40,000 Mile Sign Up Bonus for Alaska Airlines Bank of America Visa

by on June 24, 2011 · 25 comments

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If you are like me and have maxed out on Chase and American Express offers, you may want to consider the Bank of America Alaska Airlines Visa with 40,000 mile sign-up bonus.

Per their partner award chart, its only 25,000 miles for a domestic award on American/Delta/Alaskan, (or redeem internationally on British Airways, Air France and Cathay Pacific)  so the annual fee of $75 pays for itself- at least for the first year.

In fact, the card comes with a valuable $99 companion ticket which can be used on first class fares as well- and you earn miles on the companion ticket. If used properly, this benefit can save hundreds a year.

Alaska Airlines 40k

While I am only interested in 50,000 mile+ sign up bonuses, this could be a decent deal for someone who has a bunch of Alaska miles or  Starwood points that can be converted into Alaska miles.

Otherwise, I’d recommend sitting this one else and saving your credit inquiries for future deals.

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  • Jim

    I was just rejected for and second AS card and this 40K offer. Too many inquiries. I’ve been trying to cool my churning activity, but this one was just too appealing.

    Does anyone know a phone number for reconsideration?


  • gpapadop

    @Jim Did you have the first card still open? If not, when did you cancel it?

  • Erik

    Why didn’t you mention the $99 companion certificate this card includes which applies to first class fares as well? And the companion ticket is mileage earning too. That’s where the real savings are!

  • Scott

    FYI, I called Alaska Airlines to ask if they would add 15,000 bonus miles to my account because I was just approved for the 25,000 mile Signature Card a couple of months ago. They told me they could not do that because the 40,000 mile bonus was not a promotion through Alaska Airlines. The customer service lady on the phone told me to apply for a second card to get the bonus and cancel my first card. So I applied and was approved. That’s 65,000 bonus miles instead of 40,000!

  • Pedro

    Scott – Nice move. Did you cancel your card before applying for the new one?

  • pdx

    Is the companion ticket available immediately or is there a wait? For some plans the wait is. 12 months.

  • bORD

    TPG–your post notes that you’re “only interested in 50,000 mile+ sign up bonuses.” Do you anticipate offers of that size in the near future? The most generous promotions (Citi AA 75,000-mile cards, Chase Sapphire 50,000 – 100,000-point cards, e.g.) are growing a bit stale, but I haven’t seen anything new of their size and so am tempted to blow a credit inquiry on this card. Thanks for any thoughts and for the great blog.

  • Scott

    I have not canceled the older card. I will probably hang on to both until I have to pay the renewal fee and then decide which one I will cancel. The terms are not exactly the same for each card. The card with the 40,000 bonus miles comes with a higher APR.

  • Pedro

    Scott – Thanks, I’m in the same situation…I guess if BofA will let me have both cards, I just apply for the one with the higher bonus and then cancel one later. Thanks again!

  • David

    Anyone have a phone # to speed up the AS 40k app status?
    Someone gave me a 1800 # but it doesn’t get me to anyone at BOA to discuss my app. I got the “pending” and we’ll notify you by mail in 30 days.

  • The Points Guy

    @Erik- The companion pass was an unintended omission- I added it in- thanks for letting me know.

  • Richard

    Reconsideration #s…

    BOA: 866-421-8153 (App status)
    BOA: 800-718-6072 (Credit analyst)
    FIA: 888-831-4181
    FIA: 866-421-8153 (credit analyst)

  • minghi

    Which credit report is being pulled for you guys since I might have to unlock my CR. Also, My AA citi 75k visa was recently rejected and they stated since I already had the citi amex AA card but the Hilton was approved, atleast somethings right lol.

  • Sarah

    The link to the 40,000 mile offer isn’t working – does anybody know if the offer was pulled?

  • tassojunior

    Success on Alaska & Virgin Monday Morning

    This morning when I went to apply for both Virgin and Alaska cc’s the online system was down. I phoned the telephone numbers on the app’s. First phone call got approval for a $15K limit. I asked to lower it to $5K so I could also get Alaska card. They said no problem but when I telephoned the Alaska app got denied. Finally got the reconsideration phone number, called and csr overturned denial and gave me Alaska card with $10K limit also.

    The golden reconsideration number is 866-458-8805

    Now I’m tempted to try for the HA cc also since all inquiries from same lender on same day are combined by bureaus.

  • tassojunior


    The online apps are not going through Monday morning also. Get the promo code on the top of the app and phone the application phone number. The promos are still valid.

  • David

    Thanks Richard, I used the 2nd # you provided, answered some questions, and was approved for the Visa Signature! Good stuff

  • Minghi

    I applied Monday evening (Jun27) on the website since it seemed to be working fine. Anyway, while I was waiting for the application decision, it suddenly sent me to alaska airlines website and I figured the problem still existed. Anyway, called this morning and a rep told me that it was approved for 10k the same day and I should be receiving the card in a week or two… sweet

  • Eripey

    Just applied and was approved from the link above. Thanks!

  • Pulley

    Just applied and approved as well. I have 75,000 miles with them now so this will give me enough for CX business class seat. I wonder how long it will take the miles to post?

  • Sil

    I applied with the link on Saturday. Called on Sunday and someone said I was not approved and I will be receiving a letter explaining how to apply for a free credit report. Was going to let it go as this is my 6th credit pull since early May 2011 and figured it was because of too many credit card pulls.Today I decided to call Credit Analyst to inquire only to find out denial was because they couldn’t get report from me on Experian. I told them I had a credit freeze and I opened up Equifax. She checked , said I had an excellent credit report and approved me on the phone. It is 40k bonus miles, one companion $99 ticket and 2 board passes which I should receive within 7 to 10 days.

    Moral of story….never give up credit analyst

  • Hec

    Does anyone know the bonus code for this offer. I applied a week ago and just got my card today. I called to confirm the bonus and they said I only got 25,000. I got approved for the Signature Visa. The agent says they cannot find any offers for 40,000. They even hung up on my when they transfered me to another agent. Frustrating…

  • Hec

    I think I found it. VAAZAR!

  • Hec

    I just spoke with a BOA rep. They cannot find the 40K bonus (VAAZAR) in their system. I explained that the application is still on the internet and that I am looking at it right now. Since they could not find the offer in their system, they are making me mail in a print out of the online application. I asked if I could just fax it, oh no, that would be too easy. It has to be normal mail. They wouldn’t even call the phone application line to confirm the offer. What a joke Bank of America. The supervisor wouldn’t even speak to me when I requested to talk with him/her.

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