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Update: The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card sign-up bonus offer is now 40,000 points when you spend $3,000 in the first 3 months.

Last month I wrote about the 50,000 point sign-up bonus Chase Sapphire Preferred card being a pretty good deal. This came on the heels of the British Airways 100,000 mile bonus, so I know a lot of you wanted to hold off on more Chase applications because you didn’t want to get denied for this card. Now that the card has been out for a month, a lot of people have reported their experience applying for the card on Flyertalk, so I thought I’d sum up the responses.

I do not have an expiration date for this offer, which means it can be around for a while or it can be pulled at any time. When American Express pulled the 50,000 point sign-up bonus for the Platinum Card I had no advance notice at all and I know many of you were upset not to get in (until we realized we could ask for 100,000 points pretty successfully :-) ).

Key details of the card (TPG application link):
-50,000 points after spending $3,000 within the first three months. Those points can be transferred instantly to Continental/United, British Airways, Hyatt, Marriott, Priority Club and Amtrak. Names do not have to match accounts, so this gives great flexibility in topping off other family/friend’s accounts.
- Points can also be redeemed for airfare at 1.25 cents per point, so the 50k bonus will get you $625 towards flights and you will earn elite status and miles on those flights
- $95 annual fee waived for the first year
- No foreign transaction fees
- 7% yearly bonus on all points earned. So after you spend the $3k spend requirement and get your 53,000 points, you’d also earn 3,710 extra points at the end of the year
- 24/7 customer service answered by real people

It seems that Chase has a 30 day policy in between applying for cards, so since the BA 100k deal ended May 6, everyone should be in the clear (unless you’ve applied for another Chase card May 15 or later).

There is a lengthy Flyertalk thread here, which you can read. For your convenience I’ve highlighted the most recent experiences people have had applying for the card. As with anything related to credit, the ultimate decision rests in Chase’s hands and will depend on your overall credit picture, but it seems that Chase has been very lenient.

“I applied for the card on the 1st. Got a pending application and went on my trip. Returned yesterday and found a denial letter with “too many requests for credit or opened accounts with us.” I recently received Continental and Priority (Priority just a month ago) so was not very surprised to receive that answer. I called the number in this thread and mentally prepared myself to answer the questions that other FT members have reported. However, to my pleasant surprise, the guy just put me on hold and then advised that he approved the application, and that I would receive the card within 7-10 business days. Just $8,000 credit line, but who cares!”

mareh: “I applied two weeks ago. After 10 days, I received a letter saying I either had too much credit right now, or too much credit with Chase. I only have one card with Chase, but closed another recently. Both cards had high limits, and the one remaining still does.

I emailed to ask if they could split the credit line between the card I have and the Sapphire card. The first rep just re-sent an email copy of the same letter I had already received. The second person understood what I wanted, and said they’d forward my request to the appropriate department.

Today, I had an email approving me for the Sapphire card.”

booyaa: “After the previous two call-ins, I tried once again a day later. Still no dice with same reasons. Waited 2 days and tried again today, a lovely lady, N***y told me yes it was declined and gave me same reason (too many inquiries and accounts open in last 12 months). She then asked me why I have being applying for so many. I told her I have been looking for the “best” travel rewards card, and said though CO card was great, Sapphire gave me more flexibility and benefits (and naming them). She then offered to close my Freedom card, which I politely explained the only reason I don’t want to close that is because it is my longest history card and asked to close CO instead. She agreed but said I need another 1k CL for the 5k minimum on signature cards, so I asked to pull 1k from BA. And voila! It is now going to the “last step” for approval!

