TSA Considering Trusted Traveler Program

by on May 10, 2011 · 8 comments

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The Wall Street Journal’s Middle Seat column reported recently that the TSA is considering rolling out an expedited security program for frequent flyers. This was music to my ears because I think our current “one size fits all” security system is out-dated, over-worked and clunky. Allowing TSA members more time on higher-risk flyers, just makes sense to me.

I think the concept is similar to Global Entry – those people who have clean pasts go through immigration and customers quicker, so agents have more time to spend investigating higher risk passengers. I’d personally be okay with releasing all of my prior flight information and work/personal information in order to get access to expedited security lanes and avoid the full-body scanners.

Would you release a ton of personal information to become a TSA “trusted traveler”?

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    I like it!!

  • Carsonheim

    I have been wanting this for years!!!

  • Mooper

    I’ll gladly send them nude photos of myself in advance if it will get me through faster.

  • EggSS4

    I think anyone who travels regularly for business (especially who consistently catches early morning flights) would want to give this a giant hug.

  • Eric

    Sure, some of us already submit much more personal info than that, to the government as part of our jobs for security reasons.

  • Rahul Francis

    One of the benefits of working for TSA? Cutting the line. Worth it.

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  • BGoldstein

    Does anyone know the status of this pilot program. I belong to Global Entry and just received an e-mail that the pilot was to be implemented.

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