG!

    Just checked my Ultimate Rewards balance, and the extra 50,000 miles have already posted, even before the response to my secure message arrived! (I sent a letter similar to Shuji’s via the Chase secure message center, which is found on the left side of the Accounts Summary page.)

    Chase and Amex (did the same to get the Platinum card up to 100K) are really doing whatever it takes to keep everyone happy! I do not know if the extra 50,000 miles will indefinitely be “automatic” so (as per usual) checking your website at least twice a day is a splendid idea!

    Many thanks to you for this timely and very lucrative tip, and to the other posters here whose comments help others to have an even better chance at getting those points/miles!

    All the best,

  • Adam

    Chiming in to add to the list of Platinum/Sapphire 50k signups who have now received 100k points EACH. Unbelievable.

  • sandman

    Another guy who just got the e-mail with 50k more points! Wow.

  • Marty

    Yep! Just tried it and it works. They added the 50k miles to my account immediately. Should reach the 3k limit this month for the regular sign up 50k. Thanks!

    They said the 100k is worth $1000… trying to figure out if I just want to cash out with cash.

  • Bill M

    Thanks for the heads up. Received this after sending secure message –

    I would first like to take this opportunity to personally
    thank you for choosing Chase to handle your account.

    As per the offer on your account, you will receive 50,000
    Chase Sapphire bonus points after spending $3,000.00 in
    purchases within 93 days of account open date. These
    points will post to your account within one to two billing

    I feel that every relationship is based on mutual trust
    and support, including one between a bank and a customer.
    As a gesture of commitment to you, I have added additional
    50,000 points to the rewards balance on your account.
    This adjustment will reflect on your next statement.

    As we said in the office – if you don’t ask you don’t get

  • Aaron

    If I have not applied for Chase card yet, can I apply today and still be eligible to get the 100k total bonus?

  • Daniel Peckham

    I applied for the card within the last month, and just sent a msg asking for the extra 50k, and got them within 30 minutes!

  • Glenn

    I wish they’d target me with this offer. I used to get a Chase Sapphire “pre-approval” thing in the mail about once a week for a long time but always sent it to the shredder. But this offer would get me to pull the trigger. Maybe I have too many of their cards now…UA,BA, CO

    Since it sounds like everyone is pretty much having success with getting the extra 50K maybe I should just do it…

  • Jeremy

    I got the same message as everyone else – your 50,000 point offer stands as is, as a goodwill gesture we will give you 50,000 points immediately!!

  • The Points Guy

    @Aaron- as I mentioned in the post, I cannot guarantee you will get the 100k, but based on everyones success so far, it seems like the odds are good. I see the risk being low, since the 50k offer is really good anyway- in a worst case scenario you still got a good deal on a great card that has the first year annual fee waived, no foreign transaction fees, 7% yearly bonus etc etc

  • The Points Guy

    Oh and CONGRATS to everyone.. hearing your successes makes me happy. It is good to see Chase and American Express taking care of their customers :-)

  • Anthony M

    WOW!…just got same message as Bill M…I applyed this morning and got 100k pts the same day!!!!

    I definitely owe TPG a steak

  • Micheal

    I sent a secure email message saying that I heard about a 100k offer (not mentioning any other promo codes or anything) and asked if I could get the difference since I just opened my account. I got a response saying that they put 50k points in my account and my offer is still good as it stands (50k after 3k in spending).

    BTW – this card looks/feels super sexy, even before the extra 50k points :-)

  • Christine

    Hi. This worked for me. 50k just added. It took all of 5 minutes to write the email and get the response. Thanks so much TPG!

  • Nick

    @Anthony M — Did you apply for the card this morning? Did you send the secure message before the card even showed up in your online account?

  • Anthony M

    @Nick – I did apply for the card at around 8:30AM…about 30-40 minutes later I sent the message before the card showed up on my online Chase homepage…I don’t even believe it to be there yet

  • Andrew

    Saw it on Dans Deals this morning and sent a message via the Secure Message Center. They gave me the 50k points withing three hours! Thanks!

  • Alan

    I’m debating whether to apply for this Sapphire or a Hyatt Chase with its two free nights.

    If I can get the 100k points, clearly the Sapphire is a better option.