Lesson from me and others who offered (thanks guys): KEEP CALLING!”

philemer: “I applied for the Sapphire Preferred card about 7 days ago and got a rejection letter today. It said, “Too many requests for credit or opened accounts with us.” I’ve had 5 hard pulls since Jan. 1st & only have one Chase card currently. So I called the Chase reconsideration line a few minutes ago. The rep asked me the amount of my mortgage payment, put me on hold for 2 minutes, and approved me. My FICO is about 750 & I’ve had a long history with Chase so I expected them to approve me.

flyinhy: “I have six Chase cards all in the last year, as long as you have one card you use regularly, they will approve you for another, although they may transfer (lower) you credit limit from one card to another.
After I cancelled my 30,000 mile Continental card they immediately offered me the Presidential Plus card for free and then targeted me for the Continental 50,000 mile card”

gohogs34: “I applied about a week and a half ago and got denied. I have three Chase cards now. I called them and was informed that I had too many cards opened and I would have to close one. I have a Disney, Marriott and BA. He said I would have to close the Disney. Not a big deal anyway, the wife has one also and we have been to Disney some 14 times with a lot of savings from the cards. I told him that I would think about it. Several days go by and I get an email saying my card is on the way also saying they could not reach me to inform me that they dropped the Disney down to a credit limit of $7000. Got the card yesterday and will begin.
He also asked why was I wanting the card?”

and possibly the best advice in the thread…

lwildernova: “Chase reps frequently ask that question. Good research is your friend here. Before you call for reconsideration or, if already approved, for activation, look over the card’s benefits. There’ll generally be one benefit, in addition to the miles, that you’d actually like. Tell them that’s why you were interested in the card.

I applied for the Chase BA and then 30 days later, for the Chase CO. I noticed that the CO card actually has a very good rental car insurance policy that’s included when you pay for your rental with their card. Unlike my Amex Plat insurance benefit for which there is a fee, CO’s coverage is free. When I activated the CO card, I mentioned that benefit.

This is little stuff, I know. But I know enough about these customer call centers to know that the reps are generally being asked to take notes during their telephone calls. Those notes may (depending on how sophisticated a company’s IT system is) be available for review by other departments, including credit card approval and reconsideration. If your standard answer is “uh, the miles” and you do the FT standard: meet the spending requirement, put the credit card in the drawer, and cancel before the annual fee comes due, I guarantee you some of these companies are likely to reject your applications more frequently.”

Feel free to share your Sapphire Preferred application experience below. I will be applying for this card in my next round of applications – it’s not very often that you can get 50,000 Hyatt/BA/Continental points essentially for free.

As always, if you don’t mind using my application link, I’d greatly appreciate it. It’s the same exact offer you’d find elsewhere and the referrals are what keep this site running (especially now that this is my full-time job!)

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  • tassojunior

    My only fear is some few people have gotten their cards closed and shut out of all Chase cards for a long time because they were getting cards and just using for the bonuses.

    I presently have a a BA, the Southwest personal & biz, the Marriott, the CO and just closed the UA to get the BA (all in past year). Had to do reconsideration to get the WN biz and the BA.

    I plan to take them out of the sock drawer and use them for spend some before I apply for the Shappire. Hopefully that and the fact I’ve had my mortgage with Chase for 25 years will help. My credit score is 770 but I have a lot of inquiries ( 6 show on TransUnion but most are on Experian which Chase uses here).

  • Faye

    I closed my last Sapphire card at the end of March this year. Applied for a new one this week, all set to call reconsideration line this morning and Chase called me first. All I had to do was move 6K over from my Hyatt card to the Sapphire and I was approved.

  • Brian

    I applied for one last week and to the “decision pending” screen. I looked at my Chase account online a few days later and the new card is listed there! I do find it strange that they didn’t bother emailing me to tell me it was approved though.

  • RH

    Question: how soon after the first three months/$3k spending can you expect to receive the 50k points? I ask because I would like to sign up for the card this week, earn the points, and redeem them for CO miles before the airline goes away at the end of September. Any idea? is it too late?

  • The Points Guy

    @Tasso- I think its a valid fear because no business wants to lose money. If you are a good customer to Chase, I think that makes things a lot better.

    @Faye and Brian- thanks for sharing and enjoy the points :-)

    @RH- I wouldn’t worry about the Continental transferability. My guess is that United will become the transfer partner. But to answer your question, the points usually post after the statement in which you hit the $3k spend and pay your bill.

  • Global Explat

    Thanks Brian. I used your link last night. Didn’t get an auto-acceptance, so this color is helpful for the upcoming follow up.

  • Simon

    @Global Expat – same for me; I just applied for my wife using TPG’s link and got the Decision Pending message.

