Delta Adds Upgrade List Functionality to iPhone App

by on June 25, 2011 · 15 comments

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Delta has had an iPhone app for a while now, though they just added upgrade list functionality and so far so good. I am actually writing this post from the LAX SkyClub as I wait for my JFK flight and I’ve used the new feature and am impressed so far (though I’m not happy at my current spot on the upgrade list).

First thing I had to do was update the app in the App Store:

App Store Update

Then, once checked-in:
-> View my trips -> Click on your itinerary -> Upgrade – View List

I like how it shows names so you can see where your traveling companions also stand. Overall, I’m liking it so far and it’ll save me from opening up my laptop or trying to load on my iPhone, which always takes a while.

An extra bleak upgrade list for me :-(

I’d love for the iPhone app to allow me to same day confirm to other flights automatically. What types of things would you like to see in an airline app?

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  • Lam, E

    You should have booked a “U” fare like I did instead of a “T” fare.

    I rested well up front and enjoyed 5 woodfords and 3 glasses of vino.

  • Lam, E

    actually since they are already listing some private info (3 letters of the name),

    why don’t they list the medallion status, fare class, amex reserve +/- on the list, it would be interesting and also more transparent.

  • Greg

    Umm….why did you go through the trouble of blocking your SkyMiles and seat number, but not your ticket number and name? You only need those two to look up a reservation, and see the SkyMiles number / price you paid even after you’ve flown.

  • The Points Guy

    @E – lol!

    @Greg- I meant to block the ticket number too- not sure what happened. But thx for the reminder- i updated it

  • Aaron Klein

    I’ve meant to ask this question before, but I’m horribly confused by the upgrade list as a lowly Silver.

    I thought my upgrade was supposed to clear 24 hours in advance, but if I check in on the dot and look at it, it will show 6 seats available in first class and I’m second on the upgrade list, and it still hasn’t cleared.

    Conversely, when I get an upgrade, I get it 48 hours in advance before I can even see the upgrade list!

    Can you shed some light on how this works?

  • Trollish Moron


    Delta will release seats at the windows only if it wants to. Lots of times it wants to try to sell first class for cash until the last minute. So if they release inventory for elite upgrades and you are within your window and nobody is higher priority you get upgraded.

  • trollish moron

    Also, as more people come in you will become 10 of 15 , 35 of 50, 75 of 85 etc depending how many elites there are.

    also the number of available seats will plummet over the 24 hrs as people buy last minute F/Y seats or get rebooked etc

    it’s quite depressing to watch actually

  • Aaron Klein

    Well, that approach doesn’t make me mad. After all, I am only a Silver and I’m getting a lot of benefit out of the Elite status even before an upgrade. (I’ve only been forced to check my bag on CRJs since I’ve been in Zone 2.)

    But it’s misleading to just say the upgrade clears 24 hours in advance if it’s only for a subset of first class inventory. Delta should make that clearer on Medallion benefits.

  • Trollish moron

    Good idea write to delta and u will prob get 2,500 -4,500 miles

  • ArizonaGuy

    So…no update to the Android app – at least not when I check the market. So I wonder how long it will take roll it out there.

  • Trollish moron

    u can’t resist Steve jobs’s pull on ur life… Just give in and get an iPhone….

  • D.Whitaker

    Aaron, you have the right attitude for thr program. Take what you can get as a silver and be thankful. When business picked back up a couple years ago after a slumber and I was silver, I’d cross my fingers when I saw my name at #3 or something on the gate board, go to the lounge and come back and be #26 or something lower. Oh well ! Some flights don’t upgrade as the program details since they know a percentage of elites will show up standby and some inbound delays will have elites connecting to flights. The Delta LAX flight upgrade boards change like a horse race monitor for flights into Atlanta. The New York flight monitors are even worse. Instead of hoping for a upgrade on those flights, I schedule particular flights with lowly T neighborhood flights and let it be known I’m available to bounce if my schedule permits. It has worked several times for me and that’s another reason the days out notification isn’t exact as Delta has to subtract another first class seat guaranteed to someone, to seat me from the bounce the night before. I always feel sorry for someone briefly as I stash my free flight voucher. hee
    If you expect nothing, you will enjoy the ff benefits better. I don’t ever feel any sympathy for guys having a meltdown with agents at the boarding gate over upgrades.

  • Ann

    Can i ask a question not related to this article.

    Is SLC – BCN ( stop over) – CPH ( destination) a valid routing for delta? I just want to know if i can do this for getting an award ticket. coming back its just CPH to SLC.

    thank you!

  • Ngu, H

    I hope that Delta Iphone Apps will get better over time. AA iphone apps makes Delta look like it was designed by amateur. Delta website is also not very friendly;

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