    Assuming I cannot, which card would you recommend pursuing?

  • Dude

    @Anthony M,

    Would you please mind sharing how you managed to send a secure message without the card showing up on your account? I have other existing chase cards in my online account – did you send the message through one of those?


  • Anthony M


    On the left hand side of the Home Page it gives you the option to send a secure message. You don’t send the message “through” a card, it should be right there on the screen.

  • Dude

    @Anthony M,

    Thanks – unfortunately, it asks me for the account number once I select this option. When I select “rewards inquiry” and try to choose “other” in the list of dropdown accounts, I only get a message saying that the secure messaging system is down for maintenance. Looks like I will have to try again. Thanks for your input.

  • john milton

    Wow! It was so easy. I applied for the Chase Sapphire 50k card on friday. I read your post today about getting 100k instead so I sent them the email as you mentioned and they replied within 30 minutes and agreed! They even gave me the extra 50k points immediately without even having received the card in the mail yet and not spending a dime! I see it posted on my account. Amazing!

  • Brian (J)

    it doesn’t like “other’ as a choice and kicks you into ‘down for maintenance. In my case 3 minutes later tried again and the Sapphire card number was then available and that went through. 6 minutes later I checked online and the 50K was there, 3 minutes more and I got the email. I have now gone from 300K to 1.1M miles in about 90 days thanks to TPG and FT.

    I have been following this on FT from two days ago and it is clear that Chase has a policy and a canned form letter and that many, most, or perhaps almost all are getting the approval and the same letter, with different signatures but the same content. I personally love the customer service and the ease of online management that I am getting from Chase Bank. Of course the Customer Service from TPG is even better. There are many sites that help you get miles/points, probably FT is the best. But only TPG Brian gets to the how’s and the hard work of spending those miles. Brian, in that respect, you Are the man.

  • Lauren

    Just applied for the card – thanks!

    Will I find out if I get approved for the card via e-mail or should I be checking the website?
    I want to be sure to send in the secure message asking for the additional 50K as soon as I can.

  • Dude

    Thanks Brian(J), would you mind sharing when you applied for the card? I applied today and moved some CL around to get it approved but havent been able to see the card online yet.

  • Dude

    @Brian(J), btw 800K is a sick haul! Congratulations!

  • Jenny

    The additional 50K points posted to my account less than 10 mins after I sent the request email!! Wohoo! TPG you are tooo AWESOME!! Thanks!!! :D

  • Farhan

    My application is currently pending approval. This there anyway I can expedite this? I tried calling in but the agent said she could not help!


  • Cecelia

    In reading the messages about Chase Saphire, I called this morning and mentioned that I had an offer code and offer number, but to no avail even though my card was only a few weeks old So I then sent a secure message and received a lovely note in response saying that they want to deliver good customer service and they’d deposited the 50k bonus points from my request. Woohoo! Thanks!

  • Jenny

    Would this offer work for anyone upgrading the non-preferred Chase card that they have to a preferred card? Thanks~

  • CP

    DUDE – how did you move around some CL to get it approved so quickly? I’ve called the app status line twice today and both reps said its too early for any indication on my app status. Tips would be appreciated.

  • Dude

    When I called, I was told that the reason the card wasn’t instantly approved was because of my existing credit lines with Chase and the rep proposed moving around some of the credit lines across cards. At the same time, I applied for my wife, received the pending notice and the rep wasnt able to offer any more information about her account. So it really is a crapshoot, sorry to say! We just have to wait and watch, looks like.

  • Will

    I applied for the Sapphire Preferred a week ago, have not heard anything yet, but decided to send a secure message asking for the 50k bonus (already have 2 Chase cards). I was rejected in a rather poorly written response and given 2,500 points as a consolation prize. I will await the status of my Sapphire application and then call again trying for the additional 5ok bonus.

  • Murad

    Brian, thanks (ONCE AGAIN) for the great tip. My wife got her Sapphire card 2 weeks ago. She emailed Chase today to request extra points. I had a positive answer in a hour! and the 50k points added to the account.

  • Radio Raheem

    I literally sent my request an hour ago and received my positive response already. 50k extra points to be deposited into my account on my next statement.

