Large Dining Bonuses with United, Delta and US Airways

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I’m a big fan of dining for miles, since it requires little effort and there are a wide range of restaurants to choose from (at least in New York City). Through June 30, 2011, United, Delta and US Airways Dining are running pretty generous promotions. United is offering a 1,000 mile bonus per $100 spent (in addition to the normal rate of 3-5 miles per dollar spent) with no maximum. Delta and US Airways Are offering the same bonus but are capping the earning at 5,000 miles: Delta, US Airways. If you aren’t already a member of each program make sure to sign up for the 1,000 mile bonus for new members: United, Delta, US Airways.

You can be a member of multiple programs, but you can only have one card attached to one program at one time. Trust me, they’ve thought ahead and put restrictions into place so you can’t double/triple/quadruple (etc) dip on rewards. If your credit card is already attached to Delta and you now want to focus on getting United miles with your dines, simply add that credit card your United Dining profile and it will automatically drop off the Delta profile.

If you do any sort of client entertaining and you have an option of what restaurant you go to, you should browse the restaurants near you that participate in rewards programs. You also earn the points from your credit card spend, so if you used a British Airways Visa on a $1,000 dinner at a restaurant that participated in the United dining program, you’d earn:

1,000 x 1.25 normal earning ratio on BA Visa= 1,250 British Airways miles
1,000 x 5 for VIP dining member (remember, all you need to do is “dine” 10 times to get VIP, which can be as easy as buying 10 sodas from a participating restaurant and having them ring them up separately)= 5,000 United miles
1,000 x 10 for the May/June bonus = 10,000

= 16, 250 miles!

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  • Michael Las

    Hey Brian, do you recommend any good places to eat in NYC? There are so many to choose from, just looking for suggestions. Thx

  • Deb

    For those that collect Prioirty Club points, there is a promo going on for 1,000 points per $100 dine as well…

  • Tao

    Does this VIP status work for all dining programs?

  • Afkabp

    There’s an iPhone app that will use your location and tell you what the closest participating restaurants are

  • Glenn

    $1000 dinner!?! I need to hang out with people like you.

  • Ken

    Hilton HHonors Dining is also offering the same bonus promo

  • The Points Guy

    @Tao- I’m pretty sure all dining programs have VIP status

  • D.Whit

    One of the problems with the Skymile dining in our area is that quite a few of the establishments are pizza/fast food/sports bar variety and rather new listings and spread all over the metro area. Some of the better reviewed or known places also do not give dining miles on weekend dates so it makes the entire experience more of a “what can your stomach tolerate for miles” which I won’t do.

  • Sean M

    I used to play this game years ago. Just updated my account with my new information. Stoked to find out the coffee shop under my flat is in the program! I figure I should be VIP in twelve days…

  • Chris

    Do you have to have each person’s meal rung up separately in order to get 5 VIP dines out of one meal, or will that automatically happen?

  • The Points Guy

    @Chris- you need to be rung up 10 separate times in order to get VIP status

  • Jason

    Do you know if you could register your airline’s credit card and potentially get even more miles? For example, register the Amex Delta and get 1 mi for every $1, plus any extra miles from the dining?

  • Jason

    Woops! Just re-read your BA example.

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