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by on May 14, 2011 · 12 comments

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I am switching to a dedicated web hosting server this weekend, so you may experience some hiccups with posting comments, but overall this should drastically speed up the site. In the past couple weeks I’ve gotten way too many “error connecting to the database” messages and several of you have emailed me about errors when posting comments, so I decided to switch to a better host.

I’ve also added SuperCache which should significantly decrease load time of pages. Big thanks to TPG reader James who emailed me that suggestion. Which leads me to encourage anyone else to email me with any advice on how I can make the site better. I really appreciate constructive feedback and I’ve made some minor design changes in the past month due to the feedback I’ve received.

I also want to thank everyone for your support of the site. Readership has been exploding and I love the sense of community with people commenting on posts and sharing their experiences – keep it up!

Thanks for reading and make sure you spread the words to your friends and follow me on Twitter!

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  • John

    If you don’t mind sharing, what is your average daily/weekly readership? I’ve been wondering how many points nuts are out there :)

  • The Points Guy

    John- in the past 30 days about 75,000 unique visitors have come to the site. We are not alone :-)

  • Glenn

    wow that’s pretty good. but let’s hope that not TOO many people get in on all these offers.

  • John

    Awesome! Congrats. I have one more question back from your BA miles post. Do you know if Dragonair is considered part of Cathay Pacific when booking a One Partner Award Ticket? I’m hoping to use a Dragonair flight on a One Partner Award ticket with Cathay, but I can ditch it if it will trigger a Multi-Partner Award and require all the extra miles. Thanks!

  • Michael

    I think you meant “decrease.”

    Anyway, Google and Yahoo both have plug-ins for Firefox that help you troubleshoot slower issues with site speed:


    I’ve used each a bit and find their suggestions helpful.

  • Mike L

    Great switch, Brian. The site is MUCH faster now!

  • Em

    The site is much faster! Which webhost did you switch to? Wow! 75,000 is a lot of users. Is that per day or per month? I not a web geek so I’m not sure!

  • Sam

    Hey TPG, your site is definitely the best of all of the points sites nowadays. I started on frugaltravelguy, and while that was a nice beginner site, anyone with decent credit and a desire to earn miles quickly needs to graduate to more information, more frequent posts, etc. You definitely do that, and I appreciate it very much!

    Im surprised you need a dedicated server though. I manage many websites, and blogs are pretty straightforward. They usually need very little maintenance/server resources, even with thousands of visitors–especially those with very simple designs such as yours. What hosting company are you with? That may be the problem, as many hosts are considerably more reliable than others.

  • Jim

    I agree with Sam this is the best points sites and as my thanks I always use your links when I get a CC.

  • The Points Guy

    @John- dragonair should count as Cathay

    @em- I now use a private server through a friend.

    @Sam- I agree- I didn’t think I’d have to get my own host, but I was getting tons of database errors with Network Solutions and was just AWFUL. Private web hosting isn’t that expensive, so its worth it to me to have a quicker, better user experience. What shared web hosts do you recommend?

    @Jim- THANK YOU! Check out the post I just did on the Sapphire Preferred- its a pretty amazing deal

  • The Points Guy

    @michael- you were right- i meant decreased. Thanks for the links!

  • sam

    shared web hosts that have worked really well for me: (amazing uptime/customer service responds in minutes) and (solid uptime/cloud hosting).

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