    On a side note…Brian i discovered your site a couple of months ago and now my fiance’ and I are 500K miles richer thanks to the BA/Chase, Citi/AA x 2, and Chase Sapphire bonuses. You are making our dream honeymoon trip become a reality!

  • RB

    Applied on Saturday and screen said application was received, will be processed, and would hear within 10 days. Logged in today to and saw the new Chase Sapphire account created. Sent a secure message tonight via the website and asked for the 100k promotion be applied and received a response within 15 minutes stating the additional 50k would be applied to my account! Although the reply is slightly different than others have received (specifically the mention of the $1000 cash back, but seems I should still be able to transfer to airline or hotel?)


    Dear xxxxxxxxx,

    I would first like to take this opportunity to personally
    thank you for choosing Chase to handle your Sapphire

    As per the offer on your account, you will receive 50,000
    Chase Sapphire bonus points after spending $3,000.00 in
    purchases within 93 days of account open date. These
    points will post to your account within one to two billing

    I feel that every relationship is based on mutual trust
    and support, including one between a bank and a customer.
    As a gesture of commitment to you, I have added additional
    50,000 points to the rewards balance on your account.
    This adjustment will reflect on your next statement.

    You can redeem the 100,000 points in total for a $1,000.00
    cashback. In order to view and redeem your rewards
    information online, please follow these steps:

    1. Log on to our website at and
    select your credit card account from the “My Accounts”
    2. Click on “Rewards Details” located in the bottom left
    corner of the Account Details page.
    3. After viewing current reward information, you may also
    click on “See Rewards History” for more information or
    “Redeem Rewards” to
    complete a redemption request.

    As always, your satisfaction is the most important to us.

    If we can help you with your account in any other way,
    please send us a secured e-mail or call us at the number
    listed below. Serving your credit card needs is very
    important to us, and we appreciate your business.

    Thank you,

  • Silvana

    What is the expiration date for those who had the invitation code?

  • Joe

    I just sent a secure message and they replied back almost instantly and gave me an extra 50,000 points!

    Thanks for this great tip!

  • Steve McD

    Tried 3 times calling the 800# and No Luck.. They all said I needed the Offer # and code.. I got one from FlyerTalk website and they told me name did not match and best they could do is offer me the 50K promotion with $3000 spending required during first 3 months.

  • The Points Guy

    Steve- did you send a secure message? That seems to be key

  • Ames

    I just got approved this morning over the phone. Has anyone been able to send a secure message before receiving the card/seeing it in the online account? I already have a Chase online acct thanks to the BA Visa — I just don’t want this offer to expire before I get the card.

  • Swat16

    Steve McD – you need to read thoroughly. No where has anyone said they applied for the 100K offer. Everyone is applying for the 50K then asking for the extra 50K.

  • Emmy

    Sent an email and they seemed more than happy to give us another 50,000 on our one week old card. Thanks for the tip!! My time spent reading your blog just paid for itself :)

  • hmaia

    I have applied this morning and the application shows as pending. I called the number and verified all the information the rep asked me but she told me I will receive a letter with the decision within 10 to 14 days. Is there a number that I can call to try expedite the process? It also happened when I applied for the BA. It took so long to get the card. I wish I could get it approved and send them a secure message tomorrow.

  • Paul

    Hi Brian

    Just wanted to pass on a little triumph with Chase’s Sapphire bonus thanks to the blog. My original sign up bonus was 25k. I bumped the bonus to 50k with a promotion match through secure email earlier in May. Thus, I received 25k extra. With this recent offer of 100k, I wrote again, and within 1 hour, 50k MORE was put into my account. I now have 75k in my account, without having spent a dime. Of course, once I meet the $3k spending requirement, I will be at 125k Ultimate Reward points.

    In case anyone else is in a similar boat, I wanted to share the news. I did submit the other bonus bump more than a month ago through customer service, so it’s possible that they don’t check this kind of thing. It shows that they’re not looking at relative point levels, but absolute point levels when they give them out. They’ll give you 100k for asking, not just the difference between what you were originally offered and 100k.

  • TravAdam

    Worked for me as well. Applied last week, got approved, but no card in mail yet. I sent them a secure message (have other accounts with Chase) so this part was easy. Within 10 minutes (!!!!), I got the same canned response everyone else has been getting. Thanks Brian!!! This is an awesome way to get 100k points!