  • AJ

    TPG, can you confirm whether we would be allowed to convert/downgrade this card to regular Sapphire at the end of the year?

  • Swheel

    If I redeem points for a flight using Chase Ultimate Rewards booking tool, am I eligible for mileage accrual with the airline for miles I actually fly?

  • Daraius | Million Mile Secrets

    @Swheel – Yes, you will earn mileage on your flights booked through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal.

  • D

    Interesting to hear that Chase CO card has this: “I applied for the Chase BA and then 30 days later, for the Chase CO. I noticed that the CO card actually has a very good rental car insurance policy that’s included when you pay for your rental with their card. Unlike my Amex Plat insurance benefit for which there is a fee, CO’s coverage is free. When I activated the CO card, I mentioned that benefit.”
    Do any of the other Chase cards have this? I just closed my Continental card when the annual fee was billed. Currently I only have the United MP and Intercontinental PC cards.

  • Brian (J)
  • Ted

    Hey you pulled my post from FT! :)

    So apparently the “last step for approval” means more verification. Been almost a week and still “in process”, despite them having already closed my CO card and reduced my BA CL (both reflected online). Still patiently waiting for card to show up in online account.

  • TravAdam

    I applied for this card (through your link) last night and got approved. When should I expect the card in the mail? Also, does the 7% annual point dividend apply toward the 50k bonus?

  • Mark

    Pro and Con ? I
    Is it better to reduce credit lines befor appling for 3rd or 4 th Chase cards or call after being turned down and let them suggest it?

  • The Points Guy

    @Travadam- yes the bonus will count. All points during the year will count

    @Mark- dont do anything. You may get autodenied and having the ability to pull down/shift credit will be your ace in the hole. If you lose that playing card, you may ultimately get denied since its not normal behavior to decrease credit lines

  • John

    I too got the denial letter, didn’t even call, sent a secure message thru my other Chase account requesting to lower available credit line for the Preferred Card, within two day, received secure message that I was approved.

  • DB

    Now this may be a dumb question, but how does the point accrual work once the $3k is reached and the 50,000 points are issued? If you are spending more in the first three months, will you receive additional points for airfare use? What about after the first three months?

  • Mizz

    I got denied for this card because I had some mortgage lates about 6 months ago. I called the 888 number but they still said no dice. My credit is in the mid 700′s and I was just approved for both Citi AA offers. Any advice how to get Chase to approve? I have a slate card with them and suggested moving over the CL, but they didn’t go for it.

  • The Points Guy

    @DB the 50k will get deposited into your account usually after your statement closes when you hit the $3k. You’ll also get 1 point per dollar (or more) for dollar you spend, including the $3k needed to hit the bonus. After you get the bonus, you continue earning 1 point+ per dollar

    @Mizz- my only advice is to call again or send a secure message asking for reconsideration. However,Chase doesn’t care what Citi did- they have their own policies. I think its fare to shift your Slate card balance- I’d just call and hope to get a sympathetic rep. Tell them you need Sapphire Pref because you cant have foreign transaction fees because you travel a lot

  • Swat16

    Check out Flyer Talk where people have started getting targeted for this card at 100K point bonus with just a $500 spend. Apply through this link then ask for the extra 50K. Maybe it will work?

  • Stanley

    I already have a Sapphire card but decided this offer is too good to pass up. So I clicked the link and applied. I just got the letter today saying that “Our records show that you already have a CHASE SAPPHIRE account.” They gave a number to call but I used the backdoor number instead. I spent a few minutes explaining to a very helpful agent that what I really wanted was the PREFERRED card. He told me he’d have to go through the credit check process and that if I just wanted to swap cards it likely wouldn’t be a problem. I’d have to cancel my current Sapphire card and redeem the points I have since they can’t be transferred. Since my Sapphire card did not come with a bonus points offer I am eligible for the 50K points being offered on the Preferred card. I also have points in the queue based on pending charges, so I need to wait a few days for those charges to clear before I can finish the process.

