Free Hertz Rental Day for 2 Seconds of Work

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Hertz is revamping their loyalty Program, GoldPlus Rewards (formerly #1 Rewards) and they are giving away 500 points just for registering (link), for their promo. If you don’t have a Goldplus or #1 Rewards account, you can get one for free (until September 30, 2011) here. While 500 points doesn’t seem like a lot, its actually enough for a free full-size weekend rental day. Additionally, you will earn an extra 100 points on each rental July 1 – September 30, 2011.

Update: If you are an American Express Platinum Card holder, Gold Status is a free perk. Just sign up here and enter the following information:
Company Name: American Express Platinum
CDP Number: 211762
Assigned Promo Code Number: 154This is a pretty phenomenal deal – I often use 500 Hertz points for free NYC rentals and I’ve never once not been able to get a car – even on peak weekends. In general, you earn 1 point per dollar spent, so I get a free rental for every $500 I spend on cars. Since NYC car rentals are often $90+, I find this to be a good reward for my loyalty and I always accrue Hertz points, unless another company is markedly cheaper or has a monster bonus to an airline partner.

Basically, I can’t think of any reason not to sign-up for this. Happy weekend!

Hat tip to TPG reader Subbu for this.

You must register with a valid Hertz Gold membership number to participate in this promotion. 500 bonus points will be provided to member’s account after successfully registering for the promotion, enough points to redeem for a free non-peak weekend rental day. Only rentals made after the date that the member registers will qualify for the “100 Bonus Points per rental day” portion of this promotion, during the promotional period of July 1 – September 30, 2011. No bonus points will be awarded on partial days, only full days will qualify. Offer valid to U.S. and Canada residents only, for rentals at participating locations in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Puerto Rico and U.S.V.I. Bonus points earned during this promotion are not eligible for any additional or tier bonuses. Advance reservations required. Modifying your reservation may result in a change in your rate and/or invalidate this offer. Offer has no cash value and cannot be used with Pre-Pay Rates, Tour Rates, Insurance Replacement Rates or any other promotion other than your CDP#. Standard rental qualifications and return restrictions apply. Minimum age for this offer is 21 and age differential charges may apply. Bonus points will be placed in member’s account up to 4 weeks from rental return. All Gold Plus Rewards Program terms apply; go to for Program Terms and Conditions.

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  • Eric

    Perhaps I’m wrong, but won’t you be charged $60 in September for joining the Hertz GoldPlus club?

  • Jon

    Just tried signing up and I keep getting some server error when I get to the final page. Is this happening to anyone else?

  • mark

    I am firmly in the National camp because I just love being able to pick my own car. But, Hertz’s reward program is quite compelling. I had no idea. Are there other ways to earn Hertz points?

  • Hannah

    I tried to sign up for Hertz Gold and am getting the same server error.

  • Hannah

    UPDATE: Yes, the Hertz site is having server problems. I got this actual Hertz error message:

    We’re Sorry
    The Hertz website is experiencing a system error at this time.
    You may retry your request or we welcome you to contact us directly to complete your business.

    By Phone:
    - United States/Canada: 877-826-8782
    - United Kingdom: 020 7026 0077
    - Australia: 13 30 39
    By E-mail:
    - [email protected]
    All other customers, please contact your local Hertz reservation center.
    Otherwise, please try the Hertz website again later.
    Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

  • LIH Prem

    There’s a new award chart and a new set of blackout dates for standard awards (per city, for peak periods, for example, labor day, memorial day, etc are peak periods in NYC, In Hawaii, Presidents week, a big block of dates in the summer and Dec 15 – 31 are blackout dates for standard awards.) They have anytime awards that can be used during the blackout dates.


  • LIH Prem

    ps .. I don’t know what factor they used, but I noticed that my Hertz award balance jumped by a bit when they rolled out the new program (even before the 500 point bonus.)

    So there might have been some conversion adjustment as well.


  • The Points Guy

    David- thats interesting because I saw my balance increase too. Thats a shame about the blackout dates- I never once had an issue redeeming points at the lowest levels. I guess all good things must come to an end…

  • The Points Guy

    @Mark- no other ways that I’m aware of (except buying them outright in the Discover America auctions which was an amazing value)

  • The Points Guy

    @Eric- no. Where did you see that you would be charged $60 in September? Normally the signup fee is $60 but they are waiving it until then. Membership is good for a year and most likely they will renew you for free, though I’m not really sure if thats going to change.

  • Jason

    How long before the points posted in your account after registering?

  • Jay


    Thanks for sharing This. Any sense on when the point can be credited? Went through the steps and in step 3, I have “Thank you for registering in the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Offer.
    You just earned 500 points, enough for a FREE Weekend Day!” However, when I checked the account, Point is not there.

  • Maury

    In order to have the 500 points in your account you have to pay a car rental first.

  • Miles

    It looks to me that @Eric is right — there is a $60 annual fee that will be assessed to #1 Gold members, and you can’t get the 500 points unless you are one. Not a problem if you routinely use Hertz.

    From the offer: “($60 membership fee waived until Sept. 30th.)”

  • Danny

    I suspect it depends on how Hertz chooses to interpret “until”, which can mean either that you get a full membership for free if you sign up before 9/30 or that you get it for free until 9/30 at which point they charge you. I’ll be calling and checking in mid-September.

  • The Points Guy

    @Maury- where do you see anything stating you have to rent a car? All I see is “500 bonus points will be provided to member’s account after successfully registering for the promotion, enough points to redeem for a free non-peak weekend rental day.”