  • Kaman Cali

    Just asked on my 3 week old card- response in 5 minutes, and +50,000 points deposited! Chase is really pushing to upstart Amex now it seems! Thank you Chase and Points Guy!

  • Sheehan Alam

    I’m not sure if I will get approved for this card. I have a 750+ credit score, but already have the Chase BA card. When I tried applying for the Chase Continental card a month ago, I was rejected for having too many Chase cards (I only have 1?). What is the general rule for applying for cards?

  • Steve

    My experience here matched the reports of everyone else. Within minutes of submitting a secure message, I was credited the 50,000 points. I’m really happy about this because I actually prefer the Ultimate Rewards program to American Express Membership Rewards. It seems like the redemption options are just better.

  • Alan

    Just applied. Got a notification that I’ll receive a response within 10 days.

    How long until you guys received approval? Is there any benefit in calling?

    Also, would it hurt my chances of approval if I apply for a Chase Hyatt while the application is pending?

  • Megan

    @Sheehan: I’m new to this miles game, but from what I’ve read, you can only apply for a new Chase card every 30 days. Perhaps there was not a full month between your BA and Continental apps?

  • Silvana

    Alan- I had the same thing as you (message about being process after application)when I applied for the Sapphire, and before that the British Airways and Continental. In all the 3 cases I followed up with the phone call and was approved. With Sapphire, I called about 5 minutes after applying and was approved instantly on the phone.

    Personally I would wait for Sapphire approval before applying for Chase Hyatt. Not sure how long would be best for you to wait

  • http://[email protected] Farhan

    Silvana – Which number did you call on to have your card approved? Is it the reconsideration number? They promptly told me (twice) that I would need to wait… :(

  • Silvana

    yes, it is the reconsideration number. In fact, i just got off the phone with CS asking to have it UPS (expedite the delivery) to me.


    Good Luck. You may want to ask if there is something missing you can provide them with to help move it along.

  • The Points Guy

    @Sheeham – 30 days is the minimum and even then, you may have to call to convince them to approve your application (which they should do as long as your credit is good).

  • Steve

    I applied for the Sapphire card exactly 28 days (was impatient to get in on the deal) after getting approved for the Chase Hyatt Visa, and was approved (not instantly, but I didn’t need to call for reconsideration or to follow up). These were my first 2 Chase cards, and not both Ultimate Rewards cards – it may make a difference.

  • Kevin

    I had the regular Sapphire card (actually have had this for almost 10 years before it was called Sapphire) and recently received an email telling me to upgrade to the preferred but w/o the 50k bonus. I called customer service yesterday to see if I can upgrade with the promotion, but he told me I had to apply separately. I did that but got the waiting to process message. I called today and the lady told me that the application did not process because I cannot have 2 Sapphire cards at once. I cancelled the original then was transferred to another dept to reprocess the original application for which I was approved instantly. How long does it take to show the new acct (and the 50k points) on my Chase online profile? Also, at this point, can I send the secure message? I don’t even know my acct #.

  • Alan

    I am about to call the reconsideration number.

    Assuming (knock on wood) that I am approved, how do I get the information to create an online Chase account and then send a secure message requesting the additional 50k?

    Thanks to TPG and all!

  • hmaia

    I called 888-270-2127 twice since yesterday and they keep saying that there is nothing wrong with my application but it is a normal process to take up to 14 days to get a decision.
    Just a little frustrated as I really want to get the 100,000 points x 2 (my wife applied too)
    Any tips would be appreciated.

  • Brian

    After reading this article, I went to my chase account online and sent a secure message requesting the additional points.

    Within minutes I had a response telling me they were giving me the additional 50,000 points.

    Thank you Points Guy. I am saving so much money because of this website.

  • Alan

    I just called, and they advised that I am approved. Yay!

    Now, I logged in to my Chase account, and I don’t see the Sapphire account. (Nor do I see any link to points.)

    How should I go about requesting the additional 50k points?

  • Rifle57

    I send a message as reccomended this morning, chase gave me the bonus 50k today, thanks for the tip!

  • hmaia

    Ok. I got approved by calling the reconsideration line. How long does it take for the account show when I log on to

  • Leighton Ratkey

    What is the email address for Chase to request to additional 50k points.