    So now I have to wait a week for my monthly statement to close–and not use the card in the process. Once that’s done I can redeem my existing 45K+ points (I’ll likely get a few hotel cards) and let them close the account. My balance won’t be zero but I was told it should be fine to open the new account with the same limit. He said unless I get close to charging to my limit–which I won’t do–it shouldn’t be a problem to issue the new card with the same limit. So even though I still need to pay off the balance it’s almost like getting a defacto limit increase. So I’ll be without the card for about 10 days or so, but I can live with that. And I’ll have at least a total of 95K points for my efforts, with the possibility of getting 50K more if they will honor the targeted offer.

    The agent is supposed to call me back a week from today to finalize the transition (again, waiting for my points to settle so I can redeem them). If he doesn’t I’ll be unhappy but I’ll just call back and repeat the process.

  • TP

    Is there a general window for the approval process? I know the website and Chase ‘officially’ said 30 days, but it has never taken me that long to get an answer from them.

    I applied on June 8th and to this day my application is still ‘pending’. I’ve called and talked to a customer service rep several times and each time I was given the “Nothing I can do” answer.

    Does anyone if there’s anything I can do or do I have to sit there and wait for 30 days for them to decline me? Such a laggy process!!

  • Mark

    I received my letter stating too many inquiries and too recent Chase offer (BA in March). I called the reconsideration line and asked to xfer credit limit from BA account. Got approved and then asked for the 100,000. They sent me to another dept. The rep told me I needed the code from the mailing. I explained I had shredded it as I did not plan on applying. I stated how happy I was with customer service at Chase and the fact they answer the phone w/o a myriad of options. She told me to wait and honored the 100,000.

  • Ted

    @Mark and this happened today?

  • Mark


  • Stanley

    The deal is done. Now waiting for the Preferred card to arrive. Should I wait to call regarding the extra points or can I do it without the card?

  • Ted

    @Mark but since the account was just opened, you haven’t actually seen the 50k extra points? Just verbal agreement at this point?

  • Mark

    Correct, have not seen the points, but the rep said I would see the extra 50,000 on the first statement. I am hopeful, as I have not been “burned” before. I think being “kind” worked this time. I will post later to let you know the outcome.

  • Sam

    @Ted Did the card show up in your account yet?? Ive also been at the “last step” verifications since Monday last week :-(

  • Ted

    @Sam No, it hasn’t. :( I’ve been at last step since the 10th. Check out my update:

  • Sam

    @Ted, read your update, good info, thanks for posting. Im in the same boat as you, they approved after lowering CL on other cards…got those letters in the mail too…anyway, looks like I’m in for a bit of a wait…:-(

  • Jason

    What is your opinion on the free trip cancellation coverage? When I registered for the card the CSR explained this card came with this coverage but I’m not clear on how it works or if it’s decent.

  • Vick

    I applied an had an instant approval, however, on the approval page there was some sort of page error with a pop up blocking the text. All I could see was “Instantly Approved.” Did I have to complete additional steps? Do I need to reapply?

  • Arlington Fed

    Ughhh.. I really want to take advantage of this offer. Unfortunately, I have a bunch of Chase Cards:

    1) Continental
    2) BA
    3) IHG

    I have also have a non rewards Chase Platinum card which I’ve had since 1990 (freshman year in college) which as a result of my tenure has a high credit limit. I was planning on cancelling all the cards when the annuall fee hits except the IHG card and then apply for Chase Sapphire Preffered when they have their next lucrative bonus.

  • Jake

    Hi all,

    For what it’s worth, I applied online and was denied – based on a tax lien (being self employed can suck), and also some delinquent student loan payments. Regardless, I explained the reasons for them and that it was all taken care of now (but, of course stays on your record for 7 years! fun!). And, they were able to approve me!

    So, basically, the moral of this story is – if you were denied, give them a ring. Work some smooth talking magic, and don’t forget to tell the representative that they rock.

    Good luck!

    (now, fingers crossed I can back apply and get the retroact 2x 50K bonus points with the code when I receive the card).

  • Anonymous

    I have no Chase cards. Rec’d the citi AA cards on June 6 (same day, one credit pull, if I understand correctly). Good credit history. Good credit score. I want the Chase Sapphire Preferred. About 5 min ago I rec’d a targeted Continental 50k for first card use offer. I want both cards!!