    @miles- it’s a yearly membership that is waived until sept 30- so your first year is free if you signup before sept 30. Therefore you can get the 500 points without paying the fee

  • Jethro

    Do Amex Platinum members have to pay the annual fee, or is this one of the perks? How do they know if you are a Platinum card holder?

  • The Points Guy

    Company Name: American Express Platinum
    CDP Number: 211762
    Assigned Promo Code Number: 154

  • D.Whitaker


    Thank you for the Hertz info. Logged in….. Did Promo (plat number)…BOOM…500 points. Easy.
    With the extra 100 points per day PLUS rental points for rental charges, I punched in for rental from ATL airport for weekly rate using pc code-158752 (received Hertz Email) and got rate for full size Impala for $263.00 for entire week. That is total charge. Rav 4 rate is $162.00 prepay for one week !
    For me, this works well by taking MARTA to airport for flight out and picking up rental on return to avoid train and use over July 4th for a week and returning after for another flight out after holiday. Possibly use for beach trip ?
    763 points +500 bonus points + 1200 points I already have = 4 days work week rental in some of the less frequented airport locations I must rent from. Haven’t used Hertz much in past due to high rates, but have noticed they are becoming competitive on rates and discounts lately. Thanks again.

  • D.Whit

    Addendum – the above pc code (158752-$100 off week) is for small thru midsize. Code 158745 works for same discount on premium vehicles. I would advise if Amex Platinum and interested, to reserve with non premium code and possibly be offered premium upgrade for free if location inventory is depleted or late returning. ((was offered a Escalade in West Palm for two days when no full size available))

  • Maury

    TPG: I signed up for this offer two days ago and nothing showed up in my account. I have the Hertz membership through my Amex Plat. I called Hertz customer service and a CSR told me that in order to get the 500 points you need to pay for a rental then it will show up in the account.

  • Matt

    I registered for the promo and got the message about getting 500 points, but the points have not actually posted. I was signed up for the hertz gold through Amex platinum, but had never rented a car. Was going to use for upcoming trip, so disappointed it’s not working. Is anyone actually getting the points posted, or does everyone think they’re getting the points because of the message that pops up??

  • The Points Guy

    The t&c state up to 4 weeks for the points to post so I wouldn’t worry if you haven’t seen them yet

  • Robert Burns


    I just did this with the Amex Plat. When I added in the 28 hour Plat Amex Hertz perk I got my business rental tomorrow down by $60 in BWI tomorrow. That alone was worth it and the points are just icing on the cake.

    Also worth mention that you can exchange Hertz points for FF miles with a handful of programs. It is a poor value though at 600 Hertz Points = 500 miles but can be handy for last minute award ticket needs if you are short.

    I appreciate the tip!

  • NSK

    Side note: do we earn Hertz points for rentals paid for by an auto dealer?

    I received a Hertz loaner car a couple weeks ago, and saw that the rental appeared on my rental history.

  • MJL

    Thanks for clarifying the GPR fee issue. When I first read it, I too thought the wording meant that GoldPlusRewards membership was only good through Sept 1, so I thought why bother registering.
    Do you know, if you forget to disenroll for the yearly membership at next year, do they allow you to cancel within a month with a refund? I know some credit card issuers will let you do that.

  • Jan

    I’m with MJL wondering whether there’s a risk of having to pay the annual fee next year if I forget to disenroll. I’m not sure it would be worth it then.

  • JohnInNYC

    A few things to keep in mind from the T&C of the website… you only accrue points for “eligible dollars spent” so most likely that means that taxes, etc don’t count and it’s only on the base rate. Also per the T&Cs 1, be careful on using promo codes because that could negate the 100 point bonus.

    For the National faithful, such as myself, National doesn’t allow free days to be redeemed (at all) for locations that they consider to be “Premium” and Manhattan is considered to be premium. Therefore, if you live in New York City, the only place that you can redeem free rentals is by going to JFK/ LaGuardia where a cab fare would negate most of the reward not to mention the inconvenience. I LOVE National and choosing my own car, but redemptions are disappointing which is why I may go back to Hertz for a while to rack up a few free days quickly that I love to use on beach weekends!

  • trish

    i did the promotional deal with hertz and i DID NOT receive my points yet.
    i talked to the online help lady and she said that it WILL take a month to receive it, when i told her that it CLEARLY states on the ad that the points will be in your account the moment that you sign up.

  • tp

    do you know when the points would be applied? ive already been a #1G member, and registered for this promotion over a week ago and have not seen the points

    ive tried re-registering, and it confirms that my membership # has already been registered

  • Jens

    I’m also wondering about Jan’s question. Can I forget to cancel membership and end up having to pay the annual fee for something that surely isn’t worth 60 bucks?

  • The Points Guy

    @Jens- I highly doubt everyone will be auto-charged $60 in September. Even if you are for some reason I’m sure you can cancel. I wouldn’t worry too much about it, though I can’t guarantee what will happen since I don’t work for Hertz- thats just my opinion

  • foofiter

    My 500 points just posted. Took roughly 2 weeks!

  • Lauren

    i registered on june 23 and my points still have not posted. any success stories?

  • EGWG

    I just checked today. The 500 pts are in my account. Thanks for the great tip.

  • Jens

    I registered on June 27 and they haven’t posted yet.

  • Steve

    I haven’t received these points, and registered back in June! I suspect I’ll have to write this one off.

  • Adamu98

    looks to me that you get free gold til sept 30th then you have to pay the 60$

  • TJ

    Never received these. Bummer.

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