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Frontier Airlines is giving 1,000 free points for signing up for their free frequent flyer program. Frontier is based in Denver and is an American Express Membership Rewards transfer partner, but if you never have any intention of flying them, you should still get the points, because they can be converted to other programs (see list below).

All you need to do is sign up for an account here.
Then get a account here (if you don’t already have one).
Then add your Frontier account to your profile by just clicking Add programs -> Airlines. You may have to refresh your home screen after you’ve clicked on Frontier and it will load in your main screen.

Then click “Register program” and add your first and last name and Frontier number (which will be emailed to you after you register).
You’ll then see the 1,000 points listed. Click “Exchange.”
Then select “Move out of a program” and select Frontier and 1,000 miles.
Scroll to the bottom and you’ll see “Exchange – swap between your own programs.”

In order to exchange, you will have had to add whatever program you want to swap into.

I chose American and I got 153 miles. Not the best deal ever, but it only took me about 10 minutes. At that rate, I’d accrue a business class award in only 108 hours! Also, this is an easy way to extend the expiration of any accounts, for example AA miles expire after 18 months of no activity- this would reset that clock.

My big payday

But hey, every mile counts!

Hat tip to View from the Wing!

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  • Larry

    Thanks. Will use this to keep alive a couple of AA accounts for my kids.

  • A

    Do you know when the 1k promotion expires? Would love to due as Larry said- keep my AA and US accounts active but want to wait until the last possible moment- thanks so much!

  • The Points Guy

    @Larry- good call- I updated the post to add that info

    @A- I wouldn’t be surprised if they pulled this due to way too many people doing the trick, so I’d do if before its gone.

  • Robert Burns

    Thanks for the tip!

    I am in for 153 CO miles. Not bad for 2 minutes.

    Thanks to this post I also found I can exchange Best Buy points to US Air at a little less than 2 Best Buy = 1 US Air mile. To be exact: 1000 BB Points = 463 on US air so 0.463 per point is not bad!

  • A

    @PG- THANKS SO MUCH! Extended the life of my families US or AA accounts! Love the blog!

  • Malorie

    Would this work for extending the expiration on United accounts also?

  • Lauren

    Thanks for the tip!

    Could this 15% bonus offer (expires June 16) be used to maximize those points?

  • Marion

    The bonus offer worked for me.

  • Matt

    Anyone actually have the transfer go through? Mine has been sitting “pending” for 5 days now. Maybe this isn’t going to work.

  • Kris

    Funnily enough, I just calculated that the 153 AA miles will JUST put me over the 50k mark so that I have a full ticket to Europe or Asia– by 9 miles! Every mile really does count! (Assuming that the transaction goes through, I did it on day 1 and haven’t seen it yet)

  • jen

    Mine hasnt gone through either. A rep told me Frontier will not accept an exchange from your Early Returns account, if the miles were earned from a bonus (as opposed to taking a flight).

  • Jay/Socal

    Just check and here is the msg from the exchange page “Min balance of 1001 required.” Appears we have to earn this 1 point so how..

  • miles please

    I got the same rejection answer from about my pending transfer from Frontier, saying my exchange has finally failed after weeks in limbo because there’s now suddenly a 1001 minimum for Frontier. Hmm. Instituting a minimum-point requirement *after* the exchange was initiated seems unprofessional and bait-and-switch at best. It’s also downright dishonest of them, but I’ve come to expect very little from in the way of professionalism and accuracy of terms.

  • goheerow

    Rep told me bonus miles don’t count. Waste of time.

  • Anonymous

    I had the same experience as below…..jumped on this the day the post came out and then voila ! The ‘requirement’ (at least to get a measly 184 USAir points because I’m not in a Delta or Frontier friendly port of call) changed to 1,001 Frontier points. I guess I’ll sit on them until something else of value because available……

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