  • Sheehan

    What is the best way to ask through secure message? Can I just simply reference the promo code, and ask nicely or is there a certain structure to follow?

  • Jay

    @hmaia: It took me 1day before the account shows up in Chase.

  • Maren

    I got rejected! I asked them nicely and they said it was a test offer. If anyone has the invitation number they can spare, that might help!

  • Simon

    Applied this morning, and then called this afternoon (1888-245-0625) and asked if there was anymore information I could provide for my application. I also offered to close my United Visa, and move the credit limit to the Chase Sapphire Preferred. Put on hold a couple of minutes, and then confirmed application was approved and I’d be receiving my card in 7-10 days.

    I then asked about the 100k promo (code: S6V); I was put through to another representative who entered an escalation ticket, and told me I would hear in approx. 10 days. She did say that normally they would honour such promotions, however in hindsight, I should have quit while I was ahead – and e-mailed Chase via the Secure Message centre after I rec’d the card & started spending.

    Will sit tight now and await my card & the outcome of my “escalation” ticket.

  • silvana

    It seems like the rejection is coming in for folks about the additional 50k bonus. I wish I had check my chase account this morning so I could secure email to them. Perhaps writing the code is a mistake as it is only sent to certain individuals. I asked for the additional 50k half hour ago with the code…
    I really doubt they would honor it

    Oh well, I was happy about 50k bonus miles several months ago….just can’t be greedy.

  • Jax

    Looks like another 100,000 points are on their way to me once I meet the required 3-month spend. Thanks for the awesome tips!

  • AK

    @Jax – when did you receive your message?

    A lot of people on FlyerTalk are experiencing denied requests for messages sent in the past few hours.

  • Jax

    @AK I applied this morning. Then emailed my secure message around 805AM. My reply came in at 130PM today……. Here is a copy of my reply which to me sounds like I will get the 100,000 once I hit the minimum spend, which is just fine with me:

    Thank you for contacting Chase.

    Our records indicate that once you receive your card and
    you make $3,000.00 in purchases within 90 days of the open
    date. We will add the 100,000 first use bonus points to
    your account.

    If you have any further questions, please reply using the
    Secure Message Center.

    Thank you,

    I hadn’t even been approved for the card yet. I got the 10-14 day reply upon applying, but know my near 10 year history with chase will get me the card without any issues. So I went ahead and sent my message under my other chase account regarding finding the better promo online, and of course asked nicely… :)

  • http://[email protected] mrlassen

    Can anyone out there tell me where you find the email address to request the additional points? Is anyone having any luck telephoning in the request and what number are you using? Help would be appriciated.

  • jmb

    Well, sort of looks like the tap may be turned off. I had sent in a request this morning prior to receiving formal approval in the mail, but having been told by a CSR that the card had in fact been approved. Unfortunately, my online account did not as yet reflect the new card (I sent in the request under my other card number). So, a short time ago, I sent a second request, this time with the new card showing up in my online account. I received a response within 5 minutes or so of that request politely indicating that this was a special program only extended to certain cardholders and they regretted that they were unable to offer the same additional points to me. I found this particularly interesting given the fact that I have been a Chase cardholder for quite some time already.

    I did send a response indicating that it was clear that many people who had not been extended the offer were being granted additional points and asked, as a long time cardholder, for reconsideration of the request. I’m not expecting that to go anywhere, but figured it was worth a try. I’ll post again if that status changes.

    Bottom line… looks like they’ve gotten so many of these requests that they’ve decided to start declining them. Bummer.

  • gpapadop

    Well, there is a saying in this hobby regarding mileage runs/error fares “Book and ask questions later”. Maybe we can have another one regarding bump up on credit card bonuses “Email and ask questions later”:-)

  • Lee

    I just signed up for the Chase Sapphire card, and got approved instantly. However, since I’m new to Chase, I don’t have an online account yet to secure message about the 50k additional points. Any suggestions? Seems you can’t create an online account until you have your card in hand.

  • Iris

    Here is the rejection that I got – does anyone know the 12 digit code, or have any suggestions for what to do next?
    “Further, I would like to inform you that, when you apply
    for a card, there are various sign up offers given to the
    cardmembers which changes from time to time. Regretfully,
    I am unable to honor your request for 100,000 bonus points
    offer as your account does not qualify for this offer. I
    apologize for the inconvenience.