    The Continental offer expires 8/31. If I apply for the Sapphire today, it will be over 30 days before I apply for the Continental. Is this a good plan? Or should I apply for both today for one pull or will that simply result in both getting denied? I have researched a ton and I know it is different for everyone, but this whole process is new to me and I would just like some veteran advice. Thanks so much!

  • Anonymous

    I’d apply for the Sapphire right now and you’ll more than likely get it with no issues. Then apply for Continental- you’ll probably get rejected, but it wont matter because its not another inquiry and you can call the reconsideration line and tell them you want the Continental card for domestic spend and Sapphire for international. I think you can get both now, but to be safe, it may not hurt to wait 31 days.

  • Anonymous

    I received a “decision pending review” screen. Guess it is a wait and see game for me now :-)

  • n/a

    Great to have the support of this community to help us succeed with reconsideration calls.
    Got denied for the Sapphire card on a recent app, based on having 3 Chase cards overall and what they said were two recent new cards (Priority Club in April, and British Airways in May). Even though I applied more than two months after that BA card (the 30-day wait isn’t an official rule at Chase), and I have a great credit score, the first reconsideration line agent (male) was very firm in not wanting to approve this new Sapphire card. I offered idea of closing my old Continental Airlines card, he turned down the idea.

    Waited an hour and called back. Didn’t have that first guy’s name, but would hang up if I heard his voice. Got a woman this time, she did say she saw notes on my account from the last agent who I called, which stated he had tried to reconsider my app but had to deny me a second time. I explained politely to the woman that I understand Chase’s hesitancy, but I would encourage them to reconsider me. I’m a great customer, have a great credit score, am currently using my BA and PC cards because I love their benefits, but I am really drawn to the Sapphire card for its truly unique benefit of 7% annual bonus on points earned, which is something I’ve never seen in a credit card before.
    This time SHE brought up option of closing the Continental card. I said I would be ok with that, she put me on hold, came back and confirmed they were closing the Continental card and approving my new Sapphire card (with the 50k bonus offer).
    Calling back always worth it. Beneficial not to get pissy with an agent who turns you down, just in case he would write bad things about you.

  • Hemi

    Have had the chase sapphire card for a year now, and the annual fee of $85 just got applied…spoke to several chase CSR’s who all said they could not do anything about the membership fee (which i found odd because a CSR from Citibank gladly credited me the $85 for the annual fee on both my Citi AA Amex, and AA Visa with no hesitation)…

    Wanted to know if anyone had success getting the annual fee waived on their Chase Sapphire???

  • EricT

    I just received my 50k bonus points, but after only spending $1200. It shows that I have 53,904 points now. I must of accumulated 3,904 points the past month (not sure how), but either way I thought it had to be $3k spent not 3k points accumulated. Anyone have any clue how this could be? I’m not complaining, of course.

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  • Luvmy420

    I oringally had gotten declined despite my 750 Credit score…they said it was due to a Bankruptcy I had on my credit ( the only blemish whatsoever) that was just under 7 years old. I called the reconsideration line and they wouldn’t budge. I called the executive office at Chase and got in touch with the lady in charge of dealing with Credit cards.. she made a couple of calls and less than a day later I was approved with a modest credit line ( 10k). she was very helpful.. sometimes it pays to keep pushing.

  • Guest

    Thanks for the post. It really helped me in getting my credit card approved. Initially I got a mail from them saying my card application is reject but when I called the the reconisderation number they approved my card for 5K.

  • Guest

    Yes! – I got auto approved – I think my credit has become pretty good over the last year after I increased my credit card limits and setup automatic full payments.

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  • Jhooum

    @Vick Same thing happened to me. Did you end up receiving your card in the mail? How long did it take?

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  • Lauren

    Maybe this is a noob question, but I was denied for having no credit (recently graduated from graduate school, paid off student loans in one year, no other previous credit history), called the reconsideration line and was denied again. Would it be wise to call back or to apply for a more basic card? Really want the miles, of course.

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  • doctorofcredit

    Chase usually won’t accept you if you don’t already have a 5k limit with somebody else.

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