    However, if you were sent an invitation for this offer, I
    request you to kindly reply to this email using the Secure
    Message Center with the 12 digit invitation code and the
    offer id, and either myself or one of my colleagues will
    be happy to assist you.

  • Maren

    Iris- I got the same thing and I gave them one I found online and it was still a no. They said the marketing team cut it off and it was for select users only. Bummer.

  • Shari

    I was planning to apply for the Chase Sapphire 50K but now I am wondering what would happen if I applied via phone for the 100K one and mention the targeted offer code. Does anyone know what happens if you call in for an offer you are not targeted for? Ie. would Chase determine at the outset of the call if I was eligible or not? Or would they check my credit and then look at eligibility? Should I play dumb on knowing the Invitation No. which won’t be me?

    I am just wondering if applying for the 100K is worth a shot. Enough time has passed since getting my last Chase card and I have a good credit score. Thanks all!

  • DB

    I applied for the card last Thursday 6/16 and received my card in the mail today with the 50k point sign up bonus. I am planning to send a secure message and ask for the additional 50k.

    Is there any particular thing to say or mention in the message when asking for the additional points such as “I’ve read there are offers of 100k” or something like that? Or is it just a ask nice and cross your fingers typer deal?

  • Maren

    DB- They’ll reject you. They aren’t letting any more go through.

  • jmb

    @Shari, @DB–
    As I said in my earlier post, it would certainly appear that our window of opportunity may have passed. I’m sure they received a lot of similar requests thanks to this and other blogs and have likely decided to clamp down and restrict this only to those who have formally been given the offer. Each of the 10-digit invitation codes are keyed to an individual so giving them someone else’s invitation code plus the S6V promotion code won’t help in getting your request approved. It never hurts to try and I still have appealed my rejection via another note with a promise that they will get back to me shortly. I’m still awaiting the response and will probably send another note tomorrow morning. I’m not expecting much, but it never hurts to try. Good luck to you as well…

  • DB

    Thanks for the response… To update, I received the rejection message this morning. I will also attempt an appeal response.

  • Shari

    Thanks to those who responded. I am still curious if Chase will determine at the outset of the call if I am eligible or not. Or would they check my credit and THEN determine my eligibility? This is a slightly different scenario than people who already have the card asking for a bump.

  • wolfgang

    I too appealed a late Monday rejection of the 50k incremental bonus. Was told appeal appeal would go to a higher level. 36 hours later received a non-canned response from supervisor who said after examing my record he found no evidence that I was targeted for the SV6 promo. Ergo, no additional 50k.

  • Iris

    I called in once and also sent a total of three secure messages asking for an idea of what the requirements were to get the extra 50000 offer, whether changing credit limits on other Chase cards would help, and whether my account might be reconsidered. The first two return messages were rather canned, the last was not, and the customer service rep clearly knew what I was trying to do. The gist of it seems to be that the marketing department decides who to target, and the customer service reps (who you reach when you call) don’t have any information about this nor the power to do anything about it. The person I spoke with acknowledged that the information about this offer had reached a lot of people. I don’t know that it possible to connect with the marketing folks who make the decisions. The bottom line seems to be that no targeted offer = no dice……but if anyone finds another way, please post……..

  • Rubs

    got denied, as it was “targeted” and did not apply to my account. :( any luck with appeals ? Has anyone had any luck with appeals ?

  • Bruce


    I did try to request the additional 50,000 benefit but, through the secure communication system, was told I needed to provide both an invitation code and an offer ID from a targeted email. The S6V code alone was not enough. Does anyone have both an invitation code and an offer ID? And would that work if I provided it to them? So far it’s not looking good, but any tips would b appreciated.

  • Maren

    They will shoot you down, the codes are unique. I provided a friend’s code, and a very nice letter, and it was still a firm no.

  • PJ

    How do banks make money to pay such an awesome sign on bonus ? Do they come out ahead if i stay on for 2 more years with $1000 monthly average spending ?

    Why are so many people with excellent credit, no mortgage payment, not planing on borrowing any money in their remaining life NOT tempted into taking the offer ?

    I am urge all to take advantage of the auto pay feature built in with almost every credit card. It is certainly a lifesaver. A high yield money market accout can allow 6 electronic payments in a monthly billing cycle. Dont miss those old high interest days when we had to mail out payment checks and trying to catch the due date as closely as we could

  • PJ

    Phew!! S6V worked for me over the last weekend and i got 50K Sapphire points deposited into my account by this past Monday morning to my great surprise. those points came in time to book a one way flight EWR SJC(SFO)@ 12.5K and 2 nights at Hyatt Regency Seoul South Korea @2X8K cool.

    I was also told by Sapphire Rep that(as in my AMEX GOLD) all authorized users under the same card can be recipients of awards points. This feature is very handy when you need just a few thousands points into another family account ; simply add your family members as suthorized users.

  • Sarah

    Tried once by calling Chase; another by message. Unfortunately, I was denied both times. The response to my message was very articulate and somewhat thoughtful, however, they told me the 100,000 promo was handled by the marketing department and there was no way they could recommend me for this promotion.

    PJ – What number did you call?

  • Adam Linet

    I received a response from Chase:
    In response to your inquiry, your card is eligible to
    receive 50k bonus points automatically after completing
    $3000.00 in purchases within three months. In order to
    match 100k points offer on your existing Sapphire account,
    please reply to this e-mail with the Offer Code and
    Invitation Number that were included on the direct mail
    offer that was addressed to you.

    Does anyone have a number for me?



  • Jishman

    After being promised the additional 50K points would show up on in my account after 1-2 business cycles (I was very early in sending a secure message, a few hours at least before the rejections started popping up) via the secure message center, I get a letter in the mail last week saying the offer was in error and unless I can provide a targeted code, it will not be credited to my account. I’ve tried two different pieces of correspondence with the secure message center quoting the original agreement, but to no avail. Needless to say I’m pretty furious and will be calling customer service after work. Any suggestions on which department to ask for that would have the most leverage? Once again, I have an email from a customer service rep on the first day this offer leaked acknowledging that they would honor the original 50K, so I’m pretty astonished that the reps can now blindly claim that this agreement can be nullified just like that. Advice appreciated…

  • Ronak Mallik

    MAJOR bummer:

    Dear Ronak,

    I am writing in response to your e-mail inquiring the
    reward scheme currently promoted for Chase Sapphire

    I understand that you have received an offer for 50,000
    reward points and would like to receive an offer of
    100,000 points. It is never our intention to cause
    inconvenience to our customers due to the different
    offers. The offer which you received was the offer
    promoted at the time of your application.

    Further, it is the marketing team which decides such
    offers and promotes them for new customers while the
    application processes. Keeping the volatility of the
    markets in mind, different offers are made available at
    different times. Please note that the offer was an
    acquisition test offer only and was sent to a select
    customers through direct mail. Regretfully, this is a non
    transferable offer, therefore, I am unable to honor your
    request for 100,000 bonus points as a sign up offer.

    I sincerely apologize that I am unable to meet your
    expectations in this matter. Nothing would have pleased
    me more than to provide the resolution you are seeking.
    If you have any further questions, please reply using the
    Secure Message Center.

    Thank you,

    E-mail Customer Service Advisor

    Original Message Follows:

    Dear Chase Representative

    I recently received my new Chase Sapphire Preferred card
    with a 50,000 point sign up bonus after spending $3000.

    Today, I learned of a new offer S6V which promises 100,000
    bonus points. I would be very grateful if you would extend
    the 100,000 bonus point offer S6V to me as well since I
    just recently applied and received my card.

    Best Regards,

  • Jfeder45

    Had the same story. If you get any invitation code and you dont need it please contact me

  • Joshds

    Same thing. I tried 4+ emails, with threats to cancel the card + 2 calls to chase customer service. They wont budge.

  • Guest

    Does this only apply for new card applications? Or can you upgrade an existing Chase Sapphire to Preferred?

  • Drscooby74

    I have been trying for 2 days and they want the invitation number along with the offer code. I guess they have meet their quota because in the beginning they were giving it to people and now they are not. Too bad for me, great for everyone who got it.

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  • Tekle

    Hello TPG,

    Do you think this trick would still work